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Lust in London by S.J. Danielson

AVAILABLE NOW at Silver Publishing

Young Alex has never been out on Kansas, much less across the pond to London. Still, he jumps at the chance to take a semester of study in England.

While there, he meets a very handsome, charming man named Mason whom he's infatuated with from the moment they meet. They start a relationship, but how long can it last with Mason's hefty travel schedule and Alex's studies?

To boot, there's more trouble afoot...there's a secret admirerer in the midst! Not to mention, a jealous ex who'll stop at nothing!

Alex and Mason survive this relationship, or will it all have just been lust in London?

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Damaged Goods by Destiny Blaine

Damaged Goods
Sports Wives 4

By: Destiny Blaine | Other books by Destiny Blaine
Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, May-December
Word Count: 24,271
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

A no-strings relationship works well until Suzy meets the man who can keep her bound to his bed with minimal effort. Marco Giovanni is young blood, a rookie quarterback with a bright career. Suzy Illiani has a reputation but Marco doesn't care about her past. He's only interested in how she fits into his future.

When Suzy discovers Marco is headed to the Dallas Rascals, she makes a strategic move. Calling in favors, she aligns herself with a man destined for football greatness.

Even though Marco's peers view Suzy as damaged goods, Marco falls in love with a woman he plans to change, but taming a vixen isn't as easy as it looks. Soon, Marco realizes the only way to win Suzy's love is to train her for submission. But the real challenge he finds is in the lack of control he feels whenever he's holding her in his arms.

Note: May/December romance with a 19-year-old hero and a 30+ heroine. Also contains light BDSM and sex toys.

A Siren Erotic Romance



When I turned back around, he stood inches away. He framed my face and dropped a kiss on my forehead. "Even if the cameras hadn't found you in the crowd, I honestly believe I would have."

"Do you?"

"On an ordinary woman, this black pantsuit would've caused a person to fade into the layers of people, but you stood out like the camera's lens brought you into 3D focus," he said softly, picking up one of my curls and watching as if mesmerized when it latched around his finger.

Swiftly, I moved away. "I'll just…"

"What? Run? Walk away because I want more than a quick roll across your mattress?"

He stalked forward, and I backed up against the dining room table. My hips were parallel to the furniture, and I had nowhere to turn or any way of escaping once he placed his palms flat against the smooth top.

"You're going to bite off more than you can chew."

"I don't think so," he said. "If anything, Suzy, I'm going to keep coming back for a full course meal."

"Marco," I hummed against his lips when his forehead met mine.

"Suzy," he whispered. "Don't let me have your body unless you'll allow me to touch your heart."

I took a deep breath. I could feel his erection pressed against my thigh. God help me, I wanted to take a chance on this man. I already made so many changes to please him, and why? Because he pointed out the obvious or because he made simple suggestions and I wanted nothing more than to please him since the first day we met?

He nipped at my jaw and chin, working his way across my cheek and up to my ear. "Let me have you, Suzy. Let me have you for longer than one night."

My arms looped around his neck, and I pulled him to me. My lips took his lips as he snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me against his upper chest.

He released a guttural growl when my breasts mashed against him. His fingers dipped into the low neckline of my blouse, unhooking the buttons as he worked from top to bottom and then helped me out of the jacket and shirt at the same time. Unexpectedly, when the material dropped, so did his head. He teased and tweaked my concealed nipple until I whimpered, pleasure ripping through my body, spiraling up and down my spine until every nerve ending burned for a magnetizing touch.

My hands went to his belt. Cupping my neck, he looked into my eyes and with a raspy tone, he asked, "Did I tell you to unhook my belt?"

"No, but you obviously want me to," I said, patting his cock and breathing heavy against his ear, licking his neck and kissing across the exposed upper area of his chest.

He held my wrists. "Suzy, no," he said. "Right now, this is about your pleasure, not mine."

"I'll find my pleasure," I assured him, popping kisses across his face and neck. "Trust me. I always find it."

Firmly, he pulled my arms away from him and he held them clasped behind my back, pushing me onto the table and then working with one hand to unfasten my pants. His mouth moved circles around my lace bra, his lips numbing one nipple and then moving to the other.

"Marco," I begged. "Let me touch you."

He pushed the placemats out of the way and returned his attention to me in a flash, stripping pants away from hips and then complimenting my thong.

"Beautiful," he said, staring at the white lace material covering me and then nipping the little pink bow strategically sewn parallel to a woman's very favorite intimate button.

He licked through the material and another whimper escaped my lips. "Relax," he said, locking my ankles behind his back and then unhooking his belt, making a show out of discarding it.

When he unzipped his pants, I trembled. The knowledge of seeing him undressed for the first time drove my lust forward. His hands dropped to my hips, and he drew me up, away from the cold, flat surface of the table.

He reached behind my back and unhooked the bra. Gently, he fingered the straps across my shoulders and then slid them down my arms so deliberately that I held the cups against my breasts.

"Let me see you," he growled. "I want to see and feel all of you."

Reluctant for show, I released the material. "Better?" I teased.

"You better believe it," he whispered, capturing a nipple between his teeth and pulling as his tongue flattened against the nub.

He gazed into my eyes as he licked, the evidence found there showcased the desire of a man fully capable of loving a woman, and something else lingered, too. A controlled lover, a man who may have been twenty years my junior, but possessed the skills and knowledge to bring a woman to her knees.

My legs splayed, and he worked his palm against the sweltering heat forming in my wet pussy. The ball of his hand rotated around and around, circling my mound until I feared coming without penetration, without his fingers or his tongue, or better still, his hard cock.

Snapping my legs closed, I cried out, "No, wait!"

"No waiting," he said, placing a tender kiss on my thigh. "Not this time."

He pushed my legs apart, and I did what any woman about to lose all control might do. I leaned back on the table and decided to do precisely as I was told, something quite new to me, but apparently not to Marco Giovanni. Oh no, I had a feeling he wasn't as green as his age suggested. He'd worked on a woman once or twice in his life, and God help me, he knew how to treat a girl right.

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, EPUB

Price: $3.50

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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

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Cupid's Daddy by Jaxx Steele

Ray and Dex are back in this third installation of the Daddy series!

