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Arcanum: What Evils Lurk in the Hearts of Men by Mychael Black

Arcanum: What Evils Lurk in the Hearts of Men
by Mychael Black
Torquere Press

Detectives Jonah and Riley Pierce are back in another case for Arcanum, the US government's paranormal police agency. This time, however, they're headed to Berlin when a series of murders points to the enigmatic leader of a research institute. Things turn personal very quickly, though, and they find themselves in a race to stop a psychopathic mortal hellbent on finding the daywalker gene.


United States, December 2009

"Got him?"

Riley's voice crackled over the walkie talkie. "He's heading down 5th."

"Good. Keep on him, but out of sight." Jonah motioned to the team. Two groups of three men each took off toward Riley. "On our way."

"Roger that," Riley whispered. "Going silent."

Jonah forced himself to ignore the brief twist in his gut. This was the part he hated--when Riley went into 'vamp mode' to track someone. This particular quarry had been a pain in the ass, leading them on a wild goose chase all over the fucking town. They'd been after him for nearly six months and Riley couldn't track him. After countless arguments, Jonah had finally agreed to let his brother taste the guy's blood. It hadn't been easy to get, but it worked.

In the dead of night, most normal people slept. Not Jonah, and certainly not Riley. He often wondered if Riley even did sleep, but then he'd spent a few nights just watching his brother. The absence of breath still unnerved him.

Jonah joined up with the second team and both groups flanked Riley's position. Jonah spotted Riley on a rooftop, black clothing blending in seamlessly with the shadows. Below him, their target stood talking to someone, occasionally glancing in either direction down the street. Jonah waited with his group while the others moved in closer.

"Now!" The shout came out of nowhere.

Jonah bolted out of his hiding place, his men behind him. "Riley!"

Riley dropped to the ground, landing on his feet with surprising grace, but before Jonah and the teams reached him, four others grabbed him. Riley hissed and fought, snapping one neck before slashing another's torso open from shoulder to waist with his knife. Blades kill; bullets don't. It's what Riley swore by, but watching one of those motherfuckers draw a gun and aim it at Riley's head didn't help matters. Jonah slammed into the attacker and team one took down the other. When Jonah looked up after cuffing the cursing man under him, he found Riley farther down the alleyway.

His brother, for all his youth and sweetness, scared the shit out of him sometimes.

Vervain by Mychael Black

Arcanum: Vervain
by Mychael Black
Torquere Press

Detective Jonah Pierce has mourned his brother Riley’s death for a decade, and he’s never managed to heal. He loved Riley too much, and maybe in the wrong way. When a new rash of vampiric murders begins, Jonah’s division Arcanum is called in to investigate. Sent to talk to a potential suspect, Jonah gets the shock of his life. But that’s nothing compared to what comes later, when betrayal shows itself far closer than he ever expected.



Jonah glanced up at the rusted façade of the metal warehouse looming above them. “Keep your guard up,” he said, shutting the car door. “There’s no telling what the fuck is in there.”

They headed for the single door on this side of the building and found the remnants of a broken padlock on the ground. Jonah picked it up and inspected the break. The edges were jagged, as if the steel had been stretched until it snapped. He handed the lock to Mike, who muttered something under his breath. Turning his attention to the door, Jonah opened it slowly.

 Darkness went on forever, so thick, Jonah swore he felt it. He drew his gun and stepped inside, Mike right behind him. They went slow, and when the last of the light from a street lamp faded, Jonah pulled out a small flashlight from his jacket. Rats scattered out of the meager beam, but farther down the narrow corridor, something larger shuffled in the darkness.

“Might I ask who you are?”

Jonah and Mike froze. When Jonah raised the light, the man at the other end hissed. Jonah lowered it just enough to keep an eye on the guy’s feet. “I’d ask you the same question. This is private property.”

 “Yes. I’m fully aware of that.”

 “Do you have permission to be here, Mr.--”

 “Le. And I should think I do, considering I own it.”

Well, shit.

 Jonah sighed. “Might we have a few words with you, Mr. Le? We’re investigating the disappearance of a young man and hope, since you were last seen with him, that you might have some information.”

 “Ah, yes.” Le shifted his feet, but didn’t approach them. “Very well. But I must apologize for the state of my home. It’s not easy trying to renovate such a vast space on your own.”

 “That’s quite all right.” Jonah holstered his gun for the time being and heard Mike do the same. “Please tell me there’s more light.”

Le chuckled and a moment later, a dingy orange light flickered on overhead. “Follow me,” he said, turning quickly.

