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In the race for freedom—and love—there’s no holding back.
The Kithran Regenesis, Book 4 
After fourteen torturous years as a slave on a galaxy roving entertainment ship, Siri carries only vague memories of parents who loved her, Gwinarian food, and her beautiful home planet of Kithra.
When two space pirates burst into her owner’s room, the choice they offer her is all too easy: stay and face government questioning about the two intruders, or take a chance and go with them.
Claybourne and Anders had planned to help expose the pleasure ship owner’s involvement in Kithra’s destruction. But when they happen upon Siri, saving one of the last—and most beautiful—of the Gwinarian race takes precedence. 
Siri tastes freedom long denied…and temptation to succumb to the deep sexual tension vibrating between her and her two liberators. Clay and Anders take pleasure in letting her take the lead in rediscovering the power of intimacy.
But there are more secrets to uncover, and Siri senses that the closer they come to the truth, the closer she comes to the most painful choice of all—to let her pirate lovers go.


Product Warnings
Sexy human space pirates. An acerbic-tongued crew. A beautiful wounded alien woman. M/M/F sparks galore, and interplanetary intrigue.


Someone touched my arm and I flinched, then blinked at Clay, who stood looking at me with concern. “Is it too much?”

“Is what too much?” I whispered, still trapped in memories.

He nodded toward the vidscreens where images of Kithra’s explosions were now being played—vids that had come in before all communication had been cut off.

Some of the same vids Lashin had used to break me.

I met that light blue gaze and nodded. “Is it okay if I go back to my room?”

“Of course. You are free to do anything you want.”

I had to walk past Anders to leave and he too watched me closely. I didn’t know what made me do it, but I stopped just behind him and put my hand on the same shoulder Clay had touched. I squeezed. His hand came up and covered mine as he continued to try and read my emotions. I poked and prodded past my own inner torment brought on by memories and found a smile for him. A real one.

He sucked in a breath, stared hard at my mouth, then shook his head ruefully. “You are going to make my heart break again, aren’t you?”

I lifted an eyebrow over the again part, then realized Clay had heard Anders and gone still. The two men stared at each other. Nobody else was paying attention—all eyes on the replay of the same horrific vids.

Clay walked right up to Anders and leaned down until their faces were only inches apart. He whispered, “Who broke whose heart?”

The emotion that stretched between Anders and the captain touched me—really touched me. I could feel it in the warmth that cropped up again—the one I never could drum up, even with the nicer men and women who had taken me in for the night. Not that there’d been that many nice ones. Good people didn’t frequent ships like the one I had been on.

These were good men, pirates or not, and whatever kept them from being together seemed pretty damned ridiculous to me right then.

I glanced back at the screens, took in the visuals of pods exploding, knowing that people, my people, had been inside them.

Clay and Anders were alive and they obviously loved each other.

As I turned my back on them and the screens and made my way back to my bunkroom, it hit me. I was alive too. Alive and free and I owed that to those two men.

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Preternatural Rescue Centre Series Book 5 by Ellen Cross

Preternatural Rescue Centre Series Book 5
By Ellen Cross

Lee’s been locked away for so long that he’s forgotten what it’s like to have hope, or why he’s been held. When a voice speaks inside his head, telling him help is on the way, he won’t allow himself to believe the words, writing them off as insanity finally taking hold. When help arrives in the form of a pair of sexy fey warriors who break down the wall to his prison, Lee’s fear takes over.

Years ago, Arrameus and Cruziel crossed the veil as outcasts. They’re Guardians, warriors, known for being ruthless and unstoppable in the battle against the shadowkin. Nothing shakes their resolve, until a small wheelchair-bound human brings them to their knees. He’s their Nanta, their destiny, but how will they come to terms with the fact their mate is trapped behind more walls then the one that imprisoned him, and more importantly, how will they break through them?
  A few hours later, a muffled thud sounded from somewhere outside his walls. He thought he heard scuffling, but that could have just been a roach, running around the edges of his mattress. The scuffling became a tapping against the board that had walled him in. Voices murmured, and as Lee turned toward the wall, a sharp spot of light formed along the top, a glinting object piercing the light and jerking to one side. The object disappeared, yet the light grew in its place as fingers reached in. The fingers became hands that grabbed onto the edges of the light, pulling against the boarding and yanking away great hunks. Moments passed as more pieces of the wall fell away under the grip of two sets of hands. The light was too bright for Lee to keep looking, so he closed his eyes, a little startled that his mind had created a different way to occupy itself. If only it were true, but Lee knew better. He was hallucinating, finally losing what little control he had left over his mind. He almost looked forward to it, wondering what other things his mind would create to entertain him. That was until a litany of swear words had Lee attempting to open his eyes again.
    The light was blinding, but a shadow moved into the light’s path and warmth covered the side of his cheek. He opened his eyes and blinked, startled to see a pale man with even paler, long hair, peering into his eyes as he crouched over and held a hand to Lee’s face. The man’s expression was one of horrified shock, yet as Lee soaked in each detail of the man’s pearlescent skin, a small smile played on his lips. The man turned, looking to his side, where his clone was also leaning over. It took Lee a moment to realise what he was seeing, and when he did, a hysterical giggle broke free from his dry throat, sounding more like a gravely rumble. The men had long ears, pointed yet delicate. Oh yeah, Lee’s mind had finally cracked. Why else was he seeing faeries?

