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Shades of Black by Gabrielle Evans

AVAILABLE: Monday, July 11th

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage Romance, M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, demons, light BDSM, sex toys]

Syx never imagined his test would be easy, but getting himself and Echo trapped inside a dark cave just adds to their ever-growing list of problems. With the other warriors on a cross-country excursion to recruit another member to their army, it’s up to Syx to find a way out of the mess. He’s going to kill them the next time they leave him in charge.

It’s not that he blames Syx, but Echo is cold, hungry, and wants to go home. Knowing that his other mates are clear across the country because they hope to bring their ex-lover back with them just makes him see red. He doesn’t like the dark, and when even the dimmest light fades away inside the cave, Echo knows he must surrender his mind to Syx or risk losing it completely. He’s already given his heart to the demon. How hard could it be?


“What?” Syx grumbled as he plopped down in the grass.

The woman next to him turned her head and glared.

He’d been having the most delicious dream about his mate when the Oracle had interrupted. Excuse the hell out of him if he was a little irked by the intrusion. Still, if she had brought him here, it must be important. Her visits might be the bane of his existence, but they’d never led him astray.

“I apologize,” he said and meant it. “You wished to speak to me?”

“Troubled times are coming, Warrior.” She knelt in the grass beside him, her long white gown fanning out around her. “The shadows are coming, mirroring the ones in your heart. You cannot hope to banish one without the other.”

“You mean I have to stop fighting my feelings, jump on the emotional roller coaster ride, and hold on for dear life.” Syx nodded his understanding. He’d been battling with himself for weeks over the same thing.

The Oracle’s eyes widened in shock before she masked her surprise. A tiny smirk ghosted over her full lips, and she folded her hands in her lap. “You are very intuitive, Syx. However, your task will require more from you than simply conquering your fear. Echo will need you now more than ever.”

“Why me?” His only ability was listening to thoughts that he had no right or desire to hear. Sure, he could implant suggestions inside people’s minds or erase their memories, but he didn’t see how that was going to help either.

“Memories are a powerful thing. They can fill us with joy or crush us in despair.”

Okay, that he didn’t get, but he’d think about it later. “Are there more coming?” He scratched the back of his neck and sighed. “I’m not sure how welcome anyone will be in our home after Sage, no matter how useful they will be in the war.”

“Your army will grow,” the Oracle answered vaguely. “You must not let your prejudice blind you. Not all who enter seek to dismantle.”

“Right,” Syx growled before he could stop himself. “Tell that to Mac, Pax, and Jet, not to mention Echo.” His voice softened, and he shuddered violently. “I didn’t think he’d come back to us.”

“Ares will continue to spread his poison,” she said and sounded almost as growly as Syx had. There was a story there, but Syx felt he had no right to ask. “If you nurture your bond, you will have the weapons to defeat him,” she finished much gentler.

“I get it.” Syx stretched out in the thick grass and gazed up at the bluest sky he’d ever seen. He didn’t really get it, but he didn’t feel like arguing, either.

“You will understand,” the Oracle whispered. She giggled, actually giggled, and shook her head. “We will speak again soon.”

Syx pushed up on his elbows to look at her, his eyebrows drawing together in confusion. “That’s it?”

“There is more.” Her face lit into a magnificent smile. “There is someone who desires your undivided attention now.”

Syx opened his mouth to question her statement, but the Oracle pressed a fingertip to his forehead and nodded. “Sleep, Warrior. You will thank me when you awake again.”


His lovers watched him with rapt attention, but no one moved. If they wanted a show, Echo was more than happy to give it to them. Popping two fingers into his mouth and swirling his tongue around them, he slid down the wall until he came to rest on the carpeted floor.

Vapre moaned, Fiero growled, and Eyce and Syx looked like they’d swallowed their tongues. Tilting his hips up, Echo removed the digits from his mouth and reached down to circle them around his clenching hole.

He kept his eyes trained on his men as he caressed the fluttering muscles, and his other hand jerked roughly on his throbbing cock. Though he was having fun teasing his men—and boy, did they deserve it—his belly began to burn, and the need for release almost overwhelmed him.

“Please,” Eyce practically whimpered. “Do it. Put ’em in.”

Echo smirked at the impressive lumps inside his mates’ jeans. Oh, they were enjoying this almost as much as Echo. Who knew he was such an exhibitionist? The heat emanating from his lovers’ eyes was enough to tighten his scrotum and make his ass convulse hungrily.

Giving in to Eyce’s demands, he slipped both fingers through the guarding ring of muscle as far as they would go. With a sharp twist of his wrist around the sensitive underside of his cock, Echo curled his fingers inside his ass, brushing over his prostate and sending lightning strikes of pleasure coursing up his spine.

“Hey, guys, Hex wants to know if—Holy fuck!” Myst staggered back against the office door and stared with his mouth hanging open. He looked from Echo to the others and back several times. “Is there a reason we’re not all over that?”

“Just watch,” Vapre breathed. “He’s going to come.”

And, sure enough, Echo couldn’t hold back any longer. With a final shove of his fingers into his spasming hole, he dropped his head back to the wall and groaned as long strings of creamy semen erupted from his pulsing cock to cover his chest and abs.

Sagging back against the wall, Echo stroked his cock a few more times before finally releasing it and grinning stupidly up at his mates. “That was fun.”

In answer, all five men converged on him, pushing and shoving at each other as they dove to the floor and began licking the cum from his skin. Echo moaned, arching into their mouths, his dick twitching and threatening to swell once again.

In the end, he was just too damn tired, though. Once he’d been licked clean, touched, stroked, and his mouth devoured, his men helped him to his feet and into his sleep pants.

“My dick is going to fall off,” Myst complained, staring down at the enormous bulge behind his zipper. Then he looked up and smiled crookedly. “It was totally worth it, though.”

“Fuck it,” Eyce growled, ripping Echo’s cotton pants from his body as he fumbled with the button on his own jeans. The need and hunger in his eyes tripped Echo’s heart into a fast gallop and it turned out that he wasn’t quite as tired as he thought. His cock swelled and pulsed once again, and he licked his lips as his men began stripping out of their clothing. Now, this was what he was talking about!

