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FAERY ME by Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen

Phanta City 3
By Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen

One night of passion led to a life neither of them expected…
Cass A. Nova has a way with words. Unfortunately, his pickup lines usually get his face slapped. But then he meets a gorgeous fae that finds him not only intriguing but charming. One night spent in Wylde Fleur’s arms and Cass can’t imagine being anywhere else. There’s only one problem...his fae has disappeared.
Wylde Fleur has a lot of experience bucking the system. He was been banished from Glitter Glow Park because he refuses to follow in his father’s footstep. He was even shunned by the fae because he became a lawyer. Now, he’s chosen to take up with a vampire.
When Wylde discovers documents in the Ministry archives that hint at a secret long hidden from society, will he have to pay the ultimate price or will his smooth talking vampire be able to save him in time?

Did you have Lucky Charms for breakfast? Because you look magically delicious.” Cass grunted as his head swung around from the force of the blow that landed on the side of his face.
He was a bit shocked that the cute little twink could hit that hard. He rubbed his jaw, moving it back and forth to make sure nothing was broken then glanced down into the green eyes fuming at him.
Refusing to admit defeat, Cass flashed the man his award winning smile. The anger in the man’s eyes instantly started to melt away, as Cass knew it would. He had yet to meet someone that didn’t fall under the spell of one of his smiles.
You know what would look good on you?” Cass wiggled his eyebrows. “Me.”
Cass sighed, rubbing his sore jaw again as he watched the cute little twink storm off. He just didn’t understand it. That was one of his best pick-up lines. It should have worked. Cass couldn’t fathom why it didn’t.
It had made him smile when he tried it on himself in the mirror earlier this morning. It should have made the twink melt in his pants.
Scratching his head, Cass was also trying to figure out why Igorian, a vampire that was supposed to be his best friend, was standing there laughing so hard he had tears streaming down his pale face. “What is so damn funny?”
“Cass, when are you ever going to learn?” Igorian gasped as he wiped at the tears on his cheeks. “If you would just be honest with someone instead of sounding like a cheese weasel, you’d have guys climbing all over you.”
“I thought I was being honest.” The guy did look magically delicious.
Igorian rolled his eyes. “You were being a jerk. I would have slapped you too.”
Cass frowned as he followed Igorian through the line to the coffee counter. Cass was starting to wonder if it really was him, just as Igorian said. He didn’t get it. He knew from the attention he received that he wasn’t bad looking. But no matter how much charm he used, he couldn’t seem to get past the first date with anyone.
“What do you want?”
Cass suddenly wasn’t in the mood for coffee. “I’m good.”
Igorian shrugged and turned back to the barista. “I’ll have a tall Bloody B latte with an extra pump of O neg.” He glanced over his shoulder again. “Are you sure you don’t want anything?” He asked it as if he couldn’t conceive of anyone not wanting caffeinated blood.
“I’ll go find us a place to sit.” The smile fell off of Cass’s face the instant he turned away from his best friend. Igorian, god love him, had the unique ability to look at Cass and know exactly what was going on in his head.
It was something Cass really didn’t need right now, especially considering he didn’t know what was going on in his head. It didn’t seem fair that someone else could figure out the workings of his mind before he did.
“God, I love these things.” Igorian shivered as he took a sip of his latte. He plopped down in the chair across from Cass and proceeded to moan and groan like someone was swallowing his dick right down to the root. Cass’s eyebrows shot up and he found himself mesmerized by the verbally graphic porn show happening right in front of him.
“What?’ he asked when he finally looked up from his Crimson coffee and saw Cass watching him.
“Have you ever considered recording yourself and playing it for Pan?” Cass reached under the table and adjusted himself. “I’m pretty sure it would get the same reaction those little dresses you keep wearing will.”
And that was something Cass would never understand. Igorian was a cute little thing, his long dark hair falling in waves down his back, his crimson eyes framed by long lush eyelashes that made women weep. Igorian's lover doted on his every word. But the dresses Igorian wore to excite Pan were just a little too far out of Cass’s comfort zone.
“So, do you and Pan have plans for tonight?” Cass was pretty sure they did. Ever Since Igorian and Pan hooked up, Cass was seeing less and less of his best friend. He was happy for Igorian really he was, but he was tired of spending his evenings alone.
“Yeah, I got this really cute little red number that I’m going to wear tonight. Pan’s is supposed to be taking me to La Ville de Sang for dinner first.”
“Right.” Cass chuckled. “That’s assuming you make it out of the parking lot this time.” Damn, what he wouldn’t give to have someone to bend over the hood of a car in a busy parking lot. He envied Igorian and his hot panther lover. They seemed to have all the fun.
“What about you?” Igorian asked right before he took a drink of his latte.
“Oh me?” There was no way in hell that Cass was admitting he had nothing to do tonight. It would wipe the smile right off of Igorian’s face. “There’s this cutie down at the Boom Boom Room that I’ve had my eye on for awhile. I thought I’d go down there and see if he’s busy.”
“Just look at him, Cass. Don’t say anything.” Igorian frowned for a moment then dug into the little bag he had started carrying around with him. Cass’s curiosity grew when Igorian pulled out a pen and a piece of paper and started writing. “Here, give him this.”
Cass blinked as he took the paper. His eyes widened as he started reading the note. It was straight to the point, Cass would give Igorian that. But it didn’t have any of the regular panache that Cass was used to using.
“My name is Cass and I think you’re really hot. Would you like to come home with me tonight?”
Nope, it was boring as hell.

