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Silver Ties by Patricia Logan


A serial killer is preying upon gay men in Los Angeles. Detective Cassidy Ryan of the LAPD is out to stop the monster before more mutilated corpses turn up. The victims have one thing in common and it leads back to an infamous online club called The website owner, Zachary Teak, is stunningly gorgeous and infuriatingly uncooperative. Having spent years in vice, investigating crimes fueled by pornography, Cassidy hates the Dom on sight.
Zack Teak is a wealthy man and a popular Dom with a long waiting list of subs who beg to lick his boots. The moment he meets the detective, a former Navy SEAL, he is determined to help the handsome, blond hunk explore his own submissive nature but Cassidy is having none of it.
As Cassidy closes in on the killer, he succumbs to Teak’s charms, finding that it’s okay to give up control and let Zack take charge. When Cassidy is attacked and almost killed, it’s Zack’s turn to play detective and protect his man. Join the men as they flush out a killer while trying not to become victims themselves.


“Well, well. I was hoping you had a chance to view our scene earlier. I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t, Detective.” Teak stepped into Cassidy’s personal space and glanced down at his lips. He was close enough to taste, had Cassidy wanted to. Oh fuck, he wanted to…“Tell me, Detective, didn’t you get hard watching me take that sub? Didn’t you picture yourself tied to that table, being fucked in your mouth and your ass? Didn’t you want to taste my spunk when I blew it all over that sub’s face?” Teak looked up from Cassidy’s lips and stared into his eyes. Cassidy was breathing hard; his heart was beating wildly as he pictured Teak coming all over his face and he was harder than he’d ever been in his life.
“I… I…,” he hesitated.
“You know your true nature, Detective… Cassidy… you know it right down inside…, here.” He touched Cassidy’s chest with a finger, letting it slowly move from the middle to slide over one nipple and then, to his utter surprise, Zack took his nipple through the shirt and clamped down hard with his thumb and fore finger. Cassidy yelped and he felt a burst of precome leave his rock hard cock. He’d never felt pain like it before and he’d never felt as hard and horny as he was at this very moment.
Zack’s cock throbbed as he heard Cassidy’s sexy yelp. His own body hardened and as he let his hand stray across the tall blond’s chest to grasp the second nipple, repeating the action as he stared into the greenest eyes he’d ever seen. Cassidy opened his mouth and began to pant out loud. Jesus Christ! The man is magnificent and he doesn’t have a clue about it. Cassidy Ryan is going to be the hottest sub I think I’ve ever played with. Before he could stop himself, Zack backed Cassidy up against the wall of the corridor and leaned in close, covering his mouth with his own. Cassidy resisted at first, pushing both large palms against Zack’s pecs, between them, but as Zack leaned against him, touching him all along his front, Cassidy seemed to give up and relax into the exchange. Within moments, the kiss had turned incendiary. 


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Hearts and Flour by Tara Lain

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To Micah Truveen, raw, vegan food is his religion. So when his devoted customers show up with white flour cupcakes, Micah could kill. Then Micah comes home to find his boyfriend, Dharamaram, in bed with someone else. He throws the rat out and agrees to go to his friend’s orgiastic anti-Valentines party where he meets a gorgeous cross-dressing guy who gives him a night to remember.

Southerner Quentin Darby wishes he could stop wearing women’s clothes. He so wants to live up to his grandmother’s glowing opinion of him, he’s never even told her he’s gay. And now there’s Micah who makes him wish he could just be who he is. But Micah finds out that Quentin is the baker responsible for the plague of cupcakes afflicting the community! And Dharmaram adds a little blackmail to the mix. Can two hearts rise above the flour?

