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Chasing the Dream by Patricia Logan, G.A. Hauser, Lisa Worrall, Sue Brown, SammyJo Hunt

Chasing the dream...something every one of us aspires to. But every dream is different for each individual. Some crave love, fame, or immortality. And for still others, they desire power and riches, and all that comes with it.
In this anthology, share in the vivid imaginations of five bestselling authors who are masters of the genre, each writing steamy, hot passionate stories of men loving men, men sharing their bodies, who hope to attain their own secret desires.
Come along for the sensual journey that awaits you, and get lost in this collection of must-have gay erotica. Let these stories steal you away to another world where hot men share their deepest hopes and fantasies with you, while they're Chasing the Dream.
* * * * *
Nasty Boys by G.A. Hauser
Firefighter by day, sex god by night, 'Clyde' chased his dream in Hollywood to be the top gay male porn star in West Hollywood. What Clyde didn't expect was a little help from a pretty-boy superstar. 'Blaze' lights this fireman's world on fire!

Chasing Deuce by Patricia Logan
Has Colt's fantasy of bringing Slade into the bedroom with Deuce driven Deuce away for good or can Colt lure the handsome cowboy home to be loved by two instead of one? Slade has been in lust for Colt for years. Will he get the opportunity to taste the man he's always wanted and the added bonus of his cowboy lover?

Dreaming of You by Lisa Worrall
Noah Kinkade is an up and coming designer, one of the best newcomers in the field. When he is hired to restore the old Seevers mansion to its former glory, he thinks all his dreams have come true. He doesn't know how right he is.

Racing raindrops by Sue Brown
Caught by an unexpected rain shower, Tony DiMarco seeks shelter in a bar. The last thing Tony expects is to be propositioned by the hot bartender and his equally hot cousin. Mac and Chase make it clear it's his decision, but Tony is torn between his desires and his responsibilities. On a sudden whim he decides to let the raindrops sheeting down the window make the decision. If they go right he'll say yes to a night of sex that might blow his world apart, if the rain goes left he'll leave and never look back.
The Soul Awakening by SammyJo Hunt
While on promotional tour across Europe, Michael Nolan's rental car encounters engine trouble and leaves him stranded in the dead of night. The offer of help from a tall dark stranger sets him upon a life-altering course of events. It could lead to love…but more likely, his own private hell.

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Happy Endings by G.A. Hauser

Happy Endings

Happy Endings

By: G.A. Hauser | Other books by G.A. Hauser
Published By: The GA Hauser Collection LLC
ISBN # 9781463645816
Word Count: 62268
Heat Index
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc), Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub
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About the book

Twenty-seven year old, Kelsey 'Kellie' Hamilton was caught up in the economic housing disaster. Losing his home, his job, and having to reinvent himself, Kellie went back to school for his certificate in massage therapy and is hired by an elite spa in West Hollywood. Though Kellie had experienced 'happy endings' in the past while getting massages from older men, he was going to abide by the rules and not get sexual with his clients.
Montgomery 'Monty' Gresham, ex Navy SEAL plans to open up a SEAL training boot camp for civilians, and decides getting referrals from a celebrity club in LA would be a perfect idea. While Monty recruits members to his military training center, he meets the handsome massage therapist, Kellie Hamilton.
The contact between Kellie and Monty while Monty is on the massage table instantly sends both men into a state of pure sexual arousal. In this heightened state, where two opposites certainly are attracted, Kellie needs to decide if the tough thirty-eight year old ex-military man will be his Happy Ending, or if living happily ever after is just a fairy tale.

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Fugue by Clare Dargin


Lt. Chad Meyer and his team of Navy Seals on a simple arctic training mission

in the Gates of the Arctic National Park find more than bargained for when a

normal day goes awry. Attacked by an unknown and deadly force, the team

now outgunned and out manned must fight for survival.

Chad, determined to safeguard the lives of his men, must use all of his

courage, will and stamina to make sure that they survive against their

non-human foe.


Giving, his second in command, Chief Petty Officer Easely, a slow nod, he and the rest of the team who had become alert to the change in their behavior, prepared themselves to go.

To our nine o'clock and watch my back,” Chad mouthed, knowing they had to get to cover. They were weapon‟s poor and needed to procure safe ground if they were to make it out alive.

Easely cracked the slightest of grins, signaling to Chad that it was a given. The rest continued talking casually as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. The adrenalin began pouring into Chad‟s veins. As if toying with them, the pebbles continued to fly through the air, pelting the trees in front of them. Taking one big breath, he bolted to his feet and headed towards the forest, away from the clearing. As they regrouped in the trees, they tapped each other‟s shoulder, one behind the other, assuring they were friendly and alive.

The pebbles followed them to the trees but this time with more force.

What the hell are they doing?” Easely asked in a harsh whisper.

Toying with us.”

Shit, if all they have are rocks then—” Easely said, just as an energy bolt popped a tree four feet in front of them. The smell of creosote filled the air.

Soon, the weapons fire came in barrages, pinning them. Then suddenly, bright beams of

light pierced the darkness. It was as if whoever was searching for them had a flashlight to see them. He and his team pinned their backs to the trees, unwilling to be spotted so easily. Looking toward the southern slope of the Brooks Range, the wind caused the clouds to shift at the top of one of its peaks.

Rushing down the mountain, it was not long before the frigid air reached them, causing moisture to run down Chad's nose. Shifting once again, the wind reversed its direction in the jumble of trees, and the lights went out as quickly as they came on. A barrage of fire soon followed.

-Clare Dargin

Author of 'Kybernatia' and 'Fugue' and 'Speculative Sky'
For the Scifi Lover in You!

Protecting Francis by Amber Kell

Protecting Francis out September 19th 2011 buy link

Book two in the Yearning Love Series

Francis thought he had it all until danger came into his life…and he realised the man he’d always liked had become the one man he longed to love.

When Francis agreed to let his cousin stay at his place, he had no idea it would trigger a chain of events that would change his life forever. Bill Timmons had watched Francis for months waiting for the perfect time to insert himself into the other man’s life. When Francis gets into trouble, Bill decided this time nothing was going to stop him from protecting Francis.



Some days the mirror depresses me. People think I have it all—good looks, a great job, plenty of money, amazing friends…and I do. However, my bed is constantly empty and I’m what my best friend Marcus calls a loser magnet. If there’s a possessive, shallow asshole within a hundred mile radius, I’ll pick him as my new lover.