“Very nice.” The fae’s hand trailed seductively over Cass’s chest. “Do you work out?”
Cass started to open his mouth until he remembered his promise to himself to keep his it shut for the evening. He shook his head instead.
The fae grinned. “Well, then, maybe I can help you work up a sweat.”
Oh hell, yes! Cass wanted to shout to the heavens as he followed the sweetest ass in the universe down the hallway to his bedroom. He didn’t even realize he hadn’t needed to give the man directions until they reached his bedroom and he was pushed to sit on the end of the bed.
“Keep your eyes on me, handsome,” the fae said as he took a step back and began stripping his clothes off.
Cass almost snorted. Like there was any possibility that he would look somewhere else. He was pretty sure it would take a lightning bolt from the heavens to tear his eyes away from the gorgeous body being slowly revealed to his hungry eyes.
The fae's skin was milky-white and so beautiful that Cass couldn't stop himself. He yanked the man to him, their lips colliding. He tasted honey and something wild as he licked past the succulent flavor, delving his tongue deeper. Cass needed like he'd never needed before. He couldn't understand the powerful pull. It was like nothing he'd ever felt before.
"Mmm," the fae pulled back, winking at Cass. "Someone is wants a piece of me."
Cass chuckled, feeling his cheeks heat. "That would be me."
He became mesmerized when the fae tilted his head back and laughed. The sound was riveting, sultry, and just this side of wildly delicious. He wanted to hear that sound again. Cass stood there wondering what it was about this man that made his brain tilt sideways.
Although not egotistical in the least, Cass knew that men fawned over him, not the other way around. But he had a feeling things would be different with this fae.
"Come on, big boy." The fae pressed his hands into Cass's chest, his slim fingers running over Cass's skin like warm water on a hot summer's day. "I want to see if I was right."
Cass frowned. "About what?"
The grin on the guy's face grew. "I had a dream about you. In that dream, you took me to heights I never thought possible."
Talk about performance anxiety. Cass was a beast in bed, but knowing this man just pulled out a mental scorecard was a bit intimidating. He glanced back at the bed and then a wide smile spread across his face. "Challenge accepted."
The fae's green eyes burst with excitement as Cass lifted the guy off of his feet and tossed him on the mattress. The fae laughed even harder, which in turn, made Cass's cock pulse with the need to be buried inside the man.
He strutted around the bed, peacocking for the fae. "So, tell me in detail about this dream of yours."
The fae wiggled his brows. "I'd rather show you."
Oh yeah. Cass wanted that as well. He palmed his cock, squeezing the base before giving it a few pumps. "First, my sweetness, you have to taste the rainbow."
Cass winced, wondering if he was about to be slapped. His hand faltered on his cock, waiting for the blow. But it didn’t come. Instead, the fae laughed even harder. His ego was being battered and Cass wondered if maybe he should just call this off when the fae's eyes landed on him. There was no mistaking the lust shimmering in them.
"I love your way with words."
"You do?"
"Original," the fae said as he crawled across the bed on his hands and knees. Cass nearly swallowed his tongue as the evocative way the man displayed himself. He wasn’t sure if he should continue to stand there for a blow job or go behind the guy and fuck him into unconsciousness.
Decisions. Decisions.
"My, my." The fae's breath tickled over the head of Cass's cock. "You are very well endowed indeed. It's better than my dream. How did you get so big?"
"I grew it myself." Cass winced. Now that was a stupid reply. Maybe he should go back to keeping quiet. His witty comebacks, replies, and pick-up lines had always sounded so snappy in his mind. But for some reason, around this fae, Cass felt twenty points dumber.
"I can see," the fae teased before he flicked his tongue out and licked the pre-cum that was dripping from the head of Cass's cock. "And I can't wait to feast on the harvest of your labor."
Cass hissed, his eyes rolling to the back of his head when the fae engulfed him. Holy shit! Cass's legs began to tremble and his hips jerked forward. He feared his knees would buckle and give out as the fae sucked Cass's cock down the man's throat. Those glorious muscles worked Cass's shaft with expertise.
When the fae flipped to his back—Cass's cock still in the man's mouth—and began to stroke his long erection, Cass just knew this had to be a dream. There was no way he had someone this erotic in his bed. The man was kinky with a capital kinky. It wasn't a capital K because the guy needed all five letters.
That's how hot he looked as his hand jerked up and down.
And those noises. The fae was moaning, whimpering, and then he began to hum.
That was it. The trigger Cass didn’t even know he had. He shot to his toes and shouted, his neck muscles growing taunt as his cum spurted down the fae's throat.
Cass was in danger of passing out.  He became so lightheaded that swayed a little. What was this guy doing to him? "Honey, where have you been all my life?" Cass couldn’t help the question.
The fae rolled to his knees and shot straight up, pressing his palms into Cass's chest. "Waiting for you to come along, Mr. Sexy. Now get your ass in bed before I shrivel away to nothing."

