Monday, April 27, 2015

The Playhouse by Katey Hawthorne

Summer has been Lily McBride’s favorite time of year since she was a kid, because that’s when the Brookesville Playhouse opens its doors. Now that she’s an adult and works as their tech director, Lily wants more for her beloved Playhouse: a larger audience, a longer season, and exciting shows to draw new patrons.

This year, though, she also wants Genevieve Mason, a pretty starlet-in-the-making from the local university, recruited for the season’s tech crew. Genny throws her heart and soul into the place too, adding her own dreams of representation to the ‘must-have’ list, and using her sweet voice and surprising flare for pyrotechnics to draw the crowds in droves. They work so well together, it’s not long before their summer crush blossoms into a steamy affair.

Lily’s falling hard, but always feels like Genny’s holding something back. And then there’s the dreaded Brookesville Arts Council—supposed to be a support system for all things cultural, instead dragging the Playhouse down with their old-fashioned stubbornness. There are a lot of hurdles to jump and egos to deflate before they can get what they want, both for the theater and from each other.


The park was familiar; it fit me like the proverbial old glove, and it always quieted my head when it wouldn’t stop. I wandered slowly, parallel to the thick woods, out toward the wide-open field and the big hill. The whole of Brookesville Park was hills, because, welp, welcome to Appalachia, but these ones were sloping, great for careful hikes and relatively safe woodland exploration. The swish of overlong grass around my ankles and the smell of green was calming.
I turned around to look at the gaping barn from a distance, and it hurt a little. Home, more than the Victorian even, in some ways. At least, I wanted to be here more than I ever wanted to be there, and that had to mean something, right?
Movement caught my eye after a few moments of staring and ignoring my Hot Pocket. I glanced toward the trailer to see Genevieve coming my way, her feet bare in the grass, her peasant skirt blowing around her calves. If it had been anyone else, I might’ve been annoyed at the interruption. But Genny in a field—hey, I wouldn’t love the theater so much if there wasn’t something in me that wanted poetry. If not for the ramshackle trailer behind her, I could almost believe she’d crept out of the woods like some kind of fairy enchanter. Well, one carrying an apple-juice box, anyhow.
Hell, I’d let her take me away any day.
“Hey,” she said when she was near enough.
She smiled and sipped at her juice. “Did it get to you? Mitzi, I mean? It was just one little sound bite. Everyone else loves the show.”
I shook my head. “Nah. I mean, not just that. It’s bigger than that.”
She turned to stand beside me, close. “So tell me.”
“Do you think I’m pathetic?” I asked suddenly.
She laughed. “What? Why?”
“Because I’m a college dropout who wants to devote her life to a stupid community theater that lives in a barn three months out of the year.”
“Lily, I’m a theater major.” The laugh was still in her voice, running through it like silken thread. “It’s the most narcissistic, pointless major in the world, according to society. I want attention, they all say. What you want—you want to give this place you love the theater it deserves. That’s the opposite of useless.”
I took a bite from my Hot Pocket, still feeling a little sullen. “Do you really want attention? You just…you don’t seem the type.”
“Well, stereotypes don’t always apply.” She was still smiling as she took my arm.
I stiffened a little, surprised at the closeness and how very, very warm her skin was, but then relaxed into her. Theater folk. We’re kinda huggy like that. I just…you know. So hot. Apparently in the literal as well as the figurative sense.
“Most actors get the rep fairly, honestly,” she admitted with a little sigh. “I know that. But my parents raised me different. Really different.”
“Why do you want to do it?”
“Well, I’m not saying I hate attention.” She grinned, then went back to chewing on her straw. “But I like not being myself up there. I like making other people laugh and cry and feel for whoever I am at the time. I like the adrenaline before I go onstage. I like the community of it. I like…almost everything about it.”
“Except children’s theater,” she said with a smirk.
“You’re just saying that to make me smile.”
Well, it worked.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

THE SLAYER by Kele Moon


To Chuito the apartment was a self-imposed prison for a lifetime of sins. To Alaine, the girl next door, it was salvation from her overbearing, religious father.

He was a devil. 
She was an angel.

Two people who should’ve never met, let alone become friends, but it’s not until they give into the dangerous passion that’s been simmering under the surface for five years that things go to hell. 

On the outside, Chuito ‘The Slayer’ Garcia is on top of the world. He’s successful. He’s wealthy. He's a champion MMA fighter surrounded by friends who support him, but they don’t know what he was before he came to Garnet.

A gangster. 
A thief. 
An addict. 
A murderer.

Now his past is churning up demons he can’t ignore. Chuito knows he needs to go back to Miami to end it, but there's something holding him back, a single temptation he can't resist before leaving.


She’s the one drug he can’t give up…even if it destroys them both.

