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Scent of a Mate 7
available now!
Reece Marshall isn't happy about being pulled away from his undercover assignment for the Feline Council, but one doesn't argue with a summons from an elder. Discovering he's been brought before the elder as a potential guardian to a new alpha makes him wish he was back on his mission.
Šílené Bolond never wanted to be an alpha, but forces greater than him seem to think he should lead the Blackthorn Pride. When five enforcers are presented to him as possible guardians, one stands out. Šílené's heart breaks when his offer of submission is rejected, and he realizes his dream of having a mate will never be realized.
But the forces that made an omega an alpha have other plans. When Reece's undercover assignment becomes too dangerous, the only safe place to go is to the pride of the one man Reece craves, but can't have. With danger and betrayal around every corner, Reece and Šílené have to turn to each other if they want to survive, and they just might find love if they can survive that long.

“I am sure you have heard of the challenge against Randal Cresson by now.”
Again, Elder Hamilton received five nods.
“From what we have been able to gather, Alpha Cresson was involved in some rather archaic practices where his pride was concerned. Word has reached us that he has been systematically executing those he felt weren’t feline enough, and abusing others. Those he went after were given no choice but to comply with his orders or offer reparations for whatever offense he felt they had perpetrated.”
“That’s against pride law,” Boston Elliot said with a curl of his upper lip that was pure disgust at Alpha Cresson’s actions. “How was this discovered?”
Hamilton paused to consider his words and their effects on the men he had brought to his office. “It would seem that he chose to pick on the wrong pride member, and he paid for it with his life.”
Alarm settled on more than one face.
“At first, we thought it was a fluke.” Hamilton tugged on his goatee, rubbing the dark, bristled hairs between his fingers. It was a nervous gesture he’d tried to quit more times than he could count. “But then, the new alpha was challenged by two separate competitors within minutes of winning the challenge against Cresson. He fought them both, back to back, killing his opponents without a break or even time in between challenges.”
Hamilton could see that the five men were impressed by the lifting of their eyebrows and the widening of their eyes. He had to admit he was as well. The law required at least three days between challenges because it was nearly impossible for a combatant to fight two fights to the death without some time to recuperate in between.
For someone to fight two challenges back-to-back without even a few minutes’ break between fights was unheard of. For those two fights to come within minutes of another was not only unheard of, it was nearly impossible to imagine.
It took unnatural strength.
“Those that witnessed the fight said they had never seen anything like it. I’ve been told that Šílené Bolond fought with such skill and determination that it was like the hand of Bastet herself guided his movements.”
In mythology, Bastet was reported to be the goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love. If people were saying Šílené fought like the goddess Bastet seemed to be guiding his movements, then not only had he fought like a true enforcer, but Alpha Cresson deserved to lose. The gods only favored those with true hearts, and everyone knew it.
“If this man truly won the challenge…” Tre Marshall said, a bit of indignation in his voice, but only a bit. He was speaking to an elder after all. Respect must be shown. “Then why have you called us here? I’m not going to fight a challenge rightfully won.”
A couple of the other men nodded their agreement.
Reece flicked his toothpick.
“No, no.” Hamilton waved his hand to dismiss that thought from their minds. “I would not ask that of you. The challenge was won fairly and has been acknowledged by the Feline Council. That is not why you have been called here.”
Hamilton stood and walked over to his liquor cabinet. This might require just a bit more than liquid courage. He pulled out six small crystal glasses and his best scotch, pouring some in each glass.
Grabbing his own glass, he turned and gestured to the others to grab a glass as he took his seat again. “Gentlemen.”
The five powerful enforcers stood and walked over to each get a glass. Hamilton could easily admit to himself that he was a little intimidated by the large men. They all stood inches above him. He just wouldn’t admit it to them and he had enough control to be able to hide it from everyone.
“I find myself in an unusual position, gentlemen,” Hamilton said once everyone had a drink in their hands. He stared down at the amber-colored liquid for a moment, choosing his words carefully. “This new alpha is obviously a very powerful one. He has proven that. He’s just—”
The office door opened with a bang and everyone turned to toward their visitor. Hamilton watched as each enforcer stared at the newcomer with complete and utter shock. Hamilton pressed his lips together to keep from laughing as the man danced around to music only he could hear. It was quite a spectacle. He hummed an off-key tune, his hips swaying back and forth as he waltzed across the room toward Hamilton.
A smiled curved Hamilton’s lips when a flower was tucked into the pocket of his dress shirt and an affectionate kiss was pressed to the top of his head. He couldn’t think of a single person in the world that would dare kiss him on the top of his head, not even his mother. Yet, this man did it like it was something he did every day, and it was. Hamilton had received such a kiss every day since the young man arrived at the manor house.
When the unusual man danced out from behind the desk and began heading in the direction of the five powerful enforcers, Hamilton saw something he never thought he would see in the eyes of such powerful and legendary enforcers.
Pure unadulterated fear.
They were terrified of a slip of a man with platinum blond hair that was spiked and frosted at the tips, fingernails painted every color under the sun, and a pink tutu over his black skinny jeans. Hamilton doubted they had even noticed the eyebrow piercings yet. He wondered how scared they would be if they knew about the piercings under the man’s clothing.
The young man danced up to Boston and slid a pink flower into the pocket of his black dress shirt. He skipped past Clint Harper, but placed a yellow flower in the pocket of Tre’s shirt and a red flower in Boone Marshall’s pocket.
When he stopped in front of Reece, he stared up at him for the longest time. The air itself seemed to be holding its breath as the two men stared at each other.
Even Hamilton’s eyebrows shot up when the colorful man stuck his tongue out at Reece and then danced right out the patio doors as if he had never been there, leaving five very confused enforcers in his wake.
Hamilton stood and walked over to the double doors that led from his office to the stone patio on the side of the house and pulled them closed. Amusement flickered through Hamilton when he saw the young man dancing around on the green grass just beyond the edge of the patio. Laughter bubble out of him when he turned and found the bravest enforcers in the territory staring past him as if they weren’t certain what they had just seen, but they were afraid to see it again.
He clasped his hands together in front of him as he met the confused—and shocked—eyes of the enforcers he hoped were brave enough to take on the task he was about to set before them. “And that, gentlemen, is the new alpha of the Blackthorn Pride.”

