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FIREMAN’S FLAME by Stormy Glenn

FIREMAN’S FLAME by Stormy Glenn
Cade Creek 3
After seven years, Chester Bailey has called it quits. His divorce has finalized and he’s packed up his life with plans to move to Cade Creek. But fate has a sense of humor, which Chester discovers when he’s involved in a car accident just as he reaches the small country town. Rescue comes in the form of the sexiest fire chief Chester has ever seen…and maybe a new love interest.
Fire Chief Jack Helmond is used to being called to the scene of accidents. It’s part of the job. When he discovers a frightened young man pinned in his car, the job takes on new meaning. Rescuing Chester becomes personal.
But Chester’s past refuses to give up so easily. His ex won’t let a little thing like a new lover or even divorce papers stop him from claiming what he believes is his. If Jack has any hope of keeping the flames of romance burning between him and Chester, he’ll need more than fellow fire fighters to help him. He might need all of Cade Creek.

Chester shook his head as the red traffic light he was stopped at turned green. He knew it was going to take a whole hell of a lot more than a desire to start a new life for it to actually happen, and he hoped his friend Yancy could help.
Chester eased the car into traffic once again, heading for the Cade Creek Diner, a place he had been to before and fallen in love with. Granted, it had taken a lot of talking and some heavy eyelash fluttering to convince the cook to add a few vegetarian dishes to the menu, but now that he had, it was one of Chester’s favorite places to visit in Cade Creek.
A vegetarian cheese omelet sounded like just what he needed before calling Yancy and asking the man to come into town so they could talk and he could explain to him how his life had gone so horribly wrong…and then ask for his help.
Chester didn’t even have enough time to scream as something hard and heavy slammed into the side of his car. The sound of metal on metal was horrendous, and one he would never forget, but it was better than the sound his vehicle made as it was crushed like a tin can—with him inside of it.
When the world stopped spinning, Chester found himself lying against the door of his small car, his legs pinned by the steering wheel and the dashboard. Pain made his vision blurry as it exploded throughout every inch of his body. His very cells screamed in agony. Something warm and wet trickled down the left side of his face.
Chester made sure he didn’t move any more than he had to as he took stock of his injuries. His head ached but not as much as his legs. Fire burned down them like his skin was being peeled off. Tears sprang to Chester’s eyes when he was able to wiggle his toes. He wasn’t paralyzed, but it was obvious from the amount of pain he was feeling that something was seriously wrong.
When he lifted his hand to the side of his face, he could feel wetness and jagged flesh. He had a gash on the side of his head. Chester suspected that he had hit his head on the side window as the glass had shattered, most likely from his head hitting it as the car flipped through the air. There were some cuts on his face and neck, also most likely caused by the breaking glass.
“Are you okay?”
Chester turned to see a well-groomed dark-haired man looking down at him from the passenger side window, which strangely enough seemed to be the top of his car now. “What happened?”
“A truck ran the red light and hit you.”
Well, that would explain it then.
“I’m Kapheri.” The man had a very interesting accent as he spoke. “Can you tell me your name?”
“Good.” Kapheri smiled. “Do you know where you are, Chester?”
“Um…in my car.”
“True.” Kapheri chuckled. “Can you tell me where your car is?”
Chester almost said “in the street” but he knew the answer the man was looking for. “Cade Creek.”
“Can you tell me what year it is, Chester?”
Chester frowned. “Really?”
“Afraid so.”
“Twenty fifteen.”
“Good, good.” Kapheri’s perfect white teeth gleamed when he smiled. “Okay, an ambulance is on its way. Try not to move.”
“Thank you.” But he really didn’t have any plans to move any time soon. It hurt too damn much. “The driver of the truck? Was he hurt?”
“He walked away without a scratch on him.” A deep scowl crossed the man’s face as he looked up and past the car at something Chester couldn’t see. “The police should be here in a minute or so to take him into custody. The bloody bastard reeks of alcohol.”
Chester sputtered with bitter amusement. “I’m going to die because some asshole had too much to drink and decided to take a five-ton truck for a joy ride?”
That sounded like his luck.
“Well, I don’t think you’re going to die, but…yes.”
“Is…” Chester licked his lips, wishing he had something to drink. They felt so dry they hurt. “Is there anything left of my stuff?”
Once again, Kapheri lifted his head and looked beyond what Chester could see. “You might be able to salvage some of it but I’m pretty sure the trailer is a total write off.”
“Damn.” He hadn’t taken the insurance out on it. In retrospect, that had been pretty stupid of him. He had been fairly confident of his own driving skills. He never dreamed he’d have to worry about some ass wipe with too much to drink ramming into him. “There’s snow in my car.” Chester didn’t know why that was important, but it seemed to be.
“You hit a snow bank, Chester. There’s snow over fifty percent of your car.”
“Oh.” Chester screamed as he involuntarily tried to move his leg and a spike of pain ripped through his body that was worse than anything he had ever felt in his life. He was positive he was going to die because nothing that hurt this bad couldn’t be fatal. “Ho–how far away is…is that ambulance?”
“Soon, Chester.”
Chester almost cried out when the man’s face disappeared. He wanted to beg the man to stay, to not leave him alone. But another face appeared, one that took Chester’s breath away with its sheer masculine beauty, and with the way he was panting that was pretty hard to do.
“Hey, I’m Jack. I’m a fireman. Someone called and said you were having a little trouble today.”