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His Dirty Little Secret by STORMY GLENN

His Dirty Little Secret (MM)
Sammy & Friends 3
This title is offered at a 15% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, June 26th.
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Romance, M/M, light bondage, HEA]
Detective Graham Craig has been having an affair with R.N. Darren Sanford for nearly a year, a secret affair. Graham doesn't want anyone to know. When Darren's emotions become too deeply involved, Graham knows he has to break things off, even if it feels like he's cutting out his own heart.
When separation from Darren becomes more than he can stand, Graham goes back to Darren, begging for another chance. He sets out to prove to Darren that what they have together is special. Then Graham learns some terrifying news that changes everything. Someone has put a hit out on him and everyone he loves. Graham knows what he has to do. As much as it pains him, Graham tells Darren they are over, again. He knows that this time, Darren will never give him another chance, but at least the man will be alive to hate him. Graham goes into protective custody along with other members of the drug task force he works on and his family.
But when well-meaning friends interfere, can Graham save the man he loves before an assassin's bullet gets him, or will he lose Darren before he has a chance to tell him and the entire world of his love?
Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.


“Hello?” Darren said.
“Hey, baby, it’s me.”
“What do you want?” Darren asked when he recognized Graham’s voice on the phone.
“I thought we were going to spend the night together?”
“Why don’t you go spend the night with Troy’s brother?” Darren snapped. Graham’s words had quickly brought home the fact that they would never be an item. He would always be Graham’s dirty little secret.
“Oh, come on, Dar,” Graham said. “You know I didn’t mean it that way. I had to say those things.”
“No.” Darren snorted. “You didn’t. You really didn’t.”
Darren heard Graham sigh deeply. He knew what Graham was going to say even before he said it and his heart ached. He could go his entire life without hearing what Graham was about to say to him.
“Darren, you knew how things had to be before we got involved. I explained it all to you and you agreed to it.”
“Yes, I did.” And agreeing to Graham’s stipulations had been the biggest mistake of his life. But back then, Darren just wanted to get the man in his bed and didn’t care how he did it. He would have agreed to anything.
He had no idea he would grow to love Graham.
“Then let me come in,” Graham said softly.
Darren’s breath caught in his throat. He got up from his bed, walked over to the bedroom window, and glanced out the slit in the curtains. He could see Graham sitting in his car, the cell phone held to his ear.
Darren closed his eyes and leaned his head against the window. He knew what he needed to do, what he should do. He took a deep breath and tried to find the words to send Graham away. Words that would shatter his heart.
“Please, Dar?”
“I’ll unlock the door,” Darren whispered as he pushed himself away from the window and walked out of his bedroom. With each step he took, Darren berated himself for his weakness.
Graham was bad for him. He knew that. Oh, Graham would never physically hurt him, but the emotional whirlpool Darren swam in every time he saw Graham was devastating.
Darren had been so sure he could handle an emotionless relationship with Graham. They could be friends and just fool around occasionally. People did it all of the time. And, in the beginning, that’s exactly how it worked, but the more time Darren spent with Graham, the more he grew to care for the man.
Now, a year later, Darren knew he was head over heels in love with Graham. He’d do anything for the man. He’d even tried to hide his feelings from Graham so they could continue to see each other.
Graham knew, though. Darren knew he did. Over the last couple of months they spent less and less time together until they barely saw each other at all. Darren saw more of Jamie, Graham’s best friend, than he saw of his occasional lover.
Darren just didn’t know what to do. He could no more deny Graham’s request to come inside than he could ask for the man to acknowledge him to their friends. He was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t.
He unlocked the door and opened it a crack before turning away and walking back to his bedroom. He heard the front door close and the lock click into place before he even reached his bedroom doorway.
Graham was here!
Darren’s heart beat faster when he heard Graham’s footsteps behind him. Strong, muscular arms encircled him. Darren leaned back against Graham’s chest and closed his eyes. He stood there, savoring the feel of his lover wrapped around him. It felt like it had been forever since he felt Graham hold him.
“We can’t keep doing this, Graham,” he whispered. He didn’t want to say the words, but he knew they had to be said, for both of their sakes.
“I know, baby.”
Callused fingers stroked the side of Darren’s face. Darren felt tears pool in his eyes and closed them tighter. “Isn’t there—?” he whispered.
“No, Dar,” Graham said. “You know this is the way things have to be.”
Darren turned in Graham’s arms and opened his eyes to look up into his face. His fingers plucked anxiously at the fabric of Graham’s shirt. “Can’t we—?”
His heart sank as he watched Graham’s eyebrows furrow. Darren closed his eyes again and dropped his head forward to rest against Graham’s chest. He took a deep breath then wished he hadn’t. Graham’s rich, musky scent filled his nostrils, overwhelming him.
Darren opened his eyes and tilted his head back to look at Graham again. He tried to smile but knew he failed when Graham frowned. Darren reached up and stroked his fingers over Graham’s lips.
“Okay, Graham, we’ll do it your way.” Darren’s chest ached as he said the words he knew Graham needed to hear. He imagined he could feel the actual breaking of his heart.
Darren grabbed Graham’s hand in his and pulled him over to the bed. He stopped and turned to Graham, reaching for the hem of the man’s shirt. “Make love to me.”


