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Collin's Awakening by Lynn Hagen & Stormy Glenn

Collin's Awakening (MM)
Phoenix Rising 1

By Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen


AVAILABLE: Saturday, December 3rd

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition]

Riojos and Collin were lovers, partners, and best friends. When Collin is killed in a senseless car accident, Riojos is sent into a drunken stupor. Unable to live without the love he shared with Collin, he’s ready to take his own life. Their lives change forever when Collin comes home…from the morgue.

Collin has always heard a low buzzing in his head, but when the buzzing turns to voices, Collin must make sense of the path his life has taken. Coming back to life throws him into a world he never knew existed as his lover, Riojos, tries desperately to keep Collin alive.

The two fight to make sense of Collin's rebirth and the people out to kill Collin again. They discover the love they have for one another runs deeper than anything they could have ever imagined as the wicked hunt them down and a phoenix rises.

Story Excerpt


Collin Phoenix’s eyes fluttered as pain rolled through him like a tidal wave. Bright fluorescent lights glared down at him from the ceiling above. Collin shielded his eyes with his hand as he blinked several times, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the blaring light.

Once he could see without his eyes throbbing, Collin dropped his hand and glanced around. He was lying down on something hard and cold. He knew that at least. The second thing he knew was that the room he was in was fucking freezing-ass cold.

Collin turned his head to try and surmise where he was currently at when he saw a small piece of yellow paper sticking out of the edge of the next table over. He gasped again and jackknifed up from the table, the sheet falling away as he looked around the room. That stupid piece of paper was attached to a toe.

He was in the morgue!

Collin started to hyperventilate. He pressed his hand against his chest and tried to breathe normally. He could feel his heartbeat rapidly beating. He knew he wasn’t dead. He had a freaking heartbeat!

Why was he in a morgue, though? What happened? Where was Riojos? Was he here, too, under another one of these white sheets? And why was everything fucking white? The walls, the floors, the ceiling, the sheets? Everything was fucking white!

Now Collin knew why he was so damn cold. He just didn’t know why he was there. And what baffled him even further was the fact that he was laying on one of the exam tables. There were two other tables, and people who were completely nude, not even a sheet to cover them, occupied both. One had a bluish tint to his body. He had to be dead.

Collin gulped and began to shake as he looked down when he felt something pinching at the circulation in his toe. Oh god. He had a toe tag on as well. He wanted to scream, but he couldn’t seem to find his voice.

He wasn’t dead!

Collin’s fingers trembled as he quickly pulled his foot up and yanked the damn tag off and then threw his legs over the side of the table, letting them dangle as he tried his hardest to remember how he had gotten here. He remembered leaving the restaurant with Riojos, but it kind of went fuzzy after that.


Collin jumped down off of the metal table, his knees nearly giving out as he grabbed the edge of the table for stability. His fingers curled around the cold metal as Collin waited out the light-headedness. How long had he been lying there?

As the dizziness subsided, Collin noticed one crucial thing. He was naked. Feeling the panic setting in, he looked around, trying to find something to cover his nudity so he could get the hell out of there. The only thing at his disposal was the sheet that had been covering him. Collin yanked it off of the floor and wrapped it around his body like a toga.

He pushed the hair from his eyes, and then he walked toward the door. He wasn’t sure why he was here, but there was no way he was sticking around for his own damned autopsy. He was going to run hard and run fast, right out the first exit he saw.

Collin heard voices coming from the hallway. His head snapped around as he looked for a place to hide. No matter how he had gotten there, he was very sure that anyone seeing him walking around would freak out. Hell, he was freaking out.

As the voices drew near, Collin knew he had to find somewhere to hide. He spotted a door across the room, so he ran to it, snatching it open to find a utility closet. Collin quickly closed the door behind him just as he heard the voices come into the room.

“Where’s the other cadaver?” someone asked, sounding totally baffled. “I swear I pulled him out of the freezer just a minute ago.”

“Then where the hell is he?” another nearly shouted.

Collin held his breath, praying they didn’t check the closet he was hiding in. Somehow he didn’t think, “Hi, I’ve come back from the dead so I’m just going to get going,” would suffice. Even to him it sounded insane.

“Well, it didn’t just get up and walk away. We need to go see who took it.”

Collin counted to ten before turning the doorknob and peeking out. When he saw no one, he hurried back across the room and through another doorway. It led to an outer hallway. He wasn’t sure which way to go, so he chose left. He darted around a few corners and down several hallways, praying he didn’t run into anyone. He saw the exit sign hanging from the ceiling after two more turns.

Thank god.

Collin ran for it, slamming his hands into the push bar as he shot out of the building and into a fucking cold-ass night. He immediately started shivering but got as far away from the morgue as possible. Soon though, his toes began to freeze. If he didn’t get warm soon, he was going to end up back in the morgue.

A blessing in disguise or just plain dumb luck, Collin spotted a homeless shelter several blocks from the morgue. He hurried to the door, numbness setting into his very bones. He reached out and pulled the door open, quickly stepping inside.

Adult Excerpt

“I’m starting to think that fate decided we belong together and nothing is going to keep us apart, not even death.”

Riojos’s head tilted slightly, reminding Collin of a curious cat. “You really believe that, bebé?”

“I do.”

A slow grin broke out across Riojos’s face. “I love you, Collin. Have I told you that today?”

“Once or twice.” Collin grinned back. “But it’s always nice to hear.”

Collin swallowed hard when he felt Riojos’s hand slide under the covers and start unzipping his jeans. “What are you doing?” he whispered as his eyes widened.

“Showing you how much I love you.”

“Your brother is right across the room.”

“Then I suggest you be very, very quiet, gatito.”

Collin thought Riojos was out of his mind as the man began to nuzzle his neck then kiss him. How in the hell was he supposed to be quiet when Riojos was loving on him? It was almost impossible.

When Riojos’s hand slipped under the waistband of Collin’s jeans and pulled out his cock, Collin moaned and arched into his lover’s firm touch. Nope, keeping quiet just wasn’t possible. Nothing that felt this good should ever be smothered.

When Collin looked up at Riojos, his chocolate-brown eyes were smoldering. Collin groaned as he stared at his lover when Riojos's thumb glided over the head of his cock. He pressed harder into his lover’s hand, wanting more, so much more than he could have right now.