“To me you’re coke. Fine. Smooth. Perfectly white. Very bad for me, but so fucking sexy I don’t give a shit. It’s worth going down for.” – Chuito Garcia

“We could figure something out.”
Chuito paused, looking at her curiously. “Like what?”
She shrugged. “I could stay with you.”
Stay with me?” he repeated slowly, his eyes wide in shock. “You’re not worried about getting your hands dirty?”
“Getting my hands dirty?” Alaine frowned in confusion. “I don’t understand.”
He leaned forward, giving her a harsh look as he studied her. “You ever been with a man, mami?”
“Been with?” she repeated, and then her eyes widened in horror. “Is that what you think I mean? You’re ill. I was going to wake you up if your nightmares got bad.”
“Carajo,” he said with a laugh as he pushed away from the table and surprised her by taking his dishes to the sink. “A virgin gringa living in the same house as me with no one else around. A smoking-hot virgin gringa. This whole fucking town is loco.”
She stared at his back, admiring the muscles under the long-sleeved shirt he was wearing. “I guess you’re not a virgin.”
He turned his head, giving her a look over his shoulder that caused a ripple of something hot and unnamable to rush through her bloodstream.
“That was a dumb question,” she whispered.
“Yup,” he agreed as he started washing the dishes. “I don’t need you to wake me up from my nightmares. That would be a very bad idea.”

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tricking Chase by Jessie G

Book Blurb
As Sergeant At Arms for Devils Pride MC, Tyler “Trick” Malone’s take no prisoners reputation make him one of the most feared and respected members of the club. Unbeknownst to the MC, Trick indulges his most dangerous secret, traveling out of state twice a year to trade his cut for the whip he expertly wields at a gay dungeon.
Trick’s well organized life takes a turn when he saves bar back, and terrified submissive, Chase Ward in a Georgia dungeon. With his protector and dungeon owner dead, Chase is no longer safe in the place he once called home. With the new dungeon owners circling like sharks, he desperately begs for sanctuary in the arms of his savior.
A year later, the MC is still none the wiser that Trick’s houseboy is anything more than a grateful servant. Chase knows, if the club finds out their secret, they will kill Trick—the man he’s come to rely on for everything from the food he eats to the pleasure he feels to the security he craves. Even when gratitude turns to love, Chase never expects reciprocation from his ruthless Master. After all, the only way for them to survive is if Trick remains the heartless bastard the MC knows.
Trick is positive he has it under control and having Chase around has definitely made his life easier. There doesn’t seem to be any harm in letting Chase take a part-time job at Velvet Ropes, especially after meeting privately with the owners. That is until a bomb explodes at the club, leaving Chase fighting for his life and forcing Trick to face his long hidden feelings.
Even if Chase survives, that bomb has done more than rock the foundation of the popular leather club. It’s blown Trick and Chase’s well-guarded secret out of hiding, putting their lifestyle and their lives at risk. Now there is only one thing Trick needs to do before the club gets them and that’s to get revenge on the person who dared to hurt his precious boy.
Authors Note: Tricking Chase is a direct spin-off of The Protector, which is book 3 in my Sizzling Miami series. Though I tried to provide enough details that it isn't necessary to have read that book, I cannot really call this a standalone. Tricking Chase contains an established D/s relationship, hot guys on motorcycles, an undercover DEA agent named Snake and a few visits from fan favorite Sizzling Miami characters.



The fact that Ty found Chase’s worry endearing was a glaring reminder that he was still thinking with his dick a year later. It was irrelevant that he warned Chase how dangerous staying with him would be. The boy had nowhere else to go and was riding high on hero worship and multiple orgasms. Not doing more to push Chase away was the only regret he had in life. Regretting it didn’t change anything he’d done after. In the end, nothing else mattered except seeing his collar around that slender neck and losing himself in Chase’s willing submission.
“Five minutes,” Ty agreed. Chase didn’t need further clarification. His boy scrambled up and Ty barely had time to brace before Chase was wrapped around him. Embracing didn’t come naturally to him, but then boldly asking for such an embrace didn’t come naturally to Chase. The boy found it comforting and maybe he enjoyed it, but he didn’t have to say so aloud. And maybe he didn’t look at the clock either, but then Chase’s OCD wouldn’t let him go too far over the requested time. And just maybe he would take the opportunity to nuzzle the collar he painstakingly crafted. Though he was used to welding bike frames, once they had reached their agreement, Ty knew exactly what kind of collar Chase would wear. One made from his own hands, with pieces of him carefully woven through. Every time he saw it resting around Chase's neck there was such a sense of rightness that it overrode all common sense.

Author Bio
"Wearer of Many Hats" is a title that was given to Jessie by a former employer some twenty years ago. This dubious distinction, along with the job description "everything is her fault", came after she fixed an electrical problem during her interview that the office had been having for years. After that, if anything went wrong, her coworkers immediately declared it her fault so she'd have to fix it. This position of importance inspired the owner to convert a closet into an office, thereby providing her coworkers endless opportunities to refer to her as “the girl in the closet.”
Today she is still the “Wearer of Many Hats” and her family has readily jumped on the “everything is her fault” bandwagon. Most mornings start at 5am, where she stumbles into her home office (which is step or two up from a closet) to tackle her personal email, watch gay porn and satisfy her Trivia Crack addiction. By six, she’s caffeinated and ready to take on the world. Wearing her favorite red power nightgown, she expertly designs websites, provides SEO and social media services, freelances as a bookkeeper, cooks, cleans and writes.
Writing has been the elusive, life-long goal that seemed to be getting further away as the years went by. It took 30+ years to achieve, but she’s decided that timing is everything. The world wasn’t ready for m/m romance back then, and now that it is, the girl in the closet has finally found her writing home.
Jessie is a firm believer in marriage equality, love at first sight, power dynamics and happily ever after. She’s a lover of strong secondary characters and series filled with families, biological or chosen. All are themes you'll find throughout her books.