Valentine's Day is days away, but instead of taking Dex away for a romantic weekend for two Ray has to work. He is determined to turn a bad thing into a good thing thus keeping the promise he made to his lover on New Years night. Ray finally feels that he is ready to take their relationship to the next level. He has every intention of turning this business trip into one that neither he nor Dex will ever forget.


Dex walked in the door and Ray all but pounced on him. He lifted him with a hug from the floor, swung him around and kissed him soundly in the mouth before putting him down again.
“Wow! Not that I care, but what was that for?”
“It’s Valentine’s Day, sweetheart. That’s all the reason I need.”
Dex’s handsome features went from excited to distraught almost instantly.
“Daddy, I’m so sorry. I thought we would be home for Valentine’s since your seminars were over yesterday. I’m afraid left your present there,” he said sadly.
Ray kissed him again and smiled. “It’s okay, baby, the only gift I need from you is you in my arms.” He saw the relief in Dex’s face and pulled him to the dinette area. “Now come, I made dinner.”
Dex let out a noise of mock shock. “You made dinner? Should I be afraid?”
Ray laughed as he guided him across the room. “No, you shouldn’t. I did manage to feed myself for several years, darling, before you came into my life, you know.”
“Yes, but as soon as I came into your life you quickly relinquished the job to me,” Dex reminded him with a soft laugh.
Ray snickered and then shrugged as he sat him in one of the chairs and lifted the silver lid from the plate in front of Dex.
“Daddy, it looks fantastic.”
Dex quickly lifted his fork and took a sample. Ray stood over him holding the lid against the table as he waited.
“Mmm, and it tastes wonderful. This has to be the best chicken parmesan I have ever had.”
Ray finally put the lid beside his plate and lifted his own. “Yes, I thought so too,” Ray said smugly and took the chair opposite him. “I wanted to make sure dinner was especially good night,” he added as he poured Dex a glass of red wine.
Dex lifted the glass and swirled the liquid in the glass. “And it is. Is that why you got it from Perfecto Italiano?”
Dex’s eyes peered at him over his glass sparkling with mirth and Ray coughed away his laugh.
“What? No, what—“ he paused to clear his throat. “What makes you say that, Dex?” he asked lifting his own glass not making eye contact.
“Well, the fact that you have never made edible chicken Parmesan since we’ve been together was my first clue. You always take me out for chicken parm because you know it’s my favorite and don’t want to mess it up, but the ticket in the lid was a dead giveaway.”
Ray stared at him over his wine for a moment. “The ticket is still in the lid?”
“Yep, sure is.”
Dex laughed and Ray shrugged and sipped his drink. “Yeah well, I’m still going to take credit for it. I warmed it up and put it on the beautiful china courtesy of the New York New York hotel.”
“And you did a wonderful job. It looks fantastic,” he said reaching out to touch his hand.
After a short while Dex dropped his fork and took the last sip of his wine before sitting back with a satisfied sigh.
“That was great. You really made an excellent choice.”
“Thanks! Time for dessert,” Ray announced jumping to his feet.
He cleared the dishes away and returned with another small plate with a silver cover over it. Ray put the tray on the table and turned Dex’s chair around away from the table. He pulled his chair closer to face him before picking up the tray again.
“Did you get the dessert from there, too? They make an excellent chocolate filled Biscotti.” Dex asked excitement filling his voice.
“Open it,” he offered leaning forward holding the tray with both hands.
Dex raised an eyebrow before leaning forward to lift the lid. A small gasp left his lips as he dropped the top on the floor. Ray smiled satisfied with the happy look on Dex’s face. He was a little unsure if Dex would like his gift, but the tears the welled in Dex’s eyes told him he loved it. Ray kicked the lid out of the way and pulled Dex’s chair closer to him. With the tray in his lap as he lifted the bracelet from the black satin it rested on. The diamonds on the ends of the platinum ID bracelet twinkled in the lighting of the room.
“I saw this and thought it would look so much better on your arm than it did on the arm of the pasty mannequin. Would you like to read the inscription before I put it on you?” Dex nodded silently and Ray turned the bracelet over.
Dex’s voice shook as he read from the jewelry. “To my little love, Dex. I love you now and I will love you forever and for always. Ray”
Ray placed the bracelet on his left arm and closed the clasp. He ran his thumb over the deep etching of their names that was separated by a small heart on the front of the bracelet.
“Do you like it?”
Dex turned his wrist left and right before leaning forward again giving Ray a sound kiss.
“I love it and I love you. Thank you, Daddy.”
“Are you sure you don’t want a slice of pie for your dessert instead?” Ray asked teasingly.
Dex laughed. “Oh yes, I’m good with platinum and diamonds for dessert, believe me.”
“Good, now I can have my dessert.”
Ray ignored the puzzled look on his lovers face as he moved his chair back and bent over to open Dex’s pants. When his half hard cock was exposed Ray took it into his mouth without hesitation. Ray loved the feel of the slender cock in his mouth. He sucked it with gusto until it was long and hard. Dex moaned and squirmed in his chair pressing himself forward. He put his hand on the back of Ray’s head to guide him further, but Ray shook his head and slid the stiffened member from his mouth.

Jaxx Steele
Putting a little XX in Man Love!

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By Stormy Glenn

Prequel to Sammy Dane


Troy Summers is a cop. He's recently been partnered with fellow police officer, Jamie Everson, and they get along great. He likes Jamie's brother, Nicky, even more.

When Nicky gets beaten up by his ex-boyfriend and comes to him for help, Troy can't say no, not when it brings Nicky right into his arms. Even still, Troy wants to take things slow with Nicky. He knows they have a connection but he wants to build a relationship with him, even if it means hiding it from Nicky's brother and the rest of the world.

But when Troy gets shot during a drug bust, all bets are off. Their secret relationship comes out. It not only lets everyone know that they've been living together, but brings Bruce back into the picture. Jamie and Troy have to work together to save not only Nicky but themselves but can they save Nicky in time or will Troy lose the most intriguing man he's ever met?

A quiver surged through Troy as the man reached out to him, his delicate hand gripping Troy’s. Troy watched the man turn his hand over then he grabbed Troy’s other hand, turning this one over as well. He was confused by the man’s movements but refused to break the sensuous spell that grew between them.

“No ring.” The man’s voice held a gentle softness that wrapped around Troy and gave him a sense of peace he couldn’t remember ever feeling. “Boyfriend? Significant other? Lover?”