A bottle of lube came sailing across the desk, and Eyce caught it, flipped the lid open, and coated his dick quickly. Then, before Echo could move, he was lifted into the demon’s arms, his knees hooked over Eyce’s elbows, and his back pressed firmly into the wall. Eyce breached his clenching hole with the head of his cock, giving Echo just enough time to gulp in a big breath before he rammed home.

Echo cried out, his arms going around Eyce’s shoulders as he scrambled to hold on through the pounding his ass was taking. Good gods, he loved it when his mates lost control like this.

Eyce’s thrusts faltered before he stilled completely, and Echo looked over his lover’s shoulder to find Fiero grinning at him. The smile slid from his face, replaced by a look of pure pleasure, then Echo’s eyelids drifted closed as they all three began moving together.

Harder and faster, Eyce drove his cock into Echo’s clutching hole. “You feel so damn good, baby. Always so hot and tight.”

Echo moaned in response, dropping his head back to the wall as his balls began to ache and his sac tightened, drawing closer to his body. Apparently, he had worked his men up pretty good because it took only minutes for Eyce to growl out his release and fill Echo’s channel to overflowing with his scorching cream.

Fiero followed him right over the edge, grunting as he dropped his forehead to Eyce’s shoulder and his body shuddered.

Eyce slipped gently from Echo’s clenching hole and slowly lowered him to his feet before placing a gentle kiss on his lips. “Thank you, baby.”

He didn’t even have a chance to respond before Myst grabbed him, whirled him around, and pressed Echo’s palms flat against the wall. His fingers gripped Echo’s hips, encouraging him to arch his back as Myst’s cock pushed into his stretched hole and began driving into him without pause. “So fucking good,” Myst panted as he plunged and retreated over and over.


Gabrielle Evans

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Stolen Destiny by Gabrielle Bisset

Coming June 29, 2011


Released from prison to find a murderer, a prison-hardened Varek Leale is convinced no woman deserves the man he’s become, but his Aeveren destiny makes him succumb to sweet and sexy Callia Reynolds. To catch a murderer, he and Callia must find an Aeveren with the power to control time. But Amon Kalins isn’t a man to trifle with, and when he wants something, he’ll use his powers, devastating charm, and good looks to get it.

When Amon manipulates time and seduces her away, Varek must turn to the people who set him free for help to get her back. But the Council doesn’t do anything without requiring something in return, and what they want is Amon Kalins, one of the most powerful Aeveren ever. Varek will do what he must to capture Amon and find Callia. If he doesn’t, she’ll be lost to him for untold lifetimes.


Callia waited silently for him to speak, knowing her silence gave her the upper hand. If he thought he was going to lecture her on dating human men, he was in for a surprise. She’d break her silence to tell him where to stick his anti-human ideas.

He looked at her standing in front of him, full of pride and looking irritated at him. He had to fight the urge to push her up against the wall and kiss her deeply.

Maybe later back at home.

“I don’t want you seeing anyone else.”

The words hit Callia deep inside, and she instinctively took a step toward him, decreasing the space that separated them to just a few inches. Excitement coursed through her body. God, she wanted him!

But there was no way she’d make it easy for him.

“And just who do you think you are to tell me who I can and can’t see? Or date?” Callia intentionally hesitated and then, choosing her words carefully, said, “Or do whatever I damn well please with them?”

Varek controlled his response to ensure she understood his point. He wasn’t so much angry as he was jealous and possessive.

“I’m your destined one and if anyone is going to damn well please you, it’s going to be me. And only me.”

Callia silently congratulated herself and thanked her grandmother and then stepped up right next to him, her breasts grazing his ribs.

“Let me out.” She wanted to say she didn’t want anyone but him, but she wanted to push him just a little more.

The blood rushed to between his legs. Damnit, she made him hard. He knew she wanted him as much as he did her, so why the power struggle? He felt himself begin to lose control. His body wanted to forego the verbal sparring his mind loved. With great effort, he tamped down his desire and leaned into her.

When he spoke, the words came out almost as a growl. “No one else.”

Callia knew it was time to go in for the kill. She looked into his black eyes and whispered, her lips a mere breath away, “I’ll think about it.” Instantly, she understood that she wouldn’t leave the room without knowing exactly how much he wanted her.

Adult Excerpt:

Varek led Callia into his room and closed the door behind them. Standing there in front of him, she looked so unbelievably sexy, but he didn’t want this time to be fast and hard like the last time. He kissed her gently on the lips and began to slowly undress her as Callia reached for his clothes and worked to remove them.

“Callia, I want to make love to you slow and sweet.”

As he spoke, his hands slowly traced her curves, lingering on her breasts. The sharp intake of breath when he gently squeezed her nipple told him she was as excited as he was, but he wanted to prolong the pleasure of their lovemaking this time. He wanted her to truly know what it meant to be made love to.

Callia lay on the bed and welcomed Varek to her with open arms. He rested much of his weight on his forearms, so he didn’t hurt her. Kissing down her neck to the hollow at its base, he groaned against her skin as he softly pressed his lips against it. Her hands ran through his hair, tugging as he nipped lightly at her collarbone.

Varek slid up her body to kiss her lips again, and moaned into her mouth when she slid her tongue over his. When she sucked his tongue into her mouth, his cock hardened even more.

He loved the taste of her, the feel of her mouth on his, the sensation of her tongue gliding over his, mingling with his. Her sensuality excited him more than he ever thought possible. She teased him, made his skin feel like he was on fire. Her body moved under his, building his passion.

“Callia, I need you. I don’t want a life without you.” His voice was passionate, full of emotion.

He looked into those beautiful hazel eyes of hers like he was searching for himself in her. Did she love him as deeply as he loved her?

He doubted she could love him because of her, the one before Callia. His fear of love shone in his eyes.

She loved him as she had loved no other in seven lifetimes. She loved him as easily as she breathed.

“Varek, there is no life for me without you. Your happiness is my happiness, your sadness my sadness. I am your destined one. I love you.”

As he closed his eyes, he cradled her face in his hands and kissed her sweetly. She was his. His Callia. The one who helped him see that he could love again.