Monday, April 20, 2015

Capturing His Heart by Frey Ortega

Welcome to Caer Tarw in beautiful, scenic Ireland, home of beautiful flora and endemic fauna, as well as…Minotaurs?
Rabbit shifter Hayden Somerset wastes away at home, having nothing to do and having no sense of progress in his life. One day, he is given an invitation he can’t refuse: an all-expenses paid trip to Ireland for three weeks, sponsored by the Supernatural Council.
As soon as he gets to Caer Tarw, the stage is set: mating season is close by, and the purpose they were all invited for was to help the Minotaurs find their mates. Hayden is among the lucky ones, finding Minotaurs Brian Connelly and Ronan Breckenridge, who are lovers, and are Hayden’s mates.
But not all is well in their tiny slice of paradise. Hayden is clueless about Minotaurs and knows nothing about them. Ronan and Brian are clueless about how to bring their rabbit into their world. How exactly will they capture their rabbit’s heart?


Dearest Hayden Somerset,
By the order of the Supernatural Council, you are cordially and definitely not mandatorily invited to spend three weeks at Caer Tarw in Ireland. All expenses shall be paid. The ticket provided also grants you access to a special taxi service that will bring you to the grounds, free of charge. Expect beautiful, lush landscapes and three weeks of stay at a beautiful castle near scenic hills, close to the coast and near the beautiful emerald waters.
These luxuries are provided to you as a way of bridging gaps between the supernatural societies. Caer Tarw is the territory of, and under the direct jurisdiction of, the Minotaur Herd. As such, should you choose to join in the festivities, you are required to give your full attention and attendance. There is no caveat to this invitation, but as soon as you arrive, you may notice that you have been specially chosen because of your specific sexual predilections.
We have invited only men of different packs, covens, clans, kits, families, as well as prides to join the festivities in Caer Tarw. With its one-year anniversary of being under the jurisdiction of the Minotaurs, the celebration shall be a welcome respite from the drudgery of what we can only assume is the mind-numbing boredom of day-to-day life.
Present the ticket at any point in time from the moment this letter arrives at your home for up to seven days. If the seven days pass without word of your arrival, we will consider you unable to attend and will invalidate your ticket.
Once again, there is no caveat to this invitation.
Signed under the office of Councilmember Linda Xiang, Supernatural Council
Hayden Somerset couldn’t believe his eyes. Even as he’d adjusted his glasses once, twice, and again throughout the entire evening, he couldn’t believe what he’d just read.
He couldn’t believe it when he showed the special ticket and was given a first-class seat from his hometown all the way to Ireland.
Sweet, beautiful Ireland, with its lush greenery and fields as far as the eye could see. At least, when Hayden finally got out of the cityscape of Dublin and went into the countryside.
He couldn’t believe it both when he showed the ticket to the taxi services and was presented with his own Town Car, and he definitely couldn’t believe it when the taxi didn’t ask to be paid anything even though the car ride took three hours from the airport to Caer Tarw, which was quite possibly in the middle of nowhere for all Hayden was concerned. They’d passed by the side of cliffs in narrow roads that were right beside the water, and twisted and turned into lush green forests that made Hayden’s inner rabbit scared.
But whatever joke he’d been expecting, Hayden certainly hadn’t been expecting this. The Caer was beautiful. It stood tall and proud, all gothic architecture with windows that had arches and modernized window panes. The dark-colored concrete blocks looked heavy and foreboding, yet the lights that glimmered inside were homely and welcoming. Colorful flowers dotted the flowerboxes underneath certain windows, and the gates were wide open. The courtyard led up to twin staircases that allowed one to enter the main entrance hall of the Caer.
The courtyard itself was pristine. Well-manicured lawns, flowerbeds, and even some small trees were placed in symmetrical positions around the round road that the taxis could use to get in and out of the Caer.
Hayden stepped out of the taxi. The driver smirked. “You’re in for a treat. Caer Tarw is expecting a lot of visitors. Most hospitable grounds I ever did see,” the man said as he walked out to open the trunk of his car. Hayden adjusted his glasses and swallowed down his apprehensions.
“Really? I have no idea what to expect.”
The driver guffawed as he pulled out the pair of big trunks Hayden had. “That’s the thing, though, innit? Council doesn’t really say what they want from you even if it says that there ain’t nothing to their invite. My advice? Don’t worry about it and enjoy yourself, lad.” He tipped his hat just as he went back into the taxi. “As for me, I think I’m going to head back to the town nearby and get some rest.”
Hayden bid the taxi driver farewell and the taxi drove off into the distance. Already he could hear the sounds of clinking glass and merrymaking even from outside. Getting a look at the Caer from this vantage point, it still looked daunting, with a large tower topped with what he could only assume was some form of glass dome at the top. He sighed and took his first steps toward one of the staircases leading up to the main floor, both bags clacking against the ground.
The rabbit shifter was a small man, after all. He couldn’t really lug his luggage about as he wanted to.
When he reached the top of the stairs, Hayden gawked as he finally saw just how large the grounds were. There were large hallways on either side of him, leading up to different wings of the palatial Caer. Despite the stone used in the building all around him, the floor of the main receiving hall was definitely marble in material. He adjusted his glasses onto the top of his nose and smiled.
If the outside of Caer Tarw was already majestic and beautiful, this just emphasized that point.


