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Christmas with the Stallions by Addison Avery

Christmas with the Stallions
Siren Publishing
Written by Addison Avery


“Damn it,” she screeched. “Let me go!”
“I’m going to,” he replied. “Give me a minute.”
“I’ll be right there,” Seth called out. He turned his face toward the wind and, tilting his chin upward, his nostrils flared. He immediately wheeled around on his boots, staring at Haley with pure lust in his eyes.
Colt grinned. “I know. Don’t even say it. I know.”
“You know what?” she demanded as Colt turned the doorknob.
“Christmas Eve is tomorrow,” he said, walking through her hallway.
“So what, it’s Christmas Eve? I can’t fire you the day before?”
“You’re not firing us,” he reminded gently. “And we’ve already been over this. I guess you liked the idea of being strapped to a bed for long and indulgent hours of foreplay.”
She slid down his body as if he orchestrated the exact way he wanted to let her go. Smiling, he said, “Nice.”
The audacity! She should’ve slapped the cocky expression right off his smug cheeks. Instead, she found herself speechless as she watched him bend over and light the gas logs in the fireplace. The one mention of foreplay spiked her interest in a way she should’ve never allowed.
When he stood again, he pulled the curtains back. The large picture window overlooked the lower field. There, in the paddock, the beautiful palomino ran from one gate to the next. He reared high, kicking out his front legs as if the world angered him.
She watched in awe as the horse acted out on some kind of tantrum. “Where did you say that palomino came from?”
Colt didn’t answer her. Instead, he shrugged out of his coat and leaned in behind the massive Christmas tree and plugged in the Christmas lights.
“The horse, Colt?” she asked, halfway turning her head to glance at him but unable to look away from the beautiful golden stallion as his erect penis dropped and he stamped at the dusty ground beneath him.
“Oh, my God,” she whispered. “He’s excited, aroused.”
“Seth’s not the only one.”
She turned around and said, “Where are the mares?” Then, his response hit her square in the face. “What did you say about Seth?”

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Dancing with Darcy by Addison Avery

Dancing with Darcy
Siren Publishing
Written by Addison Avery


“I told you once already. I don’t do cock.” Garrett choked out the words as his gaze narrowed on the mushroom head pressing closer to his lips.
“You may not do cock in general but you will suck, and swallow, when the one in question is mine.” Sam fisted his shaft and brought it to Garrett’s chin again. This time, he moved closer. “Open.”
Logan entered the bedroom. “Go easy on him.”
“Easy hell. I can’t wait for him to open up his pretty little mouth because once he shows me how fast his sweet tongue can move, I plan on sinking inside one tight virgin ass. Then, I’ll make him a real man.” Sam’s hard voice held too much sex appeal. He continued to wait. Pre-cum glistened along the tip of his dick.
“Tell me something, Garrett, have you ever had a man fuck your ass long and hard until you screamed for more? Has anyone shown you what it’s like to feel alive with a lust so intense you’re begging for relief?” Sam’s eyes twinkled with desire.
Garrett’s eyes watered. He glanced around the room, searching for her. “Darcy wouldn’t have wanted us to...” The knot in his chest threatened to suffocate him if he took Sam’s offer and dipped his head. Oh, but he wanted to try it. Just once, he wanted to sink his teeth into the idea and allow his cheeks to swell with a hard man’s intentions. He wanted to play games with Sam and Logan, dangerous ones, and they wouldn’t let it ride. They were not the kind of men who appreciated a tease.
“Darcy, hell. Darcy is dead, Garrett.” Sam stepped away from him, placed a hand on his shoulder and stared into his eyes. “She’s been dead for years. You’ve watched her ghost, chased it almost and for what? To let her drag you into the after-life? Where’s the fairness in it?” As Sam spoke, his left hand remained on Garrett’s body while his right threaded his stiff member. He barely noticed and if he did, it didn’t matter. He pumped his hard cock with a firm grip and carried on a simple conversation.
“You’re not content because it’s not enough. I know you, Garrett, you’re anything but a happy man.” A smile spread over his heart shaped mouth and he chuckled, “But I’m going to show you how to enjoy life again. You’ll know what it’s like to inhale the best part of me and find yourself intoxicated with the happiness I bring. You’ll whistle ‘Dixie’ and sing ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’. For the record, you can call me Santa.”

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Sports Wives by Destiny Blaine

Love, Lust, and Scandal in Professional Football
Sports Wives One

Cassie Teller is a woman who appears to live a simple life. But look beyond the surface and discover a complicated lady with very scandalous secrets as two incredibly sexy men bide for her love and everything that goes along with her affection.


The phone rang during the Pittsburgh and Minnesota game. I happened to knock it off the hook or else I wouldn’t have answered it. On the other end, I heard a familiar voice.
Steve, also known as my best friend with sexual benefits, tripped over his words and I barely paid attention to anything he said. I just knew he crashed my private party looking for a little roll in the hay. Immediately on guard, I went from zero to bitch in three point seven seconds. He called, after all, to interrupt my favorite pastime.
“Steve, what are you doing? It’s not even half-time yet.” The words flipped off my tongue.
Lucky for me, he didn’t notice because he, in fact, called with some pretty great news.
“Cassie, you are going to owe me the best blow in the world for this one, baby. I have tickets to the Christmas Eve Cleveland and Pittsburgh game and I wanted to see if you’ve ever been to Cleveland?”
“Why? Do you need directions?” I crammed a handful of popcorn in my mouth.
“Smart-ass. No, I don’t. Wanna go?”
I almost fell over. Then, I almost dropped the phone. I’m not lying to you. I was that damn excited. “Steve, are you asking me out on a date or do you want me to ride with you just to be sure you can make it to Cleveland?”
I tried not to let my enthusiasm pour through the phone. Touchdown Pittsburgh. “Minnesota sucks,” I said as I rejoined the conversation already in full swing on the other end of the phone.
“Look, kiddo, Mandy’s going too. She really likes you and would love to get to know you better. So how about it? Wanna take a ride up to Cleveland with us?”
Mandy. The very mention of the woman’s name just sent shivers down my spine. Mandy was everything I wasn’t. She had long black hair and a shapely body that sent most men into orbit every time she swayed into the room—and could Mandy ever sway with those curvaceous hips. I, on the other hand, never possessed what someone would call curves, and outside of the great tits I carried around, my body defined ordinary and owned the term skinny.
“So, will I be chauffeuring you and the lovely Mandy to the gate because I know you didn’t land three tickets?”
Steve laughed. “Honey, as much as you love football, if I only had one ticket, you’d be the one to sit in the stands.”
I waited for a more direct response. Actually, I dreaded the whole truth. I felt confident it existed along with some underlying motive.
“I have two tickets, so you and Mandy are going to the game.”
“When hell freezes over.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I actually meant it.
“Aren’t you the least bit excited?” Steve pressed on. I wasn’t surprised. He always pressed on—in bed, in life, in phone sex. Persistent as hell—he served his gender well.
He also loved to rub Mandy in my face—not in the literal sense, of course. Thank heavens. After all, I’d always suspected he wanted a threesome, with me included in the trio. In fact, the dreaded day when he might bring it up seemed to loom with the sudden invitation.
I sighed. “I’m about as excited as I would be to land in bed with both you and Mandy.”
Without missing a beat, Steve perked right up. “Now there’s a great idea!”
I moaned and my stomach churned when I caught a five-second visual. I cursed my mind’s eye and caught the end of our good-byes.
“Call me tomorrow.” One thing about it, Steve knew how to leave a girl with a smile.
I finished the last drop of hot cocoa and decided to make a hot toddy to finish out the game. Pittsburgh won 18-3 and I won five hundred dollars just like I usually did when I bet on Pittsburgh. The following week would be time for a big payday and, with any luck, I’d run into one of those sexy boys from the keystone state.
I began to imagine what he’d look like and had quite the fantasy going on too. He’d fall madly in love with me when he’d spot me. He’d be ready to miss the kickoff just to stay locked in my gaze. We’d just click. Kind of like Steve and I clicked, only without the Mandy.