Which unfortunately leads to a constant opening for a new bedmate. And I hate dating. Nothing depresses me more than going to a club and having dozens of people I don’t know grab my ass. I would never presume to grope someone without at least discovering his name. The same can’t be said for everyone else.

Shoving down my self-pity, I slid into a pair of fitted black jeans and a tight red T-shirt before pulling a crisp, white button-up shirt over the outfit. I’d look nice for dinner, then I could lose a layer at the club when I got too hot from dancing. I had promised to meet Marcus and his lover Charlie at eight. We were going to dinner where I would try to enjoy eating while watching Marcus make goo-goo eyes at the love of his life.

When Marcus had first told me years ago about his love for Charlie, I have to admit I’d thought the man was making it up—that he was another gay man in denial. However, when I dragged him to every gay bar I could find, he didn’t once drool over or show interest in even one of the beautiful men I introduced him to. Hell, the fact he never gave me a single lustful glance should’ve been a tip off. I don’t like to brag, but I’ve never had a complaint about my looks—about many other things, but never my appearance.

Once I met Charlie, I sort of understood Marcus’ obsession. The man had an innate sweetness that pulled at you—making you want to wrap him up in cotton and take care of him. Add in the fact he was an amazing artist and gorgeous to boot and I kind of wished to have a Charlie of my own.

Instead, I had an empty bed and an even emptier date book. Luckily my workload was heavy, helping combat my loneliness. Going to bed exhausted every night kept me from noticing the aching emptiness of my life until morning. What I wouldn’t give to not wake up alone anymore.

My phone rang.

I snatched it up, not bothering to check the readout. I didn’t need to. Marcus lacked patience, he always had. "Marcus, I told you I’d see you in a bit."

"Evening, Francis. Is that the same Marcus you roomed with in college?"

I smiled as my Aunt Janie’s voice came over the line. "Evening, Aunt Janie, how are you doing?" I firmly believe there isn’t a sweeter woman on the planet than my Aunt Janie.

"I’m doing just fine, honey." There was a hesitation in her voice that told me I wasn’t going to like what she had to say. "I was hoping you could do me a little favour."

Amber Kell
Sit down and have a little read

Pax's Blues by Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen

Pax's Blues (MM)
Lady Blue Crew 2

By: Stormy Glenn | Other books by Stormy Glenn
Lynn Hagen | Other books by Lynn Hagen
Categories: Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Science Fiction, Shape-shifter
Word Count: 37,530
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.


AVAILABLE: Saturday, September 24th

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, shape-shifters]

Paxton Chambers lived hand-to-mouth, doing things he despised to survive. When one of the crew members of the Lady Blue asks him to help out, Pax is quick to lend a hand.

Colt Walking Cloud is a member of the Lady Blue crew. He's fast, quick, and quiet, a deadly weapon with a sniper rifle. When he discovers that the little blue man is his mate, Colt goes on the hunt.

Pax can never understand what anyone is saying. He thinks his intelligence is under par. Colt takes him under his wing and shows him a life Pax never dreamed of having.

When Lady Blue is infested with slug-like worms with a lethal mucus, it’s up to the crew to irradiate them. The only thing stopping them is the fact the Pax has taken a liking to them and will do whatever he can to save them, even launch the escape pod.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Now Available!

Lady Blue Crew

End of the Line (MM) Pax

Pax stared out of the porthole as the Lady Blue began its descent. His fingers curled around the rim of the window, watching Paktil come into view. Pax hated this part of living on a ship. He’d give anything to stay onboard, but he knew that being part of the crew, his duties didn’t always allow him this.

Hell, Pax would scrub the ship from tip to retractable ramp if he could stay onboard. He really didn’t trust people, but Pax was more comfortable with the men on this ship. He, at least knew them—somewhat.

“We’ll be landing in a few minutes. Aren’t you excited?” Gigi yapped eagerly around Pax. “Paktil has way more than End of the Line. I have a project I want to start and you’re just the man to help me.” Gigi sang the last part.

Pax shook his head. He wasn’t thrilled about this, more like dreading it. Gigi seemed excited, and Pax wanted to be, he just couldn’t find it in him. The bouncing human grabbed Pax’s hand and dragged him down to the retractable ramp.

When the door lowered, Pax’s nerves wound up tight. He’d already been left behind once and didn’t want a repeat performance. Not that the crew had done it on purpose, but still. It didn't feel good to be left behind, even by accident. In fact, it downright sucked. And they were on the planet he’d accidently gotten left behind on? Was he nuts?

“Do we have to be out here long? We’re gonna get the stuff we need and come right back, right?” Pax asked as his eyes darted around at all the people walking around the largest market place Pax had every laid eyes on.

"Oh sure," Gigi giggled. "We just have to get what's on my list and we can come right back."

Pax's eyes rounded as Gigi unrolled a piece of paper the length of his arm. They might as well rent rooms. That list was going to take forever to fill. "What's this project?" Pax asked. Maybe they could skip the market.

"Hydroponics lab," Gigi said proudly. Then he frowned, his lower lip curling up in disgust. "I hate that damn replicator."

"Hydroponics lab?" Pax blinked. "Do you even know anything about growing plants?"

Gigi snorted. "No."

Pax shook his head. He would never understand Gigi. The man was as nice as he could but he had a screw lose somewhere. Maybe Livewire could tighten it up… or replace it.

“It’s a small list. We can handle it.” Gigi pointed to items on his large list. “But we will need to get the starter kit as well.”

Pax groaned, getting everything they would need to start from scratch was going to take hours. He’d had built a hydroponics before, not on the scale Gigi was talking about, but Pax knew this wasn’t going to be a quick trip.

They rented a shuttle cart, filling it as they walked through the market. Pax had never seen so many expensive things in one place at the same before.

“Can we afford all of this?” he asked worriedly. Pax had lived on the streets before joining the crew of the Lady Blue. He wasn’t used to purchasing things he needed, let alone what he wanted. This was an odd feeling for him and he worried that they would run out of credits before they were even halfway through their list.

Gigi hummed along as they gathered the soil and seeds they would need. Pax knew they also needed the special bulbs to grow the vegetables and fruit. Starting from scratch took a lot more than just grabbing the stuff from the marketplace.