Jack was nervous, anxious. He was excited. His date with Chester was due to start in thirty minutes. He was supposed to go to Chester’s place where they would have dinner and then spend the evening together, and maybe the night. He wanted to make a good impression on his new love interest. Keeping Chester happy was his top priority, especially considering this was their first real date.
Jack wanted everything to be perfect.
After their little interlude in the bathroom at Chester’s apartment two weeks ago, they hadn’t been able to get together until today due to a heavier than usual work schedule and Chester’s move into his new place. Nightly phone calls that lasted late into the night had sufficed, but it would never take the place of being with Chester in person. The image of holding the sexy man in his arms had been burned into his memory for all time.
Jack glanced at the bouquet of wildflowers sitting on the seat next to him. Purchasing them had seemed like a good idea at the time. Everyone liked to be romanced, and Chester deserved no less. He wanted Chester to feel important, special.
Now, he wondered if he was making a mistake buying them. Chester was a guy. Not a lot of guys bought flowers for other guys. Maybe he should have brought a six pack of beer and a pizza instead of flowers and a bottle of red wine.
God, he was goober. He was thirty-eight years old and he felt like he was getting ready to go out on his first date with his high school crush. If the guys at the fire house could see him now, they’d laugh themselves silly.
Jack pulled into a parking spot down the street from Chester’s new apartment and turned off the engine. He could see the lights on through the tall second-floor windows. His lips curved into a small smile when he saw Chester’s shadow pass in front of the window. He glanced at his watch. He still had another twenty minutes before he was supposed to arrive. He was a tad bit early.
Jack pulled out his cell phone and dialed Chester’s number.
Chester answered a moment later. “Hey, handsome.”
“What are you wearing?” he asked in a deep gravelly voice.
Chester’s laughter eased Jack’s nerves. “A smile.”
“Damn,” Jack groaned as his cock hardened just that fast. “I’d like to see that.”
“Maybe I’ll let you.”
Jack groaned again, palming his hard cock through jeans. It wasn’t enough, not when Chester laughed again, only this time, the sound was low and sultry. Jack quickly glanced around. The street was vacant, not a soul in sight. He sat near the end of the street, his truck shadowed by the building he was parked in front of.
It was enough.
Jack reached into the glove box and pulled out a few wet wipes he kept in there. He set them on the seat next to him and then unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. He wrapped his fingers around his aching length and started slowly pumping his hand up and down. “Talk to me, baby.”
“What would you like me to say?” Chester asked in a silky voice that dug into Jack’s senses and sent his arousal skyrocketing. He didn’t know anyone else that could set him off as fast as Chester Bailey.
“Anything.” Jack pumped faster, tightening his fist around his shaft. He began stroking his length from root to tip. He ran his thumb over the moist head, smearing the pre-cum around and squeezing lightly. Jack bit his lip as he moved his hand to the rhythm his hips were setting.
“I could tell you how excited I am to see you tonight.”
“Oh, so am I, baby. I can’t wait.” His balls were starting to pull up tight to his body. A web of arousal spun around him as he squeezed his shaft, his thumb caressing over the leaking head. He growled when he felt the tingle shooting up his spine. He grabbed the wet wipes he had pulled from the glove box and held them over his cock.
Chester’s voice dipped even lower when he spoke again. “I’m not wearing any underwear.”
“Fuck!” Jack shouted as hot ropes of seed shot out of his cock, hitting him on his chest and under his chin. He smacked the dashboard as his dick jerked wildly in his hand and pumped ropes of cum into the wet wipes.
“Did you just jerk off?”
Jack chuckled. “Maybe.”
“Where in the hell are you?”
“Look out your window.” A moment later, the curtain moved and Chester’s face appeared in the window. “Down the street on your left.”
When Chester glanced his way, Jack raised a hand and waved.
“What are you doing out there?” Chester asked.
“Waiting until our date.” He glanced down at his watch. “I have another ten minutes.”
“You also have a police car coming up behind you.”
“Damn it!” Jack heard Chester laughing hysterically when he dropped his cell phone and started shoving his spent dick back into his pants, zipping them up. He just got himself smoothed down and everything cleaned up when a light shined into the window of his truck and he heard a knock on the window.
Jack groaned when he turned and saw Deputy Nick Hale standing there with a flashlight in his hand. He rolled the window down, praying the deputy hadn’t seen his lapse in judgment. “Is there a problem, Nick?”
“No, just checking to make sure you were okay.”
“I’m fine.” He rolled his eyes when Nick scanned the interior of the truck. “I have a date in ten minutes. I’m waiting.”
“Uh-uh.” Nick grinned. “And the flowers?”
“For my date.”
“I see. Well.” Nick chuckled with a great deal of amusement. “You have a good night then, chief.”
God, grant him restraint.
“You, too, Deputy Hale.” Jack waited until Nick walked away before rolling up his window and then picking his phone back up. He could still hear Chester laughing. “It wasn’t that funny, Chester.”
“Yes, it was.”