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Five Rings by Destiny Blaine

Adult Promo: Five Rings Just Released Today--Shape- Shifter for the Holidays

Hello to all paranormal fans!

I'm so excited to share some awesome news with you. Today, Five Rings released from eXtasy Books, marking the end of my book releases for 2009. Take a look at what Val from You Gotta Read Reviews had to say about Five Rings:

"Lauren was a woman who was juggling five different men who knew nothing about each other. The outcome, she finds, is nothing she could have ever imagined. I am trying so hard not to reveal very much of the story as it changes rapidly throughout the book. I can tell you however that it includes scorching hot sex, loyalty (you will see what I mean), protection and revelations that rock Lauren's world. Five Rings was a fast paced, quick read with a whole lot of sex. I simply could not put this book down.

Destiny Blaine is an author who knows how to skillfully write multiple partner erotica in a very believable way. I always know that I will be entertained and captivated each time I read one of her books. Five Rings is my first lion shapeshifter book and it pleases me to know that Destiny Blaine was the writer. Five Rings was obviously not written for the reader who has objections to same sex or multiple partners. But I promise you if you are willing to step out there and read something you haven't read yet, the ending will blow your mind. I most definitely would ask Destiny to please, please, PLEASE write a sequel. Lauren's character has so many different directions in which she could travel. This is a book not to be missed…" Val, You Gotta Read Reviews

When a nymphomaniac loses her mind, everything is just as it seems—only better.

Quick Snippet:

Michael roared and Marcus sneered. Michael pushed Marcus down on the bed and they wrestled like mad. Marcus was on top, then Michael perched high above throwing his weight around with a rare determination to apparently mount a man. Marcus again took the lead and Michael twisted his way around Marcus's body and dominated once more. Their dicks slapped together and their hands locked. Wildly, they nipped at one another, their lips meeting and parting, while their dicks tapped together.

Another animalistic call to the wild made her swivel around and watch the three men behind her. They were flirting with one another! God help her, what was going on here?

They touched each other intimately, brushing their fingers up and down their dicks in unusual and exquisite patterns. Soon, they fondled with aggression, taking possession of the hands they held, the cocks they pumped, groping and moaning, working toward release.

Shaking her head she couldn't turn away and wouldn't have refocused her attention at all, but a sudden sound ripped through the room and she flinched when she heard what sounded like complete arousal coupled with defiance and anger. She heard another wildly obsessive roar and immediately eyed the bed where two men wrestled.

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www.extasybooks. net

Help me make this the best release day of 2009! If you enjoy shape-shifter erotica, pick up your copy of Five Rings

today! Then, let me hear from you. Tell me what you think of Five Rings: destinyblaine@

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Identical twins Donny and Danny Rothschild are never at a shortage to have sex with men, but Donny has grown bored with casual flings and craves a challenge. So the brothers make a bet: to be the first to find, seduce, and conquer a straight man.

Pretending to be the same person, Donny and Danny seek out their macho heterosexual male prey into their bed to use and enjoy. Yet neither brother could predict the anger, jealousy, and emotion that comes with such an unwholesome game. When loving devotion between the twins changes to a competition and venomous fury, the odds become stacked against them and the bond that connects them is stretched to the breaking point.

Which is strong, the connection they have shared since birth or the yearning to become independent and successful and in love with the perfect man, regardless of the consequences?


“You are wicked.”

Donny Rothschild sipped his martini, poolside. “I am. What’s your point?”

Seeing his identical twin brother Danny laughing, Donny knew it was like staring into a mirror. He and Danny did nothing to try and prevent looking alike. On the contrary, they enjoyed it.

“Did the poor fucker at least like it?” Danny finished his own drink, placing it on the patio next to his chaise lounge.

“Don’t know.” Donny sipped his martini more slowly. “He moaned a lot.”

“Did he come?”

“Isn’t it only important that I did?” Donny grinned impishly at his brother.

Adjusting his sunglasses on his nose, Danny relaxed where he lay, his bronze skin shimmering with sweat and suntan lotion. “True.”

“I mean is it really my responsibility to ensure every sexual encounter ends with anyone else having an orgasm but me? What am I? A charity worker?”

Danny laughed again.

Grinning at the sound, Donny knew his brother agreed. Danny agreed with everything he did and said.

“Are you still making a list of each conquest?”

Donny set his empty glass on the pale concrete under his chair. “No. How can I when I stopped bothering with their names. What am I supposed to do?” He put on a thinking face. “Mr. Pectorals, Mr. Big Dick? You see how confusing it can get.”

“How about just a notch on the bedpost?”

“Already do that.” Donny nudged him. “And you know I do.”

“I know. I know everything you do, Don.”

“Mm. True.” Donny gazed out at the crystal clear water of their pool, glistening in the mid-day sun. “I am in the mood for a good challenge. Getting sex has become too easy.”

“That’s what happens when you’re loaded and good looking. The gay men come crawling out of the woodwork.”

Donny rolled to his side to stare at his brother. “We are too good looking.”

Peeking at him from under his sunglasses, Danny asked, “What’s your point?”

“My point is I’m bored. Christ, Danny, we snap our fingers and men shove our cocks into their mouths.”

“Oh, I know!” Danny mocked, “It’s awful!”

“I’m serious. I barely get an erection thinking of it.”

“Try women again.”

“No thank you. Too clingy.” Donny spun to his back, bending his knees in a wide straddle.

“What then?” Danny turned to lie on his side, so he could see his brother.

“I need a challenge. Something insurmountable.”

“There’s no such challenge.” Danny sat up, gripping the side of the lounge chair. “Everyone wants it.”

“Not everyone.”

“Come on, Donny. Who has said no to either one of us?”

“Perhaps a married man?”

Danny laughed, pushing his long hair back from his face. Donny could see him perspiring. It was hot lying out in the sun.

“You’re going to seduce a married man? You think that’s a challenge?” Danny shook his head. “Married guys are easy. They never get any.”