 Jonah and Mike remained alert as they went into Le’s home. What he’d first thought of as a derelict building, judging from the outside, soon turned into a sprawling, luxurious loft.

 Le stopped and faced them. “Looks… can be deceiving.”

All time froze the moment Jonah met Le’s gaze. Jonah fought to remain standing, though he felt as if someone had punched him in the gut.

“Welcome to my home, Detective Pierce.”

 “How does he know-“

 “I know a good deal about the goings-on in this city,” Le interrupted Mike. “Detective Tanner, is it? If you would be so kind, I would like to share any information I have--but only with Detective Pierce.”

 “Jonah, I don’t-"

“It’s okay. Go. Wait in the car.”

Mike harrumphed and left, grumbling his misgivings. The second the door to the building closed, Jonah fell against a wall, jaw dropping in sheer disbelief.

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John Henry's Beautiful Charlie by Stormy Glenn

John Henry's Beautiful Charlie

By: Stormy Glenn | Other books by Stormy Glenn
Categories: Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Contemporary
Word Count: 46,752
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

AVAILABLE: Tuesday, July 3rd
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Sheriff John Henry Harrison didn't even know the old McAdams place had been sold, so when he receives a disturbance call, he rushes right out there, positive it's just a bunch of kids causing a ruckus. What he discovers there changes his life in ways he never could have imagined.
After losing his wife to cancer, Charlie Pennington was just trying to find a peaceful place to settle down with his young kids. He never imagined that buying the old McAdams homestead would bring the sexiest lawman he had ever seen into his life.
When trouble arrives at Charlie's door in the form of a custody battle for his kids and a drug lord bent on revenge, Charlie is shocked when John Henry steps right in to help. But even with his former marine buddies at his side, Charlie isn't sure he can keep everyone he loves alive. Sending them to safety seems like the best choice, until John Henry refuses to go.
A Siren Erotic Romance
"Sheriff? Come in, Sheriff."
Sheriff John Henry Harrison picked up his receiver and replied. "Yeah, Maggie, what's up?"
"We have a disturbance out at the McAdam's place, Sheriff."
"What sort of disturbance?" As far as he knew, the McAdam's place was empty. Maybe it was kids playing games or something. The place had been vacant for over five years but every once in a while, kids like to have parties there.
"The new owner called in. He said he has trespassers. He's holding them off with a shotgun."
"Shit." John Henry tossed his coffee cup in the trash. It probably was a bunch of kids. "All right, I'm on my way." The sheriff hit his lights and spun his bronco around, heading toward the McAdam's ranch.
"New owner? When did the place sell, Maggie?" he continued his conversation with the dispatcher on his shoulder mic as he pressed down harder on the gas. He didn’t want to deal with dead teenagers because they were out for a bit of fun. People around here protected their property with a vengeance.
"Cheryl sold the place a couple of months ago. The new owner moved in last month."
"Huh." John Henry was surprised. He never thought that the McAdam's place would sell. Once upon a time, the old rolling southern mansion and its surrounding five hundred acres had been worth a butt load of cash. Now, it was just a rundown old house in the middle of the country. He wasn't even sure the barn was still standing.
It didn't take John Henry more than a few minutes to reach the place. He could see several cars pulled up in front of the colonial style house when he pulled into the driveway. Four people stood out in front of one of the vehicles—a very fancy looking vehicle.
And one man stood on the front porch with a shotgun in his hands.
That wasn't good.
John Henry cautiously climbed out of his bronco and stuck his cowboy hat on his head. He shut the door loud enough for everyone to hear it. The four people yelling at the man on the porch turned to stare at him.
Strangely enough, the man standing on the porch with the shotgun leaned it against the side of the house as soon as he saw John Henry. He took several steps away, putting enough space between him and the shotgun that John Henry didn't feel in danger of his life. He was grateful for the gesture.
At least he was dealing with a reasonable man.
"I'm Sheriff John Henry Harrison," he stated as he stepped around the front of his bronco. "What seems to be the problem here?"
