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Crossfire by Gale Stanley


Southwest Shifters: 4

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Casey is visiting a rival pack with orders to kill the Alpha and take control. Falling for Alex was not part of the plan, but Casey can't deny the attraction between them.

Alex comes with a lot of baggage. Years ago when he lost his mate, he erected an impenetrable wall of stone around his heart. He always believed he'd be alone the rest of his life but something about his visitor intrigues him and he opens his heart to Casey.

As Casey's desire for Alex grows, he knows there's no way he can go through with his mission, and he puts it off. But his Alpha is getting impatient, and finally Greyson shows up threatening to take matters into his own hands. Can Casey save the man he loves?

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AVAILABLE: Thursday, April 5th

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, April 12th.


“What do you want, Casey?” Alex muttered.

Words stuck in his throat. Casey wavered between turning tail and running or going for broke.

“Looking for another hand job?” Alex muttered harshly.

“No.” Whatever he did now was bound to change things between them. Make up your mind. “Looking to give one.” The Alpha’s scent made the hairs on the back of Casey’s neck standup, and heat coiled in his belly. He couldn’t help it. The man’s heady musk made him crazy, and he buried his face in Alex’s neck, breathing it in.

Alex sucked in a long breath. “You sure about this?”

“I’m not a taker. I like to give as good as I get.”

“Well, don’t feel obligated,” Alex said hoarsely.

“You want this or not?”

“Yeah, but I need to know you want it, too.”

What had he gotten himself into? “I’m not good with words.”

“Neither am I. Just make it simple. You into this or not?”

“Okay, okay. I don’t mind touching you.”

“Guess I’ll have to settle for that.” Alex turned around, and for a minute Casey thought the Alpha was going to kiss him, but instead Alex grinned. “Take my cock out.”

Casey froze and flushed red.

“You asked for this.”

He hesitated for a few seconds. Sure, he wanted to hold Alex’s length in his hands, but hearing it out loud unnerved him.

Finally Alex unzipped his jeans, reached a hand inside, and freed his dick.

Keeping his gaze firmly locked on Casey’s face, Alex pushed his jeans over his slim hips. He gripped his already stiff penis in both hands. “This… is… a… cock.” Alex enunciated each word in a very slow, deliberate manner. “Watch me.”

Casey didn’t need to be told, his eyes were glued to the bulbous, leaking cockhead. Alex’s hand moved up and down his shaft briskly until pre-cum ran from the slit in a stream. “Think you can do that? Alex asked sarcastically as he released his prick and gripped the sink behind him.

Casey could. He wanted to, but a wave of anxiety hit him. Alex turned him on like nobody’s business, but suddenly the old fears of being gay resurfaced.

“Look at my penis, Casey,” Alex demanded. “Don’t you want to touch it?”

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Gale Stanley

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Spell Cat by Tara Lain

Excerpt: Spell Cat by Tara Lain; MM Paranormal Erotic Romance

Available from Loose Id and Amazon

When Killian Barth, history professor, meets Blaine Genneau, quantum physicist, they ignite their own big bang. But sadly, Killian walks away because he doesn’t do physics professors. In fact, he doesn’t do humans; Killian is the most powerful male witch in 10 generations and, though gay, he’s expected to save his declining race by reproducing. Sex with humans depletes his power – or so he’s been taught. Then why can young human, Jimmy Janx, dissolve spoons with a thought? Somebody’s a lying witch. With his powerful cat familiar, Aloysius, on his shoulder, Killian brings the lightning against deceit and greed to save Blaine from danger and prove love is the greatest power of them all.

He looked at the feline, whose head was curved around and practically tucked under his chin. “What the hell. Okay, Al, let’s go.” Since the cat wasn’t budging from around his neck, Killian got up, hugged his mother, and pulled on his jacket against the early spring chill, all with a fur necklace. He grabbed the carrier, heard a soft growl by his ear, and set it down. Okay… Cat three, Killian nothing. “Thank you, Mother. I’m sure I’ll find him very, uh, useful.”