“We’ve never had a married man. We wouldn’t know.” Donny mirrored Danny’s position on the chair so they were facing each other.

“You want that complication? Some homicidal spurned Valley girl wife coming after us with a butcher knife?” Danny made a silly face at him. “It’s LA. Everyone’s out of it--on mood medication, in rehab, or designer drugs…not a good idea.”

“What about a straight man, then?” Donny slid his sunglasses to the top of his head.

“What about them? How hard can it be to suck a straight man’s cock?”

“I don’t know.” He touched his lip as he thought. “We’ve been spoiled rotten on easy gay men at the clubs. How difficult would it be to seduce a straight man?”

“What are you going to do?” Danny pushed his sunglasses up as well, revealing his chocolate brown eyes. “Just pick some guy out at random on the street?”

“It’s as good an idea as any.”

Danny appeared to be thinking about it. “My guess is it’ll still be too easy. What guy doesn’t want his cock sucked, Donny?”

“No. I’ll get him to suck mine. Or better yet, I’ll fuck him.”

That lit Danny up into laughter once more. “You think you can find some straight guy on the street and get him to suck your cock? Or better yet, get him to take it up the ass for you?”

Seeing the skepticism in his twin brother’s expression, Donny extended his hand. “Wager?”

“I’ll lose that bet. I know you. You’ll cheat. You’ll get some gay man to pretend he’s straight. Or he’ll be bi-curious with an ad placed in the personals.”

Another thought passed through his mind. “All right then. An even stronger challenge.”


“We seduce him together.” Donny could feel the electric charge that comment sent through his brother. “Both fuck him.”

“I pick the man.”

Agreeing, he held out his hand. “Deal.”

Seeing a shadow pass nearby, Donny shielded his eyes from the glare. His mother, Patty, was standing at the foot of his chair, blocking the sun. “There’s food ready inside if you’re hungry.”

Danny hissed, “Don thinks he can seduce a straight man, Mom.”

“Oh?” She tilted her head curiously. “The gay men in LA not challenging enough for you?”

“No. They’re not.” Donny stood next to his mother, towering over her tiny five-foot-five-inch frame. “Think of it as sport, Mom.”

“You two do need something to occupy yourselves with.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “Twenty-five and living off the fat of your father.”

Danny rose up to stand next to them. “And? If I remember correctly you encouraged it. After graduate school you told both Donny and I to take a few years off. Am I right?”

“I did. I’m over indulgent with my two beautiful boys.” She cupped Danny’s jaw lovingly.

“We can work the rest of our lives, Mom.” Donny sighed. “Let us have a chance to play while we’re pretty enough to enjoy it.”

“I’m not stopping you.” She caressed Donny’s cheek next. “I want my babies happy.”

Danny wrapped his arm around his mother’s waist as they headed to the sliding glass doors at the back of the house. “We are happy, Mom. You and Dad did very good.”

“I’m very glad to hear it.”

Donny opened the door for her, allowing her to step inside first. The interior was cool by comparison to the boiling heat outside. Once they were in, Danny closed the slider behind them.

“You boys hungry?” Louisa, their cook and housekeeper, asked, smiling.

Donny urged her into an embrace to tease her. “Hungry for you!” He nibbled at her neck.

“Oh!” she chided, turning bright red and smacking Donny playfully. “Terrible twins! Both of you. Behave!”

“You’re wasting your breath telling these two to behave, Louisa. You’ve known them since they were thirteen.” Patty tugged Danny’s long hair back into a ponytail. “Have they ever listened to a thing any of us have said?”

Louisa fixed her apron and hair, even though neither were messed up from Donny’s antics. “No. They have never listened to no one. But they are good boys.” She nudged Donny to the table. “Sit. Eat.”

“Good?” Danny’s eyes glimmered impishly. “Us?”

As Donny joined him, he said, “You don’t know us at all, do you?”And began eating his lunch hungrily.

Ignoring his comment, his mother asked, “What are your plans for the rest of the afternoon?”

“Why?” Danny wiped his lip with a napkin and sipped his iced tea.

“Do either of you want to come with me to visit with your grandparents?”

Donny exchanged a look of distaste with his brother. “Next time.”

“Fine. I’ll see you both later.” Patty kissed each son on the top of his head and left the room.

Leaning over the table towards him, Danny asked, “What do you want to do?”

“Workout, shower, and go hunting.” Seeing the big grin on his twin’s face, Donny didn’t need a verbal answer. He rarely did.

Straight guy hunting? This could actually be amusing. Danny took another bite of his food and chuckled as he considered the possibilities.

Available Now from The GA Hauser Collection
Unnecessary Roughness- helping

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Sammy Dane by Stormy Glenn

by Stormy Glenn
An Erotic Contemporary M/M Romance

Police Officer James Everson seems to go from one guy to another, never finding exactly what he wants. Frustrated and out of sorts he goes to a local gay bar in the hopes of finding a guy and burning off some steam. What he finds is Sammy.

Samuel Dane Summers is a confirmed geek. He has all the classic symptoms, glasses, baggy slacks, white button down shirts. He’s a vegetarian. He forgets everything from paying his bills to locking his doors. Sammy needs a keeper. The one good thing he does is write erotic gay romance novels.

When these two meet, the fireworks explode. Sammy rocks James’s world, giving him the best sexual experience of his life. When it’s over, Sammy disappears.

James is devastated. He becomes obsessed with finding Sammy again. But an obsessed fan also wants to get his hands on Sammy, believing the books Sammy writes is their love story and he’s not above taking James out of the picture to do it. Can James save his sexy little writer before it's too late or will he lose him forever?

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Unnecessary Roughness by G.A. Hauser


A percentage of the royalties of this novel will be donated to the charity and

Connor Worthington knew from an early age he was 'different'. But it wasn't until he met Kyle Baker at UCLA lacrosse practice that he knew he wasn't alone.

Fear regarding his sexuality was not new to Connor. Connor played the 'straight' act as long as he could. But it was taking its toll on him. Kyle recently transferred from the University of Oregon to UCLA. But what Kyle never expected was to fall head over heels for a long-haired athlete named Connor. The two men instantly grew inseparable, on and off the field. Lusting after his roommate distracted Kyle from his studies and practice. But Kyle had a hunch. A hunch that Connor may be in the closet as well.

And he was right.

Problem solved?

Their problems had just begun.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Beau Bradbury has it all. He’s good looking, owns a lucrative business, and has an endless supply of hunks vying for his attention. His skinny, uptight personal assistant shouldn’t rate a blip on his radar. Nevertheless, there’s just something about Adam that Beau can’t resist.

One night of drunken passion leads to nearly a year of secret trysts during office hours. Adam keeps his private life confidential, while Beau pretends to want nothing more than a good time. It’s a good arrangement, until a simple phone call ruins the
status quo and makes Beau green with envy.

