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Christmas with the Stallions by Addison Avery

Christmas with the Stallions
Siren Publishing
Written by Addison Avery


“Damn it,” she screeched. “Let me go!”
“I’m going to,” he replied. “Give me a minute.”
“I’ll be right there,” Seth called out. He turned his face toward the wind and, tilting his chin upward, his nostrils flared. He immediately wheeled around on his boots, staring at Haley with pure lust in his eyes.
Colt grinned. “I know. Don’t even say it. I know.”
“You know what?” she demanded as Colt turned the doorknob.
“Christmas Eve is tomorrow,” he said, walking through her hallway.
“So what, it’s Christmas Eve? I can’t fire you the day before?”
“You’re not firing us,” he reminded gently. “And we’ve already been over this. I guess you liked the idea of being strapped to a bed for long and indulgent hours of foreplay.”
She slid down his body as if he orchestrated the exact way he wanted to let her go. Smiling, he said, “Nice.”
The audacity! She should’ve slapped the cocky expression right off his smug cheeks. Instead, she found herself speechless as she watched him bend over and light the gas logs in the fireplace. The one mention of foreplay spiked her interest in a way she should’ve never allowed.
When he stood again, he pulled the curtains back. The large picture window overlooked the lower field. There, in the paddock, the beautiful palomino ran from one gate to the next. He reared high, kicking out his front legs as if the world angered him.
She watched in awe as the horse acted out on some kind of tantrum. “Where did you say that palomino came from?”
Colt didn’t answer her. Instead, he shrugged out of his coat and leaned in behind the massive Christmas tree and plugged in the Christmas lights.
“The horse, Colt?” she asked, halfway turning her head to glance at him but unable to look away from the beautiful golden stallion as his erect penis dropped and he stamped at the dusty ground beneath him.
“Oh, my God,” she whispered. “He’s excited, aroused.”
“Seth’s not the only one.”
She turned around and said, “Where are the mares?” Then, his response hit her square in the face. “What did you say about Seth?”

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Dancing with Darcy by Addison Avery

Dancing with Darcy
Siren Publishing
Written by Addison Avery


“I told you once already. I don’t do cock.” Garrett choked out the words as his gaze narrowed on the mushroom head pressing closer to his lips.
“You may not do cock in general but you will suck, and swallow, when the one in question is mine.” Sam fisted his shaft and brought it to Garrett’s chin again. This time, he moved closer. “Open.”
Logan entered the bedroom. “Go easy on him.”
“Easy hell. I can’t wait for him to open up his pretty little mouth because once he shows me how fast his sweet tongue can move, I plan on sinking inside one tight virgin ass. Then, I’ll make him a real man.” Sam’s hard voice held too much sex appeal. He continued to wait. Pre-cum glistened along the tip of his dick.
“Tell me something, Garrett, have you ever had a man fuck your ass long and hard until you screamed for more? Has anyone shown you what it’s like to feel alive with a lust so intense you’re begging for relief?” Sam’s eyes twinkled with desire.
Garrett’s eyes watered. He glanced around the room, searching for her. “Darcy wouldn’t have wanted us to...” The knot in his chest threatened to suffocate him if he took Sam’s offer and dipped his head. Oh, but he wanted to try it. Just once, he wanted to sink his teeth into the idea and allow his cheeks to swell with a hard man’s intentions. He wanted to play games with Sam and Logan, dangerous ones, and they wouldn’t let it ride. They were not the kind of men who appreciated a tease.
“Darcy, hell. Darcy is dead, Garrett.” Sam stepped away from him, placed a hand on his shoulder and stared into his eyes. “She’s been dead for years. You’ve watched her ghost, chased it almost and for what? To let her drag you into the after-life? Where’s the fairness in it?” As Sam spoke, his left hand remained on Garrett’s body while his right threaded his stiff member. He barely noticed and if he did, it didn’t matter. He pumped his hard cock with a firm grip and carried on a simple conversation.
“You’re not content because it’s not enough. I know you, Garrett, you’re anything but a happy man.” A smile spread over his heart shaped mouth and he chuckled, “But I’m going to show you how to enjoy life again. You’ll know what it’s like to inhale the best part of me and find yourself intoxicated with the happiness I bring. You’ll whistle ‘Dixie’ and sing ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’. For the record, you can call me Santa.”

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Sports Wives by Destiny Blaine

Love, Lust, and Scandal in Professional Football
Sports Wives One

Cassie Teller is a woman who appears to live a simple life. But look beyond the surface and discover a complicated lady with very scandalous secrets as two incredibly sexy men bide for her love and everything that goes along with her affection.