Hayden gasped as goosebumps appeared over his flesh. Ronan’s hands settled onto his sides just as Brian walked up right in front of Hayden and softly pressed his body close to the shifter’s, sandwiching Hayden in between both of their heated forms.
Hayden’s body was sweet, and unlike anything Ronan ever tasted before. It reminded Ronan of honey, almost, making him crave the smaller man’s touch.
The man’s skin was soft and supple, completely smooth, with long lines of sinew that was more dexterous and agile than it was burly and muscular, like both him and Brian. As Ronan’s lips suckled gently, every bone and muscle in his body wanted him to taste, to touch, to lick. Ronan felt Brian’s hands settle just above his own, gliding up and down in unison with him to feel Hayden’s body.
Then, without a single word, just as Hayden gasped and Ronan’s tongue gently drew up and down in sinuous and slow lines against Hayden’s nape, the two Minotaurs pulled up Hayden’s shirt and his jacket, removing the offending fabric hastily and baring the rabbit shifter’s skin.
Ronan felt his heart hammering in his chest, struggling to keep up with his arousal. Damn, Hayden was delicious. His heart beat hard and fast, the dizzying feeling of bloody being drawn to the burgeoning arousal he felt.
Every nerve Ronan had lit on fire when Hayden finally got over his shock and drew Ronan up from his leaning position to press a kiss against his lips. Ronan chuckled, feeling the rabbit shifter’s tongue push into his mouth, tasting him, touching him, mapping every inch of Ronan’s lips before abruptly pulling away to kiss Brian.
Despite how new Hayden was to having two partners, it seemed that the man was a natural.
Ronan sat onto the bed, removing his shirt easily and then settling Hayden against his lap just as Brian followed suit, sitting in front of Hayden and unbuttoning his shirt before the fabric flew off of his body. Brian and Hayden were still kissing, their tongues entwined and dancing inside each other’s mouths as Ronan settled Hayden back until he was sandwiched between both he and Brian’s sinewy, strong bodies. With the contact of skin against skin against skin, Ronan groaned. Brian did, too.
His muscles tensed. Grinding his still-covered erection up against Hayden’s rear, Ronan growled. Both his hands found their way against Hayden’s shoulder and on Brian’s back, gently gliding up and down slowly until Ronan reached between both their bodies and cupped both their arousals, straining against their pants.
“Oh, our little coinín,” Ronan whispered. “There’re so many things I want to do to you, and I’m sure Brian does, too.”
“Are you kidding?” Brian said just as he pulled free from kissing the rabbit shifter. He looked up at Ronan, smiling, before looking down at Hayden. “I want to see him riding both of us.”
Hayden’s eyes widened in surprise once more as he adjusted his glasses and grinned. Ronan’s hands tightened on both their erections, rubbing the fabric against their shafts with little thought other than to pleasure the both of them. Brian groaned, and he quickly removed his own pants until he was wholly naked.
Ronan did love seeing Brian so unwound like this. With his erection free in the air and Brian’s only thoughts on making love to their newfound mate, Ronan shared his desire. Brian’s cock bobbed up, a tiny trickle of pre slowly slithering down the shaft. Ronan impishly dabbed his finger against the trail and brought it up to his lips, tasting his lover’s seed.
“There’s always going to be time for riding the both of you, trust me. I’m a rabbit.” Hayden said just as he bit on his lower lip. “If Ronan would just stop touching me, because that just feels too good …”
Ronan laughed, removing his hand off the tent of Hayden’s pants. “Oops,” he said with a mischievous grin. “I guess I should put my hands to better use, then.”
Just as he said this, he pulled off his own pants, revealing his own shaft already rock hard and pointed accusingly at Hayden. Settled like this, the two Minotaurs wholly naked and wrapped around Hayden, Ronan felt an ease that he’d never felt before.
Because he and Brian were both dominant in bed, there was always a competition to be on top. Most of their nights ended up with torrid kissing, rubbing against each other, and little else. Now, they finally had someone who wanted to receive, and more than that, Hayden wanted to receiveboth of them. It was like the rabbit shifter was the answer to every prayer they ever had.
Hayden himself eagerly removed his own pants and underwear until he was naked, and then suddenly Brian’s hands were against his hips while Ronan’s hands glided up and down his chest, causing goosebumps to appear all over Hayden’s body. The smaller man’s breath hitched, making Ronan grin as he gently licked and nibbled against Hayden’s ear, causing a high-pitched little squeak to come out of the rabbit shifter’s lips.
Brian smirked. He leaned in closer, spreading his legs until his erection was pressed against Hayden’s. Ronan could feel the weight of his lover press against his own legs. Looking down at both of their cocks as he continued to softly lick at Hayden’s neck and ear, Ronan smiled. Brian’s cock was large, eclipsing Hayden’s own by a few good inches in both length and girth.
Ronan’s fingers traveling up to the pair of soft, pink buds on Hayden’s chest to lightly pinch those nipples. “You’re so soft,” Ronan whispered against Hayden’s body. “Our little coinín feels really good.”
Website:  Frey Ortega
Facebook: Frey Ortega

Safe and Sound by Frey Ortega

Blurb: Finn Macmillan is at odds with himself. The son of the alpha, he hadn’t even been thinking of his purpose in life when suddenly, life drops him a handsome young prince in the middle of the road on the way home to Hidden Lake, a haven for shifters away from the eyes of humanity.