BEYOND REGRET by Stormy Glenn

(Dark Court 2)
Doc has quietly loved Rocky through their years together as Marines. But their arrival at the Seelie court and a lust-fueled encounter shatter all his expectations. One stolen passionate encounter ...unravels years of friendship. Devastated, Doc volunteers to lead the search for Monte, a Seelie elf missing in the human realm.

Locating Monte doesn’t turn out to be nearly as difficult as Doc expected, a small mercy now that Doc is sharing a cell with the elf. Despite the dire circumstances, Monte appeals to Doc on every level. He’s sweet, passionate and utterly open to Doc.

Shattered by Doc’s departure, Rocky sets out to rescue the man he loves. Discovering Doc with another hurts, but as their escape turns dangerous Rocky finds that to love Doc, he’ll have to make room in his  heart for Monte too.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published as Monte’s Marines. It has been revised for Ellora’s Cave. I have revised and extended this new version by approx. 10,000 words.

Mama's Boy by AC Katt

 Coming May 9, 2014


Chase Summers spends his time writing gay romance and chauffering his mama around town. One day after taking her to breakfast, lunch and four supermarkets, Chase has had enough. It doesn't hurt that he met a handsome stranger over a can of green beans and wants to explore the possibilites without his mama's interference.

Mary Lynn Hansel
Writing as AC Katt

Author of:
From MLR Press: Shattered Glass, A Matter of Trust, Jack's Back, Cisco's Boy and Bull's Whip
From JMS Books: The Sarran Plague

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True Nature by Jessica Freely

Lake Clearwater--conservation officer and water spirit--has just been appointed guardian of Gem Pond by The Powers That Be. It's the first time in eight years he's had a real home and he's determined to protect it, even if that means hiding his attraction to his sexy new partner, Forrest Oakwood.

Forrest is a native of the Gem Pond area and the guardian of its trees. He knows the land and its people are a crucial lynchpin in the natural order. He also knows that if he comes out, his boss in the DNR, Sgt. Dennison, will find an excuse to fire him. But ignoring his true nature was a lot easier before Lake Clearwater showed up. The man's a walking, talking wet dream.

Meanwhile, local residents--human and animal alike--conspire to bring Lake and Forrest together. The land needs its guardians united and at their full power. Dennison wants to cut down the trees to make room for water slides and tennis courts. If Forrest and Lake don't embrace their passion for each other, they'll be unable to stop him and that would be a disaster, not just for Gem Pond but for the entire natural world.

In order to protect the land they love, Forrest and Lake, two nature spirits working as conservation officers, must stop fighting their passion for each other and embrace their true natures.


That night Forrest tossed and turned, unable to get the memory of Lake’s hand on his tree-penis out of his mind. Those soft, silken fingers stroking his rough bark. Powers That Be.