Evangeline trailed him to the foyer of the house where a maid waited to open the door, looking slightly startled at his new accessory. He kissed his mother on the cheek. “So I guess I’ll see you Saturday.”

“No guessing about it, young witch. It will be a grand occasion. I’m already discussing details of the wedding with Nicholas Karonoff.”

He sighed. Better not to argue. Wrapping his jacket and fur cat a bit tighter around him, he stepped out into the early spring chill and headed for the car. His mother’s house -- his house actually -- sat on a grand street in New York. He preferred the bohemian flavor of the neighborhoods near the college, but still, all these trees coming into leaf, shimmering in the streetlights, made the place look like fairyland.

He glanced down at Al, whose head rested on the shoulder of his jacket. “Good thing I brought the car, cat, or you’d be demonstrating your flying skills on the back of my motorcycle.” He opened the door of the electric sports car and slid in. The cat didn’t slip an inch. “Don’t think this car is an indication of my lifestyle. I just happen to be a fool for the occasional technological toy. You’ll find the rest of my accoutrements pretty sparse.”


Killian wasn’t sure what that meant, but he didn’t comment. “So, what do you eat? Shall I stop and get you some kitty kibbles?”


Oookay, that meaning was pretty clear. “I’ve got some canned salmon. Will that do?”

He swore the damned cat smiled.

Driving into SoHo, where his apartment was, even the hum of the little car couldn’t keep his mind from the sorry state of his life. The stupid cat purred in his ear. “Glad you’ve got something to purr about.” Powers that be, the whole universe was closing in. He wanted a life. Every cell ached to be loved. He yearned for someone like… No. He just wanted someone to love him. And he was signing away that chance on a marriage license. It would be great to be noble, but -- face it -- he wasn’t. He was no Witch Master. Why couldn’t he have been born human? What kind of prankster gods gave him more power than any other witch? He felt like the lead performer in a giant cosmic joke.

He pulled into the very expensive parking garage -- his other indulgence -- got out, and locked the car in its stall beside the motorcycle. He walked the block to the old brownstone, the top floor of which he called home. The mail was boring. Okay, cat, check out your new digs. He opened the apartment door.

Aloysius leaped off his shoulder, hit the floor with a soft thud, and began exploring. Make yourself at home. He closed the door. “I know. I told you, it’s not much.” Of course, it was perfectly decorated, though in flea market finds and amusing hand-me-downs from friends. So what? It interested him to see what he could do, living without any of the resources to which he had title. No one understood it. Maybe he didn’t either.

He walked into the small bedroom and took off his coat and shoes, stripped off the semigood clothes he’d worn to his mother’s, and pulled on a pair of drawstring sweatpants and a comfy sweater. The cat followed on his heels into the kitchen. “Okay, I know I promised.” Aloysius watched carefully as Killian opened a can of salmon and dumped it in a dish. He started to put the dish on the floor and got one paw crossed over the other and a patient stare. “Oh hell.” He set the dish on the counter. Al hopped up and dug in.

Killian sat on the little chair by the breakfast table. He’d remodeled this kitchen with his own hands, scrounging used subway tile and pieces of granite. He’d only used magic when he couldn’t lift an object or make two pieces fit. And he’d spent a bit extra on the appliances. “So what do you think?” The cat kept eating.

Killian leaned his head against the wall. “What am I going to do, Al? Everyone expects me to do this marriage. I guess it really could mean a lot to my people. My people… Well, you know what I mean. But gods, producing kids with a woman! I don’t swing that way.” He got up and walked down the short hall back into his bedroom. When he looked down, Al was right there.

Killian sat on the edge of the bed. “If you’re supposed to be my familiar, I guess you better know that your witch is a fag. And not a very good one. Can’t really do the job for witchery, but I’m no better at doing the job for myself.” He fell back on the blue bedcover, a bedcover that had hardly seen anyone on it but Killian since he’d gotten it. The cat jumped up and looked at him as if he understood. Okay, he was losing it. But he had to talk to somebody.

“I haven’t ever had a serious relationship. When I was young, my mother managed to scare off any boyfriends I could find, and she wouldn’t let me anywhere near human boys. I guess she was just protecting me, but still, no boyfriends for me. And now, I just get users who think I’m some kind of road to the top of witchery. I hate it so much.” Damn. His eyes blurred. “You’re going to think I’m some kind of witchy wuss.”

