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The Color of Sex by Cooper McKenzie

The Color of Sex

By: Cooper McKenzie | Other books by Cooper McKenzie
Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Word Count: 24,620
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.


[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance]

Gabi Smith agrees to paint the three phases of sex, but she is in trouble. While Frustration is her constant companion, she knows nothing of Arousal or Fulfillment and doesn’t know who to ask for help.

The first time Riley St. James saw Gabrielle Smith’s work ten years before, he fell in love. When her brother needed a guard to keep his sister safe while he was out of the country, Riley knew he was the only man for the job. When Gabi asks him to teach her about sex, Riley is certain he has died and gone to heaven.

Can he teach her about sex and love and the vast difference between the two? Will she be able to translate her lessons of sex into visual expressions? Or will their growing love get in the way of her work?

A Siren Erotic Romance



Her gaze dropped down his body, and she stopped breathing for several heartbeats as she took in the longest, thickest, most beautiful cock she’d ever seen. The naked male models she’d seen online and in magazines didn’t rival Riley’s beautiful shaft. Even with the icy shower, he remained erect though beginning to droop. He looked so delicious Gabi couldn’t help herself.

Without a thought to her actions, she bent at the waist and took the bulbous head of his cock into her mouth. She hummed her delight as his salty, masculine taste tantalized her tongue. Pulling back, she licked his slit then swirled the tip of her tongue around the head, testing the silky smoothness of the skin there.

The groan that sounded above her and the fingers stabbing through her hair to cradle her head assured her she was not hurting him. Opening her mouth, she took him deep, teasing and tasting his long, thick shaft.

Thinking about the scenes she’d read about, her hands began to soothe the skin of his hips and buttocks and thighs. One continued touching whatever she could reach while the other eased up the inside of his thighs to cup the sack between.

His fingers tightened around her skull as his hips began to thrust, fucking her mouth with his cock.

Before she could throw him over into orgasm, he pulled himself from her mouth and hand. The next moment she found herself lifted into the air by strong arms and then face to face with a man who looked like he wanted to eat her alive. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and held on tight. She began to hunch against him, trying to rub her throbbing clit up and down the thickness of his shaft.

“You’re very good at that. Too good. Who taught you?” he asked as he fumbled to turn off the water then open the shower door.

“No one taught me. You’re my first. But I have read a lot of books.” She smiled up at him and batted her eyelashes. “Those things are filled with all kinds of good ideas about sex.” Shifting her shoulders, she brushed her nipples against his fur-covered chest. She purred as the touch of his silky, wet hair sent ripples of sensation from tits to cunt then out to the rest of her body.


“Uh huh.”

“You do it very well,” he commented as he carried her into the bedroom.

“But you didn’t come,” she pointed out.

“That’s because I want to feel that hot, wet pussy pulsing around me with your orgasm when I do,” he said, laying her in the center of the bed before lying down next to her.

“Mmm, I like the sound of that.” She reached up and speared her fingers through his now wildly curling hair.

Pulling him down, she kissed him, recognizing this was the man she’d been looking for. This was the man she would spend the rest of her life with, if he would have her.

She froze as she realized he might not want her in his life on a permanent basis. Taking this job as her own personal watchdog then becoming her sex muse might just be filling some kink of his. Once Elliott returned, he very well could walk away without a backward glance.

Could she do this? Could she love him for the next two weeks and then let him walk away when his job was done? Could she spend the rest of her life not seeing him, not touching him, not loving him?

“Gabi? You okay?” He lifted his head and looked down at her with a concerned frown as one hand began to play with her nipple.

She nodded. “I’m fine,” she whispered, running a hand down his muscled back to pat his perfect ass before smoothing her way around his hip and across to take his cock into her hand.

Real question was, how could she not?

“Fuck me,” she begged as her hand traveled up and down his shaft. “Show me what fulfillment is all about.”

Cooper McKenzie
Author of Sassy, Sexy
Fun and Flirty Erotic Romance

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Bite Here, Too, by Stormy Glenn & H.C. Brown

Two spooky gay erotic paranormal romances from two of today's most talented male/male romance authors. You're in for a bloody treat!