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You in my Arms by A.C. KATT

Jason's priorities are non-negotiable: take care of his sister; keep a roof over their heads; go back to school eventually. Can one club owner make it easier to uphold his priorities and maybe add him to the list?

Jason Monroe had to leave school to be the guardian of his sister Kitty when his dad and step-mom die in a car crash. He's working two jobs to keep them afloat, but their boat is leaking much like the roof of their old house. Jason doesn't have time for love that is until Zach Montgomery, the owner of the Sunset Club, the premier gay club on the Jersey Shore comes calling.

COMING 03.20.15

To Zach’s amazement, Jason’s casual announcement of his virginal status sent him from half hard to ramrod stiff in two seconds flat. I am so going to tap that ass…What’s up with that? Deflowering virgins was not something he was prone to do. Too much time in preparation and then there was the soothing and cuddling they expected afterward. No, virgins were not for him. I don’t fuck virgins. But this guy had him both curious and aroused enough to disregard his rule and get himself one gorgeous virgin’s company for the rest of the night. He’d deflower that ass three or four times tonight.
Zach never had to troll for bed partners; they came to him. However, Jason pushed all of his buttons. He’d looked good from the end of the bar, up close he looked even better. An athletic build—he heard something about soccer champions—broad shoulders and the gorgeous light brown curly hair that he wanted to run his fingers through and a pair of sparkling hazel eyes. Add in the a six-pack visible through his tight T-shirt, the strong, muscled limbs, and the full bottom lip made to pout—his dream man sat beside him on the barstool. Jason’s refusal and his reference to a four-year-old made him even more compelling. I have to get this guy’s story. Zach saw that Jason needed to lean against the bar for stability. “Your friend said you bartend on weekends?”
 “Yeah, so…” Jason hoped he wasn’t babbling.
“Are you any good?”
Now his pride started talking without his conscious permission. “Last Saturday I was the only bartender on duty, two others called in sick, everyone got served, and no one complained.” And that was the only reason he got out tonight.
“Where do you work?”
“The Ocean View Bar in Point Pleasant.” Jason answered. It was common knowledge that the Ocean View was a busy bar, nothing like this, but very busy.
“They only get the college frat boys looking to hook up with a girl. They don’t tip well because they have no money and they only drink cheap beer. I usually get a more sophisticated crowd with money to burn, and they’re your kind of folk,” Zach told him bragging a bit.
“Your point is?” Jason was holding on to the bar in order to stand up straight.
“If you won’t take me up on my offer for a fuck, maybe I could offer you a job then fuck you later. You’re hot and my customers like hot. I pay minimum wage plus tips and since this is a gay club, there are endless possibilities for your first shot.” Zach didn’t know why that came out of his mouth.
He wanted first shot at tapping this boy’s ass, but he’d have more of a chance of getting that shot if they became better acquainted. He’d already told him that he didn’t do relationships but maybe he’d like to fuck that ass more than once. It was a very nice ass, high and muscled under the tight 501s. Despite the worn T-shirt and almost white with wear jeans, he looked like a class act.

Mary Lynn Hansel
Author, Gay RomanceWriting as AC Katt

Rock Star Baby (Bad Oak Boys #1) by Erin M. Leaf

Rock Star Baby (Bad Oak Boys #1) — by Erin M. Leaf now available!

~Amazon and ARe BESTSELLER~

Gay Romance, Shifters, Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Word Count: 51,595
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 9781772332773
pages: 150

