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Something Sinful This Way Comes by Karen Mercury

Something Sinful This Way Comes (MMF)
McQueen Was My Valley 1 


AVAILABLE: Friday, December 7th

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, light consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys]
Xandra McQueen has a whole new lease on life after inheriting the Triple Play Lodge in Utah. Rid of an abusive crime lord boyfriend, she revels in her new relationships with the former commando Nathan Horowitz and the gentle game warden Julian “Fresh Air” Longtree.
But a stalker upsets her bucolic existence, breaking into her suite to steal photographs. Nathan, running from the nightmare of his most recent African mission, puts his heart and soul into tracking down the blackmailing pervert. But he just lost a beloved partner. He BASE jumps from desert spires to help himself forget. Why does he want to add not one but two more loves to the mix?
Xandra knows she has fallen for two damaged, broken spirits in Nathan and Julian. Together, they race to unmask the stalker, piecing together the crimes as well as the mysteries of their ménage.


Nathan mused, “So it’s not the photo itself the bastard is after. It’s something in the frame.”
“I’ll go see Marcus. But you,” said Doug, pointing at Nathan. “Keep things clean. I don’t want to find your…your bag on her floor again.”
Doug exited, and Xandra noted that Nathan promised Doug nothing.
“So you still think my ex has something to do with this?” Xandra had to lift her face and look up at Nathan. She had no more excuse to keep cuddling his chest, and she was getting blood on him.
“I really do, Xandra. It’s my experience random people don’t just commit the same crime over and over. He hasn’t touched your laptop, so it’s not a document he’s after. Do you have another framed photo?”
“Just one more. Another one of me and my sisters.” She didn’t want to break away from Nathan’s comforting proximity, but she really should stop bleeding on him. “It’s in my bedroom, up high on a shelf.”
“Let me clean the blood off, love.” Xandra was thrilled beyond her wildest expectation that he called her “love.” Did he feel the same buzzing thrum of chemistry flowing between them? “It’s not a deep cut, luckily. It’s stopped bleeding already.”
“Yes, he just pressed the knife too hard. But I’ll look like the bride of Frankenstein.” Xandra headed for the bathroom, glad when Nathan followed. Turning on the sink water, she waited for it to warm up. Nathan took the washcloth from her and held it under the warm water, pressing it to her neck. When he removed it, no fresh blood flowed. “I need to ask you something, Nathan,” she said boldly. “Last night. When you got into my bed.”
The washcloth paused on her neck. She knew he was surprised she’d brought that up, but she forged ahead. “You were saying some funny things. It sounded like you were quoting fishing reports. You talked about tiger muskies in a reservoir. Then you said, ‘Roar is fast-sinking.’”
Nathan chuckled feebly. “Oh. I guess I was just reading too many fishing reports, you’re right.”
“What’s a roar, though?”
Nathan shrugged. He put down the bloody cloth and whipped a fresh towel from a rack. “Just one of those things sleeping people mumble, I guess. Sorry for climbing into your bed. I took a new pill the doctor in Abilene gave me. Sure not taking that again.”
Xandra was disappointed that he felt the need to apologize for something that had been stimulating and comforting for her. “Oh, so the pill was responsible for all of your behavior? I quite liked some of it.”
He pressed the clean towel to her throat, but she detected a hint of sheepishness. “I suppose I should ask you what this horrible, debauched reprobate did to you last night. I’m sorry I don’t recall a thing—not like that’s any excuse. I just had a vague feeling I had done something…untoward.” In the mirror she could see him looking down at her, as though he’d like nothing more than to gather her in his arms and hump her—again—up against the sink. His nostrils flared as though her scent was turning him on.
Xandra backed up a few inches, just to feel the warmth of his torso against her back again. “Untoward maybe. But if I had protested, you would’ve known it.”
He finished patting her neck with the dry towel, but didn’t seem to want to lower it. She could feel his breath against the crown of her head. “I woke up buck naked with you in my arms. Not one memory of what I’d done.”
Xandra was disappointed he had no memories. “See? Who knows. Maybe it was I who was untoward to you. Did that occur to you? I could’ve seduced you.”
“Yes. But I doubt it.”
“Why do you doubt that?”
Nathan sighed. “Because I know myself. I even know my sleepwalking, drugged self. It was me. I take full responsibility for having offended you.” He finally lowered the towel, but it only hovered over her breasts, making them tingle.
“You didn’t offend me, Nathan.” Xandra wanted to turn and face him, but she liked looking at him in the mirror. So she allowed her head to loll back against that well-built chest. With half-closed eyes, she breathed in his scent. It wasn’t an unusual feeling, the grip of his gun pressing into her shoulder blade. Javier had often gone about armed, too. “It was a delightful surprise. A hot, naked man in my bed? It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed that.”