Stormy Glenn & H.C. Brown

Available Today


Blood Sacrifice by Stormy Glenn

Being a demon isn't always fun. Being a demon summoned to a satanic ritual is downright miserable. Isaac Braden spends most of his time being a rich recluse but every so often he's introduced to someone new when he's summoned… a blood sacrifice. And tonight Jory Daniels has been chosen to be that sacrifice.

In a satanic ritual summoning gone bad, Isaac finds himself eternally bound to Jory. He has to have the man's blood in order to survive. But when Jory wants something in return, can Isaac submit enough to allow it or will his demon nature take over and cause him to lose the best thing that ever happened to him?

Enslaved by H.C.Brown

At midnight on All Hallows Eve, the Gates between the realms are wide open. Good and evil in equal measure seek to slake their desire. Be careful for what you wish for Humans, once the Gates shut, there is no going back.

"Blood Sacrifice"


Stormy Glenn

Isaac stared at the human hanging from the ceiling hook with a mixture of curiosity and remorse. There were times when he truly hated being a demon. This was definitely one of them.

Being summoned wasn't so bad. He'd been summoned hundreds of times over his long life. It was being summoned and forced to accept the blood sacrifice offered him that he hated so much.

And Isaac could tell from the man's naked form and the blood trailing down his chest, that the man was meant to be a blood sacrifice. He'd heard the summoning words and knew what was about to happen.

The guilt Isaac felt at what he would be forced to do to the unsuspecting man weighed heavily on him, like a pile of rocks in his gut. He had no recourse, no way of refusing. It was the nature of his kind.

Once summoned, if the words were spoken properly, Isaac would be forced to follow them until released to go back to his life. Unfortunately, the memories of what he did while being conjured didn't stay behind. He took every last damn one of them with him when he returned to his life.

As the spell directed, Isaac approached the three men hanging from the ceiling. He sniffed one, then the other, finally coming to stand in front of the man hanging in the middle.

This man intrigued him. His looks were pleasing to Isaac, even in his demon form. Long muscular legs fell almost to the floor, a smooth gleaming chest that Isaac ached to touch, and a groin devoid of hair.

Isaac almost rolled his eyes at the sight of the man's hairless groin. He never understood why spell casters did that. They seemed to think demons preferred it that way. He didn't mind it personally, but it wasn't required to make the spell happen.

Isaac took a deep breath to calm his outrage at what he was being forced to do. He knew he needed to choose one of these men to be his blood sacrifice. His immediate choice would be the man in the middle. Isaac was most drawn to him.

He just didn't want to.

"Choose your blood sacrifice, O Mighty One."

Isaac turned his head slightly to the side and growled. "I know my duty, mortal. Do not think to command me before the bargain is done."

Isaac looked back at the three men hanging from the ceiling. All were gorgeous men. In any other circumstance, Isaac wouldn't have even thought about choosing one of the men. He would have chosen all three. That just wasn't an option at this point.

Just to be sure he made the right choice, Isaac leaned over and sniffed the men that hung on either side of the one he really wanted. One smelled of dirty breath, the other of rotting flesh. Neither suited his needs.

The one in the middle, however, smelled sweet, succulent. Isaac growled low in his throat as he sniffed at the man's neck. He grinned when he felt the man tremble as his breath blew out across his naked skin. Despite the situation they were in, the sexy man was not immune to Isaac. That helped.

I am sorry, little one, Isaac thought to himself as he made his decision. He leaned back and stared into the man's deep green eyes. I wish I could spare you this.

Stormy Glenn… Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance


H.C. Brown


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My Girl by Stormy Glenn



Stormy Glenn

Available Today

Nail polish, makeup, hair extensions, cute little skirts, a new life in a new city...what else is a guy to do when someone is trying to kill him?

Nicholas Rylander watched his best friend get murdered and now he's in hiding...as a woman. He's had hair extensions put in, acrylic nails applied, and a custom bra fitted to give him breasts. He's even moved across the country and found an apartment as Nicky, a hot girl in a short skirt.