Troy shook his head, afraid to put sound to his response in case it stopped the sexy little man from doing whatever he wanted to do. No, he most definitely did not have a boyfriend, significant other, or lover. But he was willing to entertain the possibility.


Troy nodded, unable to tear his hungry gaze away from the gorgeous face in front of him. The man’s hand rested on his chest at the opening of his button down shirt. His fingers twined in the soft smattering of brown hair visible there.

“This is very sexy. Is there more?” The man shuddered when Troy nodded. “I’d really like to find out where it leads.”

This time, Troy shuddered. The mere idea of this man discovering where the trail of hair down his chest and abdomen led to made Troy’s cock so hard he hurt. “I’d love to show you,” he murmured.

“My name is Nicky but you can call me anything you want.”

Troy smiled and reached for the man. “My name’s Troy. I’d like to call you swe—” The smile suddenly fell from Troy’s face as the man’s name sank into his foggy brain. “Did you say your name was Nicky? As in Nicky Everson?”

The man’s head tilted to one side, a frown making his dark brown eyebrows draw together. “Yes, my name is Nicky Everson. How did you know?”

“Well shit!” Troy exclaimed as took a step back until he’d put a respectful distance between them. “I’m Troy, Troy Summers, Jamie’s partner.”

Nicky looked confused for a moment then his mouth suddenly dropped open and his face grew pale. He took his own step back from Troy. The distance between them seemed as wide as the Grand Canyon. “You’re Jamie’s partner?”

Troy nodded.

The sensuous light that sparkled in Nicky’s eyes since he walked in dimmed, leaving behind a dull blue that tore at Troy’s heart.

“I’m sorry,” Nicky whispered, his head dipping down toward his chest. “I didn’t know who you were. Please forgive me.”

Troy reached for Nicky, stopping when the man jerked back. “It’s no problem.”

“Where’s Jamie?”

“He went to the bathroom. He should be out any second.”

Nicky’s delicate hands fluttered at his neck as his gaze darted around the room. “I guess I’ll just go wait for him over here.” Nicky took a few steps away then paused, glancing over his shoulder at Troy. “It was nice meeting you.”

Troy nodded, at a loss for words. He felt Nicky’s departure like an open wound in his chest. He wanted to cry out in frustration as he watched Nicky cross the room, leaving Troy standing more alone than he ever felt before.

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Stormy Glenn…Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance

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A Promise Given by Stormy Glenn

By Stormy Glenn
Sequel to A Promise Kept
Available February 10th at Torquere Press

Detective Cooper Thomas was kidnapped and tortured by a psychotic serial killer bent on revenge. If that wasn’t bad enough, Alec Whitley, the only man Cooper ever really loved, the man that left him ten years ago without a word, came back just in time to rescue him.

Now, six months later, Alec wants to discuss their past and plan their future. But before Cooper can come to terms with Alec being back in his life he has to discover who’s killing young gay men before he and Alec become the next victims.

A Promise Given Story Excerpt


Detective Cooper Thomas slowly climbed the stairs to his apartment. He was tired, so tired his bones ached. Every step he took up the narrow stairwell took effort. His feet felt like lead weights. It was all he could do just to lift his foot for the next step.

It seemed liked forever before he finally reached the top step of the three-story apartment building he lived in. What he wouldn’t give for an apartment with an elevator. But moving took energy too and right now, Cooper was all tapped out.

It wasn’t just the long grueling workday but the entire past six months. Between being kidnapped by that maniac serial killer, Daryl Wallace, Cooper’s time recovering from his injuries, and having his long lost love back in his life, Cooper felt exhausted.

Cooper chuckled to himself and shook his head. Correction, having his long lost love reappear and harass him every chance he got. Alec couldn’t be considered back in Cooper’s life. That implied that they were actually working on a relationship together.

As far as Cooper was concerned, Alec could take a long walk off a short pier. He drove Cooper out of his mind. Every time Cooper turned around, Alec appeared. He seemed to magically know when Cooper went out with friends, went to dinner at Jack and Mason’s new house, or even some get together at Janet and Bob’s.

Cooper felt pretty sure that it was a conspiracy. He knew he had been instrumental in getting Jack and Mason together and they felt that they were just returning the favor. They weren't. They were just making Cooper’s life a living hell.

Sliding his key into the lock, Cooper unlocked the door and pushed it open. The moment the lights in the room shone in his eyes, Cooper’s hand dropped to his waist and his holstered gun. He knew he hadn’t left the lights on when he left that morning.

Pushing the door open a little more, Cooper took a hesitant step into his apartment. Even though he had moved to a new apartment a few months ago, he still got the willies sometimes when he came home. Cooper wasn’t sure he’d ever get the memory of Daryl Wallace attacking him in his old apartment out of his mind.

“It’s just me, Coop.”

Cooper let out the deep breath he held as he recognized Alec’s voice coming from his living room. He dropped his hand from his gun and brought it up to rub over his face. Fuck! He so didn’t need this right now.

Lifting his head, Cooper glared across the room at Alec. “Breaking and entering is illegal, you know?”

Cooper wanted to scream in frustration as Alec raised one dark blond eyebrow. “I didn’t break anything,” Alec replied.

Sarcastic son-of-a-bitch, Cooper thought, breathtakingly, beautiful sarcastic son-of-a-bitch. He wanted to hit something.

He stepped into his apartment and closed the door behind him. He dropped his jacket over the back of the couch and walked to the fridge. Opening the door, Cooper grabbed a beer and twisted the cap off, drinking down nearly half of it at once.

Setting the beer on the counter, Cooper glared across the small space to where Alec sat. “What do you want, Alec?”

“You know what I want, Coop.”

Cooper shook his head. “I’m not going to have this conversation with you.” No way, no how! He finished off the beer in his hand and reached back into the fridge for another one. This would need a lot of alcohol.

He twisted off the cap and tossed it into the garbage bin before taking another swig. Walking back into the living room, Cooper loosened his tie and pulled it free. He tossed it over his jacket. He could feel Alec’s eyes on him.

“You need to leave, Alec.” Cooper sat down in a chair across from where Alec sat on the couch. He had to admit, with Alec’s blond hair and bronze skin he looked fantastic sitting back against the black leather of Cooper’s couch. Alec had always looked good in black leather.

“Not until we talk.”