buy links: EvernightAmazon AReBookStrand – Smashwords
Ryan Oakley, lead singer of Bad Oak and heartthrob extraordinaire, isn’t looking for a girlfriend. He’s definitely not looking for a boyfriend, but after the explosive encounter he has with a guy he meets backstage, he realizes he’s more flexisexual than he’d thought. Of course, suddenly being able to shift into a wolf is an unexpected side effect he didn’t expect and can barely control.
Bardulf Forst is Alpha-Heir to his pack, but he can’t resist his little sister when she begs him to meet Ryan Oakley. When he realizes the sexy singer is his mate, he can’t deny instinct. He claims the famous rock star even though he knows his father won’t approve: heirs are supposed to have children and two males can’t reproduce.
Little do they know that they’re about to experience an ancient shifter biological imperative: when two male Alphas mate, unexpected miracles sometimes happen.
Story Excerpt:
Bardulf liked Ryan Oakley, a lot, and he usually didn’t like humans all that much. He didn’t dislike them; he just preferred not to get tangled up in too much humanity. It was dangerous for shifters and humans to mingle. However, his wolf liked Ryan Oakley, and that was downright disturbing. All his instincts screamed mine at him every time he glanced at the singer.
What the fuck was going on? He took a deep breath, letting the scent of the man tease at him. Ryan smelled like wood and wire and all the stuff that goes along with playing a finely crafted electric instrument, with an added little touch of “bad boy” flavor on top. Ryan smelled like someone he already knew, as if his essence had been hardwired into Bardulf’s psyche, and that was incredibly fucked up. His wolf growled softly at him, prodding him into moving closer.
“If you don’t want to do the kissing thing, I’m okay with that,” he offered quietly.
Ryan’s eyes widened a fraction. Bardulf watched the man’s pupils expand until the black almost swallowed the bright whiskey brown irises. He ached to run his hands through Ryan’s tousled dark hair. It just touched the man’s shoulders. It looked like sable. Jesus, he had it bad. He wanted to adjust his cock, but figured that would be a serious tell and he couldn’t afford to spook the human.
“No, that’s okay. It’s fine.” Ryan smiled, though it seemed a tad forced to Bardulf. “Especially if your sister insists on it. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of any kind of sibling rift.”
If he only knew it wasn’t Faylen who is insisting on a kiss, Bardulf thought as he swallowed his wolf back. He’d perfected control over the years, with a lot of hard work. He’d had to learn to harness his beast, ever since he’d realized he was an Alpha, and therefore twice as dangerous as an ordinary werewolf. He would not act like a wild puppy. He also wasn’t going to dance around this situation like a teenager for much longer. If Ryan said he was willing to give up a kiss, then Bardulf was going to take the invitation. He stepped close enough to feel Ryan’s warmth. “If you’re certain, I’m not going to turn you down.”
Ryan licked his lips. “Yeah.” His voice cracked. “I’m sure. Go for it.” He lifted his chin. “We’ve got fifteen minutes before the rest of the guys come in for the meet and greet and general picture taking.”
Bardulf looked at him. Ryan was a hair taller than he was, and just as muscular, not that it mattered one bit. Weres were stronger than humans. He could rip Ryan’s throat out in the time it took for the musician to blink. But you wouldn’t do that to your mate, a voice in the back of his head said. Bardulf’s heart tripped at the thought. Fucking hell, he thought, mouth suddenly dry as a desert. Mate? Ryan was human.