“Turn over,” Riojos mouthed.

Collin glanced over his shoulder to see Sal had his back to them. Should he? Hell, that wasn’t even a question. Collin shifted around until his back was facing Riojos. His body began to hum as Riojos slid Collin’s jeans down his thighs. Collin had an urge to kick them off, but he knew they were restricted because of Sal.

His eyes closed when Riojos’s wet fingers slid down his crease, pushing at his hole. Collin pushed back, wanting desperately for anything of Riojos’s to fill him. He hissed quietly when his lover’s fingers breached him. Riojos was only using spit. He needed to be a little gentler when sticking his fingers into Collin’s ass.

“Te amo, mi corazón,” Riojos whispered to him. Collin felt goose bumps all over. He had that reaction anytime Riojos spoke to him in his native tongue. It was so damn sexy.

Collin’s eyes snapped over to Sal as he felt Riojos shifting around, pulling his own pants down. Collin bit his lower lip as his lover slowly eased into him. His eyes closed briefly as Collin let the feeling of being filled by his lover overtake him.

There was nothing in the world like it. Riojos was a large man, in every aspect, and that made Collin a very happy man. Riojos’s hand landed on Collin’s hip as he inched in. Collin quietly groaned as Riojos’s large cock filled him.

“You are so tight, bebé.”

Collin’s body shivered as Riojos continued to softly croon to him. It was a lover’s call that Collin would always answer. He pushed his ass into Riojos’s groin, feeling the cock that was buried in his ass graze over his prostate. Collin moaned.

Riojos’s pace picked up as the bed began a soft squeak. They both smothered their laugh as Riojos tried his best to quiet it down. Hell, at this point, Collin couldn’t give a shit less if Sal were awake. Just as long as he continued to watch the wall, all would be good.

Riojos leaned forward and nipped Collin’s ear. “I’m about to come in your ass, gatito.”

Yes! Collin was all for that. What made it even better was when Riojos reached over them and grabbed Collin’s hardened shaft, stroking it as he snapped his hips, plunging deeply into Collin’s ass.

Collin slapped a hand over his mouth as jets of hot seed shot from his cock. His eyes rolled back as Riojos continued to thrust into him. The bed was damn near walking across the floor as his lover punished his ass.

Backfire by Gale Stanley


Southwest Shifters: 3

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters]

Jack Remus has always been a player. While his pack mates value their relationships, Jack is only interested in casual sex—one night of passion, then a parting of the ways, never to see each other again. And that’s exactly what he’s looking for at the Silverado Saloon, but his plans backfire when he follows an intoxicating scent and ends up in the middle of a brawl.

Dakota is on the run from an abusive Alpha. He has a temporary job at the Silverado, and when he earns enough for a bus ticket, he’ll be on his way. When his boss tries to seduce him, Jack steps in to play the white knight. A new lover is the last thing on Dakota’s mind. He knows it's time to move on, but his plan backfires when the dark stranger follows him. Jack is on Dakota’s trail, but it’s a path that just might get him killed.

Available at Bookstrand:

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, December 15th.


The winking neon lights and the smell of human testosterone lifted Jack’s spirits with promises of good times ahead. A delicious thrill of anticipation coursed through his body. Not knowing who stood on the other side of the door gave the hunt an added edge of excitement. A major letdown sometimes followed the pleasurable expectation of finding what he wanted, but tonight he had high hopes for success. Besides, he’d rather be on the prowl than sitting at home jerking off.

Boredom had brought him to the Silverado Saloon, boredom and loneliness, two things that could get a wolf into big trouble. His frustration level, now at an all-time high, had him itching to fuck or fight. He’d prefer the former, but he’d settle for either one.

A slow moving crowd entered the honky-tonk, and Jack followed the partygoers, letting his nose search for that special someone. Perfume, scented shampoos, and deodorant blended with human pheromones to tickle his olfactory receptors, but no one stood out. He wouldn’t let it discourage him. The night is young.

He knew the staff was friendly and polite, but the big beefy bouncer at the door was downright chummy, holding Jack’s hand a beat too long when he checked his ID. The man’s steroid-bulked body might appeal to some, but it wasn’t his type. He offered the doorman a noncommittal smile and made his way inside.

The racket didn’t bother him in the least. On the contrary, his sensitive eardrums reveled in the din. Instead of lowering the tuner in his brain to make the noise level more manageable for his ears, he raised the volume so he could hear the sounds of glasses clinking, and the thump of mugs on the bar, as well as the loud country music coming from the bandstand. More than alcohol, he thirsted for the sounds of humans talking and laughing, and drunks slurring their words. Even the announcements coming over the loud speaker were a welcome change from the dead quiet of home.

The old barn, itself, was a lot more interesting inside than out. Exposed rafters created a rustic cathedral effect in the center, and the lofty, angular space made the gargantuan room look that much bigger. Rustic barn wood paneling was festooned with western and American Indian artifacts. Whiskey barrel tables surrounded the dance floor and a long rough-hewn wooden bar lined the back wall. That was where he headed, fighting his way through a sea of humanity. Aware of the admiring glances from the ladies and the resentful glares from the men, he wished it was the other way around.

He knew he looked good, and he’d dressed for success. A white shirt in a simple western design set off his dark tan. Like the others in his pack, he always went commando, less clothes to worry about when shifting. He’d already experienced the agony of getting his foreskin caught in a zipper, so he wore ball-crunchingly tight button-fly Levis. There was no risk of cock damage, and they had the added benefit of increasing his profile, not that he needed it.

His pack mates limited their exposure to the public and avoided attracting attention, but Jack didn’t mind being looked at. He never denied being vain. If a man had charisma, he should use it to his advantage. And six feet, six inches of toned hard body could hardly be disguised. Why try? Besides, it was more than thick chestnut hair, amber eyes, and a big package that drew hungry looks from humans on the prowl. It was wolf genes, plain and simple. His pheromones attracted beings of the same species, but his lupine biology gave him a primal, predatory edge that turned human heads as well. He’d used it more than once to get what he wanted.

He squeezed himself onto the only vacant barstool, and the doe-eyed bartender honed in on him, giving him a big smile. A knockout in her early thirties, clad in skintight low-ride jeans and a bikini top, she had long, wavy brown hair and a tattoo on her left arm.

“What’ll you have?” she asked him, in a way that signified he could have just about anything he wanted.