He moved his body down hers, kissing her breasts and stomach slowly. Each spot he kissed he touched with his fingertips as if he couldn’t bear to leave any part of her but craved the parts he hadn’t touched yet. As he moved down her body, his silky, black hair feathered across her skin, exciting her even more. He kissed one spot while caressing another.

His mouth reached her sex and just the brush of his lips made her tremble. He skimmed over where she so desperately wanted his mouth and kissed her soft inner thighs. His desire increased, and he began slowly sucking her skin and flicking his tongue up her leg. But what he truly desired waited for him, needy and wet.

Varek moved slowly between her legs, teasing her with his fingers all around where he desperately wanted to place his mouth. Callia lifted her hips, hoping to persuade him to do just what he wanted. He moaned sensually and placed a hand on each of her hips, pinning her lower body to the bed. He licked his lips, and the warmth of anticipation ran through her, making her wet.

He hovered over her sex, his hot breath exciting her even more. And then with just the soft tip of his tongue, he touched her slick skin. What felt like electric shocks raced into her body, touching her deep inside. Each drag of his tongue became more insistent until he was fully tasting her with his whole mouth.

Varek expertly ran his tongue over her most sensitive spot and more shocks shivered into her. Pleased by her reaction, he repeated the action but finished by sucking on her swollen nub, bringing her closer to orgasm. Once more, this time with the addition of two fingers slid inside her, sent her over the edge and she desperately grabbed handfuls of hair as she pulled him closer. He rode her orgasm, his mouth savoring everything she offered.

When he lifted his head, Callia’s eyes were closed and she bit her lower lip. Still enjoying the aftershocks, she smiled when he climbed up toward her face.

Without a word, she urged him onto his back so she could give him the kind of pleasure he’d given her. She kissed down his torso while her hands stroked his sides and then his lower abdomen and hips. His thick erection strained as her lips teased his skin, and she took it in her hand, almost wrapping her fingers around it. A moan escaped from his mouth as she licked the head softly.

As she took his cock into her mouth, Varek opened his eyes to watch. The sight of him disappearing into her, combined with the feel of her tongue gliding over the head and shaft, almost made him come. Callia stroked under his cock and gently squeezed each time her mouth traveled up to the head to suck greedily.

Varek felt his orgasm begin deep inside him and hoarsely said, “I can’t hold back anymore.” He exploded into her mouth and groaned as she sucked him to the end.

Callia rose up to his face, placed a kiss on his nose and nibbled his ear. Still hard, Varek rolled her onto her back and placed himself at her entrance. Slowly he thrust into her, stretching her to accommodate him.

“Take me. Take all of me, Callia.”


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Website: Gabrielle Bisset
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Getting Gabe by Amber Kell

Unaware he has werewolf DNA, Gabriel is stunned to learn after an attack that not only will he change into a wolf but that two fae warriors are his mates. Now he has to help his men find the scientist who is creating the mutants before his new formula hits the streets.

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Coming July 9, 2011

"Marry me."

"Hell no!" Gabe looked horrified at his best friend Faith Jerrod. She was sitting on his kitchen counter eating ice cream out of a coffee cup because, as usual, all his bowls were dirty. Her dark hair was swept up in a ponytail and her brown eyes danced with humor as she looked at him.

"Aw, come on Gabe, you're the perfect guy. You cook, you clean, and you even pick up your own underwear."

"I fuck guys."

Faith shrugged as if the matter were inconsequential. "So you have one minor flaw."

Gabe laughed as he scraped the last of the ice cream out of the carton and dumped it into a cup of his own. "It might put a damper on your sex life." After tossing the container he took a bite of chocolate fudge chunky ice cream, closing his eyes with bliss as the creamy flavor filled his mouth. Faith's voice broke into his momentary obsession of chasing the little brownie bits around with his tongue.

"Not with the guys I've been dating lately and seriously, are all the architects at our firm gay or what?"

"That would be a statistical improbability. Besides, it would be discriminatory to hire someone based on sexual preference."

"Yeah, but if they never ask they can't be prosecuted."

Gabe did a quick mental review of all the architects in the firm. "I think a majority of them are gay, but you know I've never had a very good sense about those things. A guy practically has to write he's interested in glowing letters on his ass before I know he wants to date."

"True," Faith giggled. "Very true. Remember Nicky? He sent you flowers for a week in order to get your attention."

"Yeah, he was really romantic," Gabe sighed. "But bad in bed. No chemistry whatsoever."

"What about Anthony?"

"The boss?" Gabe shuddered. "I think his boyfriend is the local godfather or something, he always has those big thugs following him around. Besides Anthony makes me nervous, there's something seriously off about that guy."

Gabe suspected Anthony was a shape shifter, or wizard, or something otherkin. His grandmother told him all about the otherworldly when he was a child, with bedtime stories of fantastic faery tales. She especially loved the werekin. As he got older he'd seen enough strange things in his life to know truth lived in his grandmother's tales.

"I think he's sweet," Faith said, loyally. "Whenever I ask for time off he always approves it, and last year when my mother needed surgery he paid the hospital bills."

"I didn't say he wasn't a good boss. I said he's scary. He has freaky eyes, and have you met the new consultant? What kind of guy works only at night? Skin disease my ass, he just likes to sleep in. We work for a weird bunch, Faith. One day we're going to hear on the news that they're all space aliens or something."

Faith giggled. "I think you're just mad because we're in an office of hot guys and none of them will give either of us the time of day."

He reluctantly smiled. "Maybe. But you know who I think is the hottest?"

"Who?" Faith leaned forward, intent on Gabe's answer.

"I saw this guy visiting Anthony once, his name was Dare. God, I'd love to lick those muscles."

"What happened?"

Gabe shrugged. "Nothing. I smiled at him. He patted me on the back like I was his new best friend and then the guy with him, who I guess was his boyfriend, looked at me like he wanted to rip off my head and beat me with it. Why are the best ones always taken by assholes?"

"Maybe he's just protective."

Gabe remembered the adoring look Dare's boyfriend had given the friendly man. "Maybe, but I'd like a man like that."

"Like what?"

"Fine looking and friendly. That's not too much to ask is it?"

"What about in bed?"