Nicky's only problem? He's met the man of his dreams and Seth thinks he's a girl. Telling Seth the truth could get them both killed but if he doesn't Nicky could lose the best thing that ever happened to him.

Erotic, Contemporary, M/M, Romance


"Can I help you with that?"

Nicky jumped, dropping the box of books he held in his hands. It crashed to the ground, books spilling all over the ground. Nicky's hand fluttered at his neck as he looked into the deepest darkest chocolate brown eyes he'd ever seen.

"I'm sorry," the man said. "I didn't mean to scare you."

"No, that's okay. You just startled me." Nicky tried to give the man a smile but his heart raced a million miles a minute. He wasn't sure if it came from the man's sudden appearance or by the fact that the man was simply drop dead gorgeous.

Nicky squatted down and began piling books back into the box. He glanced over when the man did the same. He had a generous mouth, an aquiline nose. His handsome face kindled with a sort of passionate beauty. He was simply gorgeous.

"Calling Dr. Love?" the man mused as he looked at a book held in his hand. He reached for a few more books. "Teacher's Pet, Unnecessary Roughness, A Man's Best Friend," he said as he read the title on each book. "You seem to have a lot of books by G.A. Hauser. Is he any good?"

Nicky blanched, grabbing the books quickly out of the man's hand and shoving them into the box. "Yes," he whispered. "She is very good."

"She?" The man chuckled. "A woman writes these books?"

Nicky snickered at the surprised look on the man's face until he noticed him looking down at the covers, the very hot covers with sexy men displayed on them. Nicky felt his face flush. He grabbed the rest of books and piled them into the box.

"Yes, a woman writes these books." Nicky grabbed the box and stood to his feet. The man stood also making Nicky realize he was several inches taller but no so tall that Nicky couldn't see into his face easily.

"Thank you for your help," Nicky said as he scooted around the man. "If you'll excuse me, I have a lot more boxes to bring in."

"I'd be happy to help."

"No, thank you."

"Nonsense," the man said as he lifted a box into his arms and started following Nicky into his apartment. "What are neighbors for?"

Nicky had a few ideas but none of them would come to see the light of day. His present situation didn't allow him to get involved with anyone no matter how much he'd like to. Besides, Nicky doubted the man was truly interested in him.

"My name is Seth," the man said, "Seth Leighton."


"You'll like it here, Nicky" Seth said. "This is a good neighborhood, quiet. The people here are very friendly." The man chuckled. "Well, except for maybe Mrs. Ferguson. She lives down in 2B. You might want to stay away from her. She can get a mite riled on occasion."

Nicky nodded as if he understood a thing the man said. It wasn't like he would be getting involved with anyone, let alone Mrs. Ferguson in 2B. Nicky didn't have plans to get to know any of his neighbors, not even the sexy one standing before him. It just wasn't safe.

"You don't say much do you?" Seth asked. He shook his head a little. "I never met a woman that didn't talk your ear off."

Nicky flushed as he looked down at the faded denim shorts and simple white v-neck cotton shirt he wore. The pink nail polish on his toenails shined brightly on his flip flops. They matched the nail polish on his long acrylic fingernails.

Nicky knew the carefully applied makeup on his face and the sandy blond hair that fell in curly waves down his back only added to his disguise. He looked just like a woman. And didn't that suck?


Seth followed Nicky back out to the moving van. He couldn't keep his eyes of the soft curve of her ass. Seth bet if he grabbed her ass, it would fit perfectly into his hands. It was glorious, curved just right and showcased to perfection in her tight denim shorts.

Seth groaned and smacked himself in the head. What in the hell was he thinking? He couldn't be having fantasies about what Nicky's ass would look like naked. She was a woman. She was totally off limits.

Seth grabbed a box and quickly carried it inside of Nicky's apartment. He needed to get the hell out of there before he made a pass at the woman and confused himself even more. Wouldn't his mother be thrilled? He was attracted to a woman.