If he wanted pussy, he could have stayed home and fucked one of the she-wolves, but he hadn’t touched any of the women since the Alpha stopped forcing the pack mates to breed. He knew they wouldn’t turn him down, but he preferred the backdoor to the front and a big, beautiful cock and balls beat double-Ds any day. Just to be nice, he smiled back at the brunette and ordered a beer.

Gale Stanley

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Cat's Pride by Stormy Glenn

Available Saturday November 26th

Benji ran away from Stellan three years ago when he discovered that they were mates. Not because he didn't want the alpha as his mate but because Stellan refused. But now Benji's in trouble and his sexy mate may be the only thing that can save him.

Stellan wanted Benji the moment he met him, but Benji didn't have the mating scent. Reluctantly, Stellan agreed to mate with someone else. When he receives a desperate phone call telling him that Benji is in trouble, he wants to ignore it but he can't. Despite everything, he still has feelings for Benji.

Kody is a rogue lion working for the council enforcing their rules. When he receives a call from Alpha Stellan to go check on Benji, a man that disappeared three years ago, Kody agrees. What he finds when he arrives is a mess so terrible he has nothing left to do but call in the alpha, especially when Kody learns that both Benji and Stellan are his mates.


“Stellan, there’s a Mr. Granger on the phone for you,” Neumus said as he stuck his head into the doorway. “He says it’s important.”

Stellan Mihos nodded to Neumus, who was also his brother and second-in-command, and reached for the phone. “Hello, Mr. Granger, what can I do for you?”

“Stellan Mihos?”

“Yes,” Stellan replied. His eyebrows drew together in confusion. He didn’t think he knew Mr. Granger. Why would the man be calling him?

“Mr. Mihos, my name is Allan Granger. My wife and I live in a small town called Potter’s Creek. It’s about three hundred miles from you.”

“I know where Potter’s Creek is.” Stellan leaned forward in his chair and rested his elbows on the top of his desk. The conversation was just getting more confusing. “There’s a small pride there, right? Just about ten members?”

“Yes, yes, that’s the place. We’re a very small pride, Mr. Mihos, mostly women and children. My son and I are the only two males in our pride.”

“Are you having troubles of some sort, Mr. Granger?” It was the only reason Stellan could think of for another pride to call him. His was one of the strongest in the entire state. They often got calls when other prides needed help.

“It’s not my pride specifically, Mr. Mihos, but a lone shifter in the area.”

“Are there some sort of attacks going on?”

“Wha—Oh, no, the shifter isn’t attacking anyone. He would never do that. He’s just not the type.”

“Is he encroaching on your territory?”

“No, he lives probably fifty miles outside of town. He’s never tried to take over our territory or even asked to join our pride.”

“I’m not sure how I can help you then, Mr. Granger. I have no jurisdiction over rogue shifters. You know that. As long as he’s not attacking anyone, there isn’t much I can do.”

“It’s not me that needs the help, Mr. Mihos, it’s Benji.”

“Benji?” Stellan’s heart gave an extra beat as he swallowed hard.

“Benjamin Bastet.”

Stellan stiffened. His hand tightened around the phone. His heart thundered in his chest. He hadn’t heard that name in nearly three years. He hadn’t thought he’d ever hear it again, and he certainly didn’t like the way it made his stomach clench.

“I’m afraid I have another phone call, Mr. Granger,” Stellan said through gritted teeth. “I’ll have to get back to you. Have a good day.”

Stellan sat there and stared at the phone after hanging it up. Hearing Benji’s name again after all of this time made the hairs on his arms stand on end. He felt a mixture of relief that he finally knew where Benji had run off to and anger that Benji had run at all.

Stellan knew it wasn’t possible for them to be mated, but Benji was still a part of his pride. Stellan felt a responsibility toward the man for that simple fact. When one of his pride was in trouble, it was his duty as alpha to help them. And he would have in this situation if the man had been anyone but Benji.

“What did Mr. Granger want?” Neumus asked as he walked into the study and shut the door behind him.

Stellan pressed his hands together and rested his fingertips against his lips for a moment as he watched Neumus sit down in the chair across the desk from him. Once Neumus was settled, Stellan dropped his hands down to the desk and folded his fingers together.

“He called about Benji.”

Neumus’s eyebrows shot up as he sat forward. “Benji?”

Stellan nodded. “It seems that Benji is in Potter’s Creek.”

“He joined the Potter Creek Pride?” Neumus asked, frowning. “That’s a pretty small pride, isn’t it?”

“It is, but no, Benji is not part of the pride there. He’s a lone shifter right now.”


Stellan understood his brother’s alarm. Lone shifters caused problems, not only for humans but also for other prides. They had a reputation of attacking people indiscriminately. Many had to be hunted down and eliminated for the good of everyone.

“Mr. Granger says Benji is in trouble.”

“Oh?” One of Neumus’s eyebrows shot up. He settled back in his chair once again. “How so?”

“I didn’t ask.” Stellan felt his face flush when Neumus’s jaw dropped open.

“You didn’t ask?” Neumus snapped, anger darkening his features. “Why the hell not? The man is your mate. He’s been missing for almost three years. You suddenly get a phone call telling you he’s in trouble and you don’t ask what it is?”

“He is not my mate.” Stellan growled as his fist slammed down on the desk.

“The hell he’s not!” Neumus shouted right back. He suddenly jumped to his feet, pointing his finger at Stellan. “You might think you can bury your head in the sand and pretend like you’re oblivious but you know Benji is your mate. You’re just too stupid to claim him.”


Neumus stalked to the door, stopping to turn around and glare across the room. Stellan was stunned by the anger and pain in Neumus’s eyes. He knew his brother never agreed with his choice not to claim Benji. He just never thought his brother was this angry over the situation.

“You’ve found your mate, Stellan, and you threw him away like he didn’t matter. You discarded the gift that fate gave you like he was a piece of trash to be thrown out.” Stellan almost recoiled when his brother looked him up and down, his upper lip curling back as he sneered. “You don’t deserve him.”


Okay, Benji was getting incredibly aroused from this as well. He never in his life had two handsome men begging him, and he wanted this moment to last a little longer. He bit his bottom lip as he smiled at Kody. “I want to suck you.”