“Can’t sleep?” Lake lay propped on one elbow. The blanket and sheet had slipped down, revealing a nipple.
Forrest started. Could Lake tell what he was thinking? “Uh. Just restless, I guess.”
“I’ve had a lot of experience with insomnia. Know what always worked for me?”
Lake’s grin gleamed in the dim light from the window. “Jacking off.”
Forrest blushed, grateful that the room was dark and his partner couldn’t see. “Screw you, Clearwater,” he said warmly.
“That’d probably work too.”
For a moment, Forrest froze, thinking his secret had somehow been discovered.
Outside, a raccoon chittered in a nearby tree.
Of course, Clearwater was joking. Obviously.
Forrest threw his pillow at him. “You’re very helpful.”
Clearwater had a laugh like freshwater splashing in a brook. He sat up and threw Forrest’s pillow back at him. Forrest caught it and stood. Not content with simply a ranged attack this time, he crossed to Clearwater’s bed and pummeled him with the pillow.
“Ah! That’s it! You’re asking for it.” Lake grabbed his own pillow and used it as a shield. Then he got up on his knees on the bed and beat Forrest about the head with it.
Forrest grabbed for the pillow, and Lake yanked on his arm. Forrest lost his balance and fell across the bed. Lake straddled Forrest’s stomach and pummeled him with the pillow.
Laughing uncontrollably, Forrest tried to wriggle free, but it was no use. Despite his willowy build, Lake was strong and surprisingly heavy. Forrest whacked at him with a pillow.
Lake grabbed it and wrested it from his grasp, sending it spinning across the room. He raised his own pillow to strike Forrest again, but Forrest intercepted it and got it away from him. He tossed it after the first one.
Lake fell forward, catching himself with his hands braced on either side of Forrest’s head. Their laughter died away. A dip of Lake’s head or an arch of Forrest’s back would bring their lips together. Forrest panted, his pulse racing, his cock hardening. Could Lake feel it?
Lake’s breath on his face was sweet and warm.
Forrest trembled. He searched Lake’s face, looking for some indication, some sign as to whether or not he was the only one who desperately wanted to close the distance between them.
Just as he was about to abandon all sense and go for it, Lake got up. He retrieved the pillows from where they’d landed near the door and handed Forrest his. “You really do need to get some sleep.”
Forrest jumped out of Lake’s bed as if it were full of live coals. His face burning, he grabbed the pillow and stalked over to his bed. What had he been thinking? Of course Clearwater wasn’t interested in him that way. If he were, he’d never have made that joke about screwing.
Outside, that raccoon chittered again.
Forrest got into bed and faced the wall. He lay there, listening to Lake settle back in bed. Forrest’s cock was hard. It wasn’t going down either. His only hope of getting to sleep now was to take himself in hand. He waited until all was quiet on Lake’s side of the room and then slowly, silently, reached down and wrapped his fingers around his heated length.