It didn't take Seth and Nicky more than twenty minutes to get the rest of her boxes inside. Seth set the last one down on the floor and glanced around the small one bedroom apartment. His was a two bedroom but it wasn't much bigger. Luckily, he lived alone and was able to use the second bedroom for an office.

"Well," he said as he started backing himself toward the door, "welcome to the neighborhood, Nicky. If you need anything, I'm down the hallway in 4C. I work from home most of the time so I'm usually around. Just knock on the door."

Nicky's smile was bright, vibrant, and seared Seth down to his soul.

"Thank you for all of your help, Seth." The soft lyrical sound of his name in Nicky's voice was Seth's undoing. He swallowed past the lump in his throat and wished away the hard on he knew could be seen in his jeans. Nicky was breathtaking.

"Anytime," Seth replied. He took another step toward the door. He raked Nicky's body with his eyes, confused at the sudden racing of his heart then turned and nearly sprinted down the hallway to his apartment.

His hands shook as pushed his key into the lock. He fumbled with it for several moments before he actually got the door open and rushed inside, slamming the door loudly behind him. Seth leaned back against the door and took a deep breath. It didn't help.

He unbuckled his jeans and pushed them down his thighs until his hard cock bounced free. He ached so much he couldn't keep a moan of need from breaking free of his mouth when he wrapped his hand around himself and started pumping.

He was out of his mind, he had to be. The faster he stroked, the more vivid the picture of Nicky's tight little ass became until he could see the woman bent over in front of him, the nicely curved globes of her ass cheeks too tempting to ignore.

With a loud roar, Seth came. Ropes of pearly white seed spurt out of his cock, covering his hand and the floor below him. In his mind, he shot all over Nicky's ass. Seth slumped back against the door and slowly slid down until he sat on the floor.

Seth cradled his head in his hand. What in the hell was happening to him? He just jerked off to a fantasy of a woman. He was gay. He'd always been gay, since he knew what gay or straight was. He'd never been attracted to a woman. Why this one?

Seth scooted back up the door. He grimaced as he remembered his hand was covered in cum as was the floor. He grabbed a washcloth from the kitchen and cleaned up the floor then headed to the shower.

He needed to do something to get his mind off the tempting ass of the woman down the hallway. He needed to reaffirm to himself that he was a gay man and he knew just the man to help him with that.

The moment Seth stepped out of the shower he wrapped a towel around his waist and made his way to the phone. He knew the number by heart, dialed it, and waited for Ricky to pick up on the other end.

"This is me," Ricky said. "Is this you?"

"Ricky, you're such a smartass." Seth chuckled, feeling more at ease by the moment. "Do you always answer your phone that way?"

"Only for you, love."

Seth rolled his eyes. Ricky was a fruit and not because he was gay. He was just downright nuttier than a bed bug. But, he was also a good friend and former lover. It was just too bad that they couldn't get along in a relationship. The sex was phenomenal.

But more than twenty four hours spent in Ricky's company and Seth was itching to strangle the man. For a few hours in the evening however, and Ricky could show him a good time.

"You hooked up at the moment, Ricky?"

"You know I'm saving myself for you, love."


Ricky chuckled. "Naw, I'm free, man."

"What happened to that banker you were seeing?" Seth asked.

"Married, the asshole."

"Married never stopped you before, Ricky," Seth snickered. It didn't. Rick wasn't too choosey about his bed partners.

"Yeah, but he was married to another guy," Ricky said as if the banker had done something horrific. "I don't much care if married people want to fool around a bit. Even they need to get laid, but fooling around on another guy? That's just wrong."

"Ah hell, Ricky, I didn't know you had scruples."

"Fuck you, man, even I have standards."

Seth chuckled. "Yeah, okay, I get you. Do you still want to go out tonight?"

"Fringe?" Ricky asked, naming one of the gay clubs they liked visiting.

"That's the plan."

"Ooh, I'll get my dancing shoes."

"I'll meet you there at nine, okay?"

"I'll be waiting."