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Wulfgang by Erin M. Leaf

Wulfgang (Bad Oak Boys #3) — by Erin M. Leaf now available!

Amazon and All Romance Ebooks Bestseller!

Gay Romance, Shifters, Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Word Count: 54,250
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 9781772337099
pages: 150

buy links: Evernight – Amazon – AReBookStrand

After years in the military, Wulfgang Marrok has had enough. He wants nothing more than to settle down into quiet normalcy and live out his life. Unfortunately, the moment he meets his music history professor, normal and quiet disintegrate beneath a sudden metaphysical connection he didn’t think was possible. His mother is a werewolf, but he didn’t inherit her abilities… until now.
Silas River desperately needs a break from life as Bad Oak’s drummer, so he dons a disguise and heads to a sleepy little town to teach music. Of course, life always fouls up the beat: the moment his fated mate walks into his classroom, his dormant wolf side wakes up and demands attention.
For shifters, instinct trumps solitude. Werewolf politics and violent enemies trump peace. Can Silas and Wulfgang’s new bond survive murder and a loss so deep that Silas almost destroys himself trying to soothe the pain?

Story Excerpt:
Wulfgang closed the front door behind him and followed his professor to the bath. Forest flicked on a light, illuminating slate tile floors and a gorgeous granite-topped vanity.

“There. Sit on the edge of the tub,” Forest said, rummaging around in the cabinet above the sink.

“This isn’t a tub. It’s a freaking pool,” Wulfgang said, perching on smooth tile. “How the hell can you afford this?” He smoothed a hand over the edge of the tub. “You’re a teacher. Last I checked, you guys make enough to buy one cup of coffee maybe every other week and that’s about it.”

“I have my ways,” Mr. Sexy Professor said, dropping to his knees in front of Wulfgang.

Holy shit. Wulfgang caught his breath. Forest had popped out his blue contacts while he’d been gawking at all the tile and intense hazel eyes looked up at him. “Your eyes…” He trailed off as that sense of familiarity that had been dogging him for the past two weeks punched him in the gut. “Christ, you look familiar.” His cock pressed against the front of his jeans painfully. He wanted to grab the professor and mess him up until they were both desperate and dirty and very fucking satisfied. He clenched his hands into fists so he wouldn’t do something stupid.

Forest snorted. “They itch after wearing them all day, and since you already know they’re fake…” He shrugged. “Now hold still. This might hurt a little.” He reached up with a wet cotton ball.

Wulfgang leaned back. “What the fuck is that?”

“Peroxide. Don’t be a baby, Wulfgang.”

The professor reached out again, and this time Wulfgang let him get close. He hissed at the sting. “Ow.”