THAT HAD BEEN close. Lake lay in his bed, staring at the wall as he listened to Forrest bring himself to release.
What was his partner thinking about? Was it possible Forrest was fantasizing about him?
No. There’d been a moment there at the end where Lake thought he’d felt a connection. And he’d almost kissed Forrest. But then he’d seen the panic in the man’s eyes. Whether Forrest thought about men or women when he jacked off, it was pretty clear he didn’t think about Lake.
What had possessed him to joke around like that? It was reckless, and he was lucky it hadn’t ended in disaster. He couldn’t let anything like that happen again.
But Forrest had looked so hot spread out beneath him like that. Most guys, if they happened to be gay and happened to know Lake was gay, took one look at him and assumed he was a bottom. Not the case. Lake could switch if he had to, but he was much more comfortable, and skilled, topping.
All of which was completely academic in this situation. Still, as Forrest’s breathing slowed and deepened and Lake rolled onto his side and reached down to take care of his own needs, it was Forrest that he thought of.

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Fused by Fire by Draven St. James

Fused by Fire
Draven St. James

Release Date:  May 20th

Michael prides himself on being the man that everyone can depend on until one of his firefighters is severely wounded on the job. Will he be allowed to process the situation alone? Not when a loud and persistent Simon Winters shows up on his doorstep. The man hasn't met a boundary he didn't skip across.
Simon has had the biggest crush on Lieutenant Firefighter, Michael Donovan since the first day he saw him. Which just happened to be at an interview for a job to work as a firefighter. Before his desire to lick the gruff older man from head to toe affects his work, Simon transfers over to being a paramedic. Just when he's begun to build a life that doesn't include hot shower fantasies of Michael, the object of his angst is thrust into his path.
All too quickly, Simon begins to barrel through Michael's defenses and dig up the desires Michael has fought so hard to hide. As passions flare out of control, tragedies collide from every side. Michael's struggle to keep Simon at a distance starts to crumble beneath the weight of the secrets that Simon is hiding.  Will Michael be able to protect Simon when he needs it the most or will he lose Simon forever?