Seth shook his head as he hung up the phone and headed for his dresser. Ricky really was a great guy. Seth liked him a lot. It was just too bad they couldn't stand each other in a long term relationship.

They'd tried, twice. Both times they fought so much that it nearly came to blows. They ended up deciding that they made better friends and occasional hookups than anything serious. It was too rough on their friendship.

Seth pulled a simple t-shirt and grabbed a pair of tight jeans out of his dresser. He tossed them on the bed and went into the bathroom to get ready. Brush his teeth, a comb through his hair, a little cologne, and he was just about ready to go.

He got dressed, grabbed his cell phone and wallet and shoved them in his pocket. Grabbing his keys, Seth went out the door, locking it behind him. As he passed Nicky's door he slowed, hearing soft music coming from inside.

Seth almost knocked on the door but curled his hand into a fist and made himself walk on by. He really had no business being interested in Nicky. He needed to get down to the bar and meet up with Ricky, get his head screwed back on straight.

And maybe just plain out get screwed.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Blood Lust By Stormy Glenn and Joyee Flynn


Delta Wolf 3

Stormy Glenn & Joyee Flynn

When a human psychic saves his life, Constantine Stylianos can't stop thinking about the little man, even when Owen leaves, ignoring the bond that they have together. Deciding he needs a change or he will never have the life he wants, Constantine opts to move to the Delta Pack.
Before he can get there, Constantine receives a call for help. An illegal hunt has been ordered, and someone needs his protection. When he arrives, he discovers that the man that saved Christian is the same man that saved him and both men are his mates.

But someone is out to kill Christian, Owen has emotional demons that prevent him from fully accepting the mating bond between the three of them, and Constantine has to use all of his abilities to save them. If fate chooses mates destined to be together, Constantine can't help but wonder why so many obstacles are thrown in the way of them all being together?