“Well? What are you waiting for?” Ryan asked him.
Bardulf didn’t have the heart to tell him that instead of a kiss, he suddenly wanted a bite. He wanted to claim Ryan as his own. His wolf howled in his head and the tips of his fingers prickled as he took a deep breath and forced his body to obey his will. He would not fucking shift here.
“Okay, fine. If you’re getting cold feet, I’ll take care of it,” Ryan murmured, stepping close and grabbing Bardulf’s biceps. He wasn’t gentle about it, and that just made his wolf like the man even more. Bardulf steeled himself, and then Ryan’s lips were on his.
Soft. Sweet, Bardulf thought, and then his wolf growled. Mine.
Ryan gasped as Bardulf slid his fists into his hair and deepened the kiss. He licked inside, chasing Ryan’s taste. He had to get closer. He needed more. Ryan shuddered and kissed him back, fingers tightening to the point of pain on Bardulf’s arms. Bardulf didn’t care. His wolf liked it. He slid a thigh between Ryan’s legs and shoved. Ryan stumbled back and Bardulf followed until they hit the wall, and then he had to come up for air.
“Fucking hell,” Ryan whispered, lips wet and red as he stared at Bardulf.
Bardulf agreed. Mate, his wolf rumbled.
Ryan couldn’t breathe right. He also couldn’t move, not with Bardulf’s leg thrust between his and rubbing in the perfect spot, right up against his dick. He wasn’t sure he wanted to move. Instead of struggling, he grabbed Bardulf’s face and drew the man in again, kissing him harshly. If he was going to turn gay in a fraction of an instant, he was going to fucking enjoy it as much as possible. The stubble on Bardulf’s jaw scraped over his palms, and he shivered, liking that more than he ought to. Although, when have I ever done what I was supposed to do? he thought, licking into Bardulf’s mouth eagerly.
Bardulf didn’t resist. Instead, he shoved closer, pushing Ryan into the cinderblock wall hard enough so that he could feel every goddamn inch of his muscled body. The sensation of Bardulf’s heart thundering against his own was only vaguely reassuring.
“What the fuck is happening?” he managed to ask, in between kisses that resembled bites more than anything else at this point. Bardulf smelled amazing—better than any other lover he’d ever had. And he’d had a lot, before his self-imposed moratorium last year. He’d decided he didn’t want another random hookup because those encounters always left him feeling empty, but Bardulf didn’t make him feel like that. He smelled sort of familiar, like he already knew the man. The scent was something like a forest mixed with hot steel. Wild and fucking impossible. This wasn’t a kiss. This was fuck-at-first-sight. Something he swore he’d never do.
“Fuck,” Bardulf growled as if he were reading Ryan’s mind. He tightened his fingers in Ryan’s hair hard enough to hurt.
After only sort of catching his breath, Ryan barked a laugh. “Yeah, no. There isn’t enough time for fucking, hot stuff.” But he wanted to. Oh, God, he wanted to. And isn’t that just fucking ridiculous, when you always thought you were a straight boy? he asked himself incredulously. He felt as if some wild proto-human instinct had risen up inside his body and taken over. You don’t know the first thing about fucking a dude, anyway, so get a grip, Ryan.
Instead of replying, Bardulf kissed him again, then scraped his teeth down Ryan’s neck, pausing to bite gently on the tendon between his shoulder and jaw. He froze like that, breathing heavily. The warmth of his mouth on his skin nearly put Ryan over the edge.