“Sure, Crank and Colt are out doing a job now. We’ll replenish the credits with no problem. Besides, we still have a good amount of credits from the blast job on Beta Five.”

Pax’s belly fluttered at Colt’s name. The hawk shifter always made him nervous. Pax could read mists—aura’s if you will—around people, telling him if they were good or bad. Colt didn’t have a mist. That worried Pax.

“How’s the shopping going?” Remy, the commander of the Blue Lady asked as he neared them.

Pax liked Remy. He had an honorable blue mist. Pax knew he could trust Remy.

“Peachy keen,” Gigi said as he leaned into his mate.

Pax glanced away. He’d never had anyone want to be near him before—until Colt. And the shifter always made him nervous.

“All done, commander.”

Pax gulped when he heard Colt’s deep and gravelly voice. His skin began to tingle knowing the man was near. There was something compelling about Colt but hell if Pax knew what it was. Pax stole a glance in Colt’s direction, immediately wishing he hadn’t. The shifters’ sapphire-blue eyes locked onto Pax’s, and then he gave Pax a friendly smile.

Pax blushed and lowered his eyes, unused to anyone paying him close attention. His fingers itched to run through Colt’s gorgeous blond hair. Someone shoot me now and put me out of my libido-driven misery.

“Hey.” Colt smiled down at Pax, making panic rob him of a reply.

Pax just nodded and hoped that Colt would accept that as a reply. He felt flustered, anxious, but strangely, not in a bad way. He didn't feel unsafe. Pax knew part of that came from being surrounded by huge men. Remy and Colt wouldn't let anything happen to him—well, at least Pax knew Remy wouldn't. The jury was still out on Colt.

Adult Excerpt

"Hey, little bird," Colt murmured as he nuzzled the side of Pax's head.

"Hey," Pax whispered back.

"Did you know that Lost Star Three is renowned for its mineral springs?"

Pax tilted his head back to look up at Colt. "Mineral springs?"

"Yep." Colt grinned. "They are supposed to rejuvenate the body and increase the libido."

Pax's jaw dropped. He liked sex as much as the next guy—well, since Colt came along anyway—but he doubted he would be walking if Colt's libido increased. He wasn't sitting easily now as it was. He just wasn't going to tell Colt that. The man seemed to get easily upset if there was something wrong with Pax.

"I was thinking we could slip away and spend a little time together in the springs."

It wasn't like Pax could deny Colt anything the man wanted. He grinned sheepishly. "Okay."

"Maybe you can convince Gigi to pack us a lunch and we can make a day of it."

Pax started to warm to the idea the more Colt talked about it. The idea of spending some quality on-on-one time with Colt was better than almost anything Pax could think of. "Will we have enough time? Don't we have to get the cargo and take it wherever it needs to go?"

"Hey, Remy," Colt called back over his shoulder, "how long are we going to be on Lost Star Three? My little bird and I want to make some plans."

Remy chuckled. "We've made pretty good time so I suppose we can have a little R and R while we're there but just one day. Once the cargo is loaded we need to get underway."

Pax's eyes rounded when Gigi squealed and jumped into Remy's arms. Gigi was just so… so… bouncy. Pax peered up at Colt to see if he was watching Gigi jump and bounce around. Was that something Colt liked?

Colt was looking right down at him as if he didn't even realize Gigi was in the same room. He chuckled and shook his head as Gigi's noises got louder.

"That would drive me nuts," Colt whispered. "Gigi is cool and all but how Remy stands that constant noise, I will never know."

"I don't make a lot of noise, do I?"

Colt winked. "You do when it counts."

Pax squeezed his eyes closed as his face heated up. He might as well be red instead of blue. He spent more time with his face flushed than he did without it.

"We'll be landing soon," Colt whispered into Pax's ear as his hand moved down to caress Pax's butt. "Want to go see if we can make some noise before we land?"

Pax giggled and grabbed Colt's hand, dragging him toward the door of the bridge. He had plans for his hawk and they didn't involve a room full of onlookers. The lift at the other end of the corridor was looking pretty good, though. The crew quarters were just too far away.

Pax heard Colt chuckling behind him as he pulled the man down the hallway and around the corner to the lift. He hit the button to open the door then turned and looked at his mate. "Livewire hasn't gotten the lift working yet."


Pax giggled and stepped back into the small space. He grabbed Colt's shirt and dragged the man inside then leaned past him to close the door. There wasn't much room in the small lift but they wouldn't need much for what he had in mind.

"I don't suppose you have any lube on you, do you?"

Colt shook his head. "Nope."

"Damn." Pax twisted his lips together as he tried to figure out how they could fool around without lube. As he looked from the top of Colt's head down to his boot clad feet, sudden inspiration struck him.

Pax dropped to his knees and went for the zipper on Colt's pants. He glanced up at Colt as he pulled the big man's hard shaft out of his pants. Colt had his hands pressed against each side of the small lift. His bottom lip was being bitten between his teeth. His blue eyes however, glowed dark with lust.

Pax kept his eyes locked with Colt's as he leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the cock in his hand. Colt's eyes closed for a moment then snapped open again, almost as if Colt couldn't stand to miss the show.

Pax made sure that he leaned back enough that Colt could see what he was doing but not take his lips away from the cock in his mouth. He paid special attention to the slit in the top and around the edges of the mushroomed head, lavishing them with his tongue.

Colt started panting softly. It gave Pax the courage to put all of his experience and knowledge into giving his mate the best blow job of his life. He really didn't want Colt to know exactly how much experience he had but showing him was a bit different than telling him.

"That feels so fucking good, little bird."

Pax grinned around the thick cock in his mouth then closed his lips around it and sucked it deep into his mouth. One thing he had never shared with Colt—he had a nonexistent gag reflex. He was able to swallow Colt's erection until the man hit the back of his throat.

"Fucking hell!" Colt groaned as his hips snapped forward.

Pax moved his mouth up and down Colt's cock, tightening his lips and stroking his tongue over the thickly veined sides. He felt Colt's fingers clench in his hair as his body trembled.

"Pax, gonna..."

Pax groaned as elation filled him and sucked harder as Colt roared. Hot salty liquid filled his mouth. Pax swallowed as much as he could then licked the rest away until Colt shuddered and pulled away.

"Damn, little bird, that was—" Colt frowned when Pax started tucking him back into his pants. "What about you, little bird? What can I do for you?"