Darren walked across the bar and made a beeline for the men’s bathroom. He checked each stall once he got inside, thankful when he found them empty. Walking to the last one in the row, he stepped inside and locked the door behind him. He had his cock out of his pants and in his hand in three seconds flat.
Images of Graham floated through his head as he stroked his aching cock, each one more arousing than the last one. Graham had held the top position in Darren’s fantasies for ages. Darren masturbated to them nearly every day.
His breath heaved as his hand moved over his engorged shaft faster and faster. He could feel his balls start to tighten up against his body and knew his orgasm was only moments away. Darren pictured Graham laid out on his bed, the man’s naked body glistening in the low lights. He stroked faster.
Darren froze, mere seconds away from coming. He bit his lips to keep from groaning. He was so damn close. Beads of pre-cum dripped from the head of his cock. His balls felt heavy, achy.
“Darren,” the deep voice said again. “I know you’re in here. I watched you come in. Answer me, damn it.”
“What do you want, Graham?” Darren croaked out, embarrassed beyond belief at being caught jerking off in a public bathroom. He just hadn’t been able to help himself.
“What do you think I want?”
Darren groaned and closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them and turned his head, he could see Graham peering over the edge of the bathroom stall door. Darren felt his skin flush. He knew he’d be turning several shades of red. His skin was pale. He always showed his embarrassment.
“So, this is what you do when you go to the bathroom.” Graham chuckled, and Darren felt his face flush again. Much more of this and he’d be red all of the way down to his toes. “And all this time, I thought you were coming in here to piss.”
“Can’t you see I’m busy?” Darren snapped.
“Open the door and I’ll help you out with that.”
Darren couldn’t get the door open fast enough. He unlocked it and stepped back, feeling delightfully crowded when Graham stepped inside and locked the door behind him.
“I’ve missed you, baby,” Graham whispered against Darren’s neck. The small lick of Graham’s tongue made Darren’s legs weaken. “It’s been weeks.”
“Whose fault is that?” Darren retorted.
“Don’t be like that,” Graham said as he leaned back and looked down into Darren’s face. “You know I’ve been busy working on that damn drug taskforce. I’ve barely had time to sleep, let alone have a social life.”
Darren frowned and glanced down. “Sorry,” he said. “I’ve missed you, too.”
And he had. God, how he’d missed Graham. It’d been weeks since they had been able to spend any time together. Theirs wasn’t the usual sweetheart type of relationship, but Darren still savored every moment they spent together.
“Did you?” Graham crooned as he wrapped his hand around Darren’s cock and started slowly stroking his length from root to tip. “Show me how much, baby.”
Darren’s legs trembled. He pressed his head back against the stall wall. “It’s been so long, Graham,” he moaned quietly. “I need you.”
“You can have me,” Graham replied. “Let me come over tonight.”
“Yes.” Darren groaned. He groaned louder as visions of Graham fucking him filled his head. “Yes! Oh God, yes!”
Graham claimed Darren’s lips at the same moment his orgasm ripped through him. So overcome by the fire burning through his body, Darren could barely respond to the tongue thrust into his mouth.
Darren tried to extend the kiss, but Graham pulled away and put pressure on Darren’s shoulders, pushing him down. Darren dropped to his knees and reached for the zipper of Graham’s jeans.
He licked his lips as he watched the button slip free and the zipper slide down. Darren gasped, his heart pounding frantically as Graham’s cock bounced out of his jeans.
“Christ, Graham,” he groaned. “You’re not wearing any boxers.”
Graham chuckled above him. “I was hoping to see you tonight. I thought I’d cut out the middle man so we could get right down to business.”
Darren was in full support of that idea. He leaned forward and swiped his tongue across the head of Graham’s cock, groaned as the flavor of Graham’s pre-cum exploded across his tongue.
He leaned in farther and swallowed Graham down until his nose brushed against wiry pubic hair. Graham tasted so good, Darren didn’t even mind when the man pulled back then snapped his hips forward, driving his cock into Darren’s mouth.
“Fuck, Dar,” Graham growled. “It’s been so long. This won’t take much.”
Part of Darren regretted that. The quicker Graham got off, the quicker he pulled away, and Darren would have to go back to pretending they were just friends once again. Another part of Darren wanted to get Graham off from the sheer pleasure he could bring the man.
Hands clenched in Darren’s hair. “Your mouth is fucking perfect, Dar.”
Darren sucked harder, licked with more enthusiasm. He wanted to bring Graham to the heights of ecstasy. He wanted Graham to never consider having sex with anyone else except him ever again.

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Sammy Dane by Stormy Glenn

Sammy Dane (MM)
Sammy & Friends 2
This title is offered at a 15% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, June 19th.