With no warning whatsoever, Nathan’s torso was yanked to an upright position, an arm cinched around his neck. He knew it was Julian before Julian snarled into his ear, “That’s right, you lewd and lascivious fucker. Jump the girl when I’ve got my back turned.”
“Your back wasn’t turned, douche bag,” Nathan retorted, mostly pissed that he’d been yanked away from his ministrations to Xandra’s pussy. Down below him, she writhed, clearly missing the stimulation of his hand, too. He just hoped he’d been allowed to mostly complete the task. She had already twitched and jumped far longer than any woman he’d ever made come. Maybe that Javier asshat had not administered to her carnal needs on top of everything else he’d done. But the vibrator Nathan had seen in her nightstand could have somewhat made up for that…
Nathan didn’t protest too much when Julian jerked his hands around to the back of his neck. He’d had this done to him many times, and he’d handcuffed others many more times. But only a few times in the spirit of play.
He felt the cold steel of the cuffs as Julian snapped them shut. These were not Xandra’s fluffy leopard skin cuffs, that was for sure. These were Julian’s government-issued set that he usually kept in a duty belt holster. Nathan was surprised at a pang of jealousy as he wondered, Has Julian used these on other playmates of his?
Julian slid one hand down the buttons of Nathan’s jeans, grabbing a handful of his stiff dick. “You knew I was sleeping, you rat bastard. You had to go and claim the beautiful Xandra for yourself.”
Nathan made no move to resist. He only jiggled his ass against Julian’s crotch as the ranger kneeled behind him on the couch. Julian dry-humped him like a dog while his other hand unbuttoned Nathan’s jeans. Through the brown cotton fabric of Julian’s pants Nathan could easily feel the shape of his long dick as he rubbed it into Nathan’s ass crack. “If you were awake, you’d know she submitted easily to me.” Nathan looked down at Xandra, pleased and aroused even further to find her all alert, like an adorable chipmunk, watching the antics of the two men.
She had said she didn’t want to come between him and the Navajo bastard. Now it appeared more likely that she wanted to watch him and the Indian warden. Going at it. Hard.
She even massaged her own tit as Nathan helplessly watched, her eyes shimmering as though hit with a handful of stars. Not only was she not repulsed by viewing two men touching—she was fired up.
Now her eyes eagerly took in the sight of Nathan’s well-hung cock as Julian freed it. Julian shoved his jeans down around his knees as he impatiently clutched his prick in his fist. “Xandra,” Julian said in an authoritative tone, his chin resting on Nathan’s naked shoulder. His free hand ran up Nathan’s abdomen as he kneeled there helplessly, admiring the ridged muscles that encased his ribs. “You like what you see? This delicious horse cock is hard, throbbing, eager to come for you.”
“Oh, yes,” Xandra agreed. She slid a hand up Nathan’s thigh to fondle his balls. He hissed in air, her touch light but paining him in his sensitivity. “He’s got a beautiful horse cock. He’s beautiful, Julian. He’s just rippling with muscles and…” She giggled. “Semen.”
Julian, apparently liking this depiction of his lover, refused to let go his grip on Nathan’s dick. “I think this callous stud needs to be taught a lesson or two.”
Xandra’s other hand tickled Nathan’s cockhead until he felt a dribble of jism seep from the slit. Like a kid at a candy factory, she smeared the drip around until he twitched and gasped. It was heavenly to be helpless like this with two people he trusted. In anticipation of the punishment to come, every square inch of his skin had become so sensitive that Julian’s breath against his shoulder had him about to shoot.
“Sinfully delicious,” Xandra purred warmly. She scooted up against the couch arm until her shining eyes were at eye level with Nathan’s drooling prick. Her bare, bouncing tits only elongated Nathan’s penis, and he felt another drip of seed slide from the tip. “What punishment do you have in mind…Sergeant Longtree?”
Reaching around the back of Xandra’s head, Julian urged her mouth toward his prick. “Suck him, dear. But not too well. Don’t let him come, though I can tell he’s dying to.”
Xandra sank the cock down her throat so eagerly Julian had to grab a handful of her hair and pull her back. Nathan whimpered and a shudder cascaded down his inner thighs. How did Julian know this would be the ideal torture for such a selfish asshole as Nathan was?


Finn and the Bounty Hunters by Gale Stanley

Finn and the Bounty Hunters (MMM)
Urban Affairs 5

AVAILABLE: Saturday, December 8th
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, December 15th.

[Ménage and More: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Finn Smith works for Boyztown, an escort agency that specializes in matching up kinky partners. Finn is attracted to the two sexy studs who requested his services, but his Werewolf instincts tell him they're trouble. He should have listened to his inner wolf. Zach Edwards and Luke Reed are bounty hunters—and Finn is their primary target.
Finn is hiding his own secret. He's been recruited by the Were Resistance to help them capture traitors. When Finn discovers that Zach and Luke are Werewolves hiding their scent with a new drug invented by government researchers, he's forced to alert the Resistance. Finn is lucky to escape the bounty hunters, but he's still got a target on his back. Zach and Luke have an attack of conscience and go after Finn to warn him, but can they find him before the Resistance finds them?