The cat walked over and licked his hand. The sandpaper surface tickled his thumb. That did it. When had he last felt even a tiny lick done with true affection? His mother loved him in her way, but she was a Master Witch and cared far more for power and scheming than she ever had for love. She couldn’t understand why he didn’t value the same things. She had carefully selected his father for his good breeding potential, and she’d sent him on his way as soon as she’d shown signs of being pregnant. She’d gotten just what she wanted. The most powerful witch in the world, or at least one of them. Well, no. He guessed she hadn’t wanted a flaming gay witch who would give his last spell to be held by a lover who truly cared for him.

Tears began to drip from his eyes. Hell, what’s the use? He might as well cry. A moan escaped him, and he rolled into a fetal ball. “Oh, Al, I’m so lonely. So very, very lonely.” He cried until he slept from exhaustion.

Aloysius stared at the lean body and the long dark gold hair. He slipped under the man’s arm so he could lie close to his chest and hear his heartbeat.



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Orlin's Fall by Amber Kell


Book two in the Planetary Submissives Series

Orlin didn't know when he put himself up for sale that he would be responsible for changing a kingdom.

Broke and homeless, Orlin puts himself up for sale as a pet. Approached by his new Master, Orlin decides maybe being owned by a gorgeous king wouldn't be fate worse than death. He doesn't expect to become the one person who changes the views of an entire kingdom...or to be more than a lover for the man who buys him.

At first sight of the sexy oiled sub, Aester Fall knows he's not leaving until Orlin belongs to him. He might be hanging on to his kingdom by his fingernails but he knows some things are worth the fight. When he returns home with Orlin, he learns his new pet might not be as pet-like as he first appeared.

Neither man expects to change the fate of a world…much less two of them.

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Excerpt From: Orlin's Fall

Orlin examined his reflection one more time, checking to make sure the oil coated his chest evenly. He wished to look seductively shiny—not like a soppy oil slick. His new nipple ring glowed in the dressing room lights as he tied the laces on his leather pants. The bite of the piercing distracted him as his fingers fumbled on the strings. Taking a deep breath to centre himself, he finally finished dressing. The outfit looked good, even though it had cost him his few remaining dollars. He hoped they would earn back the investment he’d made in them. He had to achieve top dollar in order to have any kind of life. Shifting his weight from foot to foot, he winced as he jostled his guiche. Two piercings in one day might not have been his brightest idea. The ring behind his balls burned but offered a happy distraction from his grim thoughts.

If his father were alive, this would’ve killed him. Of course, if his father were still alive, Orlin wouldn’t be in this situation.

Allowing strangers to bid on him for money was the last resort of a desperate man, but what else could he do? With no money behind his title, it did Orlin little good to be descended from royalty. His parents’ crippling debt had left Orlin with only a bit of pocket change. Money collectors had taken everything else of value. As an only child he didn’t have siblings to rely on and all of his ‘friends’ had disappeared when the reality of Orlin’s situation had settled in.

Left with no money and few practical skills, Orlin was going with a time-honoured beautiful-people tradition...and catching himself a sugar daddy. According to house rules, all but ten per cent of the money raised in his auction went to Orlin after five years of service. He only had to stand some rich old man slobbering all over him for that long to earn his freedom.

I saved my virginity for this?

To be truthful, he’d remained a virgin because he hadn’t wanted to come into his powers. The men in his family gained their magical abilities after sex with their mates for the first time. His father had had the ability to control fire and his mother the power to talk to animals. With Orlin’s luck, his talent would be setting animals on fire.

With the chance to meet his fated mate vanishing before his eyes, Orlin wished he’d taken his parents up on their offer to match him earlier. Now there would be no ceremony binding him and his lover together for life, or meeting with the royal seer to foretell the future of his and his mate’s union. As a child he’d dreamed of a golden-haired god who would be his permanent partner. Now Orlin wouldn’t be free to find him. Instead, he’d be some stranger’s pet—or slave or whatever his owner wanted to call him—until he finished out his contract.