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, light bondage, sex toys, HEA]
Police Officer James Everson seems to go from one guy to another, never finding exactly what he wants. Frustrated and out of sorts, he goes to a local gay bar in the hopes of finding a guy and burning off some steam. What he finds is Sammy.
Samuel Dane Summers is a confirmed geek. He has all the classic symptoms, glasses, baggy slacks, white button down shirts. He’s a vegetarian. He forgets everything from paying his bills to locking his doors. Sammy needs a keeper. The one good thing he does is write erotic gay romance novels.
When these two meet, the fireworks explode. Sammy rocks James’s world, giving him the best sexual experience of his life. When it’s over, Sammy disappears.
James is devastated. He becomes obsessed with finding Sammy again. But an obsessed fan also wants to get his hands on Sammy, believing the books Sammy writes are their love story, and he’s not above taking James out of the picture to do it. Can James save his sexy little writer before it's too late or will he lose him forever?
Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.


James sat down at the bar and signaled the bartender for a beer. While he waited, he twirled around on his barstool and scoped out the room. Though still early in the evening, the place was fairly packed.
He had heard of Dooley’s Pub. He’d just never been there before. It was supposed to be a laid-back gay bar where a man could just get a beer and play a game of pool without worrying that someone would hit on him every time he turned around.
Despite that, James hoped he might be hit on once or twice. His prospects seemed to be pretty good if the looks he was getting were anything to go by. More than one man checked him out when he walked in, and even now. James smiled and turned back to the bar.
The evening was definitely looking up.
“That’ll be three fifty,” the bartender said as he set a beer bottle down in front of James. James pulled some bills out of his pocket and handed them over. He took a long sip of the beer, surprised at how good the cold liquid felt going down his throat.
“First time?”
James turned to look at the man next to him. He smiled, not in invitation, but just to be polite. The guy wasn’t his type at all. “Yes. I heard about this place from my brother and thought I’d check it out.” Nicky and Troy loved this place. Not as much as they loved The Peabody Pub where they met, but they still raved about Dooley’s every time they came here.
“I could show you around,” the guy said, clearly not getting the picture that James wasn’t interested, “and introduce you to the regulars.”
“No,” James replied, giving he man a polite smile, not a friendly one, “but thanks anyway. I think I’ll just sit here with my beer.”
“My name’s Kurt,” the man said. “If you change your mind, I’ll be around.”
James gave a little nod and turned back to his beer. He rolled his eyes. There were quite a few men in here he wouldn’t mind spending the night with. Why couldn’t one of them hit on him? Why did it have to be some man dressed like a librarian?
Suits, dress shirts, slacks . . . none of those things turned him on. Especially when the guy wearing them looked like he’d never seen a hard day’s work in his life. James wasn’t a prude by any means, but he preferred men who wore jeans and T-shirts, and who understood the concept of working hard and playing harder.
James barely finished the thought when he caught sight of a man coming through the front door of the bar in the mirror over the bar, a man who made him rethink his taste in nerdy-looking men. James swung around to get a better look. No, whoever this guy was, he certainly wasn’t James’s normal type at all, but something about the stranger intrigued him and made his cock stand up and beg for an introduction.
The man wore a loose pair of tan slacks, a white button-down shirt, and a tan suit jacket—everything James hated on a man. He looked like a bookworm or librarian, right down to his horn-rimmed glasses. The only thing lacking was a damned bowtie.
Oh, yeah? Then why am I so fuckin’ attracted to him?
“Andy?” the man said loudly as he got closer to the bar. “I need my usual.”
“Another hard night, Dane?” the bartender asked as he made up some sort of pink drink and set it on the bar top.
The man, Dane apparently, nodded. He grabbed the drink and swallowed it all down in one gulp. He coughed, slamming the glass back down on the bar. “Hit me again.”
“Are you sure, Dane?” the bartender asked skeptically. “You hardly ever have more than one.”
Dane nodded. “I’m sure.”
“Okay, you’re the boss.”
James watched, fascinated, as the bartender made the man another pink drink. He handed it over. Again, the man downed the drink in one swallow. He didn’t cough this time but handed the glass back.
“Okay, I’ll take a straight ginger ale now.”
The bartender poured Dane a ginger ale and set it on the bar. “Anything I can help you with?”
“No, I was working on this really hot shower scene between Robert and Greg when my brother called. He started in on me, and I lost my train of thought.”
James frowned. Hot shower scene? Robert and Greg? What was this man into? When Dane sat down two barstools away and started talking to the bartender, James leaned closer, his curiosity eating away at him.
“So, tell me about this shower scene,” the bartender directed.
James nodded his head in agreement. He wanted to know more about the shower scene as well. In vivid detail, please.
“Robert just got home from work. Greg’s been gone on that conference in Tokyo I told you about for the last week. When Robert gets home, he discovers Greg in the shower. Greg is tired, he has jetlag, but Robert is naked and crawling into the shower with him.”
James raised a brow and shifted to find a more comfortable position on the stool. With every word Dane uttered, James’s dick grew harder. He could just picture the scene in his mind. He had been tired before, so tired his eyes ached, but if his naked lover had crawled into the shower with him, he’d be so awake he would look like he just had three shots of espresso.
“So, what seems to be the problem?” the bartender asked. “Robert has Greg in the shower. They’re both naked. Let the scene just go from there. Just let it happen.”
Yeah, Dane, just let it happen, James encouraged silently.
Dane shook his head. “It’s not flowing right now. I’m just not feeling it. I know they are supposed to reconnect because they’ve been apart for awhile, but something is just not working for me. I feel like my muse is in a coma.”
“I’d be more than happy to help,” James found himself saying before he had even thought about the words.
Oh hell!