“Hot damn!” Kody scooted down the bed, holding the base of his cock as Benji crawled between his mate’s legs. He yelped when Kody grabbed him under his arms and pulled him up his body. “I want a kiss first.”

Benji smiled as he straddled Kody, skimming his lips over Kody’s and then opening fully for his mate to take charge. He didn’t mind being the less-powerful one in bed. There was too much delicious male surrounding him for Benji to argue about a damn thing—now out of bed, that was a different story.

He moaned into Kody’s mouth as he inhaled swiftly, Stellan inserting a well-lubed finger into his ass. Benji stiffened for a moment, but Kody cupped his face, smiling into the kiss. “Relax, babe.”

Benji nodded, groaning when Kody reached between them and grabbed his cock, giving it a squeeze. Benji thrust his hips, curling his fingers into Kody’s hair as Stellan added a second finger.

He felt a dry hand rub up and down his back as Stellan scissored his fingers, stretching Benji for a long-awaited claiming. He shuddered as Stellan grazed his prostate. He humped Kody’s hand, wanting to feel that unbelievable pleasure again.

“Hmm, I think Benji is enjoying this,” Stellan said as his voice dipped to a low and deep tone.

Hell yeah, he was enjoying it. Benji wanted more. He pushed back onto Stellan’s fingers, the years of loneliness being replaced by two men who Benji knew would do anything for him. He knew Stellan was telling the truth when he said he didn’t know. It still hurt to think about it, but he was working through that. One day at a time.

Benji accidently bit Kody’s bottom lip when Stellan added yet another finger.

“Do that again, babe,” Kody groaned.

Benji was shocked that Kody liked that, but he got over it quickly as he lightly nipped at Kody’s lip again. His fingers dug deeply into Kody’s chest as he felt something much larger than Stellan’s fingers enter him.

“Fuck, Benji,” Stellan groaned as his hands spanned over Benji’s back.

Kody broke the kiss, running his hands over Benji’s cheek before Stellan pulled him back far enough to where he was looking directly at Kody’s hardened shaft. Kody ran his hand over Benji’s head, encouraging him to take the large cock into his mouth.

Benji swallowed and then parted his lips, moaning as the taste of Kody exploded across his lips. He drank in the pre-cum, drawing it out as his tongue swirled around the head, trying his best to get every drop that he could.

His fingers uncurled and then curled in again as Stellan’s cock slid in and out of his ass. He never thought to feel such wild pleasure in his life. He was glad it was his mate who took his virginity, but damn, this should have happened sooner!

Kody spread his legs farther apart as Benji tried his best to take the large cock deeper into his mouth. Stellan thrust a little harder and faster, gripping Benji’s hips to the point that he knew he’d have bruises come morning.

“You feel so good, Benji,” Stellan crooned from behind him. “So damn good.”

Benji grabbed the base of Kody’s cock harder as Stellan showed him just how good he thought Benji felt. He glanced up to see Kody watching him, his lips parted and his eyes hooded with lust.

Benji grinned and sucked Kody harder. His mate’s eyes widened and then narrowed as his hips bucked. Benji groaned as Stellan reached beneath him and started stroking Benji’s cock. The dual sensation was Benji’s undoing.

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Inflaming Inno by Amber Kell


Betrayed by his sister, Inno Weston becomes the captive of mad scientist, Lorus Korl . After he escapes with the secret formula to making werekin mutants, he races through the streets and straight into the arms of the vampire Mikel Cruento.

Mikel doesn't quite know what to do with the injured werekin he finds in a dark alley. Instinct has him taking the poor thing home. Honor insists he take Inno to the Moon Pack with the formula. Lust makes him want to slake his thirst for the gorgeous shifter.

Danger lurks around the Moon Pack and even closer to Mikel's home. He soon learns that sometimes a vampire has to listen to his heart instead of his mind. Inno belongs with him.

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Inno Weston crouched behind the dumpster, his legs trembling as he squatted in a puddle reeking of urine and vomit. Not a scent he longed to bottle and spray on in the morning. But tonight, tonight he’d use it as camouflage until he was certain the mutants were gone. Hell, he’d roll in it if he didn’t think it would infect his wound. Surely even psychotic wolf men couldn’t smell him through the stench. He didn’t know who they were when they first grabbed him, but after watching one man transform from a normal werekin to a frightening creature frozen in a grotesque half-wolf, half-human form he knew what he didn’t want to happen to him.

With slow, careful motions he patted his pocket not wanting to cause any noise or call attention to his location. Relief shook him when his fingers brushed across the unbroken vial of serum, the one reason he remained free and unharmed. His escape would’ve been for nothing if he’d shattered the container during his headlong dash across town. But so far he hadn’t let Blake down by breaking his word or the vial.

The mutant, Blake, assisted the scientist at the lab, but for reasons of his own took pity on Inno and paved the way for Inno to escape–if he promised to help get the formula across town. Inno didn’t know what he’d have done if he had broken the vial. Returning to his cage in the lab wasn’t an option.

For his next trick, he had to find Alpha Silver and pass the sample along. When Blake had handed him the printed formula with the vial, Inno had sworn to take it to the Moon pack. Seconds from becoming a mutant, Inno gratefully snatched at the opportunity to help.

He hoped Silver had the resources to examine the liquid and discover its secrets. From what Inno had heard, Silver had a large pack and Blake sounded confident the Alpha would help.

Standing in the freezing alley, Inno’s teeth chattered from cold and shock. If he didn’t move soon he’d bleed out from his wounds. Clenching his jaw, he pulled himself farther into the shadows. He didn’t have much fighting skill, a fact reinforced when a mutant almost disemboweled him when he ran to escape.

His inner wolf urged him to shift so he could heal. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the option of changing forms. He’d promised to get the vial to Alpha Silver, the only shifter who had enough power to possibly stop the mutations. He couldn’t keep it protected if he went wolf and lost his clothing.

“Come out, come out little wolf.”

The whispery voice sent fingers of fear down Inno’s spine. He knew that voice. It belonged to the mutant who almost killed him.

“You need to go back to the lab so you can become one of us. Stronger. Faster. Better.”

The man sounded like a commercial promoting the mutant formula. Inno could almost hear the disclaimer at the end, warning people about how the fabulous product sometimes led to insanity or even death.

The lack of sensation in Inno’s fingertips meant a bleeding finale might be a real option. He wouldn’t need the mutation to achieve his life’s end.