Blinking tears from his eyes, Orlin brushed a strand of hair from his face. He should’ve cut it before the event, but he just couldn’t force that final step. Although he wanted to fetch a good price, his hair represented the one small bit of pride he had remaining. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Orlin looked away from the mirror, unable to meet his reflection’s shamed gaze.

"Ready, beautiful?"

One of the stagehands peeked around the door, ogling Orlin. He brutally fought back a blush. "As ready as I’ll ever be."

With a heavy sigh, Orlin followed the man out.

He hoped the gods were looking out for him because, these days, no one else was.

* * * *

"Anyone catch your eye, Pael?" King Aester Fall asked his brother before downing another glass of ale. Both of his brothers were checking out the room, trying to decide if there was more to this place than they’d found so far. Aester needed to find a pet quickly, before the factions rising against him declared him an unfit ruler. Planetary law clearly stated that a king needed a pet in order to properly rule. A man who couldn’t see to his bodily needs wasn’t ready to rule a kingdom.

Amber Kell
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Twisted Rose by Amber Kell

When Ian Stiller goes to rescue his drunken friend from a BDSM club, he's surprised to find himself attracted to the owner, Daniel Rose. A killing spree throws the two men together when Rose decides he needs his favorite detective to help catch the murderer. Ian's disguise as Daniel's new sub takes a turn for the darker side when the undercover detective begins to suspect the killer is someone close to them.

Now available here.

Ian Stiller snapped awake as his cell phone rang. As a vice detective, he heard his phone's ringtone even in his dreams.

Reaching blindly, he batted his hand around the top of the nightstand. His fingers brushed against the plastic case moments before he heard it hit the floor.

Ian leaned over the side of the bed, stretching his body towards the small black case reaching... reaching.

"Ahhh!" With a loud thump he hit the hardwood floor. "Maybe I should've invested in some carpet," he muttered to the cat peeking at him curiously from under the bed. Henry purred and brushed his long fur up against Ian's face. Ian snorted the fluffy strands from his nose, grabbing his cell phone as it started to ring again.


"Ian." A familiar voice on the other end sobbed. "Gary left me."


Ian disconnected and laid his cheek against the cool wood looking idly under his bed. Damn, there was a dust bunny revolution going on.

He made a mental note to hire a housekeeper. It might be a luxury, but he didn't have a lot of time or energy to spend his salary so he might as well make sure the dust bunnies didn't eat his cat.

The phone rang again.

A glance at the readout showed his friend Keith Tilden calling again. What the hell did Keith want? Ian wasn't known for his empathy and he hated Gary anyway. To his logical mind, Gary leaving Keith provided a great solution to a bad relationship.

Ian sighed and flipped open his phone. "Yes." Lying on the floor, the particles pressed into his skin. He definitely needed a housekeeper.

"You hung up on me!" Keith said.

His voice slurred, telling Ian Keith had been drinking.

The detective in him went on alert.

"Where are you?"

"At the club."

Even with Ian's well-renowned detective skills, he needed more information.

"Which club?"

"The Twisted Rose."

Ian bit back a curse. The Twisted Rose counted as the largest BDSM club in the Northwest. Keith didn't make the best decisions sober. God knew what kind he'd make, drunk in a bondage club, while wallowing in self-pity.

"Be careful not to get in over your head with some big leather daddy," Ian cautioned. He didn't want to ask but he'd hate himself if he abandoned a broken-hearted friend and found out something horrible happened to Keith. "Do you need me to come get you?"

Keith sobbed into the phone. "Please."

Ian sighed. This was why he kept to himself and didn't make very many friends. Friends were too much fucking work. "I'll be there in a few. How do I get in?"

Keith had spoken previously about the private club. They didn't let anyone in without a membership or exclusive invitation. As far as Ian knew, Keith had been a member since it opened three years ago.

"I'll leave your name at the door as my guest."


Ian hung up not bothering to say goodbye. Only for Keith would he drag himself out of bed this time of night. Unfortunately, they'd been friends ever since Keith had done some pro bono work for the abuse victim of a man Ian had put away, and Ian never let his few friends down.