Frustrated that Adam might be seeing someone else, Beau tries to put his attraction to the younger man behind him. However, all that changes with the introduction of Adam’s son. Instantly charmed by the sweet little boy, Beau is all the more driven to claim Adam for his own. All he has to do is convince his wary lover to open his heart and trust that there’s more to Beau than his playboy persona suggests.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices.


Beau Bradbury stared at his laptop, the last quarter’s earnings for Club Casbah slowly burning into his retinas. Glaring at them didn’t change the fact that memberships were on a downward swing. With the economy doing a nosedive, people just weren’t willing to splurge on expensive gentlemen’s clubs in order to get their rocks off. Something would have to be done if he wanted to stay in the black, but he wasn’t sure what. He certainly couldn’t raise the already exorbitant fees he was charging current members. That would only result in losing loyal customers who couldn’t afford the rate increase.
He refilled a highball glass with bourbon and swallowed the bitter brew, enjoying the heat that spread down his throat and crashed into his stomach. If there was ever a good time to get drunk, this certainly looked like the occasion.
Leaning back in his chair, Beau tried to think of some way to drum up business without losing his edge.
Casbah was known as an exclusive club, meaning he couldn’t promote a two-for-one deal without fucking up the club’s reputation. People didn’t pay good money for a club any Tom, Dick, or Harry could be admitted into at a moment’s notice.
After draining the glass, he topped it off yet again. A pleasant buzz built as he drank his fill. Thoughts of work circled around and around in an endless loop. With no easy solution in sight, his business woes slowly dissolved and were replaced by Beau’s favorite mental candy these days.
Adam Winger.
Having hired the young man as his personal assistant the month before, Beau was still on his best behavior around the guy. At twenty-one, Adam was a prime specimen of male virility. Twelve years older than Adam, Beau normally felt like a perverted chicken hawk for lusting after the younger man. At the moment, he just felt horny and in need of some TLC.
However, he had no intention of acting on his desire to fuck Adam’s pert little ass into next week. That didn’t mean he couldn’t think about it all he wanted, though. No one ever needed to know who he was fantasizing about on the rare occasions when he rubbed one out.
It wasn’t that he lacked for company so much as he was sick of the club scene. Taking care of his own needs was simpler than bringing someone home for the night, then having to kick them out the following morning. His taste in men invariably meant he chose the clingiest guy available, someone he’d have to pry out of his life with a crowbar, regardless of how quickly the other man had agreed to casual sex the night before.
Being a wealthy business owner had drawbacks as well as perks.
Those who weren’t swayed by his bank account would usually drop and spread ’em for his blond good looks or the body he religiously exercised. Single and in his thirties, Beau had no intention of letting an ounce of fat touch his short and stocky frame. If he weren’t careful, it would be too damn easy to go from solid to flabby.
Perish the thought. A fat ass wouldn’t catch the attention of anyone, regardless of how much I’m worth.
Beau closed his eyes. His mind flashed from one improper image to another. Adam taking advantage of Beau’s home gym, his pale skin glistening as he made use of the treadmill. Sweaty black curls clung to the sides of his heart-shaped face. Beau was half convinced the man’s tiny running shorts and nearly transparent tank tops were designed as punishment for horny, leering men of his ilk. Learning Adam dressed to the left, and had surprisingly large balls for a man his size, had been worth the torment.
Another image came of Adam decked out to the nines in a formfitting rented tux, his cheeks tinged with pink from all the compliments he’d received during the last party at the club. The coquettish looks and bashful blushing had only made Beau want to bend Adam over the nearest booth and fuck him all the more.
Beau palmed his cock through the slick fabric of his slacks. Christ, he ached. It’d been too long since he’d gotten laid. That was going to have to change. Soon.
A quiet knock sounded on the door, followed by Adam’s deep voice. “Boss?”
“It’s open.” Beau yanked his hand away from his dick and brushed his bangs out of his eyes. He hoped his face wasn’t as red as it felt.
Adam opened the door and then strode into the room carrying his laptop. His curls stuck up in spiky little ringlets, as if he’d been running his fingers through them. Dressed casually, Adam wore a pair of snug chinos and a faded black T-shirt. “Hey, I was just going through your calendar for this month, and it looks like you’re double booked for the thirtieth.”
Speak of the devil, and he appears. Beau blinked away his inner thoughts and stared at the man he’d been obsessing over for the last thirty-plus days. Already half-hard, his cock gave a tiny, happy jerk inside his pants. Why does Adam have to be so fucking adorable?
Beau coughed, trying to concentrate on what Adam was saying. Not an easy feat when his mind was busy translating everything into a subtle come-on. “Why don’t you switch the Adalgo appointment to the morning of the first and cancel my racquetball game with Mitch.”
There. I can do professional, even while half-baked.
A hint of wet pink tongue flashed over Adam’s lower lip as he stared down at his laptop. “That’ll work.”
Beau swallowed a groan.
Adam looked up, his deep brown eyes concerned. “Are you okay?”
Fuck. He hadn’t meant to make a noise. “Fine.”
“All right.” Adam closed his laptop. “Is there anything else you need from me tonight? It’s closing in on seven o’clock, and I’d like to call it a night.”
“No. I --” Beau’s gaze lowered to Adam’s mouth while the younger man licked his lips and made the plump, rosy flesh glisten. Beau’s control snapped like a dry leaf. Fuck it. “There is something I need from you.”
Beau got up, his legs a little unsteady beneath him, and advanced toward Adam. “I need you to stop batting your lashes and undressing me with your eyes. If I see you lick your lips in my direction one more time, you’d better make damn sure you’re willing to back up the move with some action.”
Adam took a step backward. “I…I don’t know what you mean, sir.”
“Don’t you?” Beau snatched the laptop out of Adam’s hands and set it on his desk. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you don’t think I’m paying attention. You want me. I know you do. Even if you’re too chickenshit to admit it.”
Adam’s eyes widened, his chest rising and falling faster. “If that were true, and I’m not saying it is, I still wouldn’t act on it.”
“Why?” Logically, Beau knew all the reasons. They no longer mattered. Lust overruled common sense and fueled his need to claim Adam in the most basic, intimate way possible.
“I work for you. Isn’t that explanation enough?”
“No.” Beau caught Adam’s chin and tilted it up. Without giving Adam a chance to pull away, Beau swooped in and caught the younger man’s mouth with his own. Adam’s lips were firm yet soft, the lower one providing just enough cushion for the brute force behind Beau’s kiss.
Adam gasped and parted his lips, providing just enough space for Beau to take advantage. He slid his tongue into Adam’s mouth and explored, caressing and teasing as he got his first taste. Adam’s mouth was flavored with the French vanilla coffee he favored. A hint of a darker, infinitely richer tang lingered beneath, prompting Beau to keep kissing, to keep savoring, until he could figure out precisely what that unidentifiable zest was.
Meanwhile he palmed Adam’s cheek, the skin hot and prickly under his hand, and buried his fingers in the soft black curls he’d been dying to touch since the first time he’d laid eyes on the younger man.
Adam’s reluctance slowly vanished. His mouth became more pliant, his tongue more daring. His hands fisted in Beau’s shirt and tugged him closer, returning Beau’s aggression tenfold.
Beau lost himself in the taste of Adam’s lips and the feel of the younger man pressing against him. Although Adam was an inch or so taller than Beau, his slighter build felt good in Beau’s arms. Right.
Beau’s pulse thundered in his ears, blood racing from one head to the other. He would’ve liked to go on kissing Adam forever, but his body had other, more pressing desires. All he needed was to hear Adam say he wanted this just as much Beau did, and then he’d give in to his desire to get the younger man naked. He yearned to press against Adam, skin to skin, and explore every inch of the sweet body he’d been fantasizing about for so long.
Panting, Beau tore his mouth away from the soft cushion of Adam’s lips. “Say it.”
Adam lifted his eyes and stared at Beau. “Huh?”
“Tell me you want me. I need to hear you say it before this goes any further.”
“I --” Adam swallowed…

Monday, November 2, 2009

Spin by Gwendolyn Gayle

by Gwendolyn Gayle.