Pax giggled as his face flushed. He stood to his feet and pressed his face into Colt's chest. "Get me a napkin to clean up the mess in my pants?"

Colt gapped for a moment then his deep booming laughter filled the lift. Pax smiled, his embarrassment at coming in his pants sliding away under his mate's joy. Pax glanced up into Colt's handsome face. "So, about that napkin."


Mate Dance by Amber Kell

Mate Dance
Released September 17th BUY link

Heading to a bar after a dance performance, intergalactically famous dancer, Raven, ran into a little girl beside the dead body of her grandmother. His one good deed in helping out the little girl would lead him into the arms of a dragon prince. Raven soon learns that once a dragon spots its mate it will keep him closer than gold.


Prince Kaemon paced the foyer waiting for a girl supposedly his daughter. How could he have a daughter and not know? Shouldn't his dragon senses have kicked in to let him know another person with his DNA walked the planet?

Thank the dragon goddess for the man who’d found his daughter.

"Sit down, Kaemon." His father, King Avin, waved a hand towards a bench beside him. "She'll be here any minute. You seem excited. I thought you didn't want children."

The prince spun on his heel and glared at his father. "Not wanting a child in theory is not the same as not wanting a child once born. If I'd been aware of her birth, I would've participated in her life."

Fury ate away at Kaemon. The fact that he could barely remember the woman who gave birth to his daughter didn't take away from the fact that she’d stolen those years from Kaemon. Years he could've spent bonding with a girl who had his blood pulsing in her veins. If the mother weren't already dead, he would've killed her. The idea of having someone to carry on the family name caused an odd combination of joy and anxiety.

The sound of a hovercar pulling up outside had him spinning towards the door. He held himself in check as a servant stepped forward and opened the front door. Kaemon ignored the mild reproving look he received from the elderly servant. This was his one chance to meet his little girl for the first time.

Three men stepped through the doorway. One was holding the hand of a little girl who clung to him like a lifeline. A pretty thing with long blonde hair and big brown eyes flecked with green.

Dragon eyes.

As a female, she'd never shift, but her eyes gave her bloodline away.

The officers approached, bowed low to his father first and then to Kaemon.

"I'm Officer Baines, and this is Officer Trewel," the sandy-haired man said, waving a hand towards his partner.

"Officers." King Avin gave a genial nod. "Thank you for finding her and bringing her to her new home. Good evening, Trisha," he said gently to the little girl.

"This isn't my home," the girl piped up, glaring at the men surrounding her. "My home is downtown. It's a white house with green trim."

"Don't you want to live here?" his father asked the girl, waving a hand to indicate the enormous stone entryway. “Haven’t you always wanted to be a princess in a castle?”

"No." The girl stamped her foot.

"Now, Trisha, you're going to hurt the king's feelings," a smooth voice drawled. To Kaemon's astonishment, the girl immediately subsided. She flashed a guilty glance toward Kaemon’s father but didn't say anything more. Kaemon took his first good look at the man standing beside her and his heart stuttered in his chest. As a prince he had dated many beautiful men, but none of them were as breathtaking as this one. The world dropped away as he looked into a pair of impossibly gorgeous blue eyes.

In the back of his mind, Kaemon thought the other man looked vaguely familiar, but he just couldn’t seem to come up with a name to go with the beautiful face. .

"Do you have a name?" he asked.

"Oh, sorry." The man gave a graceful bow to each royal. "I'm Raven."

Kaemon’s throat went dry as recognition jolted through him, and for the first time in his life, he felt star-struck. The most famous dancer in the galaxy stood in his foyer holding the hand of his previously unknown daughter.

"I-I'm Prince Kaemon."

Raven flashed him a wide smile that exposed a pair of deep dimples. Kaemon had seen that smile on more news stories than he could remember. He blamed his excitement over meeting his daughter for not recognizing the bachelor of his dreams. More than one jerk-off fantasy had featured the gorgeous man before him.


Visions of licking the dimples and sampling the man's flavor flashed through Kaemon's mind. His dragon stirred within. They both wanted this man.


The gorgeous man was talking, but it took a moment for Kaemon to yank his attention from Raven’s lush lips to focus on what he was saying.

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Golden Dancer by Tara Lain

Excerpt ADULT: Golden Dancer by Tara Lain

Available Sept 27 from Loose Id

A reporter and the thief he’s investigating fall for a golden dancer forging a ménage of love and lies that could send one to prison and one to the morgue. Uncovering secrets requires baring more than just the soul.

He half believed the reason his investigation was going nowhere was because he didn’t want to succeed. Now that he knew Daniel -- in more than the Biblical sense -- he didn’t really want the man to be guilty. Or, at least, he was having a tough time with the idea of bringing him down. Shit! What kind of a fucking reporter was he? But it was possible that Daniel didn’t do it. It was possible!

On top of a boatload of frustration over his stalled investigation, Mac was also crawly with sexual frustration. From celibate to addict in a week. He stalked around his little house like a caged animal, thought about the Laguna gay bars, and rejected the idea as too scary and kind of repulsive. He’d even thought of trying out the boy-toy service he used for Kizwalski, but that qualified as full-on creepy. What he wanted was Trelain. Trelain’s ass, yes, but also those turquoise eyes looking at him like he -- what did Debbie call it? -- hung the moon. He missed the dancer with an ache he would have thought impossible just weeks ago. Yeah, and to be honest, he kind of missed the damned billionaire too. Crap.

One more tea. Pouring the dark liquid over yet more ice, he heard a car door slam. It was early afternoon. Not many people coming and going at this hour.

Feeling nosy, he carried his drink into the living room and peered out the window. Holy shit. Daniel stood in the middle of his little yard looking around like he’d never seen how the other half lived, but his chauffeur was pulling the big limo away from his house.

Talk about conflicting emotions -- a weird combo of horror and delight. Before one emotion could win, the doorbell sounded. He set down the tea and walked to the entry. First he needed to know why the hell Daniel was here. Deep breath. He opened the door.

How could he forget Daniel’s beauty? Six-three or -four of slim, broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped masculinity. That silver hair had grown a bit since Mac had first seen him, and it curled a little around his ears. Those deep midnight blue eyes went on for eons. Right now, those eyes looked uncertain. Dimples flashed in the lean cheeks. “Hi.”