Sleeping in the nude made it easier to get dressed quickly. Thinking he would be returning in an hour or two, Ian didn't bother with underwear, slipping on his favorite worn denim jeans with a hole below his ass and a few rips on his inner thighs. He completed the outfit with a tight red tee that outlined his muscular chest.

As a cop, Ian kept himself in peak condition. The sight of the older cops with their desk job stomachs hanging out worked like a flashing caution sign of the importance of staying fit. Luckily, once Ian reached his top physical condition, he found it easy to maintain.

Glancing at the mirror he ran his fingers through his thick auburn hair, grown straight and long from his last undercover job. He pulled it back with a rubber band exposing the thick rings piercing through both ears.

He sighed at his reflection. Dark circles underscored his bloodshot blue eyes and his two-day old scruff had become a testimony to his exhaustion. Thankfully, he could get away with that kind of shit in vice.

Fuck, he needed more sleep.

Groaning in disgust, Ian grabbed his keys and headed out the door.

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Blowing off Steam by Karen Mercury


AVAILABLE: Thursday, March 8th

This title is offered at a 15% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, March 15th.

[Ménage and More: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F with M/M, public exhibition, bondage, light spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Everything they thought they knew is blown away.

When Field Trueworthy blackmails riverboat captain Rushy Wakeman into partnering up, they’re unstoppable in their sleek steamer, El Dorado. Their rivalry turns into deep love, and with the addition of high-spirited hooker Calliope, the trio outraces and outwits every shyster on the river.

They contract with cold-blooded river magnate Soquel Haight to transport opium, as Field’s son back east is dying and they need money fast. Accidentally stumbling over a few dead bodies earns them the reputation of well-respected outlaws.

But their fondness for public displays of affection and dangerous riverboat racing puts them in Haight’s bad books. They can’t keep their hands off each other and are rocketing hell-bent into perilous waters. These three hustlers are being hustled themselves, and what they learn will turn their whole boat upside down.

A Siren Erotic Romance


“Damn it all,” Rushy gasped. It was the most erotic scene of his life, lying spread-eagle in the sand like a woman, thighs gaping open to accept the prick of this athletic, virile man. He’d mounted plenty of strapping river boys, but he’d never allowed himself to be put in this subservient position that seemed so weak. Rushy now saw that this allegedly weak position actually was plumb full of power—the power to make such a robust man as Field helpless as a kitten with desire. “Mount me, you bastard. Ride me like the godamn man you are.”

At that, Field seemed to lose control. His eyelids fluttered as his eyes rolled up in his head. He shoved another few inches of his massive prick up Rushy’s channel. He laid his open, gasping mouth to Rushy’s throat as he humped him, his limp, elegant fingers speared through Rushy’s damp hair.

A piercing crack resounded nearby then, and Rushy’s eyes popped open to see a naked and dripping Calliope, who had apparently slapped Field’s rump. She had fallen down to the sand next to them and regarded them happily. “Son of a bitch!” she said in awe. “You two fuckers just can’t stay away from each other can you? Can’t say as I blame you. You are two handsome libertines. Wait, Field!” Another crack. That saucy bitch! Field stilled, shuddering and gasping, holding himself above Rushy. “You hold your godamn giant horses now, Field.” Crack. “Is this your aim, to tease me into frigging myself silly every night while you men have all the fun?”

“Shove your fingers up his ass,” Rushy suggested hoarsely. “Lick his big, meaty balls.”

Calliope chirped, “I’ll do no such thing. Doesn’t a girl get any satisfaction around here? I’ll show you men how it’s done.” And the brazen trollop straddled Rushy, placing both knees on either side of his shoulders, planting her cunt squarely down on his face!

Rushy had never had his face in a woman’s muff before. While experienced with the general anatomy of a woman, one simply didn’t bury one’s face in a hooker’s dripping mound. Who would pay for that smelly sensation? However, Calliope was clearly clean and primped, and Rushy found himself fascinated with the extension of her clitoris. He took a few experimental breaths and flicked out the tip of his tongue like a lizard.