With a shake of his honey-gold curls, Finn took a deep breath, psyched himself for the long night ahead, and stepped out of the taxi. White letters on a dark blue canopy spelled out the hotel’s name, Central City Suites. A twinge of anxiety crawled up his spine.
Maybe I should turn tail and run.
The cab took off with a squeal of tires. Finn turned in time to see the taillights disappearing in the distance.
Too late to change my mind now.
His heart raced, and he tamped down his feral instincts. There was no danger here.
I hope.
Treat it like just another job, last minute to be sure, but nothing to worry about. Cloaking himself in his badass hooker persona, Finn sauntered up to the door, hips swaying in skintight leather shorts as if he owned the place. The beefy doorman looked down his nose, but Finn didn’t care. From the top of his tousled head to the soles of his leather boots, he knew he looked good.
Evidently, Brutus didn’t agree. The bearded muscleman blocked the entrance like a goalie guarding a hockey net. “What’s your business here?”
Fucking and sucking, asshole.
That was what he wanted to say, but instead Finn turned on his megawatt smile and batted his baby blues at the big man. “I’m an invited guest. Apartment 401.” He put his hands on his hips and tapped a foot impatiently on the cement until the doorman buzzed the occupants of 401.
Scowling, Brutus stepped aside. Finn gave him a cocky grin and sashayed past, but inside he was seething. Things like this weren’t supposed to happen when a guy worked for a topnotch escort agency like Boyztown. The agency took a percentage of each appointment they arranged, and alerting the doorman was part of their service. Finn should have been ushered inside immediately, not made to wait at the hotel entrance. Somebody had slipped up, and Finn made a mental note to complain when he called in. He waited for the doorman to get the door, but Brutus just stood there with his back to Finn. Letting out a low growl, Finn pushed on the glass and stepped into Wonderland.
Oh. My. God.
Hit by a display of in-your-face grandeur, Finn let out an audible gasp. His jaw dropped, and he stared like Dorothy getting her first look at Oz. For a small-town boy from Minnesota, the lobby presented an exhibition of extravagance like nothing he’d ever seen before. With its high, vaulted ceilings, marble columns, and chandeliers dripping with crystal, the hotel looked like something from a bygone era. Finn always felt that he’d been born in the wrong century. He loved glitz and glamour and vintage jewelry, but this was beyond opulent.
Now I know what it feels like to be trapped inside a Fabergé egg.
No wonder the doorman acted the way he did. The man must be used to dignitaries and power players exiting limos and breezing through the entrance, not small-time hookers. Entranced, Finn spun and caught a glimpse of Brutus watching him through the glass doors.
Finn turned away and headed directly for the elevators, his heels clicking smartly on the marble floor. He pushed the up arrow, and the doors slid open noiselessly. The elevator moved like a well-oiled machine, but Finn’s stomach lurched anyway. He felt a bit intimidated, like he was going to service movie stars or politicians. He reminded himself that his clients were more likely to be double-dealing traitors.
The metal doors slid open silently, and Finn stepped out onto plush pile carpeting. He walked slowly down the hallway, taking it all in. From the flocked wallpaper to the intricately carved molding to the muted lighting of the sconces, the décor reinforced his idea of a high-class hotel. He stopped in front of a carved credenza next to a gilded door marked 401 and checked his hair in the mirror. What waited behind door 401? Finn took a deep breath and knocked.
Okay, showtime.
The door swung open, and Finn looked up, and up, and up, until he finally locked eyes with Mister Tall, Dark, and Handsome. The breath caught in Finn’s throat at the sight of all that fine male flesh. Superman personified. Finn really, really wanted to see him in trunks and tights.
Mmm-hmm. My hero.
This Superman was no pretty boy like himself. No, the man in front of him walked a fine line between handsome and rough that Finn found extremely sexy. Those angular features combined with a wicked grin and a stubbled jaw made heat coil low in Finn’s belly. The growing bulge beneath the man’s acid-washed jeans proved that he was just as interested in Finn’s endowments.
The client brushed back the tendrils of black hair curling on his forehead. Lust-filled obsidian eyes raked over Finn’s body. Then the man behind door 401 moved to the side and waved Finn into the suite.

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Gale Stanley

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A Touch of the Son. Digital Edition, by Barry Lowe

Their secret passion will lead them to hell. Will they be able to find their way back?

A chance sexual encounter at the airport with a hot college twink leads to nothing but trouble for the older Buzz, especially when Cal moves in with him until he find can suitable accommodation at the university he is to attend. Buzz attempts to fight the attraction the two men feel, Cal upping the ante when he offers to sleep with all Buzz’s friends just to make him jealous. But when the erstwhile friends take up the offer it leads Cal down the path toward self-destruction, becoming more degraded as he deserts Buzz and his real friends for the new ones who see him as little more than a sex slave for their gratification. When Buzz discovers their plans for Cal’s final humiliation could lead to his death, he realizes how much he loves Cal and sets about fighting back with everything at his disposal. In so doing he might reveal the illicit secret he and Cal have hidden from all but their closest allies.

** This edition includes – Man Of The Hour, Like Father Like Son, Sonny & Shared, Sonny Side Up, Eclipse Of The Son, Son & Games, Where the Son Don’t Shine, The Son Shines Out of His Ass, and Have Son, Will Travel – all previously published as individual eBooks by loveyoudivine Alterotica.**