Constantine was filled with grief as he watched the beautiful man walk away from him. How could he not remember being with Owen? Yes, Constantine had always been attracted to men, but he’d never given into that need, always dating women instead. But something about Owen drew Constantine in. He was saddened when Owen didn’t hear his thoughts and come back.
He really had hoped Owen was one of his mates. He knew he felt a pull to Owen, a strong one. He truly thought Owen was his mate until the man continued to walk away from him. Owen didn’t hear him. Constantine’s mate would have.
Constantine couldn’t remember anything about the night before except an angel saving him. Oh, the taste of that angel was heaven, completely addictive. He hoped that angel was Owen, but now after what had happened this morning, he assumed it was his brain’s way of making sense of last night. It was a shame. He would have loved to spend the rest of his life with that angel.
“All right, let’s get you to your car so you can come home,” his mother, Connie, said, wrapping an arm around him.
Constantine was trying to hide how pissed he was at his mother. He couldn’t stand how she acted about people being gay. Constantine knew early on that he was gay but had never acted on it because of his mother’s feelings.
He’d always hoped that fate would be kind and mate him to men so Constantine could say it was fate and not have to explain that he preferred men. But being his pack’s Delta, and son of the Alpha, his job was to find two women mates and produce a houseful of cubs.
Sure, Constantine thought of children, he liked the idea of having children. He just couldn’t get his mind around having them with a woman. He’d date from time to time, the occasional hook up, but he’d have to take the woman from behind. It was the only way he could pretend it was a man and get hard.
Constantine stared out the window of the car, not saying a word other than to direct his mother to where he’d left his car. He had talked to his parents about the Delta pack before going to investigate Alpha Rodrick. His parents were very forceful in their negative response. They didn’t want him away from his family. To top it off, they had heard that the Deltas who were already in the pack were gay. They were having none of that.
When Constantine saw the small six-man pack for himself, he was filled with joy over how they treated each other. They loved their mates and were diverse. They had no qualms with others, were rebuilding the town, and were living their lives. They all seemed really happy.
Constantine had wanted to stay right then and there, but he knew he had to finish finding out about Rodrick. That man had given him the creeps from the moment Constantine met him. Somehow, Constantine was able to mask his Delta scent. He’d always been able to. Not really knowing how, Constantine found it helped him with special assignments, like infiltrating Rodrick’s group of mercenaries. Rodrick was already sentenced to death, and his execution would be carried out soon, if not already. Constantine was glad of that at least.
He still needed to get in contact with Sebastian to tell him what he’d found out about Owen. Constantine didn’t think it wise to report his findings to the council. There was no telling what they would do if they knew of a real physic human, one who knew what they were at that.
The drive back to Indiana wasn’t so bad, even if it did take a few hours, but it did give him time to think about Owen. Constantine knew he’d regret how he’d hurt the beautiful, little man for the rest of his life.
Even worse, he’d never even thanked him. Owen saved his life and sacrificed a lot, only to get shit on by Constantine and his family. Constantine could blame it on shock all he wanted, but by the time he’d shaken off what had happened, he figured that maybe it would be best just to leave poor Owen alone.
What could he really say to make it better? Sorry I don’t remember us fucking? Ignore my mother. She’s a jerk. And, yes, I’m really gay? Owen hadn’t heard Constantine trying to talk to him through his minds. They couldn’t be mates, and he still couldn’t have been with Owen then, so leaving Owen alone was the best for both of them. Really.
Constantine wiped away the tears that fell down his cheeks. He could do nothing about it now. It was over. He needed to forget the whole situation and move on. Right now, he had to face the issue at hand. Having to face his parents to tell them he had decided to move to the Delta pack was going to be hell.
Instead of heading straight home, Constantine pulled up in his parents’ driveway to get it over with. He could see lights on inside the house and knew his parents were waiting for him to arrive home and call, so he was surprised when his father walked out of the house.
“Son, how are you feeling?” his father asked when he walked over to meet him. “Your mother told me there was some issues that occurred, things we would never discuss, but I worry you might need to talk?”
“I do, Dad,” he said, frowning at what his mother had told his father, just typical of her. “But not about what happened. I wanted to talk to you about the Delta pack.”
“Absolutely not,” his father said sternly. He waved his hand in the air as if dismissing the whole thing. That seemed to happen a lot in Constantine’s family. “We’ve already discussed it and decided against it.”
“No, you and Mom decided against it,” Constantine said, all hopes of this being civil gone. “I visited there on my last assignment, and I’ve come to a decision. I have decided that I will—”
“I forbid it,” his father growled, cutting Constantine off.
Constantine rolled his eyes when he saw his mother coming out of the house to join them. Just fucking perfect! Maybe they should call the local news station so everyone could see this family dispute.
“I am your father and Alpha. I forbid it.”
“It doesn’t matter,” Constantine said quietly, not willing to yell and scream about this. “I’m thirty-three years old, Father. I’m an adult, and more than that, the mandate from the council said it’s each Delta’s choice where we live. I don’t have to be released from my current packs if I decide to move. It’s completely up to me. I came to discuss this with you like an adult, but that’s not going to happen. So instead, I’m informing you of my decision.”
Constantine almost laughed at the shocked expressions on his parents’ faces when he walked back to his car and climbed in. He’d never talked to them like this before. He was their son, the middle of three, the obedient one, the one everyone ignored unless they needed help from him. And he always did whatever they needed because they were family.
But enough was enough. Constantine needed to start living his life the way he wanted, or he’d always be miserable. Well, more miserable than he already was, and that was pretty damn miserable. It was time he tried to live his own life and made his own decisions.