And while Finn sees no problem in claiming his mate, Kahlil fears putting down roots. After all, he is being hunted.
How will Finn calm the exiled princeling down and make him see that with his rightful mate, Kahlil is Safe and Sound?


Kahlil sighed. His eyebrow twitched in irritation.
What was he supposed to do now? Was this because he hadn’t gone to that gas station and car repair just a few miles back? Kahlil didn’t know. He gritted his teeth in annoyance. He had no cellphone, he had nothing. All that he knew was that he was stuck in the middle of nowhere, as far as he knew, on a road that led into a pass between two mountains, and was really the only stretch of road for miles around, as far as Kahlil could see.
If he were back at home, it would be so easy. He had a chauffeur and a bodyguard with him at all times who would be able to get him out of this blasted mess. Kahlil was all alone now, though, and though he wanted to reminisce about how just five days ago, he was inside his royal apartment and resting in a king-sized bed that was all his own, now he was sleeping inside his car in rest stops. The one big difference was that if he had stayed, he would have to agree to changing everything about who he was simply to be able to live in the lap of luxury.
Even now, Kahlil was glad that he still had just the money afforded to him by his previous life. He didn’t need to start with crippling debt, which was always a plus, and he could finally live a life worth living.
The problem was he didn’t quite know where he was, only that it was the only road leading somewhere from miles around, since he had taken a wrong turn somewhere. Maybe he should have followed that GPS more carefully rather than assuming it would loop around. America, and more specifically, Montana, was definitely very, very different from his country, where it was all basically one giant grid.
After all, he was in a mountainous, rural state now. He wasn’t in Los Angeles or Manhattan. He shouldn’t have just assumed things that way. Then again, he’d never really planned anything out as much as this in his entire life. He didn’t have any plan for his escape aside from leaving the country. Now he was on the road with no map, no real rhyme or reason to his actions, and now, no car.
This was why he was grossly unprepared for life as a civilian. As royalty, cars were just fixed for him. Things were simply nice and done. He never really had to lift much of his own weight, which immensely frustrated him when he realized that he would probably die in the wilderness.
Kahlil grimaced. Well, no time to think about that now, the princeling thought sourly. I have to find someone to help me with the car.
Now the only thing left to do was to find some way to find help. The last town Kahlil had visited was about three hours away by car, and that meant if he walked back, it would possibly take him about half a day, and it was already near noon. Something told him that if he walked up the road, and subsequently, up the hill he was on, he would be able to get a better vantage of just what was there. Considering the trees that surrounded the road seemed to break off at the top of the hill, Kahlil realized that he must be close to the end of the road. Perhaps there was a town there, or a person, at least.
Besides, it would just be a quick five minutes to get to the top from where his car had broken down. That was probably a whole lot easier than dragging his feet for half a day. Besides, if he really had to, then he would just have to add five minutes to the estimated six to seven hours, perhaps even eight or nine, getting back to the last shred of civilization!
Kahlil sighed and trekked, even jogged to get himself up the steep hill faster. But when he got there, he found himself grinning widely. At least one of his decisions paid off. There was a village or a small town of some sort congregating around the waterfront of a large lake. He could probably get there in an hour or two of walking from where he was. He turned his gaze up toward the heavens and sent a quick mutter of appreciation to whoever was up there—at this point, he really didn’t care, as long as he knew he wasn’t going to be stuck in the middle of the woods for the evening—before he looked back down at the small town.
Truthfully, the town didn’t look like much at first glance. There were a few small buildings, like a school, and what looked like a few farms and ranches all around the waterfront town. His eyes immediately caught the gas station near the edge of town, however, and the garage that was built right into it.
The town had barely perhaps thirty houses on their own, and there looked to be a few small shops and wooden docks in the water with fishing boats, but Kahlil could see that the lake actually led into a river that floated somewhere, possibly to the mountains further on that end.
But as Kahlil looked around the horizon, he realized that the entire lake and the stretch of land that the town was on was actually surrounded by a lot of large hills and small mountains, and there was only one stretch of road that led from the village out into the world, and it was the road he was currently on.
The town stood in what seemed to be a valley or a cradle between all these mountains, cut off from the rest of the world for hundreds, maybe thousands of miles around. The most important thing, and the one thing that Kahlil noted, was that he could see people. Sure, they might have just been little tiny matchstick-looking things in the distance, but he could see an assortment of heads and different-sized people all going about their day.
For all intents and purposes, it seemed like the perfect place for an exiled prince to hide.