            Michael bit back a groan, shocked by the words. He’d really love to do that. Did the man know how much his offer tortured him? When did Simon become an overt flirt?
With a fortifying breath, he opened the door and stopped short. Simon stood directly in front of him with a mischievous smile on his face.
            “I found something.” Simon nibbled on his lush bottom lip.
            Michael racked his brain for what Simon might have discovered that would warrant such a teasing expression.
            Simon’s lips curved into a huge grin as he produced a half-empty bottle of lube from behind his back.
            “Shit,” Michael muttered.
            “Yeah, I was vacuuming out the couch cushions, and imagine my surprise.” Simon arched a brow. “Did you buy this at a wholesale supermarket?”
            Michael’s face heated. Not because Simon had his lube, but because the last couple of times he’d used it, images of Simon in the firehouse showers had slipped unbidden into his thoughts.
            He reached out to grab it, but Simon held it away from him.
            “Tsk-tsk. Now, where do you hide your…material?” Simon brushed past Michael and into the bedroom.
            Michael watched from the doorway as Simon rummaged through the drawers on both nightstands before coming away with a strip of condoms.
            “Oh.” Simon’s face fell. He glanced from the bed to Michael, and his face reddened. With a loudly exhaled breath, he moved past Michael and walked back out into the living room. Michael followed along, only to be brought up short when Simon turned to dangle the condoms in front of Michael. “I guess you don’t need any additional inspiration.”
            Michael finally managed to shake himself out of his frozen state. He snatched the condoms and lube away and tossed them on the couch. Simon just kept pushing and pushing, burrowing his way into all the crevices of Michael’s life.
            Michael stepped forward and grabbed Simon by his shoulders. “Why are you really here?” he snarled.
            “Because you’ve locked yourself away?” Simon whispered and gazed at him with eyes filled with concern.
            That look stabbed into Michael. “And you care why?”
            “Because…” Simon shrugged, dislodging Michael’s hold, and then cupped Michael’s face with a trembling hand. “What happened wasn’t your fault, and you needed someone to come and shove that truth into your face.”
            “You picked the short straw?” Michael hated that Simon’s hand on his cheek brought him more comfort than anything else had. Just like at the hospital.
Simon shook his head, and his gaze fell to Michael’s lips. His hand came down to brush against the edge of Michael’s bottom lip. A pink flush rose along Simon’s cheeks.
Michael felt that innocent touch like a jolt through his body. He tilted Simon’s face up, and the sensual invitation in his eyes shocked and inflamed him.
            He didn’t have the energy to fight against what he wanted, and right now that was Simon. With a groan of defeat, he smashed his lips to Simon’s and took the sweet oblivion that Simon offered. Simon melted into him, and a shudder worked its way through Michael’s body. Michael grasped the backs of Simon’s thighs and jerked until Simon jumped up and wrapped his legs around Michael’s waist.
            Brief astonishment that they were really kissing filtered through Michael’s head as he stumbled back to sit on the couch. He traced his tongue along Simon’s bottom lip and thrust inside.


Fractured by Ellen Cross


 Davis always leapt into a battle knowing his ability to heal would keep him safe. What will he do, though, when he learns what it is really costing him?
    Davis has fought the shadowkin on more occasions that he cares to think about and proudly bears the scars from each, garnering the title Supercat, from the other guardians for being damn near bulletproof. How can he forgive himself, though, when the terrible truth behind his unique ability to heal is uncovered?
    Rowan has been lost, living his life in an ever-present fog to prevent an even worse fate. The only constant in his life is his one, the cougar shifter who draws him in and lights the way with his glowing amber eyes. He would give anything...suffer anything, to keep his one safe, even if his one doesn't know it.

Available at eXtasy Books:

And Amazon from the 23rd of April.

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Conflicts of Interest by Nulli Para Ora

A woman afraid of another broken heart, a vampire afraid of losing the man he loves, and a lion shifter who wants them both. Can a woman scorned trust not one, but two men with her heart? Will fate tear one relationship asunder in order to build a new one? How can love succeed with so many conflicts of interest?


Vasily Avilov threw back his head and let his fangs drop. There were few pleasures greater than the feel of a warm tongue as it swirled over the head of his cock. He chalked it up to his vampire nature. His addiction to decadence and pleasure fueled many a sleepless night, but the hot mouth lapping away at his dick didn’t belong to the person he desired most. For starters, she was a woman, and a human at that.
The client on her knees between his legs, while attentive and talented in her own way, could never compare to his lover. He replaced her hands, her mouth, her moans, her sucking, everything she did with the actions of the man who held his heart.
The dance of deception was necessary in his line of work. How else would he get hard? What good was a male escort who couldn’t get it up?
He threaded his fingers through her long blonde hair and ignored the dark brown roots peeking through. She looked up at him with something he could only guess was expectation, eyes large and brows raised. She wanted his praise. No way in hell would he give it to her. Not out of malice. No, this client didn’t need accolades.
He pulled her head back and gripped the overly processed strands of her hair while he stared down at her. Sure, she was beautiful, with her plump little mouth, chocolate-colored eyes, smooth skin, and that rosy flush on her contoured cheeks. Her breasts sat high and far apart. Perky was too mild a term for the perfectly shaped mounds on her chest.
How much had she spent to sculpt and twist herself into the plastic artifice before him? Shit, focus, Vasily! “Get on your hands and knees, Shawna.” His tone was firm. He’d have to keep his mind on the task at hand or risk going soft, and Vasily Avilov was not known for dissatisfied customers. On the contrary, he was the most expensive and sought after rent boy on the east coast.