Forest pressed harder.

“Wow, you’re actually kind of mean,” Wulfgang said. Somehow, the pain in his temple didn’t help dispel his erection one bit. Probably because you have the sexiest man you’ve ever seen on his knees between your legs. He wished he could reach down and adjust himself, but that would definitely give his body’s condition away. As it was, he could still pretend that Sexy Professor had no idea how badly Wulfgang wanted him.

“My brother and cousins would agree with you. I have no mercy for the weak.” Forest blotted with the cotton, then ripped open two bandages. “Hold still.”

“I’m already holding still.” Wulfgang’s mouth had gone dry. He gripped the side of the tub surround like it would keep him from falling. Forest was close enough that the warmth of his body felt like a whisper against his skin. “Fuck, it’s hot in here,” he whispered.

Forest smoothed the bandages down over Wulfgang’s face. His fingers lingered just a tad longer than they needed to. “No, it’s not. Not with the air conditioner on.” He touched a thumb to Wulfgang’s lips. “You’re hot,” he said softly.

Hell. I want him bad. Wulfgang blinked as his mouth tingled. “What?”

Forest sat back on his haunches. “You can’t tell when a guy is making a pass at you?”

Wulfgang’s nostrils flared. Forest smelled like, well, a fucking forest. He smelled like home. “Why do you smell like pine trees?” He frowned. “And electricity?”

“Damn, you have no clue,” the professor said, and then he leaned up and kissed Wulfgang full on the mouth.

Wulfgang flailed for a moment. Then he sank his hands into Forest’s hair and held on. Mr. Sexy Professor knew exactly what he was doing. He kissed like a soldier on a mission: deep, hard, and intent on reaching his goal, which in this case felt like he was trying to drive Wulfgang over the edge in three point two seconds. Wulfgang shuddered and kissed him back, licking inside the man’s mouth. His head still hurt, but the pain paled in comparison to the inferno raging inside his body. He fisted one hand in Forest’s hair, then used the other to drag him closer. When the professor’s chest collided with Wulfgang’s cock, both men groaned.

“You taste like berries,” Forest gasped.

Wulfgang bit the man’s lip, inexplicably angry. And really turned on. “You’re no fucking professor, are you?”

Forest laughed. “Hmm, not quite.” He slid his hands up over Wulfgang’s thighs and pushed his thumbs into the crease where his legs met his torso.

Wulfgang’s dick jumped, wanting those clever fingers closer.

“My name isn’t Forest, either.”

Christ. Wulfgang grabbed the front of the ugly, oversized t-shirt cloaking Forest like a freaking burqa and yanked it off. Forest didn’t protest. When he was bare, Wulfgang’s gaze landed on the huge tree tattoo decorating the man’s right arm and shoulder. It lay on thick muscles like a damned signpost, mercilessly poking at Wulfgang’s memory. “Fuck. Who the hell are you?” He slapped a hand over the tattoo, then squeezed, relishing the solid reality of the man in front of him. Something wild surged through him. He wanted to bite this guy, this liar who kneeled in front of him and had the balls to drag him home and try to fix him. He bared his teeth.

Instead of running, like any sensible person would do, the professor snarled back at him and tipped his head slightly to the side. “Come on. Do it. I know you want to.”

Author Details:
Erin M. Leaf is a romance novel devotee, the steamier the better, with a specialty in edgy erotic tension. She also writes romance as Marie E. Blossom.
Twitter: @erinmleaf

Erin M. Leaf

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FLYING HIGH by Stormy Glenn

Pacific Cove 2
[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn Ménage ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

When Joseph and Samuel Lake spot their mate while running through the woods, they know they can't leave without him. They have been looking for him their entire lives, but convincing the gorgeous man that they want him was turning out to be a lot harder than finding him.
Matthew Brooks knows he isn't the world's best catch. He's a little more plump than he'd like and has a very boring life as a paralegal. Finding two men that seem interested in him at the same time thrusts him firmly into fantasy land.