A scream pierced the air and echoed across the deep alley.

The noise terrified Inno even more than the previous whispers. Inno didn’t want to meet anything tough enough to take out one mutant, much less several. Maybe if he stayed quiet the danger would pass. A shadow, at least twelve feet tall, filled the opposite wall of the alley as the sound of footsteps came closer. Inno pulled himself into a tight ball and closed his eyes to hide their shine.

Please don’t see me.

Please don’t see me.

He flashed back to his childhood when he hid in the dark from the monster in his closet. Inno’s heart hammered against his chest, his stomach churned, and for a moment he worried he might be adding to the volume of the puddle he huddled in. Unfortunately, just as he knew they would, the footsteps paused before him.

“What do we have here?” A voice, richer than a river of chocolate, caressed his ears.

Damn, he would die in this stupid alley and not keep his promise. When the speaker said nothing further but didn’t move away, curiosity made Inno lift his head and open his eyes to face his doom. Anyone who said curiosity killed the cat hadn’t met a wolf shifter.


The word whispered in his head as he examined his bringer of death. The man’s skin glowed white and perfect with high cheekbones, a pointed chin, and a lush, kissable mouth. Even the red flames glowing in the depths of the stranger’s dark eyes didn’t take away from his attraction one bit. Inno shuddered and tried to get closer to the wall, to meld with it if possible.

He needed to get away. To hide from this creature he instinctively knew would be much more dangerous than the mutants hunting him. The panicky urge to run shot through his body. He fought the urge to transform into his beast. He didn’t have enough practice controlling the wolf anyway.

Don’t shift!

Don’t shift!

He thought hard at his wolf half, fighting his inner animal. Struggling against the desire to pick a stronger form.

“Hey, now. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Amber Kell
Sit down and have a little read

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Nothing to do with Pride by Amber Kell


Book four in the Supernatural Mates Series

The search for a damaged coyote shifter leads KC into the arms of her sexy brother.

KC thinks Dennis is the sexiest shifter he’s ever met. When the sheriff asks him to help Dennis find his potentially feral sister, sparks fly.

In the middle of hunting down a missing sister, surviving a plane crash and stopping the sheriff from killing Dennis, KC finds that although the search for true love isn’t always smooth it is worth the adventure.


KC Fields watched Sheriff Lou Arktos leave the office and let out the sigh that had been building in his chest since the sheriff had walked in earlier. Pining didn’t suit him, but he still wondered what would’ve happened if he’d made his move before James came to town. The troubled man had hobbled down Main Street with his cane and his tortured soul and snatched the sheriff’s heart as easily as if it were a low-hanging apple on a tree.

It would be easy to hate the other man, but with as much pain as James had gone through before learning he was a lion shifter, KC didn’t have it in him to feel any resentment. Hell, KC couldn’t even find it in him to hate his abusive asshole of a father. Okay…maybe he did harbour a little anger.

Still, if the big bear shifter had ever shown a smidgen of interest in him, KC would’ve laid himself out on the desk and offered his ass to the sexy man. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe he was too easy.

Shaking his head at his foolish thoughts, KC returned his attention to his computer screen. He’d promised the sheriff he’d finish processing all the paperwork and concentrate on finding the missing coyote. From what Lou said, KC suspected the woman had gone feral and couldn’t be saved. However, he hadn’t shared his suspicions with the sheriff. He hated to give anyone bad news. Not to mention the missing coyote’s brother was smoking hot and KC wouldn’t mind knowing the man better. Whenever he saw Dennis, the poor coyote shifter had a beaten-down look—shoulders rounded, head down, and if a black cloud could actually follow someone, KC suspected it would be shooting lightning bolts at the coyote as he walked down the street. Between betraying his friend, losing his sister, and being the natural enemy of Adrian, the lion pride’s alpha mate, the sad shifter couldn’t catch a break.

On the plus side, Lou had asked KC to use his investigative skills to find Dennis’ sister. If he did a good job, maybe the sheriff would give KC more responsibility. Although he didn’t mind doing office work, he knew he could offer a lot more. KC loved to help and he especially loved assisting the sheriff.

Louis Arktos had rescued him as a young, homeless, battered shifter and had given him a job and a sense of self-esteem. There wasn’t anything KC wouldn’t do for the sheriff, and if he couldn’t help the big guy personally, at least his computer and organisational skills were useful.

The outside door swung quietly inwards. KC looked up from his work to find his gaze trapped in a sea of blue.

"Are you KC?" Dennis stood at the other side of the counter surrounding KC’s desk.

KC nodded. He’d only seen the coyote a few times in the distance. Up close, the man’s eyes were bluer than he remembered and Dennis’ black hair had random streaks of gold. KC’s libido revved up like a Formula One race car.

"I’m Dennis. The sheriff told me you might be able to help me find my sister."

KC shrugged. "I’m certainly going to try."

Friday, November 11, 2011

Crank's Craving by Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen

Lady Blue Crew 6
by Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen


AVAILABLE: Saturday, November 19th

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, shape-shifters]

Kidnapping your mate is wrong. Even Crank knows that. But when his mate's life is threatened, all Crank can think about is getting the little neon-green-haired man to safety. It's just too bad that Anok refuses to be mated.

Crank goes into mating heat the moment he scents his mate. With Anok refusing to be mated, Crank's only choice is to be sedated until his commander can decide what to do with him and Anok can be dropped off on the closest planet. Giving him up at that point is impossible, unless he wants to go feral and have to be put down for the safety of everyone, especially Anok.

Anok is confused about the emotions Crank creates in him. He's seen what mates do to each other firsthand, and he wants no part of it, but he can't deny the draw to the handsome cougar shifter. When Crank gets sedated and everyone starts blaming him, Anok decides he needs to know what being mated means. He can think of only one person that can show him, and he's unconscious. But is he brave enough to have Crank awakened?


Crank stared across the mess hall at Anok, the little neon green-haired man they had found on Paktil. The man was also his mate. The need to drag Anok off to a dark corner and claim him was overwhelming.

The only thing that kept Crank from doing just that was the angered scowls Anok kept sending his way. Okay, maybe he shouldn’t have kidnapped Anok from Paktil, but they were in trouble at the time, and protecting his mate was the only thing in Crank’s head.