Kahlil bit down on his lower lip. Squirming and naked, Finn could almost hear the thundering of the man’s heart in his chest. With each gaze they shared with each other, it felt like something inside of Finn was telling him that he was right where he needed to be. Pleasuring Kahlil like this, making him gasp and groan, and every little soft whimper come out of his pleasured little mate, made Finn feel like an alpha who finally found his omega.
And in some ways, wasn’t that the case?
Quickly removing his clothes until he was bare naked in front of his lover, Finn took the time to lay himself right above Kahlil. Sliding his body down so that his chest was perfectly aligned with Kahlil’s, the tip of his raging erection prodding against his lover’s lube-slicked rear, Finn once more claimed his lover’s mouth with a searing kiss. Finn’s hands went to either of Kahlil’s legs, slowly spreading them until they were comfortably on either side of his hips, and raised up so that Kahlil’s bottom was angled ever so slightly upward.
With a slow, sinuous glide of tongue against the moist cavern of Kahlil’s mouth, Finn arched his back ever so slightly, and with only the pre-cum of his cock lightly dribbling down the tip and against his shaft, Finn slid forward firmly, pushing the tip of his shaft into Kahlil’s cum-and-lube-soaked hole.
Kahlil gasped. It took a moment of struggling, but the tip of Finn’s cock finally found its way into Kahlil’s body. Groaning out, Finn parted from their kiss to loll his head backward. His eyes closed. His lips parted, and he exhaled.
Gods, Kahlil was tight.
Pushing ever so slowly, careful not to hurt Kahlil or himself, Finn exercised as much caution as he could while he slid deeper and deeper into Kahlil’s untouched rear. Excitement coursed through him. His own heart thundered, and Finn could feel his fangs begin to slowly come out like sharp thorns ready to prick. Finn stared down into Kahlil’s eyes, and as he smiled through his panting form, he could see Kahlil begin to grin, too.
And then Finn pressed the entirety of his hardness into Kahlil. For a moment, they were both still, and then, with all the slowness that he could muster, Finn started to slide his hips forward and back. God,Kahlil was tight. The slick, moist heat made Finn want to slam deep, but he stifled himself.
Concentrating on the fact that Kahlil was a virgin, Finn wanted to make the man’s first time good. He wanted to make his mate feel good, and also, he wanted to claim his mate and make sure that Kahlil knew that he was Finn’s. But to do that, Finn knew that it centered on letting Kahlil acclimate himself to the invasion of Finn’s shaft inside of his pucker.
“You’re so tight,” Finn whispered. “And you feel so good.”
Kahlil grinned weakly. His toes curled as Finn seemed intent on continuing on his slow, gentle glide. Kahlil’s hands immediately went up to Finn’s shoulders, gently pressing his nails down into his wolf shifter’s skin. There was the slightest burn of friction, but the slick glide provided by the lube was unlike anything the both of them had experienced before.
“Do you feel it?” Finn whispered as he began to quicken his pace ever so slightly, and then he stopped. It was like each throb of the wolf shifter’s cock was a direct line to his heartbeat. Panting and staring down into Kahlil’s eyes, he spoke once more. “Can you feel me, Kahlil? I’m here. It’s like we are one.”
It took a moment, because as perspiration dotted Kahlil’s face and his body, it was clear that Kahlil currently had a tenuous grip on his sensibilities. Lust clouded his eyes and he was intent on the feeling of fullness and the fact that, as Finn looked down, the wolf shifter felt a light poke against his stomach with Kahlil’s erection growing yet again. In fact, it was even starting to leak.
“Please,” Kahlil begged. “Go faster.”
Finn chuckled and pressed a kiss right on top of Kahlil’s neck. Finn slid his hips forward and back once more, pumping his manhood forward and backward, making his mate underneath him whimper out at the slow, but hard, thrust. That tight, gentle burn of friction melted away as Finn continued to hammer and thrust into Kahlil’s tight, previously untouched sphincter.
Then, Finn started his exploration. Slightly angling his body this way and that, rotating his hips with every hard, piston-like thrust of his body into Kahlil, Finn’s muscles tensed and his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. He watched every reaction on Kahlil’s face until the man’s lips were parted in a silent scream and his eyes closed.

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FLIGHT OF FANCY by Stormy Glenn

Wolf Creek Pack 12
Eddie Jacks is on the run. He just wants to make it back home so he can pack his stuff before his ex-boyfriends comes after him. When he reaches his seat on the airplane, it’s occupied by a striking man with a broken nose. But there’s an air of mystery around the ruggedly handsome man that makes Eddie wish for things best forgotten.
Virgil Brown just wanted to make it back to Wolf Creek. After a particularly long and dangerous mission, he’s a little banged up and in need of some serious sleep. When a cutest guy he’s ever seen takes the seat next to him, Virgil is confused by the instant interest he has in the klutzy man.
Deciding to see where things go, Virgil discovers that there is more to Eddie than meets the eye. Not only is Eddie his mate, but the man has secrets even Eddie wasn’t aware of. When his ex comes for him, Virgil and Eddie have to trust that fate won’t tear them apart when they just found each other.