“Come on in,” Dane said as he unlocked the door. He bent down and picked up a small package off the porch and walked in. James raised a curious brow when Dane took the package directly to the garbage can and tossed it inside.
What the…?
“This way.” Dane headed down the hallway.
James shrugged. None of his business, anyway. In fact, he hoped they could keep the small talk to a minimum. He didn’t want to know the man’s life story or how many boyfriends he had had or anything really personal. He just wanted to get down to the good stuff.
Dane paused at a doorway at the end of the hall to look back at him, much as he had at the bar. “Coming?” he asked right before he stepped into the room and disappeared from sight.
“Uh, yeah,” James replied, hurrying down the hallway. He skidded to a halt, his eyes nearly bugging out of his head at the sight before him.
Dane stood in the middle of the bedroom, half-dressed. The sight of Dane’s bare upper torso brought James’s cock back to full attention. He had been wrong about the lack of muscles. Dane had then, and they were very nicely defined…like lickable defined.
Dane took off his glasses and set them on the nightstand. He opened one of the drawers and took out a piece of paper. He held it out to James. “My most recent test results. I’m clean. There’s also lube and plenty of condoms in here. Better safe than sorry.”
“Yeah,” James said, starting to feel a little funny about the whole situation. He was getting exactly what he wanted, sex with no strings attached. So, why was he starting to feel an uncomfortable knot forming in his stomach?
“I have mine right here.” James pulled out his wallet and grabbed the folded piece of paper he always kept on him. He handed it over to Dane before stripping his clothes off as he watched the man skim the paper carefully then hand it back.
“Cool,” Dane said as if he had just looked at an interesting article in a newspaper instead of a doctor’s note stating James was clean of any sexually transmitted diseases.
James’s mouth dropped open as he stared down at Dane’s body after the man pushed his librarian-style khaki slacks to his ankles.
No way. No way a man as lanky as Dane could be sporting the hard-on that was displayed before James’s eyes. He had heard his brother brag about how big Troy was, but he didn’t think Troy would hold a candle to this man. Dane was huge, much bigger than anything James had ever seen in person.
Dane stepped closer. He reached up and caressed the side of James’s face as if touching a lover. “Don’t worry, James. By the time I’m done getting you ready, it’ll fit just fine.”
“Oh, uh, I don’t—I’ve never—” James stammered. Dane expected to top him? James had never been topped in his life. He did the topping. He did the fucking. He did the—well, he was the one on top.
Dane stepped closer. His warm breath blew over James’s cheek. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’ll go easy on you.”
James gasped as Dane pushed him back onto the bed. Before he could protest, Dane covered him, his lips and tongue and hands everywhere at once, licking, caressing, stroking, nipping. James’s mind went numb, and he forgot his protests and concentrated on the pleasure Dane created in his body.
“You’re so fucking responsive,” Dane whispered as he licked his way up the thick cords of James’s neck. “Do you know what a turn-on that is?”
James shook his head.
Dane grabbed James’s hand and placed it on his hard cock. “See what it does to me? How hot you make me?” Dane’s growl rumbled through James and settled in his cock. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll feel me for a week.”
James groaned. Dane’s words were arousing him to new levels. No one had ever talked to him like that. His cock throbbed where it lay against Dane’s thigh. The idea of being fucked incited both fear and excitement in the pit of his stomach.
But when Dane bent down and took James’s cock into his mouth, James forgot all about his trepidations. “Oh fuck!” he groaned loudly, not caring who heard him.
James’s heart raced, and all the blood in his body shot down to his cock, leaving him aching and engorged. Dane didn’t seem to notice James’s discomfort. He just continued what he was doing, driving James out of his ever-loving mind.
Dane slid his hot mouth all the way down James’s dick until his nose hit James’s groin. James could feel the head of his cock hit the back of Dane’s throat. Tight throat muscles massaged his shaft. The longest tongue James had ever felt wrapped around him.
James’s moved his hips, humping against Dane uncontrollably. He fisted his hands in Dane’s hair, seeking some semblance of control. The situation had moved forward so fast, James could barely catch his breath.
“Uh-uh,” Dane said as he let go of James’s cock and grabbed his wrists. “None of that.”
James scrunched his forehead in confusion. None of what?
He had his answer when Dane pushed his hands back over the top of his head. James started to look up to see what Dane was fiddling with when he felt cold metal close over his wrists and heard the unmistakable sounds of handcuffs clicking closed.
“What the fu—”
“Ssshhh, sweetheart,” Dane crooned. He placed the key in James’s hand. “You can release yourself whenever you want to and leave, but I promise you, if you stay, I will give you an experience you will never forget.”
Dane scooted back down James’s body. “I promise not to do anything you won’t enjoy.” With that, Dane dove back down on James’s cock.
James’s fist closed over the key. He didn’t unlock the cuffs. He was too busy losing his mind again. Dane had started swallowing around his cock again. He couldn’t imagine ever asking Dane to stop. He’d have to be dead first.