Cooper rolled his eyes. Alec pressed the issue every time they ran into each other. He wanted to talk about their past, the things that had pulled them apart. Cooper just wanted to forget it like he had been trying to do for the last ten years.

“There’s nothing to discuss, Alec. You made your choice. You left me without a word, a note, nothing. You just left. I think that pretty much said it all,” Cooper said. If Cooper believed that Alec would drop everything if they discussed their past, he’d do it. But he didn’t.

Alec stared at him a little too hard; his eyes swept over Cooper’s body a little too long. Cooper knew that Alec was still interested. Cooper was too. Alec had been the love of his life. Still was. Cooper just didn’t know if he could allow his heart to be torn apart a second time when Alec decided he wasn’t worth it again. The first time had nearly destroyed him.

A Promise Kept Adult Excerpt


The excerpt or excerpts below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.


Something woke Alec up. He opened his eyes and glanced around the room. Nothing seemed to be out of place, not as far as he could see. It wasn’t his house. For all he knew, everything could be out of place.

Hearing a noise, Alec sat up, his eyes going to the door that led to Cooper’s room. There it was again. What was it? A cry? A whimper? Alec got to his feet and walked over to lean his ear against the door, listening.

Hearing the small whimper again, Alec quietly opened the bedroom door. A shaft of moonlight shone through a small slit in the curtains, bathing Cooper’s restless body. Alec could see him toss and turn in the bed.

Alec walked closer. His breath caught in his throat; Cooper was naked, the cream colored sheet pushed down to the bottom of the bed. Cooper’s long muscular legs were all tangled up in the sheet.

Another whimper came from Cooper. Alec realized that Cooper was in the middle of a nightmare. The way Cooper seemed to struggle, Alec was pretty sure he knew what the nightmare was about.

Alec sat on the side of the bed and reached over to shake Cooper’s shoulder. He wasn’t prepared for the response to his touch. Cooper started to thrash. His arms swung around in the air as he fought off an invisible opponent.

Grunting at the impact, Alec reached over and tried to hold Cooper’s hands down. “Coop,” he said loudly. When Cooper continued to fight him, Alec moved over to straddle Cooper’s body. Alec held Cooper’s hands down beside his head and leaned in close to his face.

“Cooper, wake the fuck up!” Alec said, louder this time. He still didn’t get the response he wanted. Cooper stopped fighting him but his whimpers grew louder, more heart wrenching.

Frustrated, Alec let go of Cooper’s hands and cupped his hands around the man’s face. He leaned in and claimed Cooper’s lips, demanding a response from him. For a moment, Cooper’s body stilled, then strong hands wrapped around Alec’s neck, pulling him closer.

Alec grunted when Cooper pulled him close and the man’s tongue brushed against his. Alec stroked back. He could feel his cock hardening against Cooper’s abdomen. An answering hardness grew and pushed between Alec’s legs.

He wanted to squeeze his legs together, to feel Cooper’s cock pressed tight against his balls. Alec began moving his hips. He pressed himself down on Cooper’s body. Except for the thin cotton of Alec’s boxers, nothing separated them and Alec could feel every contour of Cooper’s cock against his body.

“Alec,” Cooper groaned.

Alec experienced such relief at Cooper’s words he felt lightheaded for a moment. Cooper wasn’t dreaming anymore. He knew who was kissing him, rubbing on him, and he was kissing and rubbing back. Alec was overjoyed.

“Coop,” Alec whispered back. His lips moved away from Cooper’s and down his neck. Alec licked, nibbled, and bit the flesh under his lips. His hands caressed, stroked, and rubbed as hot skin met hot skin.

Pleasure radiated from Alec to Cooper and bounced right back. Alec’s senses reeled as if short-circuited when Cooper’s hands slid under the elastic waistband of his boxers and grabbed his ass. Cooper’s legs parted then wrapped around Alec’s hips, bringing their cocks together.

Reclaiming Cooper’s lips, Alec crushed Cooper to him. Alec’s large hands took Cooper’s face and held it gently. His tongue explored the recesses of Cooper’s mouth. Cooper kissed Alec back, sending shivers of delight burning through him.

Alec could feel the pressure building up inside of him. A warm tingle shot down his spine and settled at the base of his cock. His balls drew up tight against his body. Alec knew he was moments away from coming.

He wanted Cooper to come with him, to feel Cooper’s release against his body. Reaching between them, Alec pushed his boxers down and grabbed both their cocks in his hand. His mind swirling, Alec heard Cooper groan beneath him.

“Alec, soon,” Cooper whispered.

“Yeah, soon, Coop,” Alec murmured back. He stroked them both with his hand, his thumb moving over each head, each little slit. He could feel Cooper’s fingers digging into his hips. He knew he’d have marks from it but he didn’t care. The pleasure he experienced with Cooper was worth it.

“Now, Alec,” Cooper groaned.

“Yes, yes, now, Coop.” Alec stroked faster. His lips latched onto Cooper’s again. Alec opened his eyes and watched Cooper as he let out a loud groan. Oh damn, Cooper was breathtaking. His eyes were wide, his breathing rapid, his face flushed.

He could feel Cooper’s release spew over him. He stroked faster. A moment later, Alec let out a loud cry as he followed Cooper over the edge. Lightening shot through his body, hitting every nerve ending until his entire body trembled.

Dropping his head into the crook of Cooper’s neck, Alec tried to catch his breath. He could feel Cooper’s chest rising and falling rapidly under him. The only sound in the room came from their breathing.

Finally, Alec lifted his head and looked down at Cooper. It took a moment for Cooper to raise his eyes, and when he did, they were filled with uncertainty. He seemed confused. Alec wasn’t. He knew exactly where he was and what he wanted.

Bringing his hand up, he licked their combined seed away. Cooper’s eyes widened and his tongue came out and wet his lips as he watched. Alec cleaned his hand off then grinned at Cooper. He leaned down and kissed Cooper, sharing their combined taste with the man.

Cooper grinned when Alec lifted his head. “I thought you said we couldn’t fuck for a week?”

“That wasn’t fucking,” Alec chuckled. “That was just a rub off. Big difference.”

Cooper laughed. “Okay, you go with that.”

Stormy Glenn...Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance

Mighty MenWith Weapons by Addison Avery


They’re killers. Trained to kill those who most agree, deserve to die.

They hunt. But they’re on the trail of those who leave blood wherever they step.