The phone rang during the Pittsburgh and Minnesota game. I happened to knock it off the hook or else I wouldn’t have answered it. On the other end, I heard a familiar voice.
Steve, also known as my best friend with sexual benefits, tripped over his words and I barely paid attention to anything he said. I just knew he crashed my private party looking for a little roll in the hay. Immediately on guard, I went from zero to bitch in three point seven seconds. He called, after all, to interrupt my favorite pastime.
“Steve, what are you doing? It’s not even half-time yet.” The words flipped off my tongue.
Lucky for me, he didn’t notice because he, in fact, called with some pretty great news.
“Cassie, you are going to owe me the best blow in the world for this one, baby. I have tickets to the Christmas Eve Cleveland and Pittsburgh game and I wanted to see if you’ve ever been to Cleveland?”
“Why? Do you need directions?” I crammed a handful of popcorn in my mouth.
“Smart-ass. No, I don’t. Wanna go?”
I almost fell over. Then, I almost dropped the phone. I’m not lying to you. I was that damn excited. “Steve, are you asking me out on a date or do you want me to ride with you just to be sure you can make it to Cleveland?”
I tried not to let my enthusiasm pour through the phone. Touchdown Pittsburgh. “Minnesota sucks,” I said as I rejoined the conversation already in full swing on the other end of the phone.
“Look, kiddo, Mandy’s going too. She really likes you and would love to get to know you better. So how about it? Wanna take a ride up to Cleveland with us?”
Mandy. The very mention of the woman’s name just sent shivers down my spine. Mandy was everything I wasn’t. She had long black hair and a shapely body that sent most men into orbit every time she swayed into the room—and could Mandy ever sway with those curvaceous hips. I, on the other hand, never possessed what someone would call curves, and outside of the great tits I carried around, my body defined ordinary and owned the term skinny.
“So, will I be chauffeuring you and the lovely Mandy to the gate because I know you didn’t land three tickets?”
Steve laughed. “Honey, as much as you love football, if I only had one ticket, you’d be the one to sit in the stands.”
I waited for a more direct response. Actually, I dreaded the whole truth. I felt confident it existed along with some underlying motive.
“I have two tickets, so you and Mandy are going to the game.”
“When hell freezes over.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I actually meant it.
“Aren’t you the least bit excited?” Steve pressed on. I wasn’t surprised. He always pressed on—in bed, in life, in phone sex. Persistent as hell—he served his gender well.
He also loved to rub Mandy in my face—not in the literal sense, of course. Thank heavens. After all, I’d always suspected he wanted a threesome, with me included in the trio. In fact, the dreaded day when he might bring it up seemed to loom with the sudden invitation.
I sighed. “I’m about as excited as I would be to land in bed with both you and Mandy.”
Without missing a beat, Steve perked right up. “Now there’s a great idea!”
I moaned and my stomach churned when I caught a five-second visual. I cursed my mind’s eye and caught the end of our good-byes.
“Call me tomorrow.” One thing about it, Steve knew how to leave a girl with a smile.
I finished the last drop of hot cocoa and decided to make a hot toddy to finish out the game. Pittsburgh won 18-3 and I won five hundred dollars just like I usually did when I bet on Pittsburgh. The following week would be time for a big payday and, with any luck, I’d run into one of those sexy boys from the keystone state.
I began to imagine what he’d look like and had quite the fantasy going on too. He’d fall madly in love with me when he’d spot me. He’d be ready to miss the kickoff just to stay locked in my gaze. We’d just click. Kind of like Steve and I clicked, only without the Mandy.

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Five Rings by Destiny Blaine

Adult Promo: Five Rings Just Released Today--Shape- Shifter for the Holidays

Hello to all paranormal fans!

I'm so excited to share some awesome news with you. Today, Five Rings released from eXtasy Books, marking the end of my book releases for 2009. Take a look at what Val from You Gotta Read Reviews had to say about Five Rings:

"Lauren was a woman who was juggling five different men who knew nothing about each other. The outcome, she finds, is nothing she could have ever imagined. I am trying so hard not to reveal very much of the story as it changes rapidly throughout the book. I can tell you however that it includes scorching hot sex, loyalty (you will see what I mean), protection and revelations that rock Lauren's world. Five Rings was a fast paced, quick read with a whole lot of sex. I simply could not put this book down.

Destiny Blaine is an author who knows how to skillfully write multiple partner erotica in a very believable way. I always know that I will be entertained and captivated each time I read one of her books. Five Rings is my first lion shapeshifter book and it pleases me to know that Destiny Blaine was the writer. Five Rings was obviously not written for the reader who has objections to same sex or multiple partners. But I promise you if you are willing to step out there and read something you haven't read yet, the ending will blow your mind. I most definitely would ask Destiny to please, please, PLEASE write a sequel. Lauren's character has so many different directions in which she could travel. This is a book not to be missed…" Val, You Gotta Read Reviews

When a nymphomaniac loses her mind, everything is just as it seems—only better.

Quick Snippet:

Michael roared and Marcus sneered. Michael pushed Marcus down on the bed and they wrestled like mad. Marcus was on top, then Michael perched high above throwing his weight around with a rare determination to apparently mount a man. Marcus again took the lead and Michael twisted his way around Marcus's body and dominated once more. Their dicks slapped together and their hands locked. Wildly, they nipped at one another, their lips meeting and parting, while their dicks tapped together.

Another animalistic call to the wild made her swivel around and watch the three men behind her. They were flirting with one another! God help her, what was going on here?

They touched each other intimately, brushing their fingers up and down their dicks in unusual and exquisite patterns. Soon, they fondled with aggression, taking possession of the hands they held, the cocks they pumped, groping and moaning, working toward release.

Shaking her head she couldn't turn away and wouldn't have refocused her attention at all, but a sudden sound ripped through the room and she flinched when she heard what sounded like complete arousal coupled with defiance and anger. She heard another wildly obsessive roar and immediately eyed the bed where two men wrestled.

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www.extasybooks. net

Help me make this the best release day of 2009! If you enjoy shape-shifter erotica, pick up your copy of Five Rings

today! Then, let me hear from you. Tell me what you think of Five Rings: destinyblaine@