A medieval adventure about a young lord’s attempt to balance his life between his long-term lover and his new husband

Young Lord Elijah Barrus is trying to ignore his arranged marriage, preferring instead his lover, a stable boy named Prank. However, the temporary absence of Prank causes him to turn to his husband Shannon for companionship, forming an unexpected bond between them. As their bond grows, Elijah worries that his relationship with Prank will be threatened. Prank enjoys Elijah’s increased attention, but is unhappy with Elijah’s need to posses him. Meanwhile, Shannon makes the discovery that his husband is involved with a lover.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

All Hellos by Michael Barnette

Heat Rating: Bonfire

Content Warning: Menage which includes homoerotic content

Iris wants what every woman wants, hot passionate sex and a chance at love.

Some wild club mix of NIN's Sin was playing in the main hall, bright lights flashing, turning the normally peaceful campground around the central buildings into a raucous party zone. People were milling around, some in street clothes others already in costumes.

"We'll be happy to drive you wherever your accommodations are," Gabriel told her as they headed from the parking area toward the building that contained the registration desk. He moved his fingers in a subtle pattern and touched her arm, undoing the minor spell he'd used to overcome any reticence she might have initially had about accompanying them.

"Thanks, you've been so nice about this. I really appreciate you bringing me here." She was leaning on his arm to keep from falling in the grass, her high heels making the going anything but easy. Not that she minded in the least being Ć«forced' to steady herself on the man. The contact with his arm sent pulse after delightful pulse straight down to her clit, making her aware just how sopping wet her panties had gotten during the short ride with them in the SUV.

Adrian followed along in their wake, like a dark second shadow for the paler man. It almost made her think he was some sort of bodyguard the way he seemed to stay so near Gabriel. He certainly had the build one might expect of someone that protected another man from danger.

Then again, Gabriel didn't look like the type of man that needed protection. Not from anything.

Well let's hope you didn't soak through to the back of your dress. Or leave anything on the seat.

"Not a problem. In fact, if you want, we'll even take you back to your car in the morning and see about getting that tire fixed," Adrian told her.

"That's really sweet of you," she replied. Knowing how these weekends went she was sure of two things. One the man meant what he said, and two it wouldn't happen because they'd get busy having fun and forget the promise he'd just made to her.

They got into the hall and she reluctantly let Gabriel's arm go. The walk had been nice while it lasted. Back to reality.

Iris smiled at the two men as they headed the registration desk and the fairytale princess seated behind it. "Hello Carrie."

"Why Iris, you look thoroughly stunning!" the older woman gushed, waving her wand in the air with a flourish. Iris caught a glimpse of the pen tip and smiled. Carrie was noted for throwing the best Halloween gatherings in the single's network for a reason, the woman went all out and missed no details.

"Thanks. I hope the men think so or I'm going to have a terribly boring night."

Adrian's voice was soft as a velvet whisper in her ear, "There is absolutely no chance you are going to be bored, Iris. Unless you want to be."

Far from innocent, probably a lot closer to jaded cynic, Iris still felt a slight blush creep across her cheeks. Oookaay. She glanced at the dark-haired man from the corner of her eye. Was he really coming on to her? And if he was, what about Gabriel? Was the other man going to be jealous?

Carrie giggled, "Looks like you're in for a wonderful weekend, girl."

Iris cast a glance at the men bracketing her on each side. "You may just be right."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jonny's First Time by Sarah Levin Colter

Jonny's First Time
by Sarah Levin Colter

M/M Erotica. Jonny and Seth spend the night in a motel room. Hotness ensues.

Friday, October 16, 2009


By Stormy Glenn

Katia has loved Mikhail Nikolaevich forever. When her father dies, she goes to Mikhail for solace. Afterward, believing Mikhail doesn't truly care for her, Katia flees. By then, it's too late. The mating heat has started and must be completed or Katia will die.

But Mikhail is not all he seems. He's a Kindred and he's determined to have Katia as his mate. But first, he has to convince Katia that he does love her. That's easier said than done when Katia learns about the Kindred and that the man she loves turns into a werewolf. It's also complicated by the fact that Mikhail is leader of his people.

Mikhail has to defend Katia against a Council of Elders who believe she's an inferior human, and a band of rogue werewolves is out to kill them all. Can Mikhail save his bondmate before she gets challenged again, or will Katia have to fight for her life?


5 CHERRIES: "Katia is a great feisty heroine that proves her worth time and time again. Mikhail is a brooding alpha male who loves Katia with all his heart. The love and trust that these two show each other was a beautiful thing to see. Especially after Mikhail shows Katia his true world and she accepts him just the way he is...Katia is a great woman ready for anything and loyal to the end. She will not take any crap from anyone and proves it at the Convocation. With all the chaos happening around her and Mikhail, she still keeps her head on her shoulders and never looses her cool. This book had me hooked from the beginning. Stormy Glenn writes a wonderful story that combines just the right amount of action and romance to keep the reader glued to the pages. I truly enjoyed this story and would love to read more on the other characters in this book." -- Mistletoe,
Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

Please Note: Wolf Queen is up for Best Book at Whipped Cream Romance Reviews. Voting is from Saturday 10/17 to Sunday 10/18. If you liked Wolf Queen, please stop by and vote here.

4 DRAGONS: Stormy Glenn brings Wolf Queen to life with remarkable characters. I was taken by each of them as they showed their true colors throughout the story. You will be desperate to see how everything is worked through. Once the time comes for them all to stand together to defend the pack the gloves come off and Katia will simply amaze you. I would like to see more of Mikhail Nikolaevich's pack and how their pack members gain their own place in the pack and with their partners for life. What will Stormy Glenn offer next? I'm certainly looking forward to more stories from her" -- Judy King, Veiled Secrets Reviews

Read adult and story excerpts at my website...

Stormy Glenn... Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance


By Stormy Glenn

Gideon Wulfe didn't know he was looking for someone special until he met Micah Adin. Gideon uses his money and power to immediately arrange their wedding that very night, determined to tie Micah to his side for all eternity. But the next morning, Micah doesn't remember Gideon's name or their wedding. Devastated and feeling betrayed, Gideon leaves, promising to send Micah annulment papers.