Eddie Jacks glanced down at his airplane ticket. Seat 3C. He glanced up at the big blue numbers on the overhead. Seats 3C and 3D were right next to each other. The only problem was that his assigned seat—3C—was taken.
“Um, excuse me,” Eddie said. He wanted to be polite as possible because the guy was huge and looked like he ate trucks for breakfast and he was in Eddie’s seat and Eddie wasn’t a truck. He didn’t want to take the chance. “I think you have my seat.”
Baby blue eyes the color of a robin’s egg looked up and pinned on him, piercing like the guy could see right into his soul. Eddie swallowed the sudden bout of fear that tried to crawl up his spine. He held up his ticket. “I’m 3C.”
His eyes rounded when the man’s large hands tightened on the arms rests until they crackled. “I could take the window seat if you preferred.” He didn’t like it, but arguing with this guy did not seem to be in his best interest.
The man just stared at him.
Yeah…“I’ll just put my bag away and—” He stifled his squeak just in time as the bag in his hand was taken and stuffed into the overhead compartment before the compartment door was slammed closed. “Thank you.”
The man stood back, a clear indication that Eddie was supposed to move past him and sit in the window seat. Eddie scooted into the narrow space between their seats and the row in front of them to the one by the window. By the time he sat down, the large man was taking the aisle seat once again.
Eddie snapped his seatbelt in place. He went to rest his hand on the armrest only to jerk back when he realized the man next to him was holding the armrest in an iron grip. Again. His knuckles were turning white. Again.
“Not a flier?”
Eddie pressed his lips and glanced away when those intense blue eyes turned on him once again. They were a little nerve-racking. Powerful. Eddie wondered if the man could read his mind? He sure stared hard enough.
Eddie raised the blind to look out the small oval window. His eyes rounded when the man reached over and pulled the blind back down in a hard jerky gesture.
Okay then.
He glanced at the guy next to him again. “Going on vacation?”
Okay, not a conversationalist. The sour glare he received could have scorched the hair off his toes. This was going to be a very long flight.
Eddie twisted his lips together. Waiting. He hated waiting. He especially hated waiting when there was nothing to do. He was almost thankful when the engines came to life with a roar and the airplane began to vibrate. He knew in a moment the airplane would taxi out to the runway.
As much as he didn’t mind flying, those few minutes when he was stuck practically vertical and slammed back in his seat as the airplane flew up into the air, scared the crap out of him. He held his breath the entire time, not beginning to breathe again until they leveled out.
As he drew life giving oxygen back into his lungs, Eddie noticed the death grip his fellow passenger had on the armrest. He reached over and settled his hand on the man’s arm. “Hey, it’s okay, we’re leveling out. We’ll be fine.”
When the man turned and looked at him, Eddie almost expected to receive another angry glare. He even started to lift his hand, cringing back in his seat so he made a smaller target.
Eddie was all about being a smaller target.
“Man was not meant to fly.”
Eddie blinked in bewilderment at the man’s words. His lips twisted at the corners before the laughter he was trying to hold in escaped in a giggle. He slapped his hand over his mouth when robin blue eyes narrowed at him.
“Sorry,” he whispered through his hand. “I didn’t mean to laugh. Honest. You just surprised me, is all.”
“Uh uh.” The man did not look convinced.
“What happened to your nose?” Eddie asked as he gestured to the white tape the man had over the bridge of his nose. “Did you trip? I trip all the time. My boy—” Eddie flushed equal parts embarrassment and shame—“My ex-boyfriend says I could get tangled up in air.”
The guy reached up and gingerly touched the bridge of his nose. The grunt of pain seemed to surprise the man as if he was shocked that it hurt when he touched it.
Very odd.
“I broke it,” he finally replied.
“Did you trip?” Eddie asked.
One very fine cinnamon brown eyebrow arched. “Yes, something like that.”
“Duke—he’s my ex—he says I need to pay more attention to where I’m going, although…” Eddie frowned as he slowly turned to look toward the front of the plane, “I guess he won’t be saying a whole about that anymore.”
Eddie still hadn’t decided how he felt about that. He was terrified of being under Duke’s thumb again, and terrified not to be. Duke had been his first kiss. His first boyfriend. His first lover.
His first everything.
Unfortunately, Duke had also been behind Eddie’s first beating, which was why he was on an airplane flying home by himself instead of in Paris on his honeymoon. Duke was probably still in Paris enjoying the honeymoon they were supposed to spend together with whatever new boy toy he had found to spend the night with. Eddie knew it sure as hell wasn’t going to be him. He might have put up with a lot of shit from Duke but he refused to be anyone’s punching bag.
“Why is he an ex?”
Eddie turned, a little astonished that the man sitting next to him was even speaking to him. He didn’t seem like the friendliest of types. “I thought we had flown to Paris to get married.” Eddie inhaled slowly, his breath shaky. “As I found out the hard way, Duke had no plans to marry me.”
“Then why take you to Paris?”
“I’m still trying to piece it all together but I’m pretty sure he was using me to smuggle something into the country.”
“Why do you say that?”
“I lost one of my travel bags. When Duke found out, he went ballistic. When the men he was meeting with found out that Duke didn’t have what they wanted, they…” Eddie pressed his lips together, unable to say what they did. He just couldn’t put it into words. “I decided to leave after that.”
“Did they hurt you?” There was enough of a growl in the man’s voice that it took Eddie by surprise and he found himself nodding, admitting to a stranger what he could barely admit to himself. “Want me to kill them?”