They’re dangerous. They can whirl a knife, slice a throat, fire a gun, and toss a grenade all at one time.

Three men have been called upon for a very special assignment. They’ll come together for one of their most dangerous missions, but as they watch for the enemy, they’re also keeping a keen eye focused on one another.

Chapter One

“It’s called the best kept secret in the Pacific Ocean, but I imagine by the time you finish your job there, you won’t find The Cook Islands as palatable as the tourists visiting the South Pacific each year,” the admiral scoffed, narrowing his gaze.
Nate realized the man staring back at him did not like him. He matched the admiral with similar feelings.
Admiral Thomas F. Shoemaker’s resume unfolded like a career document for several officers from the Who’s Who in the American Military. He’d served as a U.S. Navy Admiral. Early in his career, he also earned an appointment as Chief of Naval Operations from a former U.S. president, and he chaired more committees in Washington than most socialites in Palm Beach. A man with power and influence, Admiral Shoemaker held his head high and commanded respect.
Nate was fresh out.
He studied his commanding officer only because he trusted him about as far as he could throw him. Given the admiral’s six-foot-five stance and matching superior strength, Nate didn’t think he’d pick him up and toss him aside anytime soon. Turning his back on his equal offered little appeal.
Once a lieutenant in the Navy SEALs, Nate Francisco didn’t have a family, and what few recollections he had of a childhood he chose to forget. When several high-ranking government officials offered him a chance to become an independent special operative, he jumped at the honor to serve his country and fight for various causes. Sometimes he gained a little insider knowledge and understood what he fought for, but when he didn’t, he seldom let the lack of details bother him.
Nate retained a true license to kill, and he used his carte blanche like a free pass. He reveled in unconditional authority and often left as much devastation in his wake as those truer criminals who had gone before him. Those were the men and women he often hunted like animals.
“I’ve been to the islands before. Any specific one holding your attention, or will I travel between all fifteen?”
“Everything you need to know is in this packet,” the admiral said, waving a folder. “Rarotonga is your first stop. If you exceed expectations, it may be the only one you’ll make in the islands. You’ll meet up with two other operatives, and they’ll fill you in on the particulars of their assignments as well.”
“Do they have names?”
“No. Right now they don’t. Like you, these soldiers don’t exist in modern day society. Instead, they traded in their lives to serve their country.”
Nate lifted the flap on the envelope. “I wonder if they feel as fortunate as I do.”
“You’ll have plenty of time to ask them once you meet them. You’ll fly on a private jet as my guest to Tahiti. From there, you’ll travel to New Zealand and then on to Rarotonga International Airport.”
“Retirement looks good on you. A private jet means you’ve arrived, doesn’t it, admiral?”
Sometimes Nate tasted the bitterness on his tongue. The only reason he chose this life was because men like Shoemaker convinced him of the greater good. He was once told of the better way of doing things, the longer life plan for those who underwent the kind of training he endured for the life of an invisible, if not invincible, soldier.
When he first signed up for the honor of living such an extraordinary lifestyle, he thought he had something solid. Of course a young gun in the military often believes he's ten feet tall and not only bulletproof but also better than any weapon used in the military. He signed on for a lonely existence as a man without a home or a future. Soon, he became one of the best because he resented his choices. The displeasure transmitted into his core and made him into one hell of a survivor.
Admiral Shoemaker said, “I imagine this assignment will appeal to you on many levels.”
“Is that right?” Why ask direct questions? Why pretend he even cared when he didn’t? An assignment was an assignment.
The admiral’s wicked smile proved he wanted him to probe for more. Hell, no. Nate would not fish for information. When he wanted more data than he received, he searched for facts on his own. Sometimes he killed for direct leads, and other times he paid for mere clues.
What he didn’t do was beg.

* * * *

Donovan Collier leisurely strolled through the cool airport with his navy blue duffle bag over his shoulder. He felt confident he’d spot Admiral Shoemaker without a problem. Even if he didn’t, Shoemaker would recognize him. He was the kind of commander who made it his business to study the fellows he led into battle, or, in his case, gave a final kick into the trenches.
Donovan grabbed a Wall Street Journal from a nearby newsstand. A young woman with long, brown hair and big black eyes showed him immediate interest. He never had a problem catching a lady’s eye.
“Hello,” she said. “Are you an American?”
“Yes,” he stated flatly.
Great, just terrific, he thought. The admiral was late, and the woman in heat wanted his attention.
“Are you here on business or—”
“Business,” he growled. “And it’s none of yours.”
She narrowed her gaze and then winked. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that if I were you. Follow me, Donovan Collier. Your car is already outside and another one just like you—fabulous personality and all—is waiting there as well. I’m sure you’ll get along about as well as a mountain lion and a baby calf. For the record, you’re the calf.”
He snarled. “Is that right?”
“From what I can tell, one hundred percent accurate.” She took off at a sprint, well in the lead. He didn’t try to keep her pace. He didn’t chase women or subordinates, period.
Once he hit the heat, he saw a taxi waiting for him. She held the door open and said, “Get in.” Her tone changed drastically. The chick had grown some balls between batting her eyelashes at the newsstand and opening up the cab door, curbside.
He peered inside the car and locked gazes with the other passenger. He’d know a killer anywhere. He’d smelled enough of them. Besides, they all looked the same. They had stone cold faces and hard, empty eyes.
He sat down on the leather seat and tossed his bag behind his neck-rest.
Great, terrific, marvelous.
Donovan once requested a reassignment because of men like the one seated next to him. This time, a granted transfer was out of the question. Warned before he left Honolulu, he knew this job stuck.
The door slammed behind him, and a hard tap against the roof alerted the driver. Within seconds, they traveled away from the airstrip.
“I’m Donovan,” he said, extending his hand.
“Nate,” the other man growled, ignoring the hand offered.
“I was told there were three on this mission,” Donovan said.
Nate turned to face him. “I don’t care if I fly solo or have an army behind me. I’m here to do a job, and I’m one of the best in the business. Now if you want company, that’s all fine and dandy—maybe the admiral made adjustments for your special needs—but I ain’t your guy.”
Donovan studied the man next to him and gave him a good gawking, a real once-over before he looked outside the window. He caught a glimpse of the beach, but the cluster of palm trees along the road prevented an unobstructed view.
Ah hell, he thought, avoiding the temptation to steal another glance at the man seated next to him. Another one just like the last operative he left behind. He could almost feel the guy’s dick swelling against his ass now.
Yeah, it was safe to assume Nate was most definitely his guy. Time would tell, but time always had a way of shining a light in his favor.