Unfortunately, it meant he was now dealing with a very pissed off mate. Crank didn’t think Anok would allow himself to be claimed anytime soon. But it would happen. Crank knew it deep in his bones. Anok was meant for him.

Unlike the other crew members on board the Lady Blue, Crank was a cougar shifter. That in itself came with a set of issues Crank wasn’t ready to face yet, but knew he would have to, and soon.

Now that he had smelled his mate, he had less than one full moon to claim him. If a month passed without tasting his mate’s blood while claiming him, Crank would go feral and have to be put down for everyone’s safety. Sometimes it really sucked being a cougar.

Other times it was magnificent—like now. Even standing across the room he could smell Anok’s sweet scent. It wrapped around him and sank into every pore of his body. Crank would be able to scent out his mate anywhere, anytime. Anok’s distinctive scent was ingrained in Crank’s very blood.

That was how it worked for cougars. One scent of their mate and they were hooked. No other being in the world—any world—would ever smell so delicious or arouse Crank as much as Anok did.

Crank growled when the ship suddenly lurched and Anok grabbed the table in a death grip. Anok’s face paled and his eyes started to dart around the room as if he were frantically looking for an escape route.

Anok suddenly jumped up from his seat and ran for the doorway Crank was leaning against. Crank stepped back and let Anok through. The moment Anok made it past the doorway, Crank spun around and grabbed the little man around the waist.

Anok started to struggle frantically. Crank could smell the fear and panic pouring off of the man in waves. He had to calm his mate. He just wasn’t sure how to do it. The only thing he could think of was taking Anok to his quarters. So, that was what Crank did. He picked Anok up, tossed the man over his shoulders, and carried him down the corridor to his quarters.

Once inside, he set Anok on his feet then reached back to lock the door. The moment he turned back, pain exploded in Crank’s jaw as Anok punched him. Crank shook his head and rubbed his jaw as he glared at Anok.

“What in the hell did you do that for?”

“Because I am not a fucking bag of potatoes!” Anok snapped. He jabbed his finger into Crank’s chest. “That’s the second time you carried me off, and I’m getting damn tired of it. You…don’t…own…me!”

Crank growled and clenched his hands. “Mine!”

“I don’t fucking think so.” Anok waved his hands back and forth in front of him as he started backing away.

Crank didn’t like the fact that his mate felt the need to back away from him. His mate should never leave his side. He stepped over and grabbed Anok’s arms and yanked the man against his chest.

“Mine!” he growled once again. Crank didn’t realize he had partially shifted again until Anok’s eyes widened and the man gently patted his chest. Fear was slowly beginning to fill Anok’s face.

“Okay, whatever you say.”

Crank frowned. That wasn’t right. His mate should never fear him. “Why do you deny me? You know we are mates.”

“Not in this century,” Anok snapped as he started to struggle again. “I’m no one’s mate.”

“You’re my mate!” Crank grit his teeth when pain suddenly radiated up his leg from his shin. “You kicked me in the shin.”

Anok’s eyebrow arched. “I’ll kick you higher up if you don’t let me go.”

As if to prove his threat, Anok raised his leg. Crank instantly turned to the side and Anok’s knee landed on his thigh. It wasn’t painful, so Crank didn’t think Anok was trying to hurt him. He just didn’t understand why the man was so insistent that he be released.

None of the other members of the crew had this much trouble claiming their mates, not even Tank. At least Tank knew Zackary cared about him while they waited to complete the Paktillian ritual that would allow them to be mated. They had even done more than their fair share of fooling around while they waited.

He shouldn’t be having this much trouble, not now that he had found his mate. “Why are you being this way?”

“Because you fucking kidnapped me!” Anok shouted. “You kidnapped me, and now you’re trying to force yourself on me.”

Crank’s nostrils flared as he instantly released Anok. The rage that suddenly flowed through him made his hand tremble as he pointed his finger at Anok. “I’ve never forced anyone in my life, and I’m not about to start with my mate. If you don’t want me, fine. I’ll have Remy drop you off at the nearest spaceport, and you’ll never have to see me again.”

Crank saw Anok’s mouth drop open just as he spun around and unlocked the door. He hit the button to open the door and stepped through the doorway, turning to look over his shoulder at his mate—his ex-mate.

“You can have the room until we drop you off. I wouldn’t want to be accused of not being hospitable.”

Crank turned back around and stormed away. The anger he felt at Anok’s words was mirrored by the deep ache he felt in his chest. His mate, the man he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with, didn’t want him.

Crank had no choice now. Anok didn’t want him, and he would never force the man. He was going to go feral, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.


Crank crawled up onto the edge of the bed then slowly climbed over the circle of pillows until he knelt between Anok’s legs. His breathing became labored as he ran his hands over Anok’s legs, from ankle to knee.

“So soft,” he whispered absentmindedly. Crank was intrigued by how soft Anok’s skin felt. His fingers seemed to just skim right over it as if it was made of pure silk. But, did it taste just as nice? Crank bent over and stroked his long tongue up one of Anok’s legs.


Anok tasted just as good as he felt, just as good as he smelled. Crank wanted to consume his mate. He couldn’t seem to get enough. Crank continued to lick at Anok’s skin, trying to reach every inch of flesh his tongue could reach.

He frowned when he noticed that Anok seemed to be pulling away from him. Crank growled and jumped up to hover over Anok. He bared his teeth and growled again.

“Whoa, big guy,” Anok said as he patted Crank’s naked chest. “Just calm down. I’m not going anywhere. My legs are starting to cramp with the way you’re pushing down on them.”

Crank frowned and glanced down at Anok’s lower body. It was only then that he noticed his legs lying over the top of Anok’s, pressing him into the mattress below. Crank quickly slid his legs inward until Anok’s legs rested on the outside of his.

He rubbed his hands up and down his mate’s legs as he looked up at him, worried. He was much bigger than Anok. His job was to protect Anok, even from himself. To harm his mate would be to harm himself.

“I’m fine, Crank.”

Crank watched his mate for a moment longer until he was satisfied that Anok was telling the truth then he returned his attention to devouring Anok’s body, one silky inch at a time. He decided to start at the top this time, licking a path across Anok’s throat.

“Damn, you’re good at that,” Anok whispered as a soft tremble shook his body.