Women saved up for his sessions. Fifteen-hundred dollars for one half hour didn’t seem to deter his customers. Was it the fangs? The danger of being with a vampire? Or was it the way he read them? Vasily often knew what his “clients” wanted even when they couldn’t express it. He wouldn’t call it a sixth sense. More like attention to detail. A look, a certain tension in the face, the change in breath. Every action and reaction created a picture of the hidden desires in each patron.
He’d learned Shawna’s secrets within the first five minutes of her initial visit two years ago. The CEO lived to be dominated. Sure, she tried to order him around like he was a peon in her office, but he nipped that shit in the bud. A good old-fashioned spanking and a pair of wrist restraints were all it took to bring her in line.
The leggy executive crawled onto the bed and held her ass in the air. Tension, unrelenting and sweet, held her in its grip as the muscles of her legs flexed and twitched.
Ah, anticipation. What else could set fire to the nerves with such delicious pandemonium? He didn’t have to touch her. Her mind was no doubt hard at work, eager to figure out where he’d place his hands, how he’d hold her, or what he’d do first.
He eyed the selection of toys he’d laid out for her visit before selecting a butt plug with a bright jewel on its end. He didn’t give her a chance to look over her shoulder. A sharp slap, and he’d delivered his first blow to the back of her thigh. Another swat, but this time, he rubbed her reddened flesh to soothe it. “Spread your legs. Now.”
It took no time at all for him to reach for a condom and slip it on. Vamps and shifters didn’t contract diseases, but house rules were rules.
Another blow and a red mark appeared on the side of her ass. She gasped and hissed, but didn’t cry out. He’d trained her well, taught her how to find the ecstasy on the line between pleasure and pain, and he made her crave it.
He slid the plug through her slit, turning it this way and that to coat it in the juices flowing freely from her. A small tremble rippled through her body when he pressed the toy to her tight anus. He grinned. If only her underlings could see her now, happily handing over control to someone else’s whim.
A little nudge, and Shawna arched her back. He didn’t relent, never stopped. He inserted the plug until the flared base sat snug against her skin. She released a slow breath when it was in place, but he wouldn’t let her acclimate.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

FIGHT by Kelly Wyre


To Nathan Hunt, honesty is anything but the best policy. Telling the truth has gotten him nothing but heartache and pain; so lying about who he is and what he wants seems to be the only path to job security and friends. Hell, it even brings him a hollow kind of happiness.

Except, that's not much of a life for any man. Especially one with Nathan's passion. Desperate to cure his self-made misery, Nathan agrees to go along with a con that will score cash for Nathan to start over. There's just one problem: lying is getting harder by the day. And a con who can't lie, is a con who gets caught.

Nathan's attempts to distract himself from his moral quandary lead him to a mysterious, intoxicating man named Fury. The Mixed Martial Arts fighter knows a thing or two about lies and pasts better left buried. He and Nathan have something else in common – they both want to be with someone who lets them be themselves.

Together, they undertake a journey that proves honesty is more dangerous and more difficult than either of them could have imagined. And as they combat addiction, thugs, guns, and their own inner demons, Nathan and Fury can only hope that their battle to be together will be worth the bitter fight.


Nathan registered the look of dulled shock in Duke’s eyes, and a presence manifested next to them. Nathan shoved Duke away but didn’t do anything else. He was too busy staring up at Fury and fighting for control.