* * * *

Nate didn’t like the set up. The bungalows, while located on the beach, were anything but private. The Polynesian-style huts formed clusters in four groups of five straight across the oceanfront. The island resort sported waterfront activities. Kayaks and sun lounges were scattered across the sand, and a large sign directed tourists to snorkeling rentals.
Stepping onto the tiny porch of their scantily appointed accommodations, Nate ducked his head and walked inside. “How quaint,” he grumbled, looking around the area.
“I’ve stayed in worse,” Donovan said.
Nate walked into the bedroom. There, he found a king-size bed located directly under an oval window. He’d noticed a single day bed in the living room and a full service kitchen off to the left. Turning to the right, he eyed the dressing area and full bathroom complete with an oversized walk-in shower.
“We could ask for another cabana. I’m sure they have huts with two bedrooms.”
“There’s a convertible bed in the living room,” Nate reminded him. “I hope it’s comfortable.”
“I’ll just check with guest services,” Donovan persisted, walking over to the bright red phone on the nightstand.
His finger touched the first number, and Nate pressed down on the necessary buttons to disconnect the call. “We’re not here on our honeymoon, sweetheart. We stay where Shoemaker books. There’s a reason he wants us in this bungalow.”
Donovan shrugged. “Suit yourself. I’m taking the bed.”
Nate didn’t argue. Instead, he slung his bag on the mattress and unzipped the canvass. Pulling out his weapons first, he had one of his guns loaded and locked within a few seconds, taking time to adjust the sights. If Donovan was smart, he would understand the obvious. The bed was taken and the room belonged to him.
Nate felt the hairs standing up on the back of his neck and turned around. “What the hell are you doing? Waiting for instructions?”
“I don’t take orders from you,” Donovan reported.
“Then don’t just stand there looking like you might need them. Get your gear unpacked. Go outside and look around. This is a small island, but I’m not familiar with this particular resort. We need to know how many employees are here at all times. When the shifts change, when the housekeeping staff arrives and when they leave, when guests check in and check out, arrivals and departures to and from the airport, and of course, we will want to familiarize ourselves with the guests already here. We should have our orders by the time our third leg shows up.”
At this point, the best Nate could hope for was a soldier who looked more like Rambo than George Clooney. He wouldn’t bank on a miracle.
Nate returned to his work. Unpacking another gun and a few grenades, he opened a drawer in the bedside table and casually tossed the weapons inside. A few seconds later, he heard his sidekick leave the room.
Thank God, he thought. Nate closed his eyes and shook his head. He couldn’t get started on this one. Oh, hell no. The last time he mixed business with pleasure, he almost lost his life. A sexy Marine with too much family money and political pull had been left for dead in a deserted POW camp in Afghanistan. He was sent in to save him when no one else even acknowledged he was still alive.
He saved him, all right. Then, he fucked the hell out of him for two weeks while they lived like animals and fought like wild men to cross over the rough terrain and weather the worst of droughts—by far one of the poorest climate conditions he remembered. Regardless of the natural heat, he kept things burning one degree hotter between him and a man he later affectionately called his little soldier boy.
No, he didn’t want a replacement for what he shared with some twenty-two-year-old overgrown kid. What he experienced in Afghanistan and the weeks following his assignment held as a once in a lifetime deal, one he took a pass on just to save his soul. He didn’t think he could survive another relationship that almost was, let alone a good hard fuck with someone who looked like Donovan.
Walking over to the doorway, Nate narrowed his focus when he spotted the other operative rummaging through his luggage. He honed in on Donovan the man, not Donovan the killer, just a few feet away. He studied him carefully as he unpacked his rig, placing each weapon in a meticulous line straight across the exotic wood bar lining the living room wall.
Donovan had dark hair, a little salt and pepper in his circle beard, one he kept clean-cut and perhaps only grew for an assignment. Most of the men who fought beside him in the past kept clean-shaven whenever possible. Too many days in the field left many ISOs viewing razors as a luxury item.
“Did you say you’ve been here before?” Donovan asked, snapping a clip into the butt of his gun.
Jolted by the sound and the fact that he allowed himself a brief moment of indulgence, Nate walked by Donovan. “It’s been a long time,” he snapped over his shoulder. “I’ll be back.”
Before he heard a reply, Nate stepped into the sand and walked toward the ocean. He took maybe twenty steps when his nostrils flared, allowing him the opportunity to inhale the sea air. The palm trees whispered in the background. The waves gently lapped forward, and the grace of nature tempted him. He rolled up his pants, removed his designer shoes, and tossed them behind him.
Nate had always been mesmerized by the beauty found in the South Pacific. In the late evenings, the blue water turned a dark turquoise and crystallized enough to entice the naked eye and capture a man’s soul. The clear water was an attraction for swimmers and divers. Nate enjoyed the advantages the sea provided even though there were obvious disadvantages.
A man couldn’t hide under these waters, but he’d certainly know where he stood and what swam around him. Right then, the ocean held more appeal than the mission set to begin.
Damn it all. Nate wished the calm sea intrigued him as much as the man waiting to fight beside him. “Fuck me,” he said, kicking a spray of water and stumping his big toe on a clump of tiny pebbles. Yes, indeed, there were few doubts about where he was headed. This particular job would likely get downright messy.

The Only Thing That Matters by AKM Miles

The Only Thing That Matters AKM Miles

Valentine’s Day was here and Brack and Austin both had plans for the love of their lives. You know what they say about the best laid plans.

Austin has the scene set, gifts waiting, and is waiting for Brack to return from a short trip. As the day wears on and an unexpected blizzard begins Austin’s fear mount. There is no word from Brack and it’s getting later and later. Brack has planned a romantic trip to a beautiful setting to show Austin how much he loves him. Now, after a wreck he finds himself trudging for miles through the snow and cold with something keeping pace with him through the woods.

Will they manage to have a good Valentine’s Day? By the end of the story, the only thing that matters is they are safe and together.


Austin was beginning to worry about Brack. Cell phone service was sketchy at best in good weather and during this time of year, it was nearly non-existent. Austin knew that Brack could handle driving in any kind of weather, having lived here all his life. But Austin had a feeling of dread, like something was wrong. Brack had been due back an hour ago and he hadn’t called. True, that could be blamed on the unplanned-for weather conditions, but Austin still felt like he needed to do something; he just didn’t know what yet.