But Gideon still wants Micah, so he decides to find him and settle things once and for all. What he finds shocks him. Micah is still wearing his wedding ring and refuses to take it off. Micah explains that he still considers himself married to Gideon and there is nothing Gideon can do to change it. Gideon bets differently and takes Micah to bed, unsure if he's trying to prove something to Micah or to himself.

But just when Gideon and Micah are starting to settle down into wedded bliss, someone steps in to separate them. Can Gideon trust his new husband when Micah's own father is trying to frame Gideon for a crime he didn't commit?

Stormy Glenn...Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Queen of Carnage by Michael Barnette

Title: Queen of Carnage
ISBN: 978-1-59632-636-1
Author: Michael Barnette
Cover Artist: Anne Cain
Price: $4.99
Available at Loose-id

Unable to have the love she desires with the vampire Prince Jozef, Tigress settles for mutual lust. When Jozef is kidnapped Tigress will do anything to save him including starting a war if that's what it takes to get him back into her bed where he belongs.

"You worry too much," he whispered, lowering his head to press his lips to her throat.

"Someone has to," Tigress murmured as she tilted her head back to give Jozef access and permission to blood her if that was his desire.

His lips parted and she felt the dampness of his tongue against her throat, the burn of fangs as they pierced her skin. He took a taste, one gentle sip of her life, enough to tease himself before he sealed the wound with a flick of his tongue.

"But it doesn't have to be you," he argued, voice soft, pleading. He was asking for more of her without putting it in words.

Unspoken plea.

And she found that she didn't want to deny him, or herself, any longer.

Growling into his ear, Tigress felt his whole body go tense. A tremor rolled through him, goose bumps rising on his skin as he reacted to the sound. She stepped back to stare into eyes that burned with an inner, unnatural flame. A glow that was perfectly normal for a Prince of the Blood aroused and wanting.

Wanting her.
Click to purchase from Loose-id

Also available at All Romance eBooks

And at Fictionwise

FE959 by Michael Barnette

FE959 by Michael Barnette
Supernatural Alliances Book 1
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance (m/f) vampire
Heat Level: Fire with a Happy for Now Ending
Length: Short Story-10,500 words
Price: $2.50
Released August 15th 2008 to Shadowfire Press

Can a former vampire regain his dignity and find love?

Frontier Explorer 959 is out at the edge of known space when he receives a distress call that will change his miserable existence forever.

Korrine Dubouis is the last of her kind with no hope of finding her truemate. Or so she thinks until she meets the handsome creature known as FE959.

He couldn't help himself. He paused to take in the beauty of her naked form, his gaze moving over her the way an art lover would regard a masterpiece of sculpture. Soft and feminine with breasts that drew his gaze and a Mont of Venus that made him wish for the days when such things would have stirred his flesh to desire.

But the alterations performed on him, the long decades of his confinement in the ship had left him with an appreciation of the female form, but no ability and little actual desire to sample it.

He went back for the last two survivors, braving the savagery of the inferno to save them, the flames searing into his naked flesh. He felt the pain, and ignored it. Hurting and exhausted from the ordeal, he safely delivered them to the medical area with the others. Tired, FE959 sat down beside the beautiful female, shoulders slumped, head bowed in exhaustion, every nerve in his body screaming from the burns that covered his skin.

Burns that were already healing, the charred bits falling away to reveal new skin beneath.

"You're one of them, aren't you?" Her expression was wary, uncertain.

And it was fully understandable given what he knew about the colonists. Those green eyes were regarding him in a way that let him know beyond any doubt she knew exactly what she looked at, exactly what he had once been.

But probably not what he had become.

"That would depend on what you mean when you say 'one of them' don't you think?"

"A vampire."

"Yes. Once I would have been called that." He gave her a wry smile, showing his fangs to her. She showed no sign of fear. But why would she fear me? She was in the company of an entire vampire family. Or at least the remnants of one.

So many dead. If I'd known I wouldn't have hesitated so long.

But in the end it hardly mattered. He'd saved those he could, and the rest would reside in the embrace of the Dark Lady for all of eternity.


Such a damn long time. Long and lonely.

"From what I've seen though, I don't think you're going to tell me to leave, or try to kill me."

"How many died?" she asked finally, worried, filled with a desolation he could smell in the air surrounding her.

"From the impact, I don't know. I can't get into some areas of the ship because of the fires, and other sections were completely destroyed in the crash."

Her shoulders sagged, bright tears welling in her eyes, dulling the brilliant green.

Like summer leaves, or the most perfect of gems.

"This was supposed to save them. In the end it will destroy them," she whispered, covering her face with both hands.

He moved closer to her. The way a bee sought flowers he found himself pulled closer by her very presence. He dropped to his knees in front of the distraught female, reached up to stroke the soft waves of her hair. How strange. Why do I feel an attraction to her? he mused as he said, "Don't say that, your family isn't dead."

"They aren't my family. All of my family perished on old Earth. These people, this family took me in out of kindness. And now they're going to die too," she said, tone full of bitter helplessness.

His eyes were drawn to the motion of her full lips. The line of her jaw, the graceful form of her lovely throat. Saliva filled his mouth and his fangs ached; dull pang of need, a faint remembrance of what he'd been rising up to torment him.

So beautiful. No, more than just beautiful, she is perfect.

A tumult of hair, dark as the space between the stars, and eyes a vibrant green unlike anything he'd ever seen. FE959 wanted to take her into his arms and tell her it would be all right, that he'd get help, that her adopted family would be safe. But help was a long way off and he didn't dare make a promise he couldn't keep. Not when the very stability of the ruined ship was in question.

Not when his own masters would put an end to every life on this ship if they had the chance.

He couldn't give them that opportunity.

"What's your name?"

"Korrine Dubouis," she replied through her tears.

He shook his head, dared to touch one mahogany dark cheek and brush away the tears, the dampness tingling on his fingertip like something alive. His breath caught, her eyes widened and they both drew away from one another as if stung.

He looked at his fingers. Wiggled them. But the tingling vibration that reached to his very soul-- if such as he had one-- didn't fade. It continued to resonate through his flesh.

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Shadowfire Press
Enter the Shadows... Set your imagination on Fire

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Indian Blood Moon by Jazz Steele

Coming October 12, 2009

Indian Blood Moon - Jaxx Steele
M/M, Contemporary

Small town reporter Dante Tyler lives his mundane life wishing for something more. When he was sent to cover a Halloween party for his newspaper he finds that the most horrible encounter of his life turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.


I have the perfect contest to celebrate my return to 'the net'. While I was computerless for those three months the wonderful people at Honey Bunny Promotions kept my stories active with their great promotion skills. Because of those skills my inbox was filled with questions, most about my books: how I do I come up with ideas, have I been to the places I write about and stuff about the characters. Those are normal, I expect them, but the few that came in about me threw me for a loop. People want to know what I look like!