Excerpt: From Man Of The Hour

I swore out loud, and got my reward in a number of withering glares from passing adults with children. Abashed, I mumbled an apology but I was seriously pissed off having taken precious time from my busy schedule to come to the airport to pick up my son only to discover his flight had been delayed and was not due for two hours. Not enough time to get to the city and back.
I briefly toyed with the idea of chucking the whole pick-up business aside to let my secretary do the honors, leaving me time to investigate several important management problems that were bugging me. She loved kids and I had no doubt my son would much prefer a hot twenty-three-year-old babe for a meet-and-greet than his almost forty-year-old gay dad. Not that I don’t like kids. Just not my own.
Our last meeting had been anything but auspicious. He’d been fourteen and a stuck-up twat who’d just learned about my sexual predilection from his mother who’d revealed all in an effort to drive yet another wedge into our non-existent relationship. I suppose she had every right to be angry with me since the afternoon she’d come home early from her job as a nurse at the local hospital to catch me with my prick buried up the ass of the very cute college student who supplemented his income by moonlighting as a pizza delivery boy. And, God, did he deliver!
One pizza with everything equals messy divorce, plus losing custody of our two-year-old son, Jason, who’d been spending the night at his grandma’s which is why I’d decided to lash out and experiment with my gay side. I’d suspected for a long time that I might swing both ways but after one night with Mr. Pizza, I defected to the opposing team. Full time.
My wife moved away to a small town on the other side of the country, spurred on by my infidelity and dissatisfaction with city life in general. It brought out the redneck in her and she, in turn, passed it on to my son who contacted me rarely and then only via email. They became few and far between. The few attempts at visitation rights had been rebuffed with the suggestion a visit would not be looked upon with favor by either my wife’s new husband or any of their redneck friends who regularly referred to me as ‘The Faggot’ in front of my son.
It didn’t hurt as much as it could have because I threw myself into my new-found sexuality with the sort of missionary zeal that comes with conversion. My embrace of my new religion saw me worshipping at the altar of cock and male ass at every opportunity, whether it be in bars, back rooms or the open air splendor of public parks. I never let a chance slip by, indifferent as I was to color, creed, age, body shape, or political affiliation. I was a sucker for any man’s cock, and any man’s ass was fair game as far as I was concerned. Over time, and much experimentation however, I learned that there was one physical type that got my gonads churning like no other: college-age boys in their early twenties.
They were so special I had even allowed a few of them to tap my ass.
Now I was waiting for my own college-age brat, the antithesis of all I held horny. A non-athletic book botherer, a worrier not a warrior. A self-opinionated, homophobic pimple-faced blight on humanity. And they expected me to ease his way into the local college. After he had humiliated me, and my friends, by referring to us as ‘fags’ at the age of fourteen when I’d last seen him. His three-week stay then had been an unmitigated disaster and led to total estrangement. I loathed the little bastard and his efforts to denigrate me and my ‘chosen lifestyle.’ Initially, I welcomed the opportunity of rapprochement, hoping for a little dad/son bonding. If anything, it drove us farther apart. Especially when he boldly informed me that he would lock his bedroom door at night and if he so much as heard me breathe outside his door, he would call the police.
The final straw was the night he called me a ‘fat faggot slug’ in front of a man I had been trying to impress for almost a year. I had finally succeeded in getting him to my home only to be humiliated by my son, a veritable little Billy Bunter himself. His name calling had one good result, I took up exercise and the gym. The little bastard would hardly recognize me now. We’d see who had the last chuckle over body weight.
Once he returned to his mother, confirming her conviction that I was the anti-Christ, I never kept in touch. Not on birthdays, not on Christmas, not on any occasion of importance in his life. If he had any. For all emotional purposes, he was dead to me.
That’s why it was surprising when I got the phone call from my former wife. Our dealings were usually lawyer to lawyer. I was about to hang up on her when I realized her first words were not the usual, “Hello, faggot” of our infrequent phone conversations. I put the phone back to my ear.
“What do you want, Irene?”
“It’s our son,” she said hesitantly.
I wasn’t even father enough to get that tight clutch around my heart that something may have happened to him.
“Oh, he’s our son now after he’s been your son for how long now? Eighteen years?”
She turned my sarcasm back on me. “He’s twenty. Almost twenty-one.”
“How much is this going to cost me, Irene?”
I had paid alimony without missing a week until he turned eighteen. Thereafter, I had paid, no questions asked, for ‘incidentals’ that she passed on via legal representation. This must be a whopper if she felt the need to ring me personally.
I heard her sigh down the phone. Now we were getting to the point. “Look, Buzz.”
It must be serious; she was using her pet name for me that she never uttered outside the bedroom. I got it because I always wore my hair in a buzz cut. Back then at any rate.
“The sooner you spit it out Irene, the sooner we can put an end to this painful conversation and get back to our respective lives.” I guess I was more brutal than was necessary. “This is the first time you’ve spoken to me in what is it, seven or eight years, since you foisted that nasty little fourteen-year-old sprog on to me. And you know how well that went.”
She sounded as if she were about to disagree but must have thought better of it.
“He wants to visit again, Buzz.”
I groaned. “Christ, Irene. What for?”
“He’s got a scholarship to the college where you are. The only one he could get.”
I found that difficult to imagine as he never had his nose out of a book. He wasn’t exactly the athletic type. By now, he must be goggle-eyed from study. It’s all he did during his three-week stay with me. That, and turn insults into an Olympic sport.
“He wants to stay with you until he can find accommodation and settle in. We’re not wealthy people, Buzz.”
She was playing every blackmail card at her disposal.
“He won’t be any trouble,” she said after a long pause.
“I’m not changing my lifestyle for the little shit,” I said, mentally calculating what I would have to do to make my home non-threatening to a twenty-year-old heterosexual boy. There, I’d already reneged on the promise I made myself the day I pushed his fourteen-year-old butt through the departure lounge gate wiping my hands of him and vowing I would never compromise myself for anyone in the future. Now I was doing that very thing.
“You don’t have to. He won’t be there long.”
“Why couldn’t he have found a college closer to you?”
“Look, there’s no use moaning over what’s done. He’s your son, although I admit, you’ve never done anything to show it. You owe him this much.”
“I don’t owe him squat,” I said, close to yelling, then calmed down. “Okay, if it’s only until he gets himself acclimatized to the big scary city and finds somewhere to stay, I’ll put up with him, but…” I paused to gather my thoughts. “But, he has to obey a few rules this time.”
“I’m sure that will be no problem. As long as you and your mates keep your hands to yourselves.”
That was low even for Irene. I hung up the phone on her but she rang straight back. I was tempted not to answer although that would have been childish. As punishment, I did let it ring for the longest time. That gave me time to get my rage under control and actually chuckle at the thought of any of my friends even contemplating a tryst with my lard-assed flabby son.
“I’m sorry, Buzz,” she said, “That was uncalled for.”