Crank ignored his words and continued to lick his way down Anok’s slim body. When he heard Anok’s breathing hitch just as his tongue stroked over the man’s brown hued nipple, Crank growled. Arousal was flooding his body like a tidal wave.

He reached under one of the pillows and grabbed the bottle of oil he kept hidden there. Popping the top, Crank liberally coated his fingers then closed the bottle and tossed it aside. He went back to licking at Anok’s nipples as he reached down between his mate’s legs and stroked his finger across the tight hole waiting for him, pressing in just a little.

Crank groaned, just catching the echo of Anok’s soft cry as his finger slid into the man’s ass. The sweet sound was music to Crank’s ears. He felt ten feet tall and phaser proof. Crank pressed in another finger then scooted down further to watch what he was doing.

Watching his finger sink into Anok’s tight ass was something he could do forever. If his cock hadn’t been so achingly hard, Crank would have done just that. But, maybe he’d save that for another time. Right now, he knew if he didn’t get balls deep into his mate’s ass, the show would be over before it began.

Once Anok was sufficiently stretched, Crank sat up on his knees. He grabbed Anok by his hips and flipped him over onto his hands and knees. The yelp of surprise that fell from Anok’s lips made Crank growl with satisfaction. Anok seemed way too calm for someone who was about to be claimed.

Crank pulled back on Anok’s hips then fit the tip of his cock into the man’s ass. He watched as he slowly sank past the first ring of muscles. It took everything in Crank to pause and give Anok a chance to adjust to his invasion as the power of being inside his mate for the first time swept through him.

Little by little, Anok’s body accepted him, and Crank slid in further until his balls rested against Anok’s ass. As soon as he felt he could fuck his mate without harming him, Crank began pounding into Anok’s ass. The sheer ecstasy of the moment overwhelmed Crank and he tossed his head back and roared his pleasure.

He could feel the spines at the end of his cock starting to extend and knew his orgasm was just moments away. He leaned over Anok, covering all of his mate’s smaller body with his own.

“Mine,” he growled low in his throat right before he struck, sinking his teeth as deep into Anok as he could get them. The deeper the mating bite, the better the mating mark would be. It would also create an instant erogenous spot for Anok.


Blood Contract by Stormy Glenn

Wolf Creek Pack 8


AVAILABLE: Saturday, November 12th

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, public exhibition]

Danny Erickson knew things were bad when he got called to the dean's office at his university. He just didn't expect to see his estranged father when he arrived or the proposal his father offers him. Little does Danny know that by signing his name on the dotted line, he's agreed to become the personal blood donor to a vampire prince and there is no breaking this blood contract.

Prince Dominic Xavier Lucian Ruelle is dying. He needs a blood donor with pure blood. When Danny is brought to him, Dominic finds himself dealing with feelings he has never experienced before. Falling in love with his blood donor was never part of the contract.

When Danny's life is threatened, Dominic will do anything to save him, even break every rule of his kind. He's even willing to give up his life to save the man he loves. But will it be enough and will it be in time? More importantly, will Danny accept a vampire prince as his mate?

Story Excerpt

“Is he here?”

“He is, sire. I’ve placed him in the adjoining room”

“I want to see him.”

“Dominic, I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” Sully said. “He’s sleeping right now and—”

“I want to see him!” Dominic growled silently.

“As you wish.” Sully bowed his head and walked out of the room.

Dominic closed his eyes. That little bit of bravado had sucked the energy right out of him. His eyelids felt like they were attached to lead weights. He couldn’t ever remember being this tired, not even when he fought in the French Revolution, and that had been a bloody battle that lasted for ages.

Dominic opened his eyes and turned his head when he heard the door open. He watched Sully walk in, a man cradled carefully in his arms. Dominic’s curiosity was piqued when he got a good look at the tuff of sunlight-blond hair sticking out of the blanket wrapped around the young man.

“Is he okay?” Dominic asked when Sully laid the unconscious man down next to him.

“Yes, he’s just sleeping.” Sully grimaced and folded his hands in front of him as he stood up next to the side of the bed. “I’m afraid I had to give him a sedative.”

Dominic’s eyes shot up and met Sully’s for a moment then went back down to the man lying beside him. An unnatural concern for the human filled him. “Why?”

“I do not believe he was fully informed of the conditions of the contract by his family, sire.”

“What?” Dominic snapped. “He signed the contract, did he not?”

“He did, but I think he believed he was signing a contract between him and his father, not you. When I informed him of the contract between the two of you, he resisted. That’s when I had to sedate him.”

“He does not want to be a donor?” When Sully remained silent, Dominic turned to look at him. “Say what is on your mind, Sully.”

“I am unsure of what exactly Erickson told the boy, Dominic, but I do not believe he is fully aware of the situation.”

“What exactly did he think he was signing?”

“As I said, a contract between him and his father.”

“For what purpose?”

“Again, I am unsure.”

“Well, what do you know then?” Dominic snapped silently. He hated the silent communication he had to use due to his ill health. He’d much rather be stomping his foot and shouting to the heavens than having to use mental telepathy. It was too draining on him and didn’t have the same effect.

“He is a perfect match, Dominic.”

Dominic sighed and laid his head down on the pillow next to Danny’s. “Let me see him.”

Sully reached down and pulled the edges of the blanket back to reveal the sleeping man’s perfect heart-shaped face. Dominic inhaled sharply at the beauty laid out before him. He had not expected his blood donor to look so handsome.

“He is a beauty.”

“No one is to touch him.” Dominic growled, his eyes narrowing. He had a sudden urge to attack Sully. He just didn’t have the energy. “I will rip out the throat of the first man to touch a hair on his head.” Sully arched an eyebrow at Dominic, a gesture that very few men got away with in front of him. It was only Sully’s years of service and friendship that allowed him to get away with it unscathed.

“Don’t you think you’d better regain your strength before you start making threats?” Sully asked, arching a dark eyebrow at Dominic. “I doubt you could rip out the throat of a fly right now.”

“We must begin the process right away,” Dominic replied as he continued to stare at Daniel, ignoring Sully’s observation about his dwindling health. “I will need my strength to keep the watchers away from him.”

“You will.” Sully nodded his agreement, a slight grimace crossing his face. “Once they learn that Daniel is your match, they won’t hesitate to take him out.”

“I want the sentries doubled,” Dominic growled. He had an unfamiliar need to keep Daniel safe, something he wasn’t used to. “I am appointing you his Sàssari until I am able to protect him on my own.”