Sammy & Friends 1

Troy Summers is a cop. He’s recently been partnered with fellow police officer, Jamie Everson, and they get along great. He likes Jamie’s brother, Nicky, even more.
When Nicky gets beaten up by his ex-boyfriend and comes to him for help, Troy can’t say no, not when it brings Nicky right into his arms. Even still, Troy wants to take things slow with Nicky. He knows they have a connection but he wants to build a relationship with him, even if it means hiding it from Nicky’s brother and the rest of the world.
But when Troy gets shot during a drug bust, all bets are off. Their secret relationship comes out. It not only lets everyone know that they’ve been living together, but brings Bruce back into the picture. Jamie and Troy have to work together to save not only Nicky but themselves, but can they save Nicky in time or will Troy lose the most intriguing man he’s ever met?
Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.


Troy took another sip of his beer and watched Graham shoot the white cue ball across the green felt-top table. He chuckled when Graham missed the ball he aimed at entirely, the cue ball bouncing off the side of the table then rolling to the middle. The snarl on the man’s face told the tale. Graham took the game of pool way too seriously.
Troy liked pool as much as the next guy, but he never understood Graham’s fascination with the game. Graham loved it. He probably slept with a pool cue in his bed. From his grouching, Graham wasn’t sleeping with anything else in his bed.
Now that, Troy understood. He’d been going through a pretty long dry spell himself. He hadn’t been out on a date in months let alone had anyone in his bed. He tried to chalk it up to the new job and all, but he knew he was lying to himself.
Troy was tired of the constant dating rat race. Cruise the bars and find a guy, take him home and see if he’s the one. After he leaves, try it all over again. Troy could count the number of second dates he’d been on in the last year on one hand. There hadn’t been any third dates.
He just wanted to find a nice guy, settle down, and have a family. Unfortunately, most of the gay men he’d met lately just wanted to get laid. And while sex was nice—great, even—it didn’t hold him in the middle of the night and make him feel needed and wanted. It didn’t make him feel loved. It didn’t make him feel like he mattered to someone special.
No, Troy wanted something more. He wanted to build something with someone, have that special person to come home to after a hard day at work. He wanted a partner. And he wanted the great sex that went along with being with someone he loved.
“Is Sammy going to make it tonight?” Jamie asked. “Do I finally get to meet him?”
Troy chuckled and shook his head. “I invited him, but knowing my brother he’s forgotten by now. The man’s lost without a keeper. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sammy to death but he would forget to eat unless I called him regularly.”
“Sounds tough.” Jamie chuckled, shaking his head lightly. “I have to warn you, I’m not sure Nicky is much better. Granted, he can cook like a dream, but he has a way of getting himself into fixes that defy belief.”
“He can cook?” Troy sat up straighter. “You didn’t say he could cook.”
Jamie chuckled again, this time with a vast amount of amusement. “Did I forget to mention that?”
“Uh, yeah,” Troy replied. He was a lousy cook, but he loved food. The two did not mix. Granted, he cooked well enough to get by, but it wasn’t gourmet. Sometimes what came out of the oven—or in most cases, the microwave—wasn’t even very edible.
A grimace worked its way across Jamie’s lips, the man shaking his head. “My brother is into some weird stuff. I should probably warn you about that now.”
Troy’s eyebrows shot up. “Drugs?”
“God, no! Nicky would never do drugs.”
“Then what?” He didn’t know what to think when Jamie sighed, stared down at his beer. “Jamie?”
“Nicky’s a good guy but sometimes I think he spent too much time in the kitchen with Mom.” Jamie shrugged. “Maybe I should have made him come outside with me more often or something. He just seemed to really like spending time with Mom and—”
“Jamie,” Troy cut in, “you still haven’t told me what he’s in to.”
“I guess it doesn’t really matter.” Jamie sighed again as he met Troy’s gaze. “It’s not like you guys are going to be best buds or anything. I just want you to meet him.”
“Just don’t…don’t be surprised if Jamie seemed a little girlie. He’s a good guy. He just isn’t very…guyish.”
Troy’s eyebrows rose again. “Is that even a word?”
Jamie chuckled, some of the seriousness leaving his face. “You’ll understand when you meet Nicky.” Jamie stood.  “I’m going to go use the john. Order me another beer.”
Troy rolled his eyes and got up from his seat. He started toward the bar, paused, and looked over at Graham. “You want another beer, too?”
“Naw, I’m good,” Graham replied, holding up a half-empty beer bottle. “Two beers and I’m pretty much done for.” He wiggled the beer bottle in his hand. “This is beer two.”
Troy chuckled and walked over to the bar. He held up two of his fingers to the bartender then turned and leaned back against the bar top, scoping out the people in the room. Peabody’s Pub was actually a nice place for a gay bar.
The lights were not too bright, but they lit up the place enough so there weren’t any guys in back corners getting it on. The place was tastefully decorated, with pool tables at one end, tables and chairs at the other, and the bar counter in the middle against the wall.
Troy glanced toward the front entrance when the door opened. . Troy felt the air rush from his lungs as his groin tightened almost painfully when the most stunning man he’d ever laid eyes on walked in.
The man was smaller than Troy. Much smaller, which made this instant attraction all the more stunning. Troy usually preferred men closer to his own size. He liked knowing he held onto a man in his arms and not a breakable china doll.
He might have to change that idea.