“Oh!” she gasped. “Son of a bitch!”

She must have been silenced then by a kiss from Field above—Rushy couldn’t see, his nose being buried in her asshole while he lapped the length of her clitoris. He licked her the only way he knew, as though lapping at the most under-endowed male on the face of the continent. Steady, his tongue stiff like a finger, he lapped while Calliope mewled and bucked her hips against his face. He was gratified by a splash of honeyed pussy juices running over his chin.

“Oh, land’s sake, Field!” Calliope cried. “That’s good, isn’t it? Buried inside his tight asshole? Ride him, you big stallion. Fuck your big, muscular friend. Shoot your load inside that tight, sweet ass.”

Freshly invigorated by the urgings of his paramour, Field pumped Rushy almost urgently now. Each thrust of his slick cock made Rushy’s own cock twitch, and that minx Calliope slapped his erection then gripped it in her little fist and milked him with precision.

“Ah!” Rushy cried out involuntarily, instantly on the edge of spending his built-up load. Immediately Calliope slapped his prick, declaring, “Bad boy! Lick me, faster, faster! Eat my big, bulging clitoris! Suck on it!”

Rushy obliged. As Field’s penis swelled inside him, urgently rubbing that exquisite spot behind his pubic bone that brought him to the verge of orgasm, Rushy coordinated his devouring of Calliope’s cunt. Squirt after squirt of deliciously sweet juice flowed over his chin as he flicked his tongue the length of that bulging appendage. His sense of power inflated as he lapped, knowing he was bringing both Field and the experienced former hooker to the apex of their crises.

Calliope grabbed a handful of Rushy’s hair and demanded, “Suck it like it’s a penis, Rushy! You’re good at that. Suck it like it’s a little tiny cock and you want me to erupt all over your face.”

Disorder in the House, June 2012

Training Ivy, May 2012 <-- new series! "How The West Was Done"!

Karen Mercury

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Cowboy Up by Stormy Glenn

Blaecleah Brothers 5
Available March 3rd

Ruben is now a fully fledged Blaecleah, adopted by Ma and Da, and he loves living out at the ranch. But it's not enough to keep him home when he loses his heart to Elijah James, the family's attorney, and a man too afraid to come out of the closet to claim him.

After traveling the world for three years, Ruben is finally ready to return home, but he's not coming back alone. Widowed and the father of a small baby, Ruben hopes that he has grown up enough for Elijah James to take interest in him because this time, he's playing for keeps.

Elijah James wanted Ruben since the moment he met the man but the anguish of losing someone he loves still has a hold of Elijah and he's not ready to put his heart, or the fact that he loves men, on the line for everyone to see. He learned the hard way to keep his desires to himself.

When the past comes back to tear the Blaecleah family apart, will his love for Ruben be enough to pull Elijah from the closet or will he be too scared of losing again to cowboy up?


“Elijah, I wonder if we could get a moment of your time.”

Elijah James glanced up from the papers on his desk to see Quaid and Matthew Blaecleah standing in his doorway. He smiled in greeting as he stood up and walked around his desk to shake both men’s hands.

“Of course,” Elijah replied. “I always have time for one of the Blaecleahs. What can I do for you gentlemen today?” Elijah glanced beyond the two men to see the sun setting beyond the mountains. “This evening, I mean.”

“Burning the midnight oil again?” Quaid chuckled.

Elijah shrugged as he glanced back at the papers on his desk. He didn’t have anything better to do. “There never really seems to be an end to the paperwork.” He smiled ruefully as he looked back at the two men. “Unlike in the movies, lawyers actually spend more time doing paperwork than in court.”

“Then I’m afraid we’re just going to add to your workload.” Quaid held up the large manila envelope in his hand. “We need you to look over some papers and make sure everything is on the up and up before Ma and Da sign them.”

“Of course.” Elijah took the envelope and opened it, pulling the papers out as he walked around his desk and sat back down. “Please, have a seat.”