When someone starts coming after Matt, getting him to Pacific Cove seems like the safest idea, but to do that, they will have to explain to the man about bear shifters and mates and all that entails...and that might cause them to lose their mate faster than an assassin's bullet.
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

Oh, this wasn’t good. A pissed off Tony was never a good thing. He wasn’t outright physical, but the man could hold a grudge for weeks, and he never forgot when he felt slighted by someone. If he held Matt responsible, Matt’s life was just about to become very uncomfortable.
He had just gotten back into Tony’s good graces from the last time he had screwed up by funding this little camping trip. It had taken him three weeks to get Tony and the others to agree to go camping. Matt hated camping, but he hated being the odd man out even more.
This time when Tony pushed past him, the force behind his bump made Matt drop the bag of garbage he was gathering. Matt’s lips thinned as he reached down and picked up the bag and the garbage that had spilled out of it.
So, it had begun.
Matt prayed Tony would find something else to do soon because he knew he was in the man’s crosshairs for the foreseeable future. He’d be lucky to make it home in one piece.
Matt saw Tony headed down to the river with the dishes. He set the bag of garbage aside and hurried to go help. Maybe he could head Tony’s snit off before it began. “Here, I can do that,” Matt said when he reached the man’s side.
“What?” Tony’s eyes narrowed. “And have your boyfriend read me the riot act? I don’t fucking think so.”
“He’s not my boyfriend.” Matt could only wish.
“Well, it sure as shit seemed like it to me.” Tony was really angry. His nostrils were flaring and Matt could see the muscles in his arms clenching. Matt needed to defuse this quick.
“Tony, I can do this.” Matt reached for the pans again. “Really. You don’t have to.”
“Are you saying I can’t wash a few pots and pans?”
“No, of course not.” Matt mentally backtracked as fast as he could. “I just wanted to help.”
“You’ve been enough help,” Tony snapped as he gave Matt a shove hard enough to make him stumble back.
Matt flapped his arms, trying to catch his balance. It did him no good. He screamed as he lost his balance and fell back into the river. He could hear Tony’s laughter as the cold water closed over him and he sank down into its dark depths.
For a moment, Matt simply floated, looking up toward the brightness he could see flickering just beyond the top of the water. The light twinkled in the gentle waves of the water. There was a peaceful quality to it that made Matt wonder if he should just stay where he was until the light faded completely away.
He still needed to get a cat.
Matt held his breath as he started swimming toward the light. Just before his head broke the surface, something grabbed him and propelled him up. Matt’s drew in a hard breath as soon as his head was above the water. When he started coughing, he was patted on the back until he could draw in a clean breath without choking.
“I’m fine. I’m fine.” Matt waved his hand to get Joe to stop pounding on his back. If the man kept smacking him, he’d have another reason to have a problem breathing—a broken back. Joe probably didn’t know his own strength.
“I almost didn’t get to you in time.”
Matt glanced up at Joe, confused by the anguish thickening the man’s tone. Before he could voice his confusion, he was grabbed and yanked against Joe’s massive chest.
“Forgive me, Matt,” Joe whispered. “I should have been faster.”
“Um, okay.” Matt held himself rigid in Joe’s arms, not knowing exactly what was going on. He liked being held in the big man’s arms, and he especially liked being pressed against Joe’s muscular chest, but handsome or not, the guy was a stranger. “I’m fine.”
“You almost weren’t,” Joe said as he leaned back. His lips thinned into an angry line when he glanced back toward the camp. “He pushed you on purpose.”
“Tony?” Matt had a very bad feeling about the anger in Joe’s amber eyes. “He was just goofing off. It was an accident. He didn’t mean any harm.”
Tony just didn’t think sometimes before he acted.
As much as he wanted to stay wrapped up in the handsome man’s arms...Matt pushed away until Joe released him and then he stood. “I’m soaked.”
“Yes, you should change before you catch a chill.” Joe stood as well, and then started rubbing his hands up and down Matt’s arms. “Humans are so vulnerable to the cold.”
Matt’s eyebrows shot up. “Humans?”
What the hell was Joe talking about?
Joe paled and went still. “I mean...uh...humans that aren’t used to being in the great outdoors. People can get hypothermia very easily, you know, especially if they get wet.”
Something told Matt that Joe wasn’t telling the truth, but he couldn’t be sure. He didn’t know the man, which meant he really shouldn’t be enjoying having the man’s hands on him quite so much.
Matt forced himself to step away. It might have been the hardest thing he had ever done. Drawing in a breath he sent Joe a smile. “Thank you for pulling me out of the water.”
“I should have—”
“Enough.” Matt chuckled. “I’m fine, really. A little cold, but that can be fixed with a change of clothes.”
“I’ll walk you to your tent.” Joe shot Tony another angry glare as he wrap his hand around Matt’s arm. “I wouldn’t want you to accidently fall into the river again.”
Matt frowned. Did Joe just growl at Tony?