Nicky stared at Troy’s generously curved mouth and licked his lips. “Can I kiss you?”
“I’d like that very much.” Troy’s voice sounded so husky that it sent a chill of excitement down Nicky’s spine.
He looked down at Troy’s lips again. He hesitated, afraid of screwing up. The first kiss was always so important. Finally, unable to stop himself any longer, Nicky leaned in and pressed his lips against Troy’s. The light contact immediately sent the pit of his stomach into a swirl. Nicky felt like he just kissed a light socket. Every nerve ending in his body was firing off at the same time.
He used his tongue to trace the soft fullness of Troy’s lips before delving inside to explore. A strong, heady flavor blasted across Nicky’s tongue, a taste unique to Troy and one that Nicky knew he’d crave for the rest of his life.
“I could live on your kisses,” Nicky moaned. He knew kissing Troy was one thing he would want a lot of if they were going to try a relationship together. Nicky loved kissing.
Nicky groaned, pressing himself against Troy’s solid body, but it wasn’t enough. He needed more. He needed skin. Nicky reluctantly pulled his lips away from Troy’s and sat up, swinging his leg over Troy’s lap until he straddled the man.
“I need to feel you,” he said as he grabbed the edge of his shirt and pulled it over the top of his head. He tossed it over the back of the couch then settled his hands on Troy’s massive shoulders. “I think I might die if I don’t feel your hands on me.”
Troy solved that problem by instantly wrapping his hands around Nicky’s torso. Nicky sighed at the gentle touch, arching into Troy. “Oh my God, Troy, your hands,” he cried out. “Your hands are wonderful.”
Nicky wanted to experience more of Troy’s touch, but the man suddenly tilted him backward. Nicky looked to find Troy studying the bruises on his sides. Nicky groaned. “Please, we’ll talk about them later.”
Troy arched an eyebrow. “We will talk about this later, Nicky, and I’ll want the complete truth.”
“Yes, anything, just please, touch me,” Nicky begged, crying out when Troy began to stroke his naked skin. He shuddered when he felt Troy’s lips kiss his shoulder, his collarbone, down his chest.
Nicky concentrated on touching Troy back, stroking his luscious skin, and there was so damn much of it. He could explore Troy’s body for hours, especially the smattering of hair across his chest that narrowed to a small trail leading down under the waistline of his jogging pants. Nicky wanted to follow it with his tongue.
When he leaned forward to lick at the small pulse beating in Troy’s throat, Troy’s hands slipped around to his back. Troy stroked up Nicky’s spine then back down again to grab his ass through his jeans.
Nicky snapped his hips forward in surprise then pushed back against Troy’s hands. When Troy’s hand pushed under the waistline of his jeans and skimmed the crevice at the top of his ass, Nicky lost whatever was left of his mind.
He rose on his knees, reached to unbutton his jeans, then pushed them down. His hard cock sprang free and slapped against Troy’s stomach. Troy’s hands instantly slipped farther down the crack of Nicky’s ass.
Troy suddenly lifted Nicky in the air, and he yelped. Before he knew it, Troy stripped Nicky’s jeans off and spun him around to sit back down on Troy’s lap, his back resting against Troy’s chest.
Troy’s hands were immediately back on his body, trailing down his chest, caressing his nipples, stroking his cock. Nicky arched into Troy’s touch, overwhelmed by the sensations burning through him.
Nicky laid his head against Troy’s shoulder, turning slightly to kiss and lick at the man’s throat. He wrapped his arms around Troy’s neck and pulled his head down into a kiss, his hands clenching in Troy’s hair.
“Spread your legs, baby,” Troy whispered against his lips.
Nicky spread his legs. His breath hitched in his throat when he felt the massive shaft moving between his thighs. He broke away from Troy’s lips and looked down, stunned by the size of the cock rubbing against him.
“It’ll never fit.”
Troy chuckled. “It will fit, baby, don’t you worry.”
Nicky shook his head in disbelief. Troy’s cock was huge. Even with Nicky sitting on Troy’s lap, the thick shaft was almost equal in length to Nicky’s cock. He watched in stunned amazement as Troy wrapped his hands around both of their cocks and began stroking them together.
It looked so exotic.
It felt even better.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Angel's Shield by Erin M. Leaf

Angel's Shield — Angel Shifters #4 by Erin M. Leaf now available!