"If he's gorgeous, he'll be good in bed."

"How do you figure?"

"Practice. Anyone that good looking has got to have had a lot of practice."

Faith clacked her spoon against his.


Amber Kell
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AVAILABLE: Monday, July 4th

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage Romance, M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, demons, spanking, public exhibition]

When evil penetrates the walls of their sanctuary, the warriors suddenly realize that nowhere is safe from Hades’s destruction. While the others set off to find and destroy the threat against their mate, Vapre finds himself alone with Echo for the first time since his arrival.

There’s something wrong with Echo, though. He rages out of control with little to no provocation, pushes the boundaries of lewd, and even changes his appearance. Vapre fears he’s losing his lover, and when Echo falls into a catatonic state, he’s sure he already has.

With one mishap after another, Vapre doesn’t know how he is supposed to face down a storm from the Underworld. His reluctance won’t stop the new moon from dawning, though, and if he hopes to stand strong in the battle, he must first conquer the tempest inside him.


“Maybe Myst should come,” Hex said thoughtfully as he trotted down the stairs. “I don’t want to be chasing these assholes across half of Montana.”

Echo threw a quick wink at Vapre before turning around to address their leader. “That’s a great idea, Hex. That’s the reason you’re in charge.” His voice sounded so syrupy sweet, Vapre had to wonder what the little shit was up to. From the look on Hex’s face, the big demon was having the same thoughts.

“What do you want?” he asked around a sigh.

“Who said I wanted anything?” Echo opened his eyes wider and pushed out his bottom lip. “Can’t I just pay you a compliment?”

“No.” Hex stood on the bottom stair and crossed his arms against his chest as he peered at Echo over the banister. “I know you want something, so spill it. We’re leaving in ten minutes.”

“You wound me.” Vapre had a feeling Echo was trying for indignant, but the slight twinkle in his eyes ruined the effect. “I was just trying to tell you how much I appreciate that you take care of us and make all the hard decisions. You’re so smart and fierce. I don’t think I could ever do your job. You’re very brave.” Echo dropped his head, his chin resting on his chest.

“Oh.” Hex looked like someone had clubbed him over the head. Then his eyes softened, and he hurried over to wrap Echo up in his arms. “I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to be such a dick.”

Vapre rolled his eyes and snorted. Echo had played the demon like a fiddle, and Hex had fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. Hell, Vapre could see the sly little grin playing at the corner of their mate’s lips. What exactly was he after?

“Excuse me!” Mac waved his hands around to get everyone’s attention. “What about me?”

Echo extracted himself from Hex’s embrace and stepped over to stand in front of his friend. “I’m sorry, Mac. I know that you could be a lot of help because you saw exactly where the guys were hiding.” He reached out and took Mac’s hand in both of his. “And I know that you might even be able to see something else that will help.” Echo looked up and smiled dreamily at Hex. “But Hex is in charge here. He’s our leader because he knows what to do and how to keep us all safe. If he says it’s too dangerous, then I trust him. You have to trust him, too.”

Hex puffed out his chest, looking mighty pleased with himself. “Mac, can you show us where these guys are located?”

Mac nodded eagerly. “I know the direction, and I will recognize that place when I see it. They’re hiding, but I can find it once we make it to the general vicinity.”

“Okay, grab a small backpack and bring only the essentials for…” he trailed off and seemed to be doing some mental configuring. “…we’ll say three days. You’ll have to keep up, and I don’t want to hear any complaining. You’re a soldier now.”

Mac looked like Christmas had come early. “Yes, sir!” Then he disappeared up the staircase.

“Are you kidding me?” Gage yelled. “He’s too little, Hex! He’s going to get hurt.”

“He’ll be fine.” Hex clapped Gage on the shoulder. “Pop your titty out of his mouth, and let him be a man. He can do this. Show a little faith in your mate,” Hex chided.

“Un-fucking-believable,” Gage muttered under his breath before spinning around and storming up the stairs after his lover.

“If Mac’s going, so am I!” Sony yelled from the top floor.

“The hell if you are,” Gage returned heatedly.

“He-ex!” Sony whined the word, drawing it out into two syllables.

“He’s big and strong when he shifts, and he could look after Mac,” Echo said very quietly. “It’s a hard decision. I’m glad I don’t have to make it.” Then he batted his lashes at Hex.

Vapre watched the entire show with curious fascination. Had Echo ever manipulated him like he was doing to their alpha? He hated to admit it, but the answer was most likely yes, and it had probably taken very little effort. He’d give his mate anything he desired.

“Sony, pack a bag,” Hex called up the stairs. “You’ll be responsible for protecting Mac!”

“Yeah, so go suck on that, Gage!”

Vapre turned his face to hide his mile-wide grin at Sony’s words. This whole mess was getting more comical by the second. A shoulder bumped his, and he looked over to see Eyce standing beside him. “What’s going on?”

“Echo is letting Hex think he’s running the show,” Vapre whispered. “Hex is eating it up.”

“Do you think we look that goofy when we look at Echo?” Onyx stepped up beside Eyce and tilted his head to the side.

“Absolutely,” Fiero said confidently as he brushed against Vapre’s other shoulder. “Echo is everything that’s right in the world. Who cares if we turn into blabbering, mushy idiots when he’s around? It’s worth it.”


“He called me stupid and said I give bad blow jobs,” Echo whispered disparagingly.

Syx rolled his eyes, trying to pry Echo off of his chest. “Whatever is really going on here, I’m sure you deserve it.” Then he paused and grinned wickedly at Vapre. “Just to be sure, though, maybe we should judge the expertise of your blow job skills.”

Vapre’s nostrils flared, and his body hummed with lust as he prowled closer to his lovers. “Yes,” he growled. He didn’t know what the hell had come over him, but suddenly he needed his mate with an intensity close to pain. Moving his gaze to Syx, Vapre took in the demon’s long, sandy-blond hair, his smooth, sun-bronzed skin, the way his eyes heated with longing and passion as he stared right back.

Pressing himself against Echo’s back, Vapre sandwiched their mate between himself and Syx, leaning over Echo’s shoulder and delivering a scorching kiss to Syx’s slightly opened mouth.