It took Elijah a few minutes to go over the paperwork but everything seemed relatively straightforward. Donnell and Alani Blaecleah wanted to purchase ten acres of land on the west side of their ranch. The price had been agreed upon by both the seller and buyer. Except for the signatures of everyone involved, everything was aboveboard.

“Hey, Elijah,” Matty said, “I really appreciate you staying late to do this. We needed these papers taken care of as soon as possible.”

Elijah smiled as he looked up from the papers he was working on and across his desk at Matty. “It’s no problem, Matty. I’m happy to help.” He quickly looked back down at the papers. It was always so hard to look at Matty. The man looked so much like his younger brother, Ruben.

Elijah sighed and tried to get the mental image of Ruben Blaecleah out of his head. Matty had married Quaid, and the Blaecheah family had adopted his brother Ruben. He knew it wouldn’t do him much good to think of Ruben. It seemed he had been thinking about the man for as long as he knew him. Still, he needed to concentrate on his job. Then maybe he could go find the nearest bottle. It worked in the past, and he prayed it continued to numb him.

“Everything seems to be in order,” Elijah said. “If you’ll have your folks come in tomorrow, we can get these signed and notarized. Once the papers are filed with the courthouse, the sale should be final within thirty days.”

“Yes!” Matty pumped his fist into the air.

“Well, you certainly seem excited.” Elijah grinned when Matty practically bounded in his seat. The man’s excitement was contagious. Elijah just didn’t understand it. It was a simple purchase of some land next to the Blaecleah ranch.

“I am.”

Quaid Blaecleah chuckled from beside his partner. He reached over and patted Matty’s leg. “I think we’re all a little excited.”

Elijah frowned. He pulled his glasses off and set them on the desk as he stared at the two lovers in confusion. “Over the purchase of ten acres of land?”

“No,” Matty said as he smiled happily. “Ruben is coming home.”

Elijah swallowed hard. “Ru—Ruben is coming home?” He could barely get the words past his lips. Ruben was coming home. Elijah didn’t know whether to be excited or freaked out. Both were a very real possibility.

Ruben was coming home.


“That’s what the ten acres are for,” Quaid said. “Ma and Da wanted to give him some land to build a house on.”

Elijah frowned as he glanced down at the paperwork again. “This land is quite a ways from the main ranch,” he said as he looked up at the two men one more time. “Don’t all of you boys build your houses right next to each other?”

“Usually, yes,” Quaid replied right before his eyes cut to Matty. They stared at each other for a moment before Matty nodded. Elijah’s heart began to thunder in his chest when Quaid looked back at him. “Ruben needs a bit more room than the rest of us. He’s bringing his family home with him.”


“Come here, Eli,” Ruben said as he waved a hand toward the bed. He couldn’t take the silence, or the fear that Elijah was going to reject him like he had three years ago. He wanted to put a stop to any doubts Elijah had before they surfaced and ruined any plans Ruben had for them.

Elijah took a hesitant step forward, and then another, slowly making his way back toward the bed. His eyes were locked onto Ruben’s hard cock as he swallowed. “How—What are you doing here?”

Ruben reached out and pulled at Elijah’s hand, making the man stumble forward as he dropped down on the bed.

“I’m here for you,” Ruben confessed to the older man as he tugged on Elijah’s hand, watching as Elijah crawled further onto the bed. His eyes held hesitation, but his boxers were tented, giving Ruben the perfect view. The only thing that would have made this more perfect was if Elijah removed the underwear. Ruben was dying to get his first glimpse at the man’s cock.

“I don’t understand,” Elijah said as he pulled himself all the way onto the bed. To say he was nervous was an understatement. Ruben had had sex only once, and that was with Mahra. He’d never experienced sex with a man, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to let his inexperience stop him. He knew what he wanted, and what he wanted was staring up at him, the blue eyes swimming with uncertainty.

Ruben rolled, pinning Elijah underneath him. He ground their cocks together as he felt Elijah’s skin rubbing up against his.

“Ruben, wait.”

Ruben stilled, gazing down at Elijah. “What am I waiting for?”

Elijah shook his head, but made no efforts to squirm away. As a matter of fact, Elijah was trying to push into Ruben. The moves were subtle, as if Elijah didn’t want Ruben to know he was doing it.