Erin M. Leaf
Author Details:
Erin M. Leaf is a romance novel devotee, the steamier the better, with a specialty in edgy erotic tension. She also writes romance as Marie E. Blossom.
Twitter: @erinmleaf


MATE CHALLENGE By Stormy Glenn & Olivia Black

King’s Command 5
By Stormy Glenn & Olivia Black
Coming March 12th
By the King’s Command…
When the high council orders a mate challenge in his name, King Críostóir is furious. There is only one dragon he wants as his mate. But in order to have the man he’s loved for years, he’ll need to enter his own mate challenge as one of the contestants. 
Trust doesn’t come easy for Kurgan. Only one man has ever held his loyalty. When a mate challenge is ordered, Kurgan is enraged until he arrives and discovers one of the contestants is the man he has had an on again off again affair with, and then he is enraged. If he beats his lover then he becomes the king’s consort. If he loses, he loses the man he loves.
When an attack comes and the mate challenge canceled, the truth King Críostóir has kept from Kurgan for over twenty years is revealed. Despite the betrayal burning in Kurgan’s eyes, King Críostóir must depend on the dragon to help him save his kingdom, and hope Kurgan will listen to him if they survive.

Your presence is requested…
King Críostóir looked from the parchment to his advisor and back again in stunned disbelief. He couldn’t believe what he was reading. It seemed that the council was enforcing the mate challenge rule. Since taking over as king, Críostóir had done everything his father’s advisors suggested in an effort to make the change of leadership smooth for his people. But, he was met with opposition at every turn. Not only were his people in a state of unrest, but it seemed his enemies thought this was the perfect opportunity to attack.
He might not want to be king, but he refused to be dethroned. He wouldn’t allow anyone to take his position or his crown. Críostóir would fight. He had already done everything he could to insure that his borders were strengthened by bonding the dragon leaders with the human leaders. They had been able to repel all invaders so far.
And yet, the council still wasn’t satisfied. If he had his way, Críostóir would remove each council member from their positions and send them packing. He was just as tired of their interference as his father had been. Unfortunately, they seemed to be a necessary evil.
The normal one month celebration period that most new kings enjoyed had been turned into a yearlong odyssey for Críostóir due to the fact that his older brother had been trained to be king and not him. The council wanted to give him time to learn the laws and grow used to wearing the crown. If all fared well, he would officially take the crown one year from when his father died. Until then, he was on a bizarre form of royal probation.
“Is this supposed to be a joke?”
“No, sire.” His advisor bowed his head respectfully. “This is the way things are done. Now that each territory is secure, you need to find a mate. It’s the only way...”
“The only way to…?” He stared at the man waiting for him to finish his thoughts.
“It’s the only way your people will continue to follow your command, sire. It’s the only way to secure your position. You need a mate and an heir. It will give the impression that you’ve settled down and that you are mature enough to take the position from your father.”