His tongue swept through the warrior’s lips, licking at the sweet depths that awaited him, and Vapre didn’t know who moaned louder—him, Syx, or Echo. Their mate squirmed between them, tugging on Vapre’s hair as he joined in their three-way kiss. “Bedroom,” Echo panted long minutes later when they’d finally come up for air.

“Too far,” Vapre argued. He needed his lovers, and he needed them now. Pulling Echo from Syx’s arms, Vapre set him on his feet and immediately began tearing at his mate’s clothes. Once he had his man stripped to his skin—oh and what nice skin it was—Vapre pressed on Echo’s shoulder, and the man readily dropped to his knees without resistance.

It took only seconds for Vapre and Syx to divest their own clothing, and they stood shoulder to shoulder, their hard cocks in hand, staring down at their eager mate.

Echo batted their hands away, wrapped his slender fingers around Syx’s length, and stroked him fast as his pink lips enveloped Vapre’s cock in warm, moist heat.

“Oh, gods,” Vapre moaned. One hand moved to gently cup the back of Echo’s head, while his other hand tangled in Syx’s locks and jerked the man forward to lay siege to his delicious mouth once more.

Echo bobbed his head, dragging his lips along the throbbing dick in his mouth as his tongue worked the underside of the sensitive flesh. Then he popped off, and Vapre glanced down out for the corner of his eye to see his mate dive forward to capture the leaking tip of Syx’s cock in his talented mouth.

His small hand stroked Vapre’s spit-slicked shaft while Syx fed his own cock between Echo’s lips, rocking his hips gently as he continued to attack Vapre’s mouth with enthusiasm.

Vapre disengaged from the mind-numbing kiss, watching the erotic show of Syx’s slippery prick sliding through Echo’s lips for just a moment, before he turned and hurried in through the office door. Rummaging through the desk drawers, he finally came up with a travel-sized bottle of lube. Clutching it in his hand as if it held the secrets of life, he stepped back out in the hallway and knelt behind Echo.

“Hurry,” Syx warned, both hands fisted in Echo’s hair, his face the most exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure. “Damn, he can suck cock.”

Vapre nodded once, then set to work, lubing his fingers and skimming them along Echo’s crease as he searched out the little rosette that awaited him. Ringing the muscles once, he grinned when Echo moaned, pulling a strangled growl from Syx’s lips. Then he pushed in with two fingers, swirling them around as he twisted his wrist and began pumping the digits in and out of Echo’s clenching passage.

He stretched his mate quickly, rubbing his other hand over the soft, rounded hills of Echo’s cute little ass. Then he snatched up the lube, coated his pulsing cock and tossed the bottle over his shoulder to land where it may.

Without further preliminaries, he urged Echo to bend forward slightly, lined up his demanding prick, and pushed home in one hard thrust. Echo cried out, the sound muffled around the turgid flesh in his mouth, and Syx groaned, his eyes actually rolling back in his head.

Giving Echo only a moment to adjust, Vapre began a punishing rhythm, his primal instincts taking over as he slammed into Echo’s welcoming body with animalistic force. If he worried he was hurting his mate, he needn’t have. Echo moaned and whimpered around Syx’s cock, his throat muscles working as he swallowed around the spongy head again and again.

“Fuuuuck!” Syx cried out, his only warning before his muscles tensed and his body began to shudder.

Echo braced his hands on Syx’s thighs, licking the demon clean while Vapre continued to drive his aching cock into Echo’s tight hole. Reaching around his mate’s slim hips, Vapre palmed Echo’s bobbing dick and stroked him hard and fast. “Come for me,” he demanded hoarsely.


Gabrielle Evans

Thursday, June 16, 2011

FIRESTORM (Fatefully Yours book 3) by Gabrielle Evans

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AVAILABLE: Monday, June 27th

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove: Erotic Alternative Ménage Romance, M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, demons, light bondage, sex toys]

The new moon creeps closer, bringing with it the threat of deadly fires. Their army is growing, more are joining their ranks, and Fiero struggles to hold on to some semblance of his former self.

Echo’s becoming more confident in his powers, working harder each day to perfect his abilities. He knows if he can get Fiero to trust him—and if he can push past his fears and offer the same in return—they stand a better chance at success.

Giving up control is not easy for Fiero, but he would do anything to protect Echo. Hades's inferno doesn’t concern him nearly as much as the fire that burns inside him for his mate, overwhelming and consuming his every thought. The answer is staring him right in the face, but will he have the courage to reach out and seize it?

Story Excerpt

Eyce looked over his shoulder, his smile stretching even wider if it were possible. “I got the first one.” Then he disappeared around the corner in the direction of the kitchen.

“Huh?” Myst’s eyebrows drew together as he looked around the room at the rest of them. “What the hell does that mean? He got the first what?”

Fiero knew exactly what the man was talking about, but it didn’t make much sense to him. Echo had told Eyce he loved him. Fiero wasn’t jealous, but he just didn’t get it. Echo had said he loved Fiero as well. So, why hadn’t his eyes changed? No, there had to be more to it.

“I guess I’ll get started on the laundry,” Onyx grumbled under his breath. He headed in the direction Eyce had gone, a deep scowl on his face. “I really hate fucking laundry.”

Syx slapped Vapre in the back of the head. “Research, my dear.”

Vapre rubbed the back of his head as he glared at the demon. “What the fuck was that for?”

“Gentlemen.” Echo clucked his tongue at them. “Is it really necessary for you to use some variation of the word ‘fuck’ in every sentence?” His small hands fisted on his hips, and he arched an eyebrow in question.

“Sorry,” Vapre mumbled.

Fiero bit the inside of his cheek again, but this time it was to hold in his laughter. Their little mate was quite the pistol. In just the couple of months since he’d arrived on their doorstep, Echo had insinuated himself right at the top of the chain of command. The warriors may be double his size and triple his strength, but they all fell in line when Echo spoke.

If anyone had told him that he’d be taking orders and bending over backward to please someone he could easily snap in half with one hand, Fiero would have laughed in their face. Yet, there he was, trying not to smile, and praying Echo didn’t turn that sexy little smirk in his direction. Badass demon warrior or not, he was a complete sucker for his mate. He’d do anything to make the man smile.