Sully visibly gulped. “Sàssari?”

Dominic started to chuckle at Sully’s shock but it quickly turned into a cough, shaking his body with the force of it. By the time Dominic was done coughing, Sully was standing next to him, a glass of water in one hand and a handkerchief in the other.

“You’re getting worse, Dominic,” Sully said as he gently wiped the blood away from the corner of Dominic’s mouth. “We must start the blood letting as soon as possible or we may be too late.”

Dominic nodded. He knew Sully was right. He was growing weaker by the hour. He already couldn’t walk or sit up on his own. Soon, he wouldn’t be able to lift his hands or turn his head. Dominic was most worried about being able to use his fangs. If he didn’t have the strength to drink blood, he’d die.

“How soon can we start?” he asked Sully. “I’m growing tired.”

“I can draw some blood for now or give you his wrist, your choice.”

“I am not so weak that I cannot drink from the source,” Dominic growled, curling back the corner of his upper lip, showing the tips of his fangs. “Give me his wrist.”


Dominic grabbed the bottle of lube and started scooting down Danny’s body with the intention of using it until he spotted the twin dark nubs adorning Danny’s chest. “Oh, what have we here?”


Dominic licked one nipple and then the other. He heard Danny inhale sharply and grinned up at him. “Tastes like chocolate mint.”

“Seriously, dude? You think my nipples taste like chocolate mint?”


Danny’s head dropped back onto the pillows. “Hope you like chocolate.”

“Love it.” Dominic leaned in for more, licking his way across Danny’s chest from one nipple to the other, over and over again. He couldn’t seem to get enough. He was in heaven, and he never wanted to leave.

“Better get to it, Dominic,” Sully said through their bond. “We’re waiting outside.”

Dominic growled and gave up his exploration of Danny’s nipples, moving farther down his body. “Oh, look.” Dominic chuckled when he spotted the hard, leaking cock jutting up from Danny’s body. “More toys to play with.”

“Oh god,” Danny sighed.

Prince will do nicely, Danny.”

“So not going to happen.” Danny laughed.

Dominic groaned as he swiped his tongue across the top of Danny’s cock. The small droplets of cum that had gathered there exploded on his tongue in a sensation of flavor that was all Danny.

“Fuck, Danny,” Dominic whispered hoarsely. He stretched out his tongue again, positive that it had been a fluke. No one could taste that damn good. Dominic groaned when the same sweet, tangy taste exploded in his mouth. Apparently, cum taken from the source was much more potent than licking his hand.

Dominic wanted more. He leaned up on his elbows and swallowed Danny’s cock until his nose hit curls. Danny screamed and bucked up into the air.

“Okay!” he nearly shouted. “I’ll call you Prince.”

Dominic couldn’t help grinning around the cock in his mouth, well, as much as he could, considering that Danny was wide enough to make his lips stretch. Dominic started moving his head, sucking in his cheeks when he pulled back, then using his tongue to pave the way when he moved back onto Danny’s cock.

At the same time, he popped the top on the bottle of lube and squirted a liberal amount out onto his fingers. Not wanting Danny to be distracted from what he was doing, Dominic rubbed the lube between his fingers until it warmed, then stroked his fingers between Danny’s butt cheeks. Dominic pushed one slicked-up finger into Danny’s tight hole.


That was the sound he wanted, the breathless sound of need and want. Dominic moved his finger around and in and out, loosening Danny until he could slide in another finger. He knew Danny was enjoying what he was doing when the man’s body opened up to him, Danny’s legs falling wide open.

Dominic just about jumped out of his skin when Danny’s hand dug into his hair and the man shouted, arching up into the air. While Danny’s cock emptied into his mouth, Dominic quickly slid a third finger into Danny’s ass.

Lifting his head, Dominic watched Danny slowly come down from his orgasm. When Danny’s eyes started to open, Dominic knew reason was starting to return to Danny. He didn’t want that. When their witnesses came into the room, he wanted Danny so enwrapped in passion that he never even noticed.

Dominic continued to thrust his fingers deep into Danny’s ass, but at the last second, he curled them inward, searching for Danny’s sweet spot. When his fingers grazed the walnut-sized gland, Danny’s eyes widened so much that they dominated his face.

“Oh my fucking go—” Danny’s teeth slammed together, and his head arched back. “Dominic!”

Dominic continued what he was doing with his fingers, making sure he caressed Danny’s prostate with every thrust of his fingers. He slowly climbed to his knees between Danny’s legs as much as he could without withdrawing his fingers.

“Okay, we’re ready,” Dominic told Sully through their bond. He glanced up when he heard the door open and saw three hooded men enter the room. They walked over and surrounded the bed, lowering their hoods.

Sully stood to one side of the bed, Devlin on the other. Prince Zacarius stood at the bottom of the bed with a small book and dagger in his hands. He nodded to Dominic.

“Are you ready to begin?” Prince Zacarius asked.


Prince Zacarius nodded. Dominic tried to draw in a deep breath, but the air felt thick, almost expectant. He watched Devlin and Sully both step over and light candles on the nightstands that he hadn’t noticed before. Apparently someone had arranged things before, or they just magically appeared. Dominic wouldn’t put anything past the prince at this point.

Dominic swallowed hard when Prince Zacarius began speaking in their ancient tongue. He didn’t understand all of the words, as it was pretty much a dead language, but after today, he swore he’d learn. He wanted to know the words that would bind him to Danny for all eternity.

“It is time, Dominic.”

Dominic cast a quick glance at the men standing on either side of him. It was a little eerie having people watch him claim his mate, but he knew it was required for the ritual. But at least he knew how Danny felt.

Dominic withdrew his fingers from Danny’s ass and grabbed him by his legs. Before Danny could protest or realize they were being watched, Dominic lined up his cock and sank it into Danny’s tight ass.

Danny cried out, his head falling back as he pushed his ass up against Dominic. A deep growl started to burn in Dominic’s throat as he started moving inside of his soon-to-be mate. Danny was glorious in his passion, totally uninhibited. And he wasn’t quiet about what he liked.

Dominic knew everything Danny wanted by the cries falling from his lips—and so did everyone else. That’s what made Dominic growl. He didn’t want anyone seeing Danny in the throes of passion except him.

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