The man on the porch crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against one of the large round white pillars on the porch. He didn't say a word. He just turned his gaze to the other people gathered in front of the vehicles.
John Henry blinked in shock when everyone except the man on the porch started talking at once. He counted four people talking all at the same time—an older man and woman, a man in his mid-forties, and a young woman. His surprise quickly turned to a low burning anger when they all pointed fingers at the man on the porch and continued shouting. He couldn't understand a word that they were saying. They were shouting over each other.
John Henry raised his hand to stop everyone but it did no good. They all just continued shouting, pointing fingers, and glaring toward the porch. John Henry glanced at the man on the porch. He still stood there, only this time he had an amused smirk on his face. He arched an eyebrow when he saw John Henry looking at him.
John Henry wanted to roll his eyes but it wouldn't be very professional. He put his fingers to his lips and let out a loud whistle. Everyone yelling stopped to stare at him. "Who's the owner here?"
"That would be me."
John Henry's eyes snapped over to the man on the porch. "You're the new owner?"
"I am."
John Henry walked in his direction, keeping his eyes on the others gathered. Until he knew what was what, he wasn't taking his eyes off of any of them. "And who are you?"
"Charlie Pennington."
John Henry shook the hand the man held out to him, his eyes widening a little when he felt a small zing shoot through his palm when their hands touched. "Sheriff John Henry—"
"Harrison." Charlie smiled, showing a perfect set of white teeth. "Yes, I heard."
"Did you put a call in to the sheriff's department?"
"I did." Charlie nodded toward the others. "I've asked these people to leave and they refused. As this is private property, my property, they are trespassing and I want them gone."
"I see." John Henry glanced at the four people standing there shooting glares of pure hatred at Charlie. They were scathing looks, almost burning. John Henry didn't know what was going on here—yet—but he didn't think these people were from around here.
This was the country. Most people dressed in jeans and T-shirts, like Charlie was dressed. It was unusual to see people dressed in fancy duds. It was instantly clear that the four people trespassing were from the city.
"Folks, if the owner of the property has asked you to leave, then you have to leave."
"I'm not leaving here until I see my grandchildren," an older man in a three piece dark blue suit shouted as he wagged his beefy finger at the man on the porch. "You can't keep them from us, Charles."
Grandchildren? John Henry glanced over his shoulder. The sexy man standing behind him had children? Damn. What a fucking waste.
"Coming to bed, John Henry?"
John Henry groaned again. Charlie was trying to kill him. He opened his eyes when he felt Charlie grab his hand and pull. He was being led back into the bedroom. Charlie stopped at the side of the bed and reached for the hem of John Henry's shirt.
John Henry felt a little self-conscious about all of the hair on his chest, and there was a lot, but then he saw the lust blazing in Charlie's eyes. "Do you like that?" he asked.
Charlie's hard swallow was audible as he nodded. John Henry grabbed Charlie's hands and laid them on his chest close to his collarbone. He watched Charlie's face intently as he slowly dragged the man's hands down his chest. When Charlie sucked in his lower lip and shuddered, John Henry had had about all he could take.
"I want skin, Charlie."
Charlie nodded, not taking his eyes off of John Henry's chest.
"Now, Charlie." John Henry chuckled at the dazed look in Charlie's eyes when he looked up. He looked so confused. He sounded so confused when he spoke.
"Now would be good, don't you think, Charlie?"
"Naked is good," Charlie said. "I'm in favor of naked."
John Henry chuckled again. He liked knowing he had this effect on Charlie. He reached for the hem of Charlie's shirt. He pulled it up slowly, wanting to savor the anticipation, but each inch of tanned sculpted skin just made him want to see the next inch.
By the time he tossed Charlie's shirt to the floor, John Henry was ready to forgo slow and savory for right fucking now. Charlie was perfection. John Henry knew the man had to stay in shape for the service but this man's body went above and beyond that. Charlie was a work of art—a hot, sexy, breathtaking, work of art.