Breathing was difficult. “Hi.”

Mac couldn’t move. Daniel didn’t. Finally, Mac shook himself mentally. Get a grip. “Did you want to come in?”

“That would be nice, yes.”

Mac stepped aside, and Daniel walked past him into the cramped, messy cottage. Mac followed the bigger man as he walked into the little living-room/office combo. Shit. He walked over to the computer to check that only his water article was up on the screen. Yeah. Good. “Do you want some iced tea?”

“Thank you.”

Mac walked into the little kitchen, poured a new glass, and refilled his own. What the hell did the man want? When he went back to the living area, Daniel was looking at photos on the wall. He extended a glass. Daniel took it, and their eyes met.

Daniel seemed to take a breath. “I miss you so much.”


“I miss you. I can’t stand that Trelain being gone means we have nothing left between us.”

Mac knew his mouth hung open. “I didn’t think you even liked me.”

The dark eyes looked back at him, and then he got the wry smile he knew so well. “I didn’t. I even tried to hate you because Trelain cares for you so much, but I can’t seem to do it. I want you, Mac.”

Mac shook his head, trying to clear it. What was this about? This was so not in character for the cool billionaire. Yeah, he’d seen Daniel play at bottoming for Trelain, but this was…well, not Trelain. It was him, MacKenzie MacAllister. WTF? A lot of people were acting strangely lately, including him. “There are a million guys who would lie down in the road to be with you…”

Daniel grabbed his arm, sloshing a little tea onto the old wood floor. “Don’t want them. Want you. Fuck me, Mac. Please, fuck me.”

This wasn’t happening. Daniel Terrebone, billionaire, art thief, and nemesis, was not really standing here begging to be fucked. Sweet Jesus, his head was going to explode. Mac backed up, pulling his arm from Daniel’s grasp, surrendering more tea to the floorboards.

Daniel closed the gap in one step, flipping the glass from Mac’s hand. He barely heard the crash as Daniel’s mouth closed over his. Instant flashback to that night in the hallway at Daniel’s house, the night Mac’s whole life changed. Mac felt that hot tongue pressing into his mouth with no pause for permission, and every ounce of frustration boiling just under his skin for days poured out his throat in a deep moan, a moan echoed by the big man holding him. Mac’s arms wrapped around that tall body of their own accord, and he tangled a leg around Daniel’s thigh trying to get their cocks closer. Daniel was big, but no way he could lift Mac’s tall, lanky frame around his waist like they both loved to do to Trelain. Instead, the man grabbed that thigh and pulled it high until Mac’s erection pointed straight at the big lump in Daniel’s shorts, and then he pulled Mac’s butt with his other hand and ground them together. Oh shit, it felt good.

“Feel good, Mac? Have you been missing this as much as I have?” Daniel stared relentlessly into his eyes as he purposefully ground their two big rods, separated only by thin summer cotton. Daniel pulled Mac’s butt harder, shooting sparks straight through his cock. “Tell me, dammit!”

“Yes, shit, yes, I dream about it. I wake up covered in cum thinking of your mouth on my cock.” And damn him to hell, it was true.

Daniel pulled their bodies closer and rotated his hips. Holy crap, it was like heaven and hell at once. Daniel pushed his lips next to Mac’s ear. “And did you ever dream about fucking me, Mac? After you saw Trelain do it, didn’t you want to just a little bit?” When all he got from Mac was a moan, he upped the grinding. “Tell me; I want to hear. Tell me!”

“Oh God, yes, I wanted to fuck you right then, but you didn’t ask me. I’ve wanted to every day since; I want to…”

“Now. You want to now.”

“Yes, God, yes.” Crap, what was he saying?

Daniel pulled Mac in for a searing kiss. “Where?”

Mac nodded toward the bedroom.

The crazy big man picked Mac up by the waist. Mac was only a couple inches shorter and maybe twenty pounds lighter, so the overall effect was not graceful or suave. In fact, the marked contrast to having the sinuous Trelain wrapped around him made Mac laugh. Daniel looked at him askance for a moment, then joined in. This had to be a sight worthy of a Saturday cartoon, but it got the job done, and Daniel carried Mac, stumbling, down the short hall, tossed him onto his bed, and fell down on top of him.

The laughing turned to gasping. Daniel dug into a pocket and produced a bottle of lube. He pushed himself up off Mac’s body and dragged his denim shorts off a very erect cock with no underwear in between. The man came prepared. Breathing hard, he poured lube into his palm, knelt up, bent over unceremoniously, and started shoving lube into his ass. He glanced at Mac. “Get those shorts off, man. You got work to do.”

Holy crap. He was about to fuck Daniel Terrebone. That this might be true in more ways than

one was not something he wanted to think about.



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Lady Blue Crew by Lynn Hagen and Stormy Glenn