So, with that in mind I came up with this contest:

Where is Jaxx Steele!

While I was gone I had a few video trailers of my books made. I am in one of them. I invite you to view the videos and find me. Tell me the book and who my picture represents.

Send your answers to this and you will be entered into the hat to win a Jaxx Steele logo mug and pen.

(Not extremely expensive but a good conversation piece at best.)

The contest will run from October 13th to October 31st.

Here is the link to my videos and good luck!

Jaxx's You Tube page

Jaxx Steele
Putting a little XX in Man Love!


Becoming Dinner

Publisher: Shadowfire Press

Genre: M/F Erotica - Vampire Capture Fantasy

Length: Short Story

Heat Level: Fire

Buy Link:


He slowly but purposefully rubbed the grime and goop from my limbs, torso, face and neck. Periodically shaking the cloth out under the flowing river, he seemed to be happy with the progress. My breath slowed; eyes drifted closed at times. The feeling of his soft strokes on my naked skin, combined with prolonged running, made my exhausted body relax. The gentle rushing sound of the water and the soft rustle of the branches above me further eased my tired body and mind.

I didn't hear him submerge but knew he must have when I felt his cheek rub up against my calf muscle. In a slow ascension, he made his way up my body, touching my skin with the side of his face. This intimate inspection was paired with the soft dragging stroke of his hands.

Emerging from the water once again, he lay his head in the bend of my neck, his hands stopping on the sides of my breast. Finally rid of most of the stench, I must have been more pleasing to him now. He rested his nose behind my ear and inhaled deeply. This was followed immediately by a quiet exhaling groan.

He took my wrist and led us a little way down stream, to an area that was shallower. He brought us up to the angled bank and, holding me by the waist, leaned my upper body back. I was naked and exposed, lying before him. His eyes washed over my skin. Exhausted and defeated, I lay my head back on the soft ground.

The rush of the water hummed around us. The wind picked up. The tall grass swayed around me. I waited for the pain, but gasped with surprise, when a very light touch of lips fell on the base of my throat. The contact continued down my chest in not so much a kiss, but a slow taste. He explored as he took in my aroma.

The vampire's lips passed over my heart and paused. He moved to a spot near my collarbone and stopped briefly, only to return to the skin just above my heart. He compared and enjoyed the effect my heavy heartbeat played against his lips. My hands ran up and down the smooth skin of his back. I felt the hard muscles of his thighs and chest against me.

Monday, October 5, 2009

TWO in TWO out by G.A. Hauser


Book Two of Hauser's best-selling Heroes series!

Blake Hughes was comfortable being in the closet, especially at work while surrounded by macho firemen. A paramedic, still single at thirty, Blake kept his private life just that, private.

Hunter Rasmussen transferred to LAFD from San Diego. Twenty-six, powerful and fit, the handsome blue-eyed brunette just wanted to leave the past behind. No one had to know what he went through down south. And he didn't need history to repeat itself. Being ‘out’ was not a good career move for all jobs, and particularly not with the fire service.

When Hunter and Blake were assigned to the same shift pattern, they quickly became best friends. Partnered up on calls, hanging out together on days off, Hunter enjoyed Blake’s company and Blake his. Until something, or someone, from Hunter’s ugly past caused him problems.

In the fire department, men rely on each other for their lives. Two go into a burning building, and two stay out to serve as their rescue team in case of emergency. Blake and Hunter were two men deeply in the closet. And only with devotion and love would their secret lives come ‘out’. And Hunter and Blake find that courage in a very unusual place. Two devoted LAPD cops help show them the way.

Two in…two out…it helps when someone is there to throw you a lifeline.


Blake Hughes could feel the perspiration running down his skin. There was nothing glamorous about being a firefighter in the boiling LA summer. The thick, beige, flame-retardant fabric turnout coat and trousers over his uniform shirt and work pants, the rubber boots, and the helmet with face shield made him feel like he was melting from within. The smoke was thick as the flames took hold of an old ratty sofa and litter debris. Blake was in charge of the irons; the solid steel pike pole weighed heavily in his hands. The tank of oxygen on his back pumped air into the mask, which was cloudy with condensation from his body heat and breath.

He stared at the back of his co-worker and, in the smoke and haze, could barely make out the ‘Rasmussen’ written in bold black block letters on his best buddy Hunter’s shoulders.

“Back out!”

Blake jumped at Hunter’s command. It was becoming impossible to get the house fire under control from the inside. He knew Hunter was right. The incident commander, Lt. Thomas Smith’s voice came over their radios ordering the same thing. “Get out, boys!” Blake wanted to make sure Hunter came with him. He spun around. The clear path to the front door was suddenly not so clear any longer. Blake raised the pike and smashed it against a wall repeatedly, opening an exit of his own. The heat from the fire, the outfit, and the physical exertion was brutal, but he had to get them out. Now.

Another powerful swipe of the pike at the plasterboard and it crumbled in a heap of white dust. “Hunter!” Blake grabbed his arm.

Hunter acknowledged him with a nod. Just as Blake was making his way to the exit, the two firemen outside, their personal rescue team, were about to come in and drag them out if they had taken any longer.

Once Hunter and Blake had moved clear of the residence, the firemen manning the hoses opened up the valves and blasted the blaze with their full force. With the valves wide open, five hundred gallons of water could pass through the hoses in three minutes.

Setting down the heavy pike, Blake pulled the shield off his drenched face and noticed Hunter leaning over his knees to recuperate. Blake helped him remove his mask, making sure he was okay. “You all right?”

“Fucking hot!” Hunter snarled, pushing his dark hair off his forehead as it stuck from his sweat.

Blake kept his hand on Hunter’s shoulder, for he was the more experienced and older of the two of them. He turned back to the blaze which was finally beaten back into submission. He checked the oxygen level in Hunter’s tank. The air support team was nearby if they needed to top up.

The inferno was an unoccupied dwelling that had been set on fire. Blake assumed it had to be arson. Either that or a careless vagrant who set his home ablaze.

Lt. Smith made his way over to them once the fire began to subside. “You two all right?”

Hunter stood straight, nodding, as Blake replied, “Yes, sir.”

“Hang tight until it’s no longer a working fire. It’s fully involved at the moment.”

“Okay, Lieutenant.” Blake watched the water turn the orange flames into white smoke. He craved shedding the suit and tank but knew it was premature. Hunter was still quiet. Blake touched his arm. “You gonna live?”

“Yeah. Christ, it’s hot.”

Blake shot the handsome young man a big grin. “If ya can’t stand the heat…”

“Shut up.” Hunter winked at him.

Blake adored him. They had only been working together a few months, ever since Hunter transferred from San Diego. They were on the C-shift, so they had the same schedule.

Spending twenty-four hours with the same crew, you learned a lot about a person, mostly the firemen you could stand and those you couldn’t. He could stand Hunter. They were two peas in a pod.

Blake heard the lieutenant’s voice over the radio calling out their badge numbers.

“Come on, Hunt. Our turn to play two out.”