Charlie was almost the exact opposite of John Henry. Where John Henry had hair covering a lot of his chest, Charlie was all silky smooth skin. They both had a trail of hair leading down their abdomens to under the waistband of their jeans. John Henry's hair was dark, Charlie's was light.
John Henry flicked the button on Charlie's jeans. He felt Charlie shudder as he lowered the zipper. When Charlie's hard cock bounced out, John Henry froze and tried to retain what little control he had left as he realized that Charlie wasn't wearing any underwear.
"Fuck, Charlie, you're going commando."
Charlie laughed. "And you aren't?"
Charlie's hands were on John Henry's zipper before he could stop him. Heat flushed through his face when he remembered that he was indeed wearing boxers—and they had little yellow smiley faces all over them.
"Uh…" Charlie paused and peeked up at John Henry. "Are you trying to tell me that you're into the whole Mr. Happy thing?"
John Henry snorted and rolled his eyes. "They were clean."
"Uh huh."
John Henry felt a sheepish grin cross his face as he stepped back and pushed his boots off his feet then shoved his jeans, and smiley face boxers, down his legs. By the time he kicked them away and stood up, Charlie was standing before him in all his naked glory.
Hot damn.
"Gods, you are so fucking sexy."
Charlie's dark blond eyebrows shot up. "Me?" His eyes slid down John Henry's body. "I'm thinking you are way sexier than this old marine."
"There isn't anything old about you, Charlie, and you know it."
"Yeah, well, sometimes I feel like it."
"Then let me see if I can change that." John Henry stepped forward into Charlie's space and wrapped his arms around the man's shoulders. He leaned down the few inches between them and captured Charlie's mouth with his own. Charlie's lips were still warm and swollen from their last kiss.
John Henry's pulse quickened when their bodies came together, skin against skin, cock against cock. He couldn't remember that last time something had felt this good, if ever. It made him acutely aware of the strength and the warmth of Charlie's body.
"I want to fuck you, John Henry." Charlie spoke quietly but his voice boomed in the room. "Will you let me?"
John Henry nodded. He had no problem letting Charlie fuck him. He wasn't one of those guys who always expected to give and never receive. He liked it both ways. He hoped when the time came, Charlie would allow him to do the same. He was just too afraid to ask. Feeling Charlie's beautiful cock pound into his ass was too important at the moment. It made everything else pale in comparison.
"Lube?" John Henry asked. "Condom?"
"I'll get them," Charlie replied. "You just lie down on the bed."
Despite wanting to feel Charlie pound him into the mattress, John Henry was nervous as he crawled up onto the bed and rolled over onto his back. He saw Charlie step away from the nightstand and toss something onto the bed. Then Charlie climbed onto the bed and knelt between John Henry's thighs.
"Hi." Charlie grinned.
John Henry couldn't help but grin back. "Hi."
Charlie leaned up over John Henry. "Are you sure you're ready for this? We don't have to do anything if you're uncomfortable. We could just sit and talk, get another beer, or whatever."
"No, I want this. I'm just a little"—John Henry shrugged—"It's been awhile."
"I won't do anything you don't want me to, okay?"
John Henry nodded.
"If something makes you uncomfortable, tell me and I'll stop."
John Henry nodded again. He was starting to feel less nervous and more anxious. The heat emanating from Charlie's body was warming him but every inch of skin that touched his was making him go out of his mind. John Henry wrapped his arms around Charlie and pulled until the man collapsed down on top of him.
"That’s better." He laughed when Charlie arched an eyebrow at him. "I'm a bit bigger than you, Charlie. I think I can take it."
"We'll see, big man."
John Henry's eyes fluttered closed when Charlie claimed his lips in a toe curling kiss. Gods, the man could kiss. John Henry had never met anyone in his life that was so very oral. He couldn't wait to find out what else Charlie could do with his lips.
When Charlie's lips moved away from John Henry's mouth and started kissing a path down his jaw line to his throat, John Henry arched his head back, giving the man better access. John Henry never thought he'd be into biting but each lick and nip just amped up the arousal already flooding his senses.
"Gods, you're really good at this."