I put my foot down. “I’ll agree to this on one condition.”
“That is?”
“He show some respect. Okay, he doesn’t have to like the fact his old man is gay, but I will not tolerate him calling me and my friends ‘fags’ in my own home.”
“He did that?” Irene sounded genuinely surprised.
“As if you didn’t know.”
She went to interrupt but I kept right on. “I will do everything in my power to help the ungrateful bastard. I expect…I want nothing in return. But he will not disrespect me.”
“He called you names?”
“Oh, like you didn’t know, Irene. I wonder where he got it from. Could it be from you and that redneck husband of yours? Like you said, it’s in the past, let’s leave it there.”
She must have decided withdrawal was the best solution and after giving me his flight details and his mobile phone number, she hung up.
That’s why I was at the airport; grinding my teeth after discovering his flight had been delayed. I rang his mobile but it was switched off so I left a message asking him to call me to let me know if he was on the next flight. I decided to have a coffee and ring the office to see if there was anything urgent that required my attention.
There was a small café nearby that sold my favorite brand of heart starter and the tables gave me a perfect view of the Arrivals board. My secretary informed me, with the sort of superiority to her voice that suggested a raise in pay would be welcome, that she was perfectly capable of holding down the fort in my absence, and that there was nothing urgent that needed my attention. To while away the time, I got myself a coffee and some sort of non-descript pastry that hadn’t seen the inside of an oven for days and which, at airport prices, cost the equivalent of a meal downtown. I took one bite of the flavorless sawdust before pushing it across the table, to concentrate on the coffee, which was as good as the pastry was stale. No point in wishing I’d thought to bring my laptop with me. Instead, I settled for a newspaper, yesterday’s as it turned out, flipping to the business opportunities at the back. I still had ninety minutes or more to fill in.
I was engrossed in the comics when a shadow fell across the table.
“Personally, I don’t think comics have survived the retirement of Bill Watterson. I miss Calvin and Hobbes.”
My interest was piqued. Watterson’s strip had been a guilty pleasure and I had a bookshelf lined with his comic omnibuses at home. I’d always wished Jason had been more like Calvin.
“Is this seat taken?” he asked.
He took my lack of a response as a rejection. But he was wrong. I’d been gobsmacked by his beauty.
“Sorry, man, I didn’t mean to disturb you.” He began to move away.
He hadn’t disturbed me. Well, perhaps, my libido had been disturbed.
“Sorry, where are my manners. Please, sit down.”
He smiled, pulled out the chair, and sat gracefully, giving me an eyeful of a packed crotch that promised nirvana, and a body scarcely contained by a tight T-shirt that strained around his biceps and across his chest. My cock hardened instantly.
I folded my paper and leaned across the table, offering my hand. “My friends call me Buzz,” I said.
His handshake was firm, without that aggression that some men feel they need to exude authority.
“I hope you’ll count me as one of your friends, Buzz,” he purred. If I wasn’t an old cynic, I would have thought he was flirting with me. “I’m Cal. I guess my parents liked the strip as well.”
“You want a coffee, Cal? I was about to get a refill.”
He appeared embarrassed. “Look, I gotta be honest,” he said. “One of the reasons I sat here was that neglected pastry. I thought I might be able to snatch it while you weren’t looking.”
I laughed. “You’re either very poor or very hungry.”
“Both,” he interrupted.
“Be my guest,” I said, pushing the plate toward him. “But let me warn you, it has seen better days. If it was a horse, they would have shot it.”
He laughed then began to wolf it down. I guess I was a little disappointed that his interest was in my leftovers rather than in me, but I would never have followed up anyway.
“You want a coffee to go with that snack?” I said as I stood preparing to move to the counter. “My treat.”
He mumbled something between crumbs which I took to be the affirmative.
When I got back to the table, he was picking up the last of the pastry flakes on the end of his spit slicked finger. I wondered how it would feel if it were my cock being pushed between his soft lips. I sat down as my cock tented in my jeans.
I pushed the coffee toward him. With a plate of sandwiches.
He looked at me.
“As I said, my treat.”
He opened the cardboard packet and began to devour them greedily. “Thanks, man. Um… Buzz.”
I wanted to soften the burden of accepting food from a stranger. “If you want to pay me back…”
I saw him stop chewing.
“Then maybe some time in the future when you find yourself in a similar situation, then remember this and be charitable to that someone who’s down on his luck.”
He relaxed, polishing off the sandwiches in record time, burping his appreciation.
“Sorry. Habit, I suppose. But they sure tasted fine.”
He watched me closely as he sipped his coffee, leaning back contentedly. I was uncomfortable under his inquisitive gaze and glanced at the Arrivals board. “You waiting for someone?” he asked.
“Yeah. The plane has been delayed.”
“How long?”
“I’ve got over an hour to fill in.”
“That’s good,” he smiled, leaning closer. “There was another reason I wanted to sit here.”
“What was that?” I asked.
“You’re hot.”
I spluttered my coffee. I’d never had a young man proposition me so openly. He pressed his knee against mine so I could feel his heat.
“And you’re fuckin’ gorgeous,” I replied.
“So the only dilemma is where do we go to fill in a very pleasurable hour? They’re not likely to let us into the First Class Lounge. Your car is probably too public. Right here on the table would get us arrested although I have been known to do it for an audience.”
I groaned at the fantasy.
“You like that, eh?”
I nodded my head enthusiastically.
“In that case, follow me.”
He was up from the table, shucking on his backpack, and striding away before I caught up with him.
“It was only a sandwich and a coffee. You don’t have to do this,” I said, taking his arm to slow him down.
He turned on me, his eyes flashing anger. “You think I’d fuck you for a crappy sandwich and stale Danish?”
I mumbled an apology. He calmed down.
“I get off on older dudes,” he said. “Not ancients. But Daddy types. You know?”
I nodded.
“I thought you might get off on guys my age. I was hoping you were up for a bit of adventure. I guess I was wrong.”
Fuck! I was going to lose him. My cock was screaming what a foolish old man I was.
“Nah,” I said warmly. “I love fucking the ass off guys your age till they can’t stand up. Just not used to them coming on so strong.”
He smiled. “Life’s too short to beat around the bush. You up for that adventure then?”
“Fuck, yeah,” I said as he took off again.
I kept pace with him as I knew where he was headed. When we got there, he didn’t even bother to look around but just opened the door as if he had every right to use it.
“Live dangerously, daddy,” he said as he pulled open the door to the disabled toilet and ducked inside.
Following him without thinking, I locked the door behind us. The stall was much more spacious than an ordinary men’s room cubicle and we had total privacy – unless someone came knocking on the door. I’d worry about that when it happened. Right now, I had more on my mind, like the handsome young man who wrapped me in his arms, thrusting his warm tongue into my mouth, sucking gently as he ground his crotch against mine. It was difficult to determine who was harder.
I glanced at my watch, remembering Jason was arriving shortly.
“Plenty of time, old man,” Cal said as he sat on the toilet seat spreading his legs to reveal a very substantial bulge. “Come on, daddy. Strip for me. Show me what you’ve got.”
I fumbled nervously with my shirt until he put his hand up for me to stop. “Come on, man. Tease me. Don’t play this like some back-alley whore who wants it over and done with.” He spoke like we had all the time in the world. I looked at my watch again. “Whoever it is you’re meeting. Let them wait.”