Lady Blue Crew 1
By Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen
Available Today!!!
Giovanni Gallardo is on the run. With only a knapsack in his hands, he boards a ship to get as far away from earth as he possibly can. When he arrives at End of the Line, things go south fast.
Remy Vystal is the commander of the Lady Blue. Kicked out of the Elite Force for something they didn't do, Remy and his crew travel the galaxy taking on missions to survive.
When a stowaway is discovered aboard, the fun has only just begun. Remy has found his mate in the little human, but Gigi is more than the crew is used to handling.
When they discover Gigi’s secret, the crew must fight to keep Gigi alive. Keeping Gigi safe from a replicator that’s possessed may be easier than keeping him safe from the one man who has called a bounty on all of their heads.
The End of the lineGiovanni Gallardo shook his head. When they said end of the line, they weren't kidding, he thought as he watched out the porthole. The ship he rode on was docking at a spaceport of a backwater planet. He was at the end of the line for sure. He was practically at the end of the universe.
Spaceships didn't even fly beyond this point, not unless the pilot was totally loco. Giovanni wasn't a pilot but he also wasn't so sure he wasn't loco either. He had to be out of his mind to come to the edge of the known universe in the hopes of starting a new life away from earth.
And who in the hell named someplace The End of the Line? What kind of name was that for a city? Granted, it wasn't a large city, and it was kind of creepy, but still. Who came up with this shit?
Of all of the places he could have picked to settle in he had to choose this one? Yep, he was definitely loco. But desperate times called for desperate measures. No one back on earth would ever think to look for him here—he hoped.
Blending in with the local population was Giovanni's best hope of not being discovered but as he watched the inhabitants of the planet scurry around the spaceport, he was having his doubts. He'd never even seen some of the alien species walking around, much less heard them described.
Giovanni had hoped to travel as far from earth and his former owner as he could possibly get. He had thought coming to this planet would do the trick. But he was seriously beginning to rethink that plan. There was no one here to help him, not that there was back on earth either. But this place went so far beyond bizarre, even he seemed to stand out.
Men with blue skin and antennas drank foaming green liquid at what seemed to be an outdoor bar. Standing next to them was a person with a flat head. Giovanni blink. The guy, at least he assumed it was a guy, literally had a flat head. He could have carried a drink on it and not spilled a drop.
Giovanni's eyes were rounded with shock as he disembarked from the spaceship. He clutched his small bag tightly to his side as he stared with wide eyes at everything he passed. This was definitely not earth.
Aliens were segregated back on earth. They did not mix with the general population. They were only allowed inside the red zones. Giovanni had seen a few, mostly on the vid-screen and in magazines. He'd never really seen one in person. He was astonished at the variety.
"Hey, watch it!" someone snapped when Giovanni walked into them.
"Sorry." Giovanni quickly back peddled, fear spiking through him. He needed to watch where he was going. Giovanni wasn’t sure what the aliens’ customs were, never having known a single alien in his life. Could bumping into someone be considered a deadly offense?
He stiffened and clutched his bag tighter to his side when the thing snorted and blue smoke blew out his… snout? Giovanni was rethinking that whole escape from earth and you'll be safe plan he'd come up with. He just might have stepped out of the frying pan and took a nose dive right into the roaring fire.
People were starting to turn and watch him. Giovanni felt like a bug under glass. He wanted to blend in. He felt like he stood out like a sore thumb. He tightened his grip on his bag and lowered his head as he made a hasty retreat and tried to find some dark hole to hide in.
As much as he had hoped he'd be able to hide on this planet, if too many people saw him, word would get back to Drake. Once that happened, even hiding at the edge of the known universe wouldn't save him.
Giovanni found a small hiding place between two large crates against the back wall on the loading dock. He squeezed his small body in between them, for once thankful that Drake barely fed him. Hardly anyone would be able to get to him where he was hiding.
The space was tight, but it hid him from prying eyes. If he could just stay hidden for awhile then he could work out the rest of his plan. Right now, he had none. His only thought had been escaping. Beyond that, he didn't have a clue.
Giovanni knew he'd needed a job or some way to support himself. Being a sex slave to the biggest boss in New Chicago wasn't exactly something to put on a resume. Well, not unless he planned to peddle his ass on the streets and Giovanni was really hoping to avoid that. He'd had enough of being used and abused and never being able to say no. He wanted to try something different—like free will.
Giovanni clutched his bag tightly to his chest and hunkered down between the two wooden crates. For now, this seemed like the safest place to be. Besides, he'd had a long trip. Being on a spaceship filled with other people didn't exactly make him comfortable. Giovanni couldn't remember the last time he'd slept and he was exhausted. Maybe, for just a few minutes, he could get a little rest.
He'd decide what to do with the rest of his life once he got a little shut eye. With that thought in mind, Giovanni closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the side of the crate. Maybe when he woke up things would look a little better because so far, the End of the Line was looking almost as bad as Earth.

"Are you playing with yourself under the table?"
Remy froze. That’s exactly what he had been doing and hearing Gigi talking about it was edging him ever closer to an orgasm of epic proportions. He squeezed his cock tightly to keep from shooting.
"I can see your hand moving and I know you're naked. I saw you in the kitchen. You were hard as a rock." Gigi shrugged just as Remy glanced up. "It's no matter to me. I mean, if you want to play with yourself, that’s your business. I just wondered."
"Uh…" Remy frowned. "Thank you?"
Gigi took another bite of his food. He looked up as he chewed. When he started waving his fork around, Remy knew he was in trouble.
"Of course, if you're going to fuck me, I'd prefer that you waited. I saw how hard you were in the kitchen and I'd rather have a hard dick in my ass than a soft one, you know?" Gigi waved his fork some more. "It just kind of adds something to it when the fucker is hard when fucking the fuckee."
Remy blinked. His head was starting to hurt—both of them. One from denying himself the bliss that was Gigi's body and the other because Gigi was speaking and confusing the hell out of him.
The only thing he really understood from all of that was hard dick and fucking. Maybe the trick was to keep Gigi occupied so he couldn't talk while getting what he wanted at the same time. "I plan to eat every last bit of this steak so if you want me to keep my hands off my cock then I suggest you play with it, suck it, or ride it. Hell, I’m not that picky."
Remy started coughing roughly when Gigi grinned and slid under the table. A moment later, wet hot silk enveloped the head of his cock. Remy dropped his fork and gripped the edges of the metal table as Gigi began licking him. He spread his legs and Gigi scooted closer.
Oh hell, he was going to die, right here in the mess hall of his very own ship. And he couldn't have cared less. His arm swung out, the dishes flying across the room, shattering against the wall as Remy reached under the table and grabbed Gigi by his arms.
“Get your ass up here.”
Gigi giggled as he climbed up Remy’s lap and then onto the tabletop. He wiggled his beautifully shaped ass in Remy’s face. Remy growled as he curled his fingers into Gigi’s waistband and yanked, the material shredding under his sharp claws.
Remy shook his right hand, concentrating on making the claws retract, at least slightly. He was anxious to sink deep inside of Gigi, but he didn’t want to purposely scar the man for life. Remy leaned back, allowing a string of saliva to escape his mouth and fall between the crease of the little man’s ass.
His saliva would act as a relaxant and prepare the human for his very large cock. Remy thanked the gods that his species had this ability because if they hadn't, he would have had to find another way and at the moment, patience wasn’t a virtue in his book.
“Holy hell, what is that?” Gigi panted as he looked over his shoulder.
“Natural lube. Just relax, Gigi.” Remy wasn’t sure how he could be telling the little man this when he was far from relaxed himself. The need to strike quickly, to claim, and to dominate where riding him hard. Remy had to take a deep breath to tamp down those urges so he wouldn’t hurt the human.
His canines extended further when Remy grabbed the base of his cock and slowly sank in. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he had an urge to howl. Although Gigi seemed to be all for the sex, he wasn’t trying to scare the man.
Remy laid his hands on Gigi’s sides, careful of his claws, as his hips began to rock in and out. His body quivered from the restraint he was using to be gentle. He was trying to fuck the little man, not put him through the table. His legs began to shake as his wolf instincts demanded he take Gigi harder.
“Harder, Remy. Fuck me like you mean it,” Gigi begged.
Remy had to shake his head. The lust was building into a blinding fog that would soon make him forget he was holding a fragile human under him. He needed to concentrate on going slow and easy, even if his angel just asked for what his wolf form wanted.
Remy pushed forward slowly. He hadn't even sunk all the way in. Fear of hurting Gigi made him hold back. Sweat began to break out all over his body as his hands shook. His race was used to fucking like madmen. Using the amount of control he was forcing his body to use was taking its toll.
“Damn it,” Gigi growled as he slammed back onto Remy’s cock, taking all ten inches into his ass.
A howl of pleasure ripped from Remy's chest as Gigi shouted out his name. If the little human could take it, Remy wasn’t one to deny. His wolf howled in agreement, the sound echoing throughout the mess hall. He pulled his hips back and slammed into Gigi, a growl climbing up his chest and making his lips pull back in a snarled curl. Remy picked Gigi up, the little human’s arms circling back around his neck as he bounced Gigi on his cock.
“Hell, yeah," Gigi screamed. "Harder, faster.”
Remy wrapped an arm around the little angel as his hips snapped, giving Gigi exactly what he was crying out for. He could feel the tingling clawing its way up his spine as Gigi pulled at his neck.
“You’re mine!” Remy declared as his balls drew tight to his body. “Mine, do you understand me?”
“Whatever you want, just don’t stop fucking me,” Gigi cried out.
Remy leaned forward, putting Gigi back onto his hands and knees as he blanketed his back and sank his canines into soft flesh. He shocked himself with the move. To bite someone while having sex was to claim them as your mate.