The door flew open. Yikes. Someone grabbed his arm, and it took a second to realize it was Yancy doing the grabbing. Just that quick, he was inside Yancy’s foyer and the door was closed behind him. Yancy pushed Micah’s back to the wall and spoke in a low voice. “You made it. I was afraid you’d chicken out. Good, you’re not too late, so only a few guys have paired off. You can still pretty much have your pick.”
“It’s not that easy. I think the other guy has to agree, too.”
“Well, hell, who wouldn’t choose you? Look at you.”
OK, so Micah kind of knew that people thought he was good looking. He couldn’t see it himself. He was tall enough, but kind of skinny and mangy looking. His dark, almost black hair would not stay out of his eyes. His lips were too full and cheeks too lean. Using his bike as transportation made him fit—hell, he even had a six-pack—but altogether he looked like a survivor from a desert island. He grinned at Yancy. “You didn’t choose me.” He was kidding. They’d always been friends, but no sparks had ever flown.
Yancy took him seriously. “I can’t help it that I’m addicted to giant weightlifters and linebackers. If I could look at a guy under two ninety-five, I’d look at you.”
Micah laughed. “And you’d only be off by a hundred and fifty pounds.” He looked across Yancy’s shoulder into the living room beyond. Music played and the voices and laughter sounded louder now that he paid attention. “So what’s going on in there?”
“Lots of pickings.”
“Not sure how I feel about it.”
“Don’t worry. Take your time and see if there’s anything to your liking. This is a no-obligation event.”
Micah took a deep breath. “OK.”
Yancy led him into the living room, which on another occasion would have looked out over the ocean and the city lights of Laguna. As it was, the long drapes hanging over the cathedral windows were pulled tight. And it wasn’t hard to understand why. Most of the maybe fifty or so men stood in groups talking and flirting with drinks and some food in their hands. But on one chair, two guys were kissing like they could clean each other’s tonsils, and a glance down the hall showed a man leaning against the wall while another dude sucked him off. The orgy was beginning. Shee-it. Watching was sexy. It was hard to force his eyes away from the public blowjob. Hard being the operative word. The room even smelled like sex, and his cock was turning into a steel rod in his jeans.
Yancy led him to a bar. “What’ll you have?”
“Red wine if you’ve got it.”
“Of course. I even have the organic wine with no sulfates, just for you.”
“Hey, thanks man.”
Yancy poured some deep red wine into a stemmed glass and handed it to Micah. “Want me to introduce you around?”
“Naw. Let me wander a little.”
“OK, but no hiding.”
“Just want to get the lay of the land.”
Yancy clinked his glass to Micah’s. “I’m more concerned about Micah getting laid.”
He looked around the room. “What about rubbers? Are these guys using them?”
Yancy grinned. “I hand them out by the barrelful.” He reached in his pocket and, true to his word, produced a string of six condoms. “I want you to use every one.”
Micah laughed and his cock did its happy dance just at the thought. “No worries.”
He sipped his wine and walked over to the door to the patio and looked out. Wow. Heaters surrounded the huge pool and men took full advantage, skinny-dipping in the blue water. Bare asses ran along the pool deck, and two guys fucked against the far edge of the deep end while two other guys looked on with their cocks completely erect. Whoa. He needed some of that action. He really did.
He’d taken one step out when he caught a glimpse of a person walking by him in the dining room. Crap. Was that a woman? One of his hands reached down and covered his cock, which was funny since at least ten guys outside were naked and Micah was fully clothed.

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Valentine Special Delivery by Sharon Kleve

Valentine Special Delivery Blurb:
Vickie's husband took her dog, emptied their bank account and ran off with his secretary. The only thing he left her with is his car payment and a bad taste in her mouth.

Vickie has a new life that revolves around her derelict car, a struggling new business and a sexy FedEx delivery guy.

After a well-placed kiss, Jake gets a taste of Vickie—and now he can't get enough. After delivering packages all day, he's more than willing to let her unwrap his package.

Will a puppy named, Skittle's bring a Valentine's Day special delivery to both of them?

"You smell delicious; cinnamon, oranges and vanilla. I want a taste."
He didn't wait for my response; he turned me around and took possession of my mouth. His hands held my head, while he devoured my mouth. His body braced me against the refrigerator. His hand slid under my sweater and cupped my breast. Did he moan or me? I think we both did. His hand was on the move again. I unconsciously sucked in my stomach, his hand was able to easily slide down and inside the front of my jeans. Already wet, he slid his finger up and down my sex, all the while seducing me with his mouth. So close, so close… I shuddered and convulsed around his hand. We broke the kiss and I rested my head on his chest.
How long did that take? Five minutes… I'm so easy. God! What was Jake going to think? He lifted his head, slowly removed his hand from my jeans and sucked on his finger, never taking his eyes off me. I guess he liked it.

Sharon Kleve
Sharon Kleve was born and raised in Washington and currently lives on the Olympic Peninsula with her husband.
She loves romance. She loves reading romance, living romance, and especially loves writing about romance. She gets no greater feeling than watching her characters come alive in each other's arms. Most of all, she loves giving her characters the happily ever after they deservewith a few bumps and bruises along the way.
One of her favorite things to do is picking up a new book and sinking into the story, immersing herself in the emotions between the characters. She hopes to inspire her readers the same way her favorite authors have inspired her.
When not writing, she can usually be found either curled up in her recliner with her cat and a good book, or in the kitchen baking sourdough bread or bagels.

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Author of "The Corny Myers Series"
Flamingo Blues, Published December 2011
Be Mine, Published February 2012
Klutzy Love, Published August 2012

Love Under The Christmas Tree, (Christmas Anthology), Published November 2012

Josey's Christmas Cookie, Published November 2012
Valentine Special Delivery, Published January 2013