Dangerous Desires by Stormy Glenn

Dangerous Desires (MMM)
Tri-Omega Mates 7
AVAILABLE: Tuesday, November 27th
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, light bondage, sex toys, HEA]
Siro Castilian works undercover in the hunter militia. When he learns of a mission to wipe out his mate’s entire pack, he races to warn Conner McGregor in time. But Conner doesn’t believe Siro about them being mates and shoots him.
Conner McGregor wants to believe the hunter that warns him about the impending attack, but everyone knows that mates are found by scent and Siro doesn’t have the mate scent. The hunter has to be lying.
Yuri Miroslav is enraged when he tracks down his mate and finds him shot and bleeding. He has to help him escape the hunters before he can prove to the man that they are mates. Even then he can’t claim Siro because the man is a Tri Omega and their other mate is not only dangerous, he’s a McGregor, and the McGregor pack can’t be trusted.
When Siro, Yuri, and Conner come together, it’s dangerous for all of them. If they can learn to stand together instead of alone, they might have a chance of living through the mess they are pulled into. If not, they are in danger of losing more than their lives. They are in danger of losing each other.

“Are you going to tell me what has you so upset?”
“Not hardly.” Conner McGregor was casually amused by the question. Leyland Summers was always trying to make sure everyone around him was as happy as he was. It was like the man’s mission in life or something. Conner just didn’t want to be one of Leyland’s pet projects.
“It might help to talk about it.”
“Says the man with two mates.” Conner snickered.
“So, it’s because you’re not getting laid on a regular basis?” Leyland asked. “Is that why you’re in such a foul mood?”
Conner rolled his eyes and leaned back against the counter. He held his coffee cup in both hands and took a long sip, anything to keep from having to answer the little tri-omega. He liked Leyland well enough but not enough to talk about his sex life or lack thereof.
If it wasn’t for the fact that Leyland’s two very large mates would wipe the floor with him, Conner would have told Leyland exactly how he felt about talking about his sex life. It was a subject totally off limits in his book.
“I’m just trying to help, Conner.”
Conner sighed. “I know, Leyland.”
Leyland frowned and chewed on the end of his thumb, which was actually a good look for the man. Conner imagined it pretty much got him whatever he wanted where his mates were concerned. Jake McAlester and Lucas Jones had absolutely no resistance to one of Leyland’s little pouty looks.
“Maybe we could have a party,” Leyland said suddenly, his smile brightening. “We could invite some of the surrounding wolf packs. You could meet someone there.”
“Leyland, I appreciate your concern over my sex life, but it’s just that, my sex life.”
Conner rolled his eyes. “I’m perfectly capable of finding my own date, thank you very much.”
Leyland frowned again. “I just want to make you feel better, to make you feel more comfortable here.”
“Leyland, you can read people.” A feat which still freaked Conner out a bit. “Do I seem like I’m uncomfortable here?”
“No, but—”
“I’m fine, Leyland, just a bit envious.”
“Of me?” Leyland’s eyes grew round and a hand fluttered at his neck.
“More of the relationship you have with Jake and Lucas. I think I’m even jealous of Brom, Daniel, and Jaryn.” Conner chuckled. “Minus the kids, of course.”
Leyland’s expression stilled and grew serious. “You don’t like kids?”
“I love kids.” He smiled. Leyland’s reaction amused Conner. “As long as they belong to someone else.”
“I think it’s been great having Brom’s kids here. Cailin and Iain are so cute, and they bring Jake and Lucas to their knees every time.”
A burst of laughter fell from Conner’s mouth before he could stop it. “And you don’t? I’ve seen you use that pouty little look on your mates more than once. It gets you whatever you want.”
Leyland grinned and tossed back his light-brown hair with his hand. He didn’t look the least bit repentant. “It’s a gift.”
“It’s manipulation and you damn well know it.”
“It works, doesn’t it?” Leyland chuckled.
Conner opened his mouth to say something to Leyland about manipulating his mates when the phone rang. He reached over Leyland’s head and grabbed the phone hanging on the wall and brought it to his ear.
“Wolfrik Ranch.”
“You’re in danger,” a low masculine voice whispered through the phone.
Conner’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. That wasn’t something he heard every day. “Excuse me?”
“You’re in danger,” the voice whispered again, “you and the man with you.”
“Who is this?” Conner ground the question out through clenched teeth. He didn’t like mysterious voices, but he liked cryptic messages even less.
“Your life is in danger, Conner.”
Conner stiffened, feeling a deep, dark cold crawl down his spine. “How do you know who I am?”
“Conner?” a small voice wobbled next to him.
Conner glanced over at Leyland when the man grabbed his arm. He started to shake his head to tell Leyland to be quiet. He needed to figure out who in the hell was calling him and why.
And then he spotted a red laser dot on the kitchen cupboard above Leyland’s head.
Conner whipped around to look out the kitchen window, trying to spot whoever had a laser light pointed at the house. He couldn’t see anything except green fields of grass surrounded by rolling hills covered in trees. There wasn’t a person in sight.
“Conner!” The voice over the phone was getting harsher but still spoke in a whisper. “You’re not listening to me. You and the man you are with are in danger. You must get out of there.”