Matt’s breath caught in his throat as he was flipped over onto his hands and knees, Joe kneeling by his head, Sam kneeling behind him.
“You want to feel my big, thick cock in your ass, stretching you wide?” Sam asked his tone silky smooth. He pressed a tip of his finger against Matt’s tight hole. “I’m going to shove my dick right in here.”
“Yesss,” Matt hissed as he pushed back on Sam’s finger.
He heard the cap snap and was really glad someone had brought lube. He hadn’t. Matt gasped when he felt Sam’s hands at his ass, spreading his cheeks as he pushed a finger into him, moving it around several times before adding a second one, then a third, stretching him quickly.
“Sam,” he cried out when he couldn’t stand it anymore.
“I want to hear you scream, Matt.”
Scream? He couldn’t breathe, let alone scream. Sam was asking the impossible.
Joe’s strong arms held Matt up as he pushed his head under him to catch a hard nipple with his teeth. Joe helped him hold his weight, splayed as he was, with his hard hands beneath his chest. The strong suction, strong nips and rasping tongue on his aching nipples was driving Matt crazy.
Matt tossed his head as he panted for breath. Sam’s fingers were working further into his ass, spilling fire and hot, dark rapture as he slowly stretched him, his fingers spreading inside Matt to part the heated passage.
“Joe is going to fuck your sweet little mouth, Matt,” Sam promised Matt, his voice rough from his lust. “After I work my cock up your sweet ass, he’s going to take that sweet mouth of yours. You’ll be stretched and full, baby, both of us working you, fucking you.”
Sam’s explicit words caused Matt’s body to bow involuntarily as he pushed against the fingers invading his ass.
“Oh yeah, baby, you want it, don’t you?” Pleasure filled Sam’s deep raspy voice. “You want to be taken, filled and fucked like the sweet treasure you are.”
His voice was awed, enraptured, as though it were Matt was giving him a gift, rather than the other way around. As Sam spoke, Joe knelt in front of him, his cock standing out proudly from his body.
“I wish you could see how beautiful you look, baby,” Sam said. “Your hot little ass is all raised up and ready for me. You look so damn sexy.”
Sam replaced his fingers with his cock, slowly easing his thick length inside of Matt’s ass, stretching him until pleasure seared him and held him immobile as Sam worked his massive cock deeper, inch by glorious inch.
Matt whimpered.
Sam was fucking huge!
“It’s okay, honey,” Joe soothed as Matt bucked, his eyes tearing from the pain, though he didn’t want it to stop. He never wanted it to stop. “Don’t fight it, Matt,” Joe urged. “Sam’s cock is thick, baby, but not too thick. You can take it.”
“Matt, are you okay, baby?” Matt could hear the strain in Sam’s voice, the hot vibrating vein of lust and possession, caring and tenderness.
“Please,” he gasped as Sam halted the slow thrusts. The head of Sam’s cock had just passed the tight ring of muscles, the flared tip stretching it wide as Matt fought to accustom himself to the large cock filling him.
“More, baby?” Sam asked as his hand smoothed down Matt’s back.
“More,” he cried out, his hips easing back on the incredibly thick shaft. “More. Please, Sam. More.” Just as Sam began to ease further inside of him, Matt felt the tip of Joe’s cock rub across his lips. Matt opened up to swallow Joe’s cock down to the root. Wrapping his lips around the head of Joe’s dick, he began to suck, his tongue tracing the veins, his cheeks hollowed.
“Oh hell,” Joe groaned. “Suck me, honey, suck me good.”
Matt winked up at Joe before working his tongue over him, sucking him, his tongue running around the edge of the engorged head. Joe began to thrust his hips towards Matt’s face, and cried out when Matt played with his balls. Matt just relaxed his throat muscles, letting Joe fuck his mouth.
A slow, steady stroke had Sam filling his ass completely, his hard groan as he sank into Matt to his balls echoed through the woods. Matt was crying out repeatedly now, his muscles clenching around Sam’s cock, his body accepting the pain as a torturous pleasure he couldn’t deny any longer.
His hips moved against Sam, driving him deeper. Matt screamed around Joe’s cock as Sam paused with just the pulsing head of his cock inside his aching entrance before he pulled back, then pushed forward again.
Sam thrust harder inside Matt. Once. Twice. Then stilled. Matt would have protested, but he lost his ability to speak. Joe began to push his hard cock into Matt’s mouth in tiny, tiny increments, almost as if he was trying to torture himself or drag the pleasure out.
Reality ceased to exist.