Fury leveled a gaze on Nathan but didn’t say a word or lift a hand. He had on jeans, a checkered shirt, and a long coat that was stretched taut across his shoulders.

“Oh, hey…hey, Fury.” Duke straightened his clothing, but he was the rabbit cornered in the hunt. “Didn’t… Man, I didn’t see you.”

Fury swiveled his head and glowered. Duke backed up, smart enough to read a cold trail. “We cool, man. We all cool, here. Nate? You know where to find me if you need me, right?”

Nathan struggled to make his vision stop bleeding red and didn’t answer.

“Cool. It’s cool.” Duke smacked his lips and jogged off in the other direction.

Nathan would have sighed in relief and slumped against the wall, but Fury returned his focus to Nathan, who suddenly had sympathy for those insects pinned to boards for display.

“Ah…” Nathan cleared his throat. He wiped his palms on his jeans and tried to think straight. “Um…hey.”

Fury still said nothing, and Nathan tensed so he wouldn’t squirm. “You had a great fight. Earlier, I mean. Inside…in the…not out… Right.”

Fury blinked. Slowly. His eyelashes were so dark and thick, it looked like the guy wore mascara. He wasn’t exactly an attractive man in the traditional sense. Too much forehead, eyes too close together, big, crooked nose…

“Duke’s an asshole,” Nathan babbled. “Harmless, usually. Just fucked up tonight.” Nathan had no idea why on God’s green earth he was defending Duke. Or maybe he was defending himself. Trying to be smooth after a tweaked-out piece of shit cornered him in a parking lot, and Nathan had to tamp down the urge to kill Duke with his bare hands? Christ, what was wrong with him? Nathan took anger out on himself, not others.

“He sells some decent weed, if that’s your thing,” Nathan tried to joke, laughing feebly. Fury only had three inches of height on Nathan, but Fury might as well be the size of skyscrapers.

“It’s not,” Fury said in his characteristic growl. “My thing.”

“Oh.” Nathan coughed. Of course, he would try to push weed on a teetotaler. That was Nathan’s style, right there. Smooth. “Well. Sure. Not with what you do for a living, right? Can’t be good for the—”

“I got other things.”

Nathan shut his mouth with an audible clack of teeth. Fury still studied Nathan, hands loose at his sides, shoulders at ease, expression neutral. If the fighting thing ever failed, Fury had a bright future in poker. “That right?” Nathan asked.

Fury nodded, and again, it was slow. “Yeah.” Fury looked Nathan up and down, just like he had after Nathan had spotted him on the weight bench. Must be trying to place him. No way was it anything else.

“You were at the gym,” Fury said at last.

With the threads of recognition in Fury’s tone, Nathan’s logic died, and he got sucker punched by hope. Stupid, untimely, insipid, teenager-with-a-crush hope. “I…uh, yeah, I was. I think.”

“You think?” Fury asked with what might have been amusement.

“I do. Think,” Nathan replied with more assurance. It was easier to come by when he told himself this conversation wasn’t really happening.

Fury finally quit inspecting Nathan and glanced around the parking lot. “You headin’ back inside?”

“I…I don’t think so.”

Fury stared at something far away. “You interested in some more action?”

“Always.” The answer flew from Nathan’s lips before he could catch it. The symptoms of the panic returned, but they hurt a little less. “What you got?”

Fury shoved his hands into his pockets. “I got somewhere to be.” He took a few steps toward the row of cars, and he paused, raising his eyebrows at Nathan. “You comin’?”

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Kelly Wyre enjoys reading and writing all manner of fiction, ranging from horror to romance. She used to work in advertising but is now happily chained to her writing desk and laptop. She relishes the soft and cuddly and the sharp and bloody with equal amounts of enthusiasm. She's a coffee addict, a workaholic, a chronic night owl, and loves a good thunderstorm. Currently Kelly resides in the southeastern United States.

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