Echo sucked his plump bottom lip into his mouth and bit it, the corners of his mouth twitching as he stared back at Vapre. “Better. Now, Syx is right, though I don’t think there was a need to be quite so violent about it.” He turned his sapphire blue gaze on Syx.

Syx hung his head and shuffled his feet. “Sorry,” he mumbled.

Echo shrugged. “Okay, now go Google your Yahoo and find out about raining fire.” He flicked his wrist, dismissing them as he turned on Myst.

Myst held his hands up in surrender. “You’re hungry. I’m going.” He turned without another word and disappeared out of the room.

Fiero knew what was coming and hurried to cut off Echo’s next order. “We’re on it.” He nudged Hex with his shoulder. “You want the upstairs or down?”

“I don’t want to clean,” Hex grumbled.

“And I don’t want the princess to get his panties in a bunch.”

“I heard that,” Echo said icily. Then his features softened, and he strolled over to them, rubbing up against Fiero like a cat before turning his attention on Hex. “How about we make it a race? The first one finished gets to come find me and do wicked, naughty things to me.” He licked his lips seductively then whirled around and headed for the stairs. “Don’t take too long.”

Fiero watched their mate bound up the stairs, then looked at Hex as a slow, devious grin spread over his face. “What are the odds he’ll let us skip the cleaning and jump right into the naughty part?”

Hex seemed to consider it for a moment, then shook his head slowly. “Slim to none, I’d guess.”

“Want to test that theory?”

Hex continued to shake his head. “You do remember what happened the last time I pissed him off, right? He just about handed me my ass on a silver platter. You do what you want. I’m going to clean.”

Fiero nodded reluctantly. “Yeah, you’re probably right.”
Adult Excerpt

Echo’s body trembled, and he purred under the skillful touch of his mate. His heart pounded inside his chest, his breaths coming faster, more shallow, as he wiggled and squirmed, begging for what he knew was coming.

A soft swat landed on his left cheek, barely more than a love tap, and Echo frowned. Would Fiero always treat him as though he were made of crystal? Rocking on his knees, he pushed back against the warrior, silently begging for more.

Another swat landed on his ass, a little harder than before, but still nothing more than a light pat. “Fiero,” he growled in frustration.

The next smack stole the breath from his lungs as stinging heat spread over the skin where Fiero’s hand had landed. Tingles raced along Echo’s spine, then back down to pool and burn in his aching balls.

Before he could even catch his breath, Fiero’s hand connected with his ass again. Then again. Over and over, he spanked Echo, growling and moaning as he set a steady rhythm that left Echo panting and whimpering.

“You are fucking gorgeous,” Fiero mumbled. “Your ass is so sexy right now, all red and scorching hot from my hands.”

Echo could hear the possessiveness in Fiero’s tone, the satisfaction that the marks on Echo’s skin had come from his hands alone. He swatted Echo’s ass a few more times, softer at first, then harder than any of the others. Echo cried out at the last one, bowing his back and shuddering from the intense pleasure coursing through his body. His dick ached and throbbed, pulsing between his legs and leaking generous amounts of pre-cum from the slit.

He shivered again, moaning loudly when his cheeks were parted and cool air brushed against his needing entrance. Then a slick finger caressed over his hole, ringing the muscles gently before pushing in to the second knuckle. So lost in his desire, in the overwhelming sensations that bombarded him, Echo didn’t even know when Fiero had moved to retrieve the lube. He didn’t much care either. “Please,” he whimpered, rocking back and forth as he fucked himself on the thick digit. “More.”

Taking him at his word, Fiero inserted a second finger, scissoring them back and forth and twisting his wrist, loosening Echo’s clenching hole to receive him. “So tight, so damn hot,” Fiero murmured, sliding in a third finger beside the others. “So perfect.”

Echo didn’t know how much more he could take. Already his sac tightened, his balls pulling up close to his body, lightning bolts of pleasure zipping up his spine so fast it left his head dizzy. “Fuck me,” he demanded hoarsely.

“Bossy.” Fiero chuckled softly, smacking Echo’s ass again and pulling a strangled moan from his parted lips. “Who’s in charge here?”

Echo couldn’t pull enough air into his lungs to answer, so he said nothing, burying his face into the mattress as he fought to stave off his orgasm. His lack of response earned him another swat, and then Fiero’s finger disappeared from his needy ass, quickly replaced by the blunt head of his cock. “Who’s in charge?” he repeated.

Still, Echo couldn’t answer. His fingers fisted in the sheets, holding on for dear life, afraid he’d break into a thousand pieces when he finally found his release. He’d never been so turned on, so out of control in his life. His heart hammered against his sternum as his blood roared in his ears, and a fine sheen of sweat beaded across his skin.

Fiero spanked him again, a hard, reprimanding smack to his already blazing ass. Then his hand fisted in Echo’s hair, pulling his head back on his shoulders as Fiero pushed into Echo’s ass in one long, hard stroke. “Who. Is. In. Charge?” He growled as his hips retreated and snapped forward again until he bottomed out, grinding his groin over Echo’s heated flesh.

“You!” Echo cried out, loving the rough treatment he was receiving. It wasn’t brutal or callous. Every movement Fiero made was deliberate, dominant, and aimed toward bringing Echo as much pleasure as possible. No one had ever treated him this way, and Echo gloried in the ability to let go and turn himself over to his lover.

Fiero growled in appreciation, pulling on Echo’s hair again while he continued to drive into his ass harder, faster, more demanding with every stroke. “Who do you belong to, Echo?”

“You!” Echo sobbed. He felt his orgasm barreling down on him, and prayed he’d last just another few minutes. He never wanted it to stop. “Harder!”

Releasing the grip on his hair, Fiero’s hands moved to grasp Echo’s hips in a bruising hold, pushing him forward, then jerking back roughly as his hips thrust forward, his thick cock plunging in and out of Echo’s greedy ass. “Who do you belong to?” Fiero asked again.

“You,” Echo choked as the next inward glide nailed his sweet spot and sent stars exploding behind his closed eyelids. “All of you!”