Hunter gave Blake his impish smile, the one that made his blue eyes sparkle like a wicked little boy. “Yeah, Blake. Come out. Why don’t you just come the fuck out?”

“Shut up, Hunt-man, before I use this pike on your butt.” Blake picked up the heavy iron again.

Repositioning their face shields, they stood outside the smoldering, dripping building, acting as the Rapid Intervention Team for two other firefighters that had gone inside. Two in, two out. The standard safety tool in the fire fighting buddy system and the one phrase abused with the most homophobic jokes on the division.

Blake cut the chatter to listen. The last thing he wanted was for someone to need help and for them to not be paying attention. Even a wet, soggy residence could collapse unexpectedly.

In silent contemplation, Blake stood next to Hunter. Blake could hear the two firefighters inside smashing at smoking walls, making sure the fire was completely out. He couldn’t remember the last fire they’d been to. Most of their calls were medical in nature, or false alarms. He didn’t think they’d had more than a hundred fires during the whole year for his station.

He had forgotten how exhausting and hot gearing up was. Obviously Hunter was suffering as well. And it was early in their shift.

They had just come on at seven and were about to workout for an hour when the alarm came out. Christ, it’s only nine thirty.

Blake closed his eyes for a second to rest them. Fuck he was hot. A drip made its way down his chest. He could feel it running slowly between his pectoral muscles. He rubbed his gloved hand against it to stop its tickling progress. The movement caught Hunter’s eye. “Sweatin’ like a fucking bitch in heat,” Blake explained.

“Ditto. Christ, I’m thirsty. Could use a beer.”

“I’ll buy you one. Next day off.”

“Deal.” Hunter shut up, listening again.

Twenty minutes later the two inside appeared at the door. “It’s out.” Dwight Carter nodded to them. Beside him was the only woman firefighter on the scene, Hailey Barnet.

“Tell the lieutenant,” Blake instructed.

Dwight acknowledged him.

Blake tapped Hunter and tilted his head to their rig. They walked to where it was parked and began peeling off the heavy tanks and clothing. As Blake removed his turnout coat and boots, he heard Hunter groaning in pleasure as he did the same. Looking over his shoulder, Blake found Hunter’s uniform shirt and pants drenched with his perspiration. Hunter was a big man, six-three, two hundred and twenty pounds of solid muscle. It seemed to Blake that both Hunter’s blue shirt and slacks were burdened at keeping his bulk covered. Like the Incredible Hulk, Blake expected Hunter to explode from his garments one day. I’d like to see that. Blake smiled.

But he could never say it. If you even murmured you had a sexual preference other than the ‘norm’, you risked being murdered by your homophobic co-workers. The fire department was worse than the police. Firemen were a very macho bunch of males. You could kid, but didn’t dare come out.

Blake didn’t worry. He played it straight and he assumed Hunter was straight, though he truly had no clue what Hunter’s preference was. It didn’t mean anything that he enjoyed Hunter’s good looks, that he loved spending the shift with him, working out with him, having a beer on their days off. It was normal. They were good friends. No one had to know he imagined Hunter naked every time he saw him. It was no one’s business but his own.

* * * *

Piling his bunker gear inside the truck, Hunter was finally rid of his exterior garments. Once he had placed everything in the rig, Hunter fanned his shirt, unsticking it from his body to try and cool off. He’d have to change when he got back to the station. He was drenched. Blake moved in front of him, setting his own heavy coat and boots down next to his. Hunter could see the back of Blake’s shirt clinging to him as well. As Blake moved, Hunter caught his sweat scent, inhaling it deeply. Every sinewy movement of Blake’s back showed through the clinging fabric. Hunter chewed his lip as he stared. Blake was four years his senior. He idolized Blake for his skill on the job. Out of all the men he’d met while working as a fireman, Blake Hughes was the nicest of the bunch. Not to mention the damn best looking.

Hunter was surprised his body was reacting to staring at Blake that way. He was hot and tired, and that shouldn’t make him hot and bothered as it often did with a man as handsome as Blake around.

When the lieutenant appeared, Hunter tried to pretend he hadn’t been ogling his co-worker.

“The residence needs securing. Why don’t you two help out nailing some boards over the windows?”

“Yes, sir.” Hunter nodded obediently. After the lieutenant left, Hunter waited for Blake’s eye contact.

“Grab a hammer out of the toolbox, Hunt.”

“Okay.” Hunter pulled open a side panel of the rig, digging out a claw hammer. As he did he noticed Hailey and Dwight placing wooden panels under each broken window. Stuffing a box of nails into his shirt pocket, Hunter handed Blake the hammer, smiling adoringly at him. He got a sweet wink in return and followed Blake to the burned out shell of the building, staring at Blake’s sweat-stained slacks as he walked.

Working as a team, which came naturally to them, Hunter held the large wooden board in place as Blake secured it to the window frame with strong confident hammer strokes. With Blake wearing his short-sleeved uniform shirt, Hunter was able to admire his rolling biceps, wide flaring forearms, and engorged, roping veins. Blake was three inches shorter than he was, but that still made Blake a strapping, six-foot-tall, powerfully built male. Hunter wouldn’t want to challenge Blake to a fight. The man was extremely strong and fast on his feet.

Once the entire bottom access into the wrecked building was secured, Hunter noticed the investigation team had arrived. If he had to guess, he’d say the fire began with a smoldering cigarette on a dirty mattress on the floor of the upstairs bedroom.

Deliberate? Who knew? Most likely accidental and set by a street person who inhabited the vacant premises.

Hunter felt a hand on his shoulder. Seeing Blake’s warm brown eyes, he teased, “Yes, dear?”

“We’re done. Come on. Let’s see if we can clear.”

Blake swung the hammer at his side while Hunter walked with him to the incident commander, who was the lieutenant on the scene.

“Hey, Lieutenant,” Blake addressed him. “You still need us?”

“No. Clear and head back.”

“Thank you.” Blake looked at Hunter, expressing his relief.

Hunter climbed into the truck after putting the hammer back into the kit and making sure everything was secure on the engine. Blake dropped heavily into the driver’s seat. Once they had buckled up, Blake started the engine with a roar.

Hunter waved to the police officer who let them through the roadblock, which had been set up to keep traffic off the side street. Once they were on their way, he sighed. “I’m too tired to workout now.”

“I hear ya.” Blake steered the big rig confidently up to an intersection where he stopped for a red signal. “If we feel up to it, we can do it later.”

“Or not.” Hunter laughed.

Blake grinned at him knowingly. “We can miss a day. I won’t tell.”

“I’m already starving.” Hunter rubbed his belly.

“I did a food run. The fridge is stocked.”

“Good. Who’s cooking lunch?”

“You!” Blake laughed at him.

“Oh. Right. I forgot. You cook better than I do.”

“I do everything better than you do.”

Hunter shoved him playfully. “Shut up.”

“Hey. I’m drivin’. Behave.”

Smiling as he relaxed in the passenger seat, Hunter loved hanging out with Blake. Fucking loved it.