“You have to drink my blood,” Owen cried out in desperation as he held his wrist to the wounded man’s lips.
“I can’t,” the dying man groaned.
Owen knew the man’s name was Constantine, but he couldn’t tell the man how he knew it. There were just some things he couldn’t share with strangers.
“You have to. If you don’t, you’re going to die.” Owen had seen it in his vision. His vision confused him, but Owen knew Constantine needed to drink from him or he would die. No matter what else his vision told him, Owen couldn’t let that happen.
“Then I’ll die!” Constantine grunted.
“You don’t understand. I’m not in control of myself. If I bite you, I won’t be able to stop myself from…” The man looked away.
“From what?” The look Owen received from the blond-haired man was meaningful. He blushed, an image of the two of them pressed skin to skin flashing through his head, then continued. “Do what you have to do. You can’t die.”
“If you insist,” Constantine growled and rolled Owen over onto his back so fast that Owen barely had time to breath. Before Owen could blink, the man was ripping off all their clothes.
Owen hurried to help because he was afraid the man was going to die if he didn’t drink some blood soon. Constantine smashed his lips against Owen’s, demanding his submission. Owen gladly gave it, melting into the man’s hard, firm body.
“I’m not prepared,” Owen panted when Constantine grabbed his knees and shoved them to his chest.
“I’m sorry. I’ll try to be as gentle as I can.”
The man grunted as he started to push his hard cock into Owen’s ass. The man must have used his own spit for lube, but there hadn’t been any time to loosen Owen up. He cried out at the burning and the intense bite of pain when Constantine thrust in.
“I’m okay. It just burns,” he said when he realized that the man above him had froze when he cried out. “Keep going. It will fade as you move.”
Constantine seemed to take Owen at his word and moved his hips gently but quickly.
“My angel,” he whispered before kissing Owen again.
Owen wrapped his arms around the larger man’s neck and loved the feel of his massive body surrounding Owen. “Drink,” Owen said, submissively tilting his head and baring his neck to Constantine. “You need to drink. It’s okay, I understand.”
“Mine!” Growling loudly, Constantine started to thrust faster. “You’re mine now, no one else’s,” he said before sinking his canines deep into Owen’s throat.
Owen was still confused by the man’s words as he let out a cry at the slight pain, which rapdily turned into overwhelming pleasure. He came so hard that he thought the top of his cock might blow off from the pressure. Wave after wave of his climax hit him, each one directly related to each suck Constantine took of blood from his neck.
What the fuck did I get myself into?

Stormy Glenn
Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance

Joyee Flynn
Sizzling the Pages of Romance

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Darkness Captured by Delilah Devlin

In Darkness Captured, the extraordinary Delilah Devlin combines two blistering hot genres—women’s erotic fiction and paranormal romance—and the result is a masterwork of vampire erotica that’s almost too torrid to handle! The decidedly adult adventure of a passionate werewolf who’s willing to storm the gates of hell to rescue a princess from the clutches of a demon, Devlin’s Darkness Captured is dark, sexy, and absolutely sizzling. Shapeshifter love has never been hotter!

“Devlin creates memorable characters with exceptional emotional depth. Her magical worldbuilding sets as atmospheric scene for a fast-paced story. The sexual tension runs high and the encounters are smokin’ hot.”

4 Stars, RT Book Reviews on Darkness Captured

Driven by insatiable desire, a werewolf will enter hell to rescue a princess captured by the Master of Demons…

Headstrong and proud—a royal creature of sinuous grace, all primal instinct and lethal beauty—the shapeshifter Gabriella has agreed to serve as emissary to the vampires who rule in the shadows of the New Orleans night. But she cannot resist the pull of the demon she glimpses on the other side of a mirror, and she is drawn to him hungrily, through a magical portal into the Land of the Dead. Now an eternal nightmare awaits Gabriella at the hands of a mesmerizing dark lord who satisfies her every erotic need…while slowly devouring her soul.

The powerful warrior wolf Guntram Brandt is responsible for the safety of the vanished princess he swore allegiance to years before. Yet it is more than a soldier’s loyalty that pulls Guntram down into the depths of nightmare—for Gabriella ignites within him a burning animal passion that must be satisfied.

But when offered an escape, will she follow her rescuer to safety—torn between her lustful obsession with the dark lord who has enslaved her and her fierce sensual attraction to the only wolf who could ever master her?

Get in bed with Delilah. Everyone else has!
Saddled Samhain's 2009 Bestselling eBook | Pleasing Sir Available now on Kindle!
Darkness Captured 9/21 Avon Red | Ravished by a Viking January/2011 Berkley Heat
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