“Who is this?” Conner demanded again, anger beginning to lace his voice. He started to feel a prickling along his skin as if all of the hairs were starting to stand up. If he didn’t know better, Conner would have thought that he had some sort of premonition, because it felt like something was coming, something bad.
“Consider me a friend,” the voice replied.
“I like knowing the names of my friends.”
“Just get out of there. You’re not safe.”
“Oh, baby, have I got a surprise for you.”
Yuri’s eyes dropped to the erection pushing against Siro’s jeans. “I’ve seen that surprise before.”
Oh, the poor man. He had no clue.
“Come with me.” Siro grabbed Yuri’s hand and pulled him to the edge of the bed they had been sharing for the last few nights. While nothing too intimate had occurred between them, Siro hadn’t been able to deny Yuri’s need to cuddle at night. He even put up with finding Yuri curled around him every morning.
It made Yuri happy.
And that made Siro happy.
Who knew?
Siro pulled Yuri to a stop at the edge of the bed and reached for the buttons on his shirt. He was actually a couple of inches taller than Yuri, which brought the man’s forehead about to Siro’s chin. Still, the man was no slouch. Yuri had muscles to spare and miles of golden, tanned skin that Siro had the urge to lick.
Siro took the time to explore Yuri’s silky skin as he pushed the shirt from the man’s wide shoulders. Once the shirt dropped to the floor, Siro stroked his hands down over Yuri’s thick shoulders to his muscled chest.
“I like this,” he said as he pushed his fingers through the dark, hair on the man’s pectoral muscles. There was just a smattering of small curly hairs spread out over his chest and then trailing down to a narrow arrow that led under the edge of the man’s waistband.
Two lightly brown-hued, round disks nestled in all of that dark hair caught Siro’s attention. He kept his eyes locked with Yuri’s as he leaned down and nipped at one. Yuri’s nostrils flared, but not a sound escaped the man’s tight lips.
That would change.
Siro leaned over and nipped at the other nipple, sucking it into his mouth between his teeth. Yuri stiffened, but yet again not a sound escaped his mouth. Siro mentally shrugged. Maybe Yuri wasn’t a nipple man. Not everyone was.
But he didn’t know a man on the planet that would turn down a set of warm lips wrapped around his cock. Siro slid down to the floor and reached for Yuri’s boots. He heard Yuri chuckle when he pulled one boot off and tossed it over his shoulder and then the other one.
Yuri’s laughter stopped when Siro reached for the zipper on the man’s jeans. The bulge in his pants pulsed and grew as Siro slowly pulled the zipper down to reveal one of the prettiest cocks he had ever seen. It was thick, long, and dripping.
He had not fared bad in the mate department. Yuri was a golden god with jet-black hair that curled lightly around his head and fell to his shoulders in gentle waves. His azure-blue eyes dominated his face, making his square jaw and strong cheekbones stand out.
He was stunning.
Siro pushed himself to his feet and pointed to the bed. “Make yourself comfortable.”
Yuri arched an eyebrow. “Seriously?”
Siro grinned and reached for the edge of his cotton shirt. He pulled it over his head and dropped it to the floor, unconcerned with where it fell. Yuri just stood there and stared until Siro paused.
Yuri’s eyes widened for a moment, and then his face flushed as if he had been caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing. Siro smirked as the man scrambled to get on the bed. Yuri was in for more than a few surprises. He had plans for his mate—a lot of plans.
Siro waited until Yuri got settled on his back in the middle of the bed then pushed his boots off his feet, kicking them away. He could feel the full weight of his mate’s intense stare as he shimmied out of his jeans.
Once he was naked, Siro raised his eyes to meet Yuri’s lust-filled ones. The heat in his mate’s eyes warmed Siro as nothing ever had. His breath hitched in his throat, stealing the words he had been about to speak.
He went with action instead.
Siro grabbed his hard cock and gave it a long, slow stroke. He saw the intense yearning in Yuri’s eyes when the man became aware of what he was doing. The man’s eyes dropped to his cock and a soft flush filled his face. But it was the way that Yuri’s cock pulsed and jerked that drew Siro’s attention.
“Do you like what you see, Yuri?” Siro gave his cock another long stroke from root to tip and then back down again. His balls felt heavy, achy. The need to sink his shaft into Yuri’s welcoming body was almost overwhelming.
But he had to take it slow, no matter how much control it took. Yuri had never been on the receiving end, and Siro would curl up and die if he made this experience uncomfortable for his mate.
Yuri’s breathing seemed to stutter in his chest the more he watched Siro caressing himself, which told Siro a lot of things. Yuri enjoyed watching. It would be good if they were ever able to settle things with their other mate.
The other thing that Yuri’s erratic breathing told Siro was that the man was not unaffected, as he wanted to appear. And considering what Siro had in store for the man that was a really good thing.
Siro dropped his hand from around his cock and climbed onto the end of the bed, tossing a tube of lube down next to the man. He slowly climbed his way up until he hovered over the top of Yuri, his hands planted on either side of the man’s head and his body nestled between Yuri’s thighs.
“You’re going to like this,” Siro whispered. “Promise.”