“I was chosen by my father to be his heir. This wasn’t my decision. I’ve given you a lot of leeway since you were my father’s advisor and he respected you but this”—Críostóir balled up the parchment paper and tossed it across the room—“isn’t happening. I will not choose a mate based on an archaic ritual.”
“Unfortunately, you cannot change this particular law, Your Majesty. It was created centuries ago when our kingdom was in a great period of unrest. Many have tried to change it, but it’s impossible.”
Críostóir scoffed at the idea he couldn’t change one lousy law. If there was a way to change it, he was going to be the one to do it. He was the king, after all. If he couldn’t change the laws, what good was he?
The law was archaic at best, outdated and overdue for a change. How could anyone be expected to find a mate based on a challenge? Men competing to become his lover, it was ridiculous. The strongest man could win and still be a horrible choice for him and his kingdom. Críostóir refused to be mated to someone he didn’t choose.
The advisor continued, “The summons have already been sent out, Your Majesty. Two men will arrive from each territory, one human and one dragon, within the next two days.”
“The council expects me to find a mate from these men?” Críostóir raised a brow. Would the council really accept someone of a lower station to serve the court by Críostóir’s side? “Anyone? Their status doesn’t matter? The council will accept the winner without question.”
“Yes, sire. Current social standings do not matter in a mate challenge. All the men will compete in various challenges. It’s not solely based on physical strength or mental aptitude. It’s a combination of many trials. There will be a point system and the winner will become your mate.”
Leaning back against his throne, Críostóir blew out an aggravated breath. It didn’t seem as though he had any options. He had to fulfill his father’s last wish and become king. His older brother wasn’t an option, and his father had known it for ages. Críostóir adored his brother and understood his father’s decision, accepted it.
He had always had a close relationship with his father. The former king was one of the only men that Críostóir confided in. If only his father were here now, Críostóir would ask for his advice and guidance. He wouldn’t let his father down, not now.
“What are the conditions of this mate challenge?” He wanted to know how much wiggle room he had to work with.
“According to the ancient law, one dragon and one human from each of the kingdom’s territories must be summoned to participate in the mate challenge. They are to be given tests to insure the strongest and the wisest is chosen to mate with the king.”
“And that is all the law says?”
“Yes, sire.”
“I will agree to the mate challenge on two conditions.”
“Yes, sire.”
“There will be one winner from each territory, human or dragon does not matter. That includes this territory.”
“You’ve sent out summons to the territories to the West, North, East, and South. You need to include the center of our kingdom.”
Surprisingly, the advisor grinned. “Yes, sir.”
“I want a warrior named Kurgan to be notified. He will be the dragon chosen from our kingdom to compete. I also want the council to understand that winning the challenge does not guarantee that I will choose the winner to be my mate. I will choose the best person for the position from those participating, both as my mate and my royal consort. Also, the winner needs to agree to be my mate without coercion from anyone. I will not mate with an unwilling man. I will not tie someone to me that doesn’t want to be my mate. I won’t doom us both to a lifetime of misery.”