Cold Steel and Hot Lead by Karen Mercury

Stuck on a snowbound train in Laramie, Wyoming, is Senator Derrick Spiro, traveling to introduce a measure giving women the right to vote. While watching a magician making a girl vanish, Derrick meets Rudy Dunraven, escape artist. When the girl fails to materialize again, the men flee from the unruly lynch mob.
They are assisted in their quest to find the real kidnapper by Alameda Hudson, bolting from a disastrous engagement to a serial cheater. A helpful and mischievous spirit instructs Alameda to join the play the circus is putting on in town. All three, tortured by past failed loves, are reluctant to love again. But they have no one to trust but each other, and they can’t clear their names until Alameda puts herself in danger during the final act of the play.
Alameda hopes she lives long enough to be the first woman voter in America.

Adult excerpt:
“Do you like this, Derrick? Do you like being fucked by this dildo?”
So that’s what it was. How did Rudy have a dildo handy? Rudy was so lecherous it didn’t surprise Derrick, but he could hardly answer with his face smashed against Alameda’s steamy crotch. He just groaned, but this encouraged Rudy, who squiggled the dildo another inch inside him.
Rudy cradled Derrick’s back to his torso now, his free hand snaking around and gripping Derrick’s prick with a palm full of grease. “You like being buggered by another man, don’t you,” Rudy suggested. “You like having this long hard thing up your ass. God, your cock is the biggest I’ve ever had in my fist. You’re well-hung like a stallion, did you know that? You’ve got the most beautiful, fattest, circumcised tool I’ve ever frigged. Does it make you hot licking your fetching belle like that, coaxing an explosive orgasm from her?”
“Damn it to hell, Rudy!” Alameda shrieked so loudly the neighbors next door could probably hear her. She had the high-pitched nearly hysterical tone of a woman who would tear someone’s head off if she wasn’t satisfied this instant. Derrick had heard that tone before from his wife, Cora, and more recently from Alameda herself, and she would not be ignored. “Shut up with your nasty talk and just give it to him! Gripping the back of Derrick’s head, she smashed his face to her pussy and humped his face frantically.
Derrick would have laughed if he wasn’t being buggered and frigged forty-six ways to Sunday. Rudy’s experience in the underworld of bumfucking was sending Derrick over the edge. He had the showman’s ability to manipulate the dildo with precision, simultaneously corkscrewing his fist up and down the length of Derrick’s pleasured cock, his thumb describing ecstatic figure eights. Derrick heard Rudy chuckle at the exact moment the dildo hit a highly sensitive spot Derrick had never known existed, and what felt like a bucket of jism instantly shot from his aroused cock.
Derrick somehow had the presence of mind to reapply himself to his lapping. He was rewarded when Alameda’s keening became higher and higher in pitch like a teakettle about to boil. When he heard her hold her breath he knew she was set to topple over that cliff and plunge into a wrenching orgasm. Rudy milked Derrick’s cock and continued to expertly fuck him while a tidal wave of sweet pussy juice poured from Alameda.

#5 The Wild Bunch, August 2012
#4 Manifested Destiny, July 2012
#2 Disorder in the House, May 2012
#1 Training Ivy, May 2012 <-- new series! How the West Was Done

Karen Mercury

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Jaden's Double Doms by Gale Stanley

Jaden's Double Doms
TomCats 1

AVAILABLE: Monday, July 2nd
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, July 9th.
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, consensual BDSM, spanking, whipping, light bondage, HEA]
Jaden West and his Dominant lover, Kyle Norman, live on an island in the Florida Keys. Despite the idyllic setting, there's trouble in paradise. Jaden isn't getting the love and affection he needs and he's beginning to think he and Kyle are a mismatched pair. After a bad fight, Jaden ends up in TomCats, a gay resort known for its beautiful, top-heavy cliental. Jaden only wants one drink but he gets more than he bargained for when he becomes the prey of a psychopath. 
Owner, Tom Kay, comes to Jaden's rescue and sparks fly, but Tom is hiding the fact he's a cat-shifter. Unable to forget the beautiful blond human, Tom tracks him in catskin, but things go bad when he's trapped and taken to a feral cat shelter.
When vet tech, Jaden shows up on the night shift, he plans to adopt the tomcat and make a house cat out of him, but first the orange tabby has to be neutered...
Available at Bookstrand:

Story Excerpt

Kyle was acting like an ass wipe.
What else is new?
Jaden and Kyle were living in Paradise—sun, sand, and sea, Key West had it all. But lately, Kyle had made Jaden’s life a living hell. Normally, Jaden kept his mouth shut and accepted Kyle’s criticism, along with whatever punishment his Dom decided to mete out, but there was only so much a man could take.
Jaden was madly in love with his Dom, and he wore his heart on his sleeve. In the beginning of their relationship, he couldn’t keep his eyes—or his hands—off his roommate, but Kyle considered public displays of affection a form of exhibitionism and he discouraged it. Kyle didn’t pretend to be straight, but he didn’t flaunt his sexual preferences either. Jaden wouldn’t have minded a little PDA, but it didn’t seem worth arguing about.
Jaden wasn’t a 24/7 submissive, but being as inexperienced as he was, he let Kyle take the lead in most situations. They were polar opposites who had been fascinated by their differences and infatuated with each other. But as time went on, the differences were becoming more and more pronounced, and Jaden was beginning to think he and Kyle were a mismatched pair.
Resentment and bitterness had been boiling just under the surface for far too long, but Jaden waited until they were home before exploding like Mount Vesuvius. “What the fuck did I do wrong this time?”
For a shocked second, Kyle just stared at him. “Watch your mouth,” he warned in a clear, cold voice.
“Fuck you! I don’t deserve this.” He hadn’t done a damn thing. His only wrong move had been to beg Kyle to go out in the first place. Every single time they went to a restaurant, a bar, it didn’t really matter where, the evening always ended the same way.
Every fucking time. Damn stupid on my part to think tonight would be any different.

Happy Reading

Gale Stanley