Lessons for Lewis by Amber Kell


Lewis Larson thinks he'll have a female mate. His goal to eventually settle down with a woman and have a bunch of children hits a snag when a sexy vampire crosses his path.
John Lesley knows he wants the adorable werekin as soon as he sees him. Unfortunately, convincing a commitment shy wolf to bond with a vampire proves difficult when family, enemies, and a trio of babies gets involved.

Lewis Larson chugged down his beer then motioned the bartender for another. He'd lost his last grip on sobriety a few drinks ago. It took a lot to get a werekin drunk, but Lewis knew with his complete dedication to the task, he could achieve total blackout. Liquidy oblivion sounded fabulous. He needed to forget John Lesley, the man who had all the scent characteristics of a mate. John smelled like everything good and right in Lewis's world. As much as it would kill him to admit it, the handsome vampire smelled like home.

No way could Lewis have a male partner for life. John might be the sexiest vampire he'd ever seen, smelled, or tasted but he couldn't settle down with a guy. He planned to have the whole enchilada of a wife and tons of little werebabies. A man couldn't give him that.

"Hi there, gorgeous," a raspy female voice said.

Lewis blinked at the pretty blonde who hopped up on the barstool beside him. She had all the traits he looked for in a woman. Pretty eyes, well-formed body in a slinky dress, and a mouth to die for.

"Hello," he replied.

He admired her sparkly earrings and the well-sculpted curve of her brow. He appreciated a woman who took care of herself. Leaning forward, Lewis took a quick sniff. She smelled good, not as amazing as John, but good. With a surge of unexpected willpower, Lewis banished the image of John from his mind.

Werekin and vampire mates didn't mix.

He had to remember that. As accepting as his parents were of Tam choosing a male mate, at least Lewis's brother had picked an Alpha wolf. A leader everyone respected. Lewis shuddered over the thought of bringing a vampire home to the family. His brothers would have all kinds of things to say about his choice.


"Are you here all alone?" The blonde looked down at her empty wine glass and spun it with her fingers while she waited for his response. He could almost feel the nerves strumming through her. She wasn't as calm and collected as she tried to pretend.

"Yep. All alone." He had planned to keep it that way too, but something about the blonde caught his attention.

It took him a minute to realize she smelled good. He shook his head to clear it. Maybe he should've gone directly home instead of stopping by the bar closest to the studio before heading to his family.

The house didn't feel the same without Tam. Until now, Lewis always had his younger brother to talk to if he had any problems in his life. Now with Tam living with Valko, his mate, Lewis couldn't just bounce into his brother's bedroom and pour out his heart.

"Maybe I can give you some company?" she purred, boldly stroking Lewis's thigh with her left hand.

Normally an aggressive lover took away some of the attraction, but tonight Lewis needed to forget the man he truly longed for.

Lewis returned her smile as he purposely pushed away thoughts of vampires. "Can I buy you a drink?"

* * * *

Five Months Later

Lewis stepped cautiously off the elevator. Lifting his head, he gave a careful sniff and smiled when he could only detect the receptionist's light perfume. Tam had asked him to pick up some paperwork he'd forgotten at John Lesley's office. Lewis worried he'd run into the vampire again. He'd successfully avoided John for several months now and he hoped to keep it that way.

Since Lewis's studio was only a few blocks from Tam's employer, it would be petty of him to refuse his brother's request, especially since Tam had just bought the studio for Lewis. The light-filled, downtown space had twenty-four hour security that kept Lewis safe during his bursts of midnight creativity. Although he had a room at his parents' house, lately he'd felt the urge for more space.

The memory of his last encounter with John made him shiver. One kiss and a small grope shouldn't have turned his inner wolf into a wimpy, needy bitch who wanted to roll over and expose his belly. He readjusted the backpack on his right shoulder and tried to calm his animal half.

The pretty receptionist gave him a bright smile she'd polished like a new penny.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"I'm here to pick up some paperwork for Tam Larson," Lewis explained.

Her professional smile warmed at his words. "You must be Lewis. Tam told me you'd be stopping by. I'll let Mr Lesley know you're here."

"No! I mean you don't need to disturb him. Can't you just sneak inside and grab it for me?" He gave her his best, charming smile, hoping desperately she'd take the hint and not ask any probing questions.

Please don't make me see John, Lewis chanted in his head.

She leaned forward and asked with a conspiratorial air. "Are you afraid of him because he's a vampire?"

"Yes," he lied easily, giving a not completely fake shudder.

She didn't have to know his unease stemmed from the surge of lust he got whenever he remembered a certain vampire nibbling on his neck. He feared John's bite, but for an entirely different reason than she suspected. The hunger surging through him at the mere thought of the John Lesley meant Lewis, more than anything, needed to stay away.

He didn't receive the help he'd hoped for.

"It'll be okay. I've been with Mr Lesley for three years now and I've never known him to attack anyone," she said in a reassuring tone.


Amber Kell
Sit down and have a little read