“I—” Elijah glanced down, biting his bottom lip. “I’m not out and proud like you are.”

Ruben leaned forward, kissing Elijah’s eyelids. “Then we’ll work on that,” Ruben said as he reached down between them and pushed his hand past Elijah’s waistband of his boxers. He groaned when he felt the hot, hard cock press into the palm of his hand.

Elijah’s hips jerked as his head tilted sideways. Ruben pressed his lips against Elijah’s soft skin as he stroked his soon-to-be lover’s cock. He knew the mechanics and had done his research on gay sex. Ruben had the knowledge. He just lacked the experience. He hoped he didn’t hurt Elijah.


Elijah nodded toward the nightstand. Ruben stretched over Elijah as he opened the small drawer. He wasn’t sure he should be glad to see condoms in there as well. Did Elijah use them often? He grinned when he saw the box was brand-new. Ruben grabbed the lube and the box, tossing them on the bed beside them.

“Take your boxers off,” he said as he leaned back, giving Elijah the room he needed. Ruben’s mouth watered as he watched Elijah, gazing at the flesh that was bared to him. He couldn’t resist. Ruben reached out and smacked Elijah’s ass.

“Hey!” Elijah said as he looked back at Ruben. “There will be none of that.”

“Too bad,” Ruben teased. He liked seeing his own handprint on Elijah’s ass. It was sexy. He pushed Elijah to his stomach, straddling his thighs as he lubed his fingers and then tossed the bottle aside.

Ruben slowly pushed one finger in to the first knuckle. He stilled, waiting to make sure he wasn’t hurting Elijah. When the man looked over at Ruben like he was crazy, he smiled and pushed his finger the rest of the way in. It felt better than his imagination had conjured up. With just his finger inside Elijah, Ruben was about to orgasm. He had dreamt of this moment for years.

Ruben slid his hand back and then slid another finger in beside the first one. He watched in wonder as his fingers sank deep. He wanted to see his cock do the same. But he wasn’t going to rush this. It was their first time together, Ruben’s first time with a man, and he wanted it to last.

He pushed a third finger in, watching Elijah’s body stretch for him. Ruben had to bite his bottom lip. The sight was amazing. Elijah pushed back, groaning. Ruben felt ten feet tall. He was the one making Elijah feel pleasure.

He removed his fingers, grinning when Elijah let out a noise of protest. He smacked his lover’s ass again. Elijah shot a glare over his shoulder, making Ruben chuckle. “But my handprint is so pretty on your ass.”

Elijah grunted, but didn’t say a word.

“Roll over,” Ruben commanded as he reached for the unopened box of condoms. Elijah watched him as Ruben tore the wrapper apart and then rolled the latex down his hard cock. He scooted close to Elijah, grabbed him under his knees, and then pushed his legs back. Ruben stopped for a moment to gaze down at Elijah’s puckered hole. He couldn’t believe that after all this time he was finally going to sink balls deep inside the man.

“What?” Elijah asked, a veil falling over his eyes.

Ruben couldn’t have that. He lined his cock up and thrust deeply.

“Fuck!” Elijah shouted as Ruben stilled.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked as he ran a hand over Elijah’s smooth stomach. His body was begging Ruben to move, but he had to make sure Elijah wasn’t in any pain.

“No,” Elijah said as he wiggled his ass. “But now would be a good time for you to move.”

Ruben grinned as he pulled back and then slammed forward. Elijah shouted, but Ruben knew it was a shout of pleasure. His fingers dug into Elijah’s knees as he looked down between their bodies and saw his cock thrusting in and out of his lover’s tight ass. It was an amazing sight, one Ruben wanted to see over and over again.

He pushed Elijah’s legs around his waist as he dropped to his arms, staring his lover in his baby-blue eyes. Elijah tried to look away, but Ruben caught his chin and brought it back around. He leaned forward and kissed Elijah like his life depended on it. Elijah groaned into his mouth as Ruben snapped his hips, feeling Elijah’s body welcoming him.

“Make me come, Ru,” Elijah begged into Ruben’s mouth.