“That’s it, baby. Scream for me. Scream loud enough to wake everyone in the house. Let them know how I make you feel. Do you like how I make you feel, Echo?”

Just when Echo didn’t think he could take anymore, a long finger slid into his ass beside Fiero’s huge cock, stretching him further, and the head of Fiero’s prick pegged his prostate again. “Yes!”

“I know you do. Your ass is strangling my cock, baby. Sucking it right in like it never wants me to leave.” Fiero’s other hand wrapped around the back of Echo’s neck, pushing his face down into the sheets as he continued to ride his ass hard and fast. “Are you gonna come for me, baby? Gonna come on my cock?”


Gabrielle Evans

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Upon Crimson Waters (Fatefully Yours 2) by Gabrielle Evans

Upon Crimson Waters [Fatefully Yours 2] by Gabrielle Evans

AVAILABLE: Monday, June 20th

The second book in the LoveXtreme series is now up for Pre-Order at Bookstrand!

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage Romance, M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, gods, demons, sex toys]

The test has come, and Eyce finds himself unprepared to deal with the churning crimson waters of the lakes and ponds. The Oracle warns that he must surrender in order to be victorious—a concept foreign to the big warrior. Surrender is not an option.

Echo still doesn’t understand his role in this war, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to help Eyce complete his task. First, he must find a way inside the demon’s heart and force him to accept the love he offers so freely.

While Echo and Eyce work to clear the lakes, the threat from the lab still hangs heavy in the air. More are coming. They will never stop coming. Though their troubles seem never ending, Echo knows they can face down their enemies if they stand together. Now, if he can only make Eyce see this before it’s too late.

Story Excerpt

“Wanna talk about it?” Echo wiggled closer, resting his blond head in Eyce’s lap. “I’m not so tired,” he slurred around a huge yawn.

Eyce gave him a genuine smile this time as he brushed the hair back from his mate’s face. “Let’s wait until the others wake up. We’ll have a meeting, and I’ll tell you everything then.”

“M’kay,” Echo mumbled, closing his eyes and drifting back to sleep almost immediately.

“Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?” Syx moved closer to Eyce’s other side, curling around him and stroking his stomach as he rested his head on Eyce’s hip. “We’re all in this together.”

“I’ll tell everyone in the morning.” Eyce smoothed his knuckles down Syx’s cheek. “Go back to sleep.”

“You look like shit.” Syx pushed up to sit beside him, nudging him with his shoulder. “You’re pale and shaking, and you’re breathing like you just ran a mile. Spill it.”

“Nothing. It was just a dream. That’s all.”

“Look, I’m not really in the mood to play this game with you right now. It was more than a dream, or you wouldn’t be so upset.” He wrapped an arm around Eyce’s waist and kissed the side of his neck. “You can tell, or I can just look for myself.”

Eyce rested his head against Syx’s and sighed in resignation. With the warrior’s ability to see inside his head, he knew he wouldn’t be able to hide. “It was the Oracle. The same dream we all had a few weeks ago, but…different. Everyone was there, but not there. Am I making any sense?”

“Not in the least.” Syx chuckled and kissed Eyce’s temple. “How about you start over?”

“It was the dream about the prophecy. We were all there, except Echo. There was this awful smell—like something rotting. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, though.” Eyce took a deep breath and let it out slowly before he continued. “It was like I was the only one who could smell it. Everyone else just looked like they were in some kind of trance.”

“Then what happened?”

“That’s about it. Just before the Oracle finished the prophecy, I realized that I was having kind of a re-dreaming. I knew what she was going to say before she spoke. She told me the heart was coming, but she said something else after that.”

Syx rubbed his palm over Eyce’s bicep when he began to shudder. “What did she say?”

“She told me that the heart would be my shelter. Something about me needing it to win my struggle.”

“Your struggle?” Syx stopped rubbing his arm and leaned away to look in his eyes. “Just you?”

“That’s what she said.” Eyce pushed a hand through his shoulder-length black hair and sighed. “I don’t know what it means.”

“She told you to seek the heart or seek shelter?”

“Both, I guess. She said to seek the heart’s shelter.”

“Well, we know Echo is our heart—the one that binds us together.” Syx looked down at the little man sleeping beside them.

Eyce followed his gaze, and a soft smile spread over his lips. Only six weeks since Echo had practically landed in their laps, and he already couldn’t picture his life without him. Reaching out slowly, he combed his fingers through Echo’s golden-blond hair, loving the feel of the silky strands sliding over his hand. “I know,” Eyce whispered. “Look at him, though. What shelter is he going to offer? He’s so…fragile.”

Syx snorted and elbowed him in the ribs. “Don’t let him hear you say that.”

“He’s kind of beautiful, huh?” Eyce ignored Syx’s jab as he continued to study their mate’s sleeping face. “I mean, he’s prettier than most women I’ve met.”

“Dude, you better hope he’s sleeping.”

“I’m not.” Echo’s eyelids fluttered open, revealing his deep blue eyes, framed by impossibly long lashes. “I’m okay with being beautiful. Keep going.” Then he smiled impishly and closed his eyes again.

“So modest,” Syx mumbled under his breath, but Eyce could hear the humor in his voice. Echo just pulled that kind of response from all of them. They couldn’t help but be enamored by his charm. Even if he was a brat more times than not.

Adult Excerpt

“More,” Echo demanded. He didn’t even know if he’d be able to walk after enduring two climaxes so close together, but he wanted—needed—more.

Fiero’s head snapped up, and he looked at Echo for a long time, several emotions Echo couldn’t identify playing over his face, before he grinned devilishly and dipped his head once. His strong arms wrapped around Echo’s waist, lifting him off of Eyce’s softening prick, and flipped him over, pushing him face-first into the mattress.

“Don’t move,” Fiero ordered.

Echo didn’t think he could move if he wanted to. His cock was still hard enough to cut glass, and his ass clenched and relaxed, anticipating and begging to be filled all over again.

He didn’t have to wait long before Fiero returned, and something cold and rigid nudged against Echo’s opening before Fiero pushed it inside in one rough shove.

Moaning and whimpering, Echo rolled his brow against the bed, clenching the sheets in his fists as he wiggled his upturned ass.