“Hello, Kurgan.”
Círan put down his belongings and Kurgan rushed him, wrapping his arms around the only man he’d ever loved. “I can’t believe you’re here.”
“It’s good to see you again,” Círan replied.
Hearing Círan’s voice was a soothing balm to his soul. How long had he been hoping and praying to see the man again? Their relationship had been a secret that lasted years. Whenever they were in the same territory the heat and attraction between them was instantly sparked and Kurgan found himself falling back into bed with the handsome man. No promises were ever made, but Kurgan wanted the other man to know how much he meant even if the two of them couldn’t be together.
Kurgan reluctantly let go of Círan.
Stepping back, he allowed himself the pleasure of looking the other man up and down, inspecting his form. Círan stood at six foot four inches with golden eyes and black hair. He looked exactly the same, even after years of separation. In his mind, Kurgan had always been able to conjure up Círan’s image. But over time, it seemed that his memory hadn’t been able to do the man justice.
Círan was breathtaking.
“Gods…” Kurgan breathed out. He shook his head still unable to believe that the man was really standing before him.
Círan grinned, flashing a line of straight white teeth. “I’ve missed you.”
Kurgan cupped Círan’s face with his hand. He knew that he should stop and have a conversation, but he couldn’t control himself. Lifting the man’s face, Kurgan leaned down and connected their lips. Nothing else mattered. Kurgan needed to taste Círan more than he needed his next breath. Círan seemed to melt into Kurgan as their bodies connected. His chest met Círan’s and Kurgan cursed, wishing they were naked. 
Kurgan moved his hands, caressing and touching, as he moved his fingers. He gripped the bottom of Círan’s tunic and pulled up. He disconnected their lips for only a moment, long enough to remove the tunic and toss it to the ground, before reconnecting their lips in a passionate kiss. Kurgan tilted Círan’s head back, giving him better access to the man’s mouth, before pushing his tongue between Círan’s lips.
Kurgan groaned when Círan’s tongue met his, dancing and swirling. Moving one hand to the back of Círan’s head, he dropped the other to the man’s ass, gripping the muscled flesh still hidden behind the material of his pants. He pulled Círan closer, forcing their straining erections to touch. When Círan moaned and started moving his hips, Kurgan grinned. It was always the same between them. Hot and erotic.
It didn’t seem to matter how much time passed, they easily fell into the same routine as if there was no separation at all.
Kurgan dropped his hands and pulled the string that kept Círan’s pants up. One hard tug and the material fell away.
“Gods above,” Círan whispered.
“Mmm…” Kurgan licked his lips, tasting Círan. “I want to feel you around my cock.” Kurgan wrapped his palm around Círan’s hard dick and the man bucked, fucking his hand in wild strokes. “Bed. Now.”
Kurgan needed space for what he hand planned. He didn’t want to abandon his lover, but the two single beds wouldn’t be enough. Dropping his hand, Kurgan immediately started pushing the beds together. When he was satisfied, Kurgan turned back toward his lover. Círan stood gloriously naked, a big smile on his face.
“Come here, baby.” Kurgan rarely used endearments, but with Círan he couldn’t seem to help himself. He wanted to caress and love. He wanted an infinite amount of time to taste and kiss. It always seemed like they were under some sort of time limit before the next call of duty. Today though, Kurgan planned to take his time. He didn’t give a damn about the mate challenge. They could start without him.
Círan strode toward him and Kurgan sat down on the edge of the bed. He touched Círan’s hips, moving his hands up, down, and around. The man’s skin was soft and warm against his calloused hands. “You’re so beautiful.”
“You always say that.”
“That’s because it’s the truth.” Kurgan touched every inch of flesh he could reach, purposely ignoring the cock begging for attention. When a pearly drop of pre-cum bubbled from the head of Círan’s dick, Kurgan leaned forward and licked it up.
“Please!” Círan shouted out, his hips rocking forward.
Kurgan understood the plea. It had been a long damn time since they had been together. Not wanting to punish them both of another second, Kurgan gripped Círan’s hips and wrapped his mouth around the man’s cock. Having Círan’s needy cock in his mouth made Kurgan moan. He inhaled Círan’s masculine scent through his nose and became light headed.
“Kurgan…Kurgan…Kurgan…” Círan chanted his name like a prayer. Kurgan wrapped his forked tongue around Círan’s dick as he sucked. “Ah…ah…ah…” erotic, nonsensical sounds spilled from Círan’s lips spurring him on.
Kurgan’s mouth was full. He swallowed, taking the entire length down his throat. Círan shoved his fingers through Kurgan’s hair and gripped the strands as he started moving his hips, fucking Kurgan’s mouth. Kurgan opened wide, allowing Círan to do whatever he wanted.
“I’m gonna…” that was the only warning he received before Círan came down his throat.
Pulling back, Kurgan licked and kissed Círan’s shaft. He stared at Círan. With his mouth open and cheeks flushed, the man was entirely too sexy. He was everything Kurgan had ever wanted in a lover. Having Círan back made Kurgan’s heart yearn for something he couldn’t have, a long term relationship. They had discussed it before, but each time came to the same conclusion. Their family obligations were too great and stood in their way.
“I thought you were going to fuck me,” Círan said, breaking the silence.
Kurgan raised a brow and grinned wickedly. “I’m not done with you yet.”