Sparkle and Purr by Stormy Glenn

Midnight Matings
by Stormy Glenn
Available today!!!
The Gathering is called. The spell is cast. There is no escaping the Midnight Matings.
Elder Davan Solaris has secrets, the most important being the love he still harbors for Manuel Tejarda, the man he bonded with four years ago at the last Great Gathering. Some days, thoughts of Manuel are the only thing that keeps him going. Other days, the anguish of being abandoned brings him to his knees. Manuel will always hold his heart. When Manuel appears at this year's Great Gathering, Davan panics. He's given up too much to let Manuel rip his heart apart again. Besides, he has an even bigger secret to hide, and this one he needs to hide from Manuel.
Manuel knows Davan betrayed him. He has the proof. But he can't help but seek Davan out when he attends the gathering. A cloud of rage fills him when he discovers the plans of the elder council, and he takes that anger out on Davan, claiming the man as his mate. When his mind clears, Manuel's only thought is to guard his heart from the one man that has the power to destroy it, even if that means not having Davan as his mate. Destroying the forces bent on keeping them apart might be easier than giving Davan up, especially when Manuel discovers the secrets Davan has been keeping from him.
"Hello, Davan."
Davan Solaris closed his eyes for a moment as he heard a voice he never thought he'd hear again. He drew in a deep breath and tried to steady his nerves before opening his eyes and turning around. It would never do for anyone to see an elder freaking out, even if he was freaking out.
"Hello, Manuel," Davan said as he folded his hands together in front of him, hoping that Manuel didn't see how much they were shaking. "It's been a long time."
And Manuel was just as gorgeous now as he was four years ago. It wasn't fair, really it wasn't. Davan wanted him to be old and ugly. He wasn't. He still looked tall and muscular and sexy as sin. If anything, Manuel had just grown sexier in the passing years.
"Four years," Manuel replied. "Not since the last Great Gathering."
"How have you been?"
It was agonizing for Davan to stand there and converse pleasantly with the one person that had almost destroyed him. It had been four years since they had seen each other. And Davan felt every second of it like a knife in his heart.
Manuel crossed his muscular arms over his chest and leaned against the wall. "Is that all you have to say to me after all of this time?"
"I'm not sure we have much to say to each other."
Davan certainly didn't have anything to say to Manuel. He felt everything had been said when he woke up in bed alone. He hadn't seen Manuel since. There had been no explanation, no note, not even a phone call. Manuel was just gone, along with all of his possessions. He had packed up and left in the middle of the night without a word.
That pretty much said it all for Davan.
"I'm needed in the grand ballroom," Davan said. "It was… interesting seeing you again, Manuel."
He quickly turned away and hurried down the long hallway before Manuel could say another word or stop him. Davan had envisioned seeing Manuel again. Somehow, despite the pain he suffered nearly every day, he never thought it would be this hard.
He wanted to scream at Manuel, to demand answers. He wanted to know why Manuel had left him in the middle of the night. He wanted to know why the man threw away all that they could have had together. And yet, he didn't. He was afraid of the answers.
Davan paused at the entrance to the grand ballroom and drew in several calming breaths. He didn't know how he was going to lock away his emotions when they were so close to the surface. He just knew he had to.
He was an elder now. He had come a long way from the gangly young man Manuel knew four years ago. He had poured all of his anguish into becoming the elder of fae clans. It gave him purpose and usually kept him too busy to think about Manuel.
And now the man was here.
Davan shook himself out of his deep thoughts when he saw the other elders gathering on the dais. He was required to be up there with them. Tonight would either make or break the paranormal community.
The Great War between the Paranormals had decimated them all. Hundreds had been killed, entire clans wiped out. In the twenty five years since, things had settled between the different paranormals to a large extent but there was still a lot of fighting going on—something the elders planned to end tonight.
The humans had become aware of the paranormals during the Great War. While they were pretty content to let the paranormals live in relative peace, they would not put up with discord, fighting, or the million other stupid things the younger people insisted on doing in the name of their kind.
The elders feared interference from the humans. They had a right to be. Enough of the paranormals had been killed during the Great War that they would not be able to defend themselves if the humans attacked.
The fighting had to end, hence, tonight's little gathering. The Gathering was called every February 29th, on leap year. This year, invitations had gone out to every unmated person of mating age in the paranormal world.
Even if attendance was mandatory, not all had shown. Still, the next few minutes would be interesting. Davan truly believed that a mating shouldn't be forced and that the council's decision would create more problems than it would fix. He was outvoted.
Davan stepped into the large room. He nodded to several people as he made his way up onto the dais to stand with the other elders. Even if he had been outvoted, he would still stand behind the decision of the council. He tensed when Elder Burke walked to the front of the dais. The shit was about to hit the fan.