Eddie inhaled sharply, his body going hot and achy in the time it took to open his eyes. He clenched Virgil’s shirt in his hand as a wave of lust swept through him stronger than a tidal wave. His entire body was one big erogenous zone, Virgil’s touch like a live flame along his skin.
He moaned as he pressed his aching cock against the muscular leg pressed between his thighs. The friction was…”Virgil,” his whispered on a broken breath. “Please.”
A full body shudder rippled through him when he felt Virgil’s hand slid down the back of his jeans, one finger pressing between his ass cheeks. Virgil’s gentle touch caressed his balls before moving to the round puckered hole that pulsed with need. Eddie tried to lift himself, separating his legs as he offered himself up to Virgil’s questioning fingers.
Eddie didn’t understand the all-consuming need sweeping through him. He had never needed to feel Duke touch him like he needed Virgil to touch him. He was pretty sure he would die if Virgil stopped. His cock was so hard it was on the verge of shattering. One good thrust of his hips and he’d blow.
Eddie’s eyelids dropped when the tip of Virgil’s finger breached his ass. His pushed his ass back, trying to get more, to get it deeper. His mind started to fog, the only thing clear was the need to come.
“Do you like that, baby?” The words were growled into Eddie’s ear, reminding him that he wasn’t alone in his pleasure.
Shame filled Eddie as he realized he had been so caught up in what he was doing, he had forgotten that Virgil was a living breathing person and not an all consuming force of nature bent on destroying his calm, peaceful world.
“Virg—ahhh!” Eddie keened when Virgil’s finger went deep, shoving past his tight ring of muscles and into his ass, rubbing that sweet, sweet spot deep inside that made his eyes cross.
“Lean up, Eddie.”
Eddie blinked slowly, his eyelashes sweeping over his flushed cheeks as he sat up. He stared down at Virgil in wonder, just barely able to make out the man’s strong features in the low light from the front of the first class seating area.
When he felt something brush his bellybutton, Eddie glanced down. He saw Virgil unbuttoning his pants and then pushing them down. He just couldn’t seem to process why it was needed. He couldn’t process why it wasn’t needed either so he didn’t fight it, not even when Virgil slid his shoes off and pushed his jeans down until they hit the floor.
 When he was pulled back down, Virgil settled him over his lap. Eddie’s legs fell on either side of Virgil’s hips. It wasn’t until he sat fully down that he realized Virgil had unzipped his own pants and Eddie could feel the man’s more than impressive cock pushing up against his naked skin.
“Virgil,” he groaned, shuddering when two fingers forced their way into his tight ass. The sensation rode the edge of pain, which made it all that much more intense. Virgil’s fingers moved fast, plunging in and out of his ass hard, fast, and oh so wonderful. Two fingers became three, and then four, and he felt so full.
And then something else pushed at his entrance, stretching it even more. Eddie’s breath stuttered, painfully, magnificently. His eyes locked with Virgil as the man pushed up inside his ass, one glorious thick inch at a time. By the time he felt Virgil’s balls nudge up against his ass, Eddie felt like his ass had been split in two.
Virgil was simply huge, long and thick and hard. And, oh god, Eddie could feel every delicious inch filling him to the brim. He had never been stretched so far. Ever thrust of Virgil’s hips sent the man’s cock deep. Every retreat scraped across his sweet spot.
Eddie’s senses rolled, each exquisite touch if Virgil’s hands on his body driving him further and further into ecstasy. His mind reeled, his body overloading. He was so close he could feel his orgasm biting at him, nipping at his flesh. His pulse pounded, thumping out a tempo that matched Virgil’s thrusts.
Virgil grabbed a fistful of his hair, forcing his head to one side. Pain erupted in Eddie’s throat, the agony crashing into pleasure so intense, Eddie forgot to breathe. Cum shot out of his cock and splattering over his abdomen as his body exploded into a million glowing stars.
Something swelled in his ass as Virgil growled around the bite of flesh he had in his mouth. Warmth filled his ass as Virgil found his release. Eddie floated in a cloud of pleasure unlike anything he had ever felt before. His body was pure liquid ecstasy. When Virgil’s thumb pushed into his mouth, Eddie sucked the moisture off, not caring in the least about the odd coppery taste when he heard Virgil’s deep groan.
When Virgil stopped biting him and licked at his skin, the sensation flittered along Eddie’s skin like a lover’s caress. A soft purring type of noise floated up to his ears. It was a strangely soothing sound, making Eddie melt into Virgil. When the man started rubbing against him, Eddie tilted his head, wanting the caress more than he wanted air.
“So good, baby,” Virgil whispered against his skin.
Eddie preened, wanting to bask in Virgil’s words but he was too tired. He just wanted to sleep. He snuggled his head into the crook of Virgil’s neck, drawing in the man’s heady scent even as he closed his eyes.
As he faded off to sleep, he heard two words murmured in his ear. They held no real meaning to him and yet he knew they were significant in some manner. Before he could question Virgil about them, he faded off to sleep, the words echoing in his mind.
“My mate.”