Stepping out onto the porch, Austin thought about what he planned for Brack tonight. Of course, every night with Brack was special. Though they’d been together since last summer, Austin was amazed at how they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Sex was amazing, and with them it had quickly become making love. His mind drifted to the last night they were together before Brack left for the short trip. Lord, it still amazed him that Brack liked it when Austin took him, reveling in having Austin fill his tight ass. Brack was such a big, big man that Austin had thought that he’d be this serious top, but Brack liked everything they did.

As he stood there, the first flakes began to fall. Austin shivered as the wind hit him and in a matter of minutes there was a light dusting of heavy flakes over everything. Brack, where are you, baby? All that matters is that we’re together. Just come home to me.

Hurrying back inside, he tried to shake off his fears. Walking into the kitchen, he made sure the steaks were thawing nicely in the refrigerator and the other ingredients for their special meal were set up and ready. Austin had all their favorites, including the beautiful chocolate cake he’d made and spent all morning icing and decorating. He admitted it was extremely corny to have the red gel heart on the top with their initials in it, but this was a corny holiday and he loved it. Brack would get a kick out of it and they’d feed it to each other as they drank the coffee and sat in front of the huge fireplace.

Austin had candles and presents set out in their bedroom for the evening’s end. This would be a night to remember, a night of sweet memories and lovemaking to add to the multitude of others they’d amassed over the months since meeting and falling in love.

With a nod to practicality, Austin got out the large candles and lanterns, just in case the electricity went out. Actually, he didn’t care how bad or how long the storm was as he planned to keep Brack naked and happy for the duration. As soon as Brack got home everything would be fine.

The day got darker and darker with the big dense clouds overhead. The snow began to pile up and Austin began to shake a little as time passed and Brack didn’t appear. Going through the house he turned on every light he could, wanting to make a bright light for Brack to see, welcoming him home. With the speed of the storm, no matter where Brack was, he surely had to be careful and would be worried about getting home safely, despite his experience in this kind of weather.

When Austin looked out the big windows, despite everything being covered in white, it looked like dusk instead of early afternoon due to the dark clouds and the cover of the trees around the house. Austin literally began to shiver, even in the warm house. His fears were getting the better of him. Heading to the kitchen, he put on a pot of coffee and made himself some hot chocolate. Comfort. He needed to have faith in Brack’s vast abilities and quit thinking the worst. The cocoa nearly spilled as he carried the mug to the table and sat, cupping it with both hands now.

Austin went back to watching out the window. Good Lord, how could it have snowed that much in so little time?

***love is love***

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When The Bluebird Calls by Leiland Dale

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Devon Reid, veterinarian, had a partner of 2 years, a beautiful house, and a fantastic job. Then, life as he knew it, changed.

Six months ago, he became his mother's sole caretaker when her cancer returned. With his constant absence from home, his relationship ends leaving him alone in one of the most emotionally draining points in his life. When his mother passes, he is lonely and loses his zest for life.

With his emotions and life in turmoil, Devon decides it's time to make a change. Leaving the city life behind and taking a job in a small town in Montana, was just what the doctor ordered. Then, he meets the hunky ranch foreman, Greg Elliot.

Greg has lived most of his life on a ranch. Living in a small town didn't offer many prospects for a relationship, until he meets the new veterinarian in town.

While they try to resist the obvious mutual attraction, a fateful call during the night changes it all.

What is a city boy to do when a small town cowboy ropes him in?


The excerpt or excerpts below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.
By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.
If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

Sitting at his desk, Devon Reid looked over his shoulder and watched the rain pelt against his office window. The gloomy weather matched his current mood and mental state for the last few months.

Six years ago, Devon’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Although she spent most of that time in remission, the cancer returned 6 months ago. With his father’s passing several years before, Devon was her sole surviving relative and the only family left who could help her during her sickness. He had no regrets being there for her when she needed him. He loved her very much.

He spent most of his time caring for his mother during these last few months. He painfully watched as she suffered through extensive chemotherapy. With her limited mobility, Devon had to bath her, feed her and constantly watch over her throughout the night. As an aftereffect of the chemo, the food his mother ate did not stay down for long either, so throwing up was an everyday occurrence. Devon would wake up in the recliner next to her bed and be there to support her whenever she woke. It tore him apart to see the pain etched in his mother's face and to see her wither away as she lost more and more weight each day. Many nights he stayed with her instead of going home to Kevin, his partner of 2 years.

Unfortunately, Kevin just could not cope with Devon’s absence. Constant arguments ensued which eventually lead to their break up. It was difficult. After being together for two years, he thought Kevin loved him for better or worse.

A few nights after the breakup, Devon sat next to his mom’s bed as he held her frail hand and watched her take each labored breath. She turned to him and told him something he would never forget.

“He wasn’t the one for you,” she began as she took another breath to continue. “When a man comes along and looks at you as if you are his world…then you know you’ve found the one.”

He looked at her as tears streamed down his cheeks.

She peacefully closed her eyes and slipped away with a smile on her face, as if she was privy to an answer of a riddle no one else could solve.

Devon closed his eyes and fought to contain his emotions as he vividly remembered that night four weeks ago. The sudden knocking on the door abruptly brought him out of his maudlin thoughts.

“Come in,” he said then let out a deep breath to steady himself.

“I’m going to be leaving, Devon. Everyone’s gone home already and we don’t have any more appointments today.” Tara, his assistant, smiled at him unaware of his turmoil.

“Thanks, Tara. I’ll see you in the morning,” he said with a forced smile hoping it looked convincing. “Just make sure you lock up behind you, please.”

“Sure,” Tara said as she softly closed the door behind her.

Looking around his office, he somehow found himself feeling out of place. His dark wood desk was bare except for his computer, some neatly stacked patient files on one side, and his gold nameplate with black letters on the edge.

Turning to his computer, Devon opened his email program to check his messages before leaving for the day. Scanning down the list, he came across an email from his realtor, Vanessa, in Bridger, Montana. He had been waiting to hear back from her, so he quickly opened it.

Dear Dr. Devon Reid,

As per our last telephone discussion, the current owner of the Bridger Veterinary Clinic, in Bridger, Montana has agreed to your latest offer. Please contact me as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary arrangements to conclude the purchase.