"No!" Davan screamed as Manuel reached for him. He held up a hand as if that would ward the large jaguar shifter off. It wouldn't. The big man took Davan down to the floor and hovered over him. "No, Manuel, you don't want to do this."
It was already too late. Davan cried out as he felt Manuel's teeth sink into his neck. Tears of sorrow fell from his eyes when he felt the mating bond snap into place. He slumped against Manuel, knowing that nothing he did would stop what was happening.
There was a small part of Davan that gloried in the bond he now had with Manuel, something he had dreamed of having for years. But it was a small part, a part he kept buried deep inside.
The other part, the bigger part, knew that this was all some terrible mistake. He would never be able to escape the memories now. He'd live with them every day for the rest of his life. Worse yet, he'd be living them with Manuel.
Being an elder, Davan knew what Manuel did not and when the man discovered the rest of the council's mandate, he would hate Davan—something Davan already lived with on a daily basis but buried each day so he could function.
Davan prayed that this wasn't happening, that it was all some horrible nightmare. He knew it wasn't when one of the council guards stepped toward them and Manuel growled while clutching Davan to his chest.
Davan had researched jaguar shifters. He knew they were a possessive species. Mating was taken very seriously by jaguars. They only ever had one mate. They guarded those mates with a fierceness that was unparalleled in the paranormal world.
It had been a strong bone of contention between Davan and Manuel ten years ago. Fae were a little freer about things. They mated but it was often in groups of three or more. Very rarely did fae mate with just one person.
It wasn't that Davan planned to be unfaithful or to even bring someone else into their relationship. He had cared about Manuel too much. It was the possessiveness that was so hard. Manuel didn't like Davan out of his site for any reason.
It had caused many disagreements between them, and Davan knew it was one of the reasons Manuel left. The anger he could now feel through their bond told Davan that the road ahead wasn't going to be any easier. Manuel blamed him.
Davan started to struggle when he felt Manuel's clawed hands start tearing at his clothes. He knew under normal circumstances that Manuel never would have even thought of fucking him in a room full of people but there wasn't anything normal about tonight. Manuel was mindless with mating heat. He wouldn't be stopped.
But he could be moved. Davan grabbed at Manuel's hands as he tried to scoot out from under the man. Manuel growled. Davan inhaled sharply. He knew he wasn't in danger, not anymore. He was Manuel's mate and would be protected at all costs. But everyone around them was in danger of losing their lives.
"Not here, Manuel," Davan said carefully. He knew of only one way to get through to Manuel in his current feral state. "Please, not in front of everyone else. I don't want anyone to see me."
Manuel's jaw clenched when he pulled his teeth free of Davan's neck. He glanced quickly around as if he expected someone to try and take Davan away from him. Davan grunted when Manuel's arms tightened possessively around him. Manuel growled and stood up, cradling Davan in his arms.
The softly painted blue walls of the ballroom flew past Davan as Manuel carried him out of the room. They quickly turned to stone as Manuel hurried down the hallway. Davan barely had time to register the fact that they were heading into a room before the door slammed closed and he was tossed onto the bed.
Manuel was on him before he could roll over, tearing the remaining clothes from his body. Davan swallowed hard at the untamed glow in Manuel's dark brown eyes. The man was feeling every effect of the mating heat.
Davan just prayed there was enough sanity left in the man to not hurt him during their coupling. Anyone could be rough when it came to mating. A Jaguar in the midst of a mating heat could be dangerous.
If Davan made the wrong move, Manuel might take it as his refusal to accept the mating, and then all hell would break loose. Davan knew he would have to be very careful so he didn't set Manuel off.
Manuel's face was flushed when he looked down at Davan. His eyes held an insane glint in them. Strangely, Davan didn't detect a hint of the hatred he was sure Manuel felt. Instead, Manuel's look was filled with desire.
"Manny," Davan whispered as he reached up to stroke the side of Manuel's face.
Despite everything, he still cared for the man. Davan's heart almost cracked when Manuel grabbed his hand and kissed the palm. It was a gentle gesture, one that was at odds with the fierce warrior that Davan knew Manuel to be.
"Don't do—ahhh!" Davan cried out as Manuel struck hard and fast, sinking his canines into the soft skin of Davan's neck.
Davan knew what Manuel was doing. He was reasserting his claim on Davan. He'd do it every time he felt his claim was threatened. That’s what jaguars did. Davan imagined he'd be bit a lot in the future. Manuel had possessiveness down to an art form.
Misery and elation warred inside of Davan when he felt Manuel's hands move down his body. He had ached to see Manuel again for four very lonely years. He dreamed of the man at night, crying out in the mornings when he woke without him. To be touched by the man again was a dream Davan never thought he would realize.
But the pleasure he knew was to come was a small comfort for the pain he knew he'd suffer the moment Manuel regained his senses. Davan wasn't sure he would survive it when Manuel left again or told him to his face that he wasn't good enough to be a jaguar's mate.
Because of that, when he felt Manuel's slick cock slide into his ass, Davan's cry didn't come just from the exquisite pleasure that movement produced but also from his soul crying out in denial.
The intense shocks shooting through Davan at finally being claimed by Manuel overshadowed everything for several moments. Manuel's large hands stroked his heated skin as the man pounded into him. His larger body pressed down on Davan but it was a welcome weight, letting Davan know it wasn't all a dream. Manuel really was here. Davan was truly being claimed.
Davan cried out as his body ignited in a maelstrom of pleasure so intense that he felt his world tilt. He couldn't hold back the pixie dust that would renew his bond with Manuel when his wings extended. Brilliant colors filled the air around them, dusting both of them until their skin glowed.
Davan's wings fluttered wildly between his back and the mattress as awe in the moment grew. Manuel tossed his head back and roared out his release. He felt the cock in his ass pulse then fill him, further cementing Manuel's claim.
As Manuel lowered his head and looked back down at him, Davan let his eyes fall close and exhaustion take him away. He didn't have it in him at that moment to see the anger in Manuel's eyes when the man figured out what happened.
He just wanted to dream a little longer.