Erotic Romance, Menage (mmf), Paranormal, Shifters, Fantasy, Interracial
Word Count: 29,440
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 9781771308625
pages: 96

buy links – Evernight - Amazon - AReBookStrand
~Evernight Editor's Pick~

Charmiene has been alone since her grandmother died, so when two sexy hikers ask to stay in her trail shelter, she invites them into her house instead. As an Asian American in a rural town, her dating prospects have always been nonexistent.
Haniel wishes demons hadn’t ruined his ability to fly, but his best friend, Jeremiel, has his back while he hunts for the creatures that hurt him. Of course, when he meets Charmeine, all thoughts of fighting fly away. The only thing he can think about is making love.
Jeremiel would do anything for Haniel—the angel saved his life, after all. But when they meet Charmeine, he knows the time for wandering is over. She’s small, fierce, and just what they need to push them from friendship into love.
Unfortunately, the demons don’t want them to bond. They want all the angels to burn…

Story Excerpt:
When the door shut behind her, Jeremiel turned on Haniel. “Are you crazy?” He grabbed the quilt and dragged it off his friend. Haniel stared at him, hair mussed. Dick hard and poking through his boxers.
Jeremiel looked away, his face heating.
“Sorry,” Haniel said, his voice low. “I, um, wasn’t thinking.”
Jeremiel took a deep breath. “Maybe we should talk about this.”
Haniel laughed shortly. “About what? The fact that ever since we touched Charmeine I’ve been wanting to touch you, too? That I want her more than I’ve ever wanted a female?”
Jeremiel went hot, then cold, then hot all over. “Jesus, Haniel.” He was not going to turn around and look at him while they had this discussion.
“Yeah, exactly.” The bed rustled.
Next thing he knew, Haniel was sitting next to him. Leaning into him.
“I could feel you, you know,” he said quietly. “It’s okay.”
Jeremiel’s heart gave a sick thump. “Why didn’t you roll over?”
“I liked it.” Haniel shrugged. “I don’t care if that makes me gay, or whatever.”
Jeremiel swallowed. “I like Charmeine.”
“So do I,” Haniel replied immediately.
“What are we supposed to do with that?” Jeremiel asked, clenching his fists. His morning erection was finally gone, thank God for small favors.
“I say we stay here for a little while. Rest up.” He took a deep breath. “See what happens.”
“See what happens,” Jeremiel echoed, confused as fuck. He laughed quietly. “We’re really messed up.”
Haniel bumped their shoulders together. “Yeah, well. So what if we are?”
Jeremiel didn’t respond. What could he say? It wasn’t like he was going anywhere. After they’d fought the demon at Castle Archangel, no one could separate them. Haniel had given up everything for him. Jeremiel would never be able to repay that. And really, who would care that he wanted to kiss his best friend right now? He glanced over. Haniel fidgeted, eyes dark. Not thinking, Jeremiel reached up and touched his mouth. Haniel’s lips were really soft.
“Fuck,” Haniel breathed, eyes fluttering shut.
Jeremiel leaned in. When Haniel’s mouth touched his, he shuddered. “What are we doing?” he asked, lips touching.
“Shut up.” Haniel slid his fingers into Jeremiel’s hair and deepened the kiss.
Jeremiel’s brain went offline. He gripped Haniel’s arms, cock going hard and aching all over again. He kissed his friend until he didn’t know where he was anymore. Haniel held him steady, kissing him back with such intensity that he felt their connection down to his toes.
“If Charmeine were here, we would kiss her like this,” Haniel whispered, startling Jeremiel into immobility. He bit at Jeremiel’s lower lip. “And this.” He licked inside.
“Oh my God.” Jeremiel couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t think. The idea of sharing her was more than he could take.
“She’d probably be shocked, but also intrigued,” Haniel continued, kissing down Jeremiel’s jaw. “She wants us both. Did you see her looking at us? She’s down there in her little kitchen, thinking about us right now. Wondering if we’re touching each other.”
“What are you saying?” Jeremiel asked breathlessly.
“Can’t you feel it?” Haniel asked.
Jeremiel couldn’t feel anything except the pounding of his heart. “I feel you,” he murmured.
“She’s our mate, Jeremiel.”
Jeremiel went still, lips against Haniel’s cheek. “Impossible. She’s human.”
Haniel pulled him closer. “I wish it were impossible. Why is her name Charmeine? That’s an angelic name.”
“She’s human.” Jeremiel slid his hand down Haniel’s arm, gripping hard, as if he were about to slide off a cliff and only his friend could save him.
“I’m not so sure about that.” Haniel kissed him again and Jeremiel couldn’t stop him. Didn’t want to.
“Angels don’t mate with humans. They don’t mate with two people, either. They pair up,” Jeremiel said against Haniel’s mouth. He trembled. What was happening to them? His skin was on fire. “Trios are a myth.”
“Anything’s possible. Look at me. I’m mostly broken, but I’m still here,” Haniel said, pulling away again.
“Stop that.” Jeremiel grabbed his hands, then slid an arm around his neck. “You’re not broken. You’ve never been broken. Even if you never fly again, you’re still you.” From the look on Haniel’s face, his friend didn’t believe a word he said. Fuck this. Jeremiel turned, climbing on top of him and pushing him down onto the bed. He shoved his cock into the hollow between Haniel’s hip and abdomen. God, so fucking good. “Shut up.”
Haniel closed his eyes and bucked up, his own hard-on bumping against Jeremiel’s. “This part of me isn’t broken, just everything else.”
Jeremiel bit his neck. “I said, shut up.”
Haniel panted, hips moving urgently. “You have no idea what you’re doing.”

Be Warned: menage sex, m/m sex, anal sex.
Author Details:
Erin M. Leaf is a romance novel devotee, the steamier the better, with a specialty in edgy erotic tension. She also writes romance as Marie E. Blossom.
Twitter: @erinmleaf