Kind Regards,

Vanessa May – MAY REALTORS

Devon pushed up his left sleeve and checked the time. It was just after 4 o’clock so he picked up the phone in hopes of reaching Vanessa at her office. He wanted to secure the purchase of the clinic and needed to buy a house nearby. Then, he needed to find a local realtor to sell his current apartment and veterinary practice.

He needed to move. Running into Kevin on the streets and still hearing condolences for the loss of his mother was just too much for him. He felt horrible leaving Tara and his patients, but he needed a fresh start or he would drive himself crazy. He hoped Bridger, Montana would be his sanctuary.

Trees surrounded Devon as he walked across the land at the edge of the woods. The place was magnificent. Tall trees lined the edge of the property, horses galloped around in circles in a pen off into the distance. A log ranch house sat not too far off in another direction with mountaintops peaking up behind it. The stables and the bellowing of the bulls always left him in awe of the place.

Devon stood there taking in the beauty of his surroundings when he distinctly heard the beautiful sound of a bird’s call. Strong arms surrounded him from behind and Devon felt lips touch his cheek as beard stubble grazed his skin. He felt hard rippled muscles pressed against his back. The man’s hands moved down slowly, undoing the button of his jeans and pulling down his zipper. He felt safe and protectively encased in the strong arms that surrounded him, holding him close.

Devon felt a big, calloused hand wrap around his hard shaft while the other played with his balls. The stranger started stroking him, nibbling on his neck and shoulder. Devon leaned back against him. Somehow, this all seemed very familiar to him. His one arm snaked around the man’s neck while he held onto the stranger’s arm with his other hand. His cock glistened in the early morning sunshine from the cum running down his shaft. The hard ridge of the stranger’s cock pressing against his butt cheeks through his jeans had his balls drawing up against his body. His breath came in rapid pants as beads of perspiration ran down the back of his neck. Moaning loudly, Devon’s pearly white seed spilled from him. He turned his head to kiss the stranger on the lips and again he heard the distinct call of a bird.

Devon woke with a start, sitting straight up in bed. He touched his stomach and found his chest covered with his release. The comforter and sheets lay crumpled at the end of the bed.

“What the fuck?” Dazed, Devon got out of his bed in a sleep-induced haze and walked into the bathroom. He grabbed the washcloth, wet it and began to clean himself. Damn, this definitely isn’t going to work. Devon turned on the shower and set the temperature of the water. He slowly undressed and got in the shower. He stood under the spray of the water and let it run down his back as he thought about the dream.

For the past two weeks, he’d been haunted by the same dream. He always woke before he could see the stranger’s face so he didn’t know who he was, yet, he felt safe in his arms. And he couldn’t understand why or how, but he felt the stranger was someone very special to him. He knew the dream had to mean something, but he couldn’t figure out exactly what it was.

Devon headed into the kitchen, slowly made a sandwich, and poured himself a cup of coffee. Thank God for the auto-timer! Leaning against the kitchen counter, he ate his sandwich and drank his coffee as he looked around at the empty apartment. He’d managed to purchase a furnished home, so he was able to sell his existing furniture. Most of his things were already boxed and ready for delivery to his new place in a couple of days. Other than toiletries, the only remaining items to pack were the coffee machine and the mug in his hand. There were boxes on the floor with his clothes by the front door that needed to be loaded into his in new black Dodge Dakota TRX4. Devon smiled as he remembered going to the car lot in the city and buying his new truck. It was the first thing he bought for himself as a way to mark the start of his new life.

He set his mug on the kitchen counter, then cleaned and boxed the coffee machine. Once he finished packing everything else, he washed his mug and packed that into the box too. Devon easily carried it all to his truck and headed out, ready for a fresh start.

Devon was glad to rid himself of this part of his life. It all reminded him too much of the pain he saw his mother experience and his breakup. He turned the key in the ignition of his truck, turned on the radio still tuned to the same station from the drive yesterday, and drove away attempting to leave the painful memories behind.

* * * *

After hours of driving, Devon finally pulled into the small dirt road in front of his new home. He sat in his truck as he looked at the log cabin with a wraparound porch on the small piece of land. The area around him was peaceful. Devon could see a forest of trees in the distance. An odd feeling of recognition came over him.

Getting out of his truck, Devon arrived at the cabin’s front door in just three steps. After feeling the smooth wood under his hand, he unlocked the door and stepped into the living room. The cabin had a homey look to it. The living room and dining room shared a large open space with a fully equipped kitchen on the wall opposite the front door. Devon walked into the kitchen and stood there looking out the window taking in the breathtaking view of the mountains. He felt at peace.

The bathroom was next to the kitchen, with two bedroom doors to the right. The cabin was beautifully furnished with a dark brown leather couch set and an oak dinner table with four chairs. Entering the bedrooms, he noticed they were sparse but knew it would look beautiful once he had everything unpacked. In the master bedroom, a stunning, handcrafted headboard and footboard encased a queen size bed in the middle of one wall with matching tables on each side. A coordinated dresser with four drawers decorated the wall directly opposite the bed.

Devon took a quick look at his bathroom. It had white tiles with a beautiful grey and blue pattern. The counter was a solid grey marble top that coordinated beautifully with the cabinets underneath. He touched it, feeling very pleased that he bought this cabin and thankful that Vanessa had recommended this property to him.

Since most of his personal belonging had not arrived yet, all he had with him was what he packed this morning. At least he had his clothes. Turning around he headed out to his truck, started unloading the boxes and carried them to his new bedroom. After he brought in the boxes, he first removed the framed picture of his mom and placed it on the side table next to the bed. Then, he began unpacking his clothes and other personal belongings.

Devon realized the task of unpacking took much longer than expected when he finished in the late night hour. He double-checked the coffee machine to make sure everything was set for his morning coffee the next day. Exhausted, Devon grabbed some pajama bottoms, an old t-shirt and his bag of toiletries then took a quick shower before heading off to bed.

Lying in bed, Devon began to think of all the things he needed to do the next day. He had to get up early in the morning to start his first day at the clinic. He knew it would be a long day, but he welcomed it as the start of a new life. With that last thought, Devon drifted off to sleep.

When the Bluebird Calls Excerpt © 2010 Leiland Dale - All rights reserved.