“So fucking pretty,” Eyce mumbled from behind him, and Echo only then realized the demon had moved to stand beside Fiero. “We need to get you more toys, baby.”

Toys? Enlightenment dawned, and Echo realized the unyielding phallus currently moving in and out of his passage was a dildo. Even if he hadn’t figured it out then, he would have when it suddenly began vibrating, and he thought he’d come unglued.

Fiero fucked the toy in and out of his ass at a relentless and demanding pace as his other hand smoothed over the skin of Echo’s ass. Eyce’s hand skimmed over Echo’s back, down his spine and over his hips before sliding around him to grip his pulsing cock.

“Damn, he’s still fucking hard.” The warrior groaned, giving a couple of good strokes to Echo’s dick before releasing him. The bed dipped, and Echo blinked up to see Eyce kneeling in front of him. “Suck my cock,” his lover demanded.

Pushing up on his hands with an effort, Echo licked his lips once and dove forward, encircling Eyce’s renewed erection with his swollen lips. Eyce moaned and rocked his hips as his fingers tangled in Echo’s hair, pulling him down on his cock roughly.

“That’s it,” Eyce encouraged with a feral growl. “Eat that cock, baby. Damn, your mouth is like heaven.” He thrust forward, his movements jerking and ungraceful as he nudged the back of Echo’s throat with the tip of his prick.

The dildo pulled out of hungry hole, and three fingers replaced it, driving into Echo’s ass hard enough to pull a strangled, though muffled, groan from his mouth.

“Oh, fuck, do that again,” Eyce demanded, his fists tightening around Echo’s hair.

“What? This?” Fiero curled his fingers, brushing over Echo’s prostate, and Echo cried with such force, he began gagging, swallowing convulsively around the cock in his mouth.

“Oh, gods,” Eyce groaned gutturally. Apparently, he liked that a lot.

Fiero pulled his fingers free, lined up his huge dick, and drove into Echo without further preliminaries. He didn’t pause, didn’t stop, just gripped Echo’s hips and fucked him like a man possessed.

Echo couldn’t get enough. The more they gave him, the more he wanted, and he set to work, trying to suck Eyce’s brains out through his cock—metaphorically speaking.


Gabrielle Evans

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Modeling Death by Amber Kell


Jacob Williams was used to men hitting on him, but little does he realize Guy Franks has waited hundreds of years to find his mate and nothing was going to dissuade him from a relationship, even the man himself. When someone starts killing models, Guy knows its time to claim the man fated to be his.

Available for pre-order here


Jacob Richmond looked around the bar, searching among the moving bodies and flashing lights for a familiar face. The pounding music pulsed in time with the migraine throbbing through his skull. After a long international flight, exhaustion dragged his steps and he could barely see through the pain jabbing behind his eyeballs. If he hadn’t promised David he’d meet him at the club he’d have checked into a hotel and called it a night, but David wanted Jacob to meet David’s friends, and besides, Jacob needed to pick up the key to David’s apartment.


Jacob spotted his cousin’s distinctive red head through the crowd. Working his way through sea of people, Jacob headed towards where he thought he saw David, stopping several times along the way to slap intrusive fingers off his body.

Apparently ‘no’ actually meant ‘grab my ass’ in a gay bar. An eye-opening experience for Jacob who usually worked long hours and didn’t have a lot of time for bar hopping no matter how many countries he visited. It was never a good idea to show up for a modeling gig looking tired and hung over. Some of his co-workers partied hard and came to work looking less than their best the next day.

There wasn’t a quicker way to piss off a photographer.

Hoping to eventually work behind the camera instead of in front of it, Jacob tried not to alienate any of the photographers or fashion designers he might want to work with in the future.

His reputation as an even-tempered model who always delivered the perfect picture served his career well.

“Hey David,” he called out as he approached the table. Five other people sat around the crowded table with his cousin.

They all stopped talking and stared.

Jacob tried not to feel too self-conscious. People usually stared. However, normally a camera lens or a rope stood between him and any onlookers.

“Jacob,” David jumped to his feet and rushed over to give Jacob a hug. “Sorry to drag you out here, but I really wanted my friends to meet you,” he admitted with a shy smile.

Jacob knew David wanted to show off his model cousin while desperately trying not to look like it.

“I’m happy to meet your friends anytime. ” David was one of the few relatives who didn’t drive Jacob absolutely bonkers. He figured the least he could do was meet David’s friends since his cousin was letting Jacob crash at his place for a while.

“David, introduce me.” A short, dark-haired kid gave Jacob a slow, skin-crawling once over.

“Shane, this is my cousin Jacob,” David said proudly. “He’s an international fashion model.”

Shane’s eyes widened “I know you. You did that ad, where you stood on the beach looking out at the water wearing that tiny, tiny swimsuit. I wore out my hand jerking off to that one.”

“Um. Thanks.” He tried to sound polite since he doubted Shane really wanted to know how much his comment creeped Jacob out.

“No problem. I’d love to do it with you sometime in person.”

David shoved Shane away. “Stop being a perv. You’re going to freak out my cousin.” He gave Jacob an apologetic shrug. “Sorry. I’ll pay you back for the cover charge.”

“There was a cover charge?”

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Order of Wolves Book 2 by G.A. Hauser

The Order of Wolves
Series: Erotic gay shapeshifter , Book 2
By: G.A. Hauser | Other books by G.A. Hauser
Published By: The GA Hauser Collection LLC
Published: May 20, 2011
ISBN # 9781456545253
Word Count: 63,856
Heat Index


Sequel to Of Wolves and Men

In the sequel to Of Wolves and Men we find ATF Agent Roman Burk and horse wrangler Charlie Mosby, still investigating the strange curse they have been burdened with.
Charlie struggles to come to terms with his boss and co-workers on the horse ranch in Heber, Utah, knowing he is Roman's gay lover. This new problem of changing into a wolf or crow whenever they grow angry or emotional, has both Charlie and Roman near the end of their rope.
Roman loves Charlie, but he loves his job back in Reno as well. Though Charlie has been his champion and ally through their ordeal, Roman doesn't know if Charlie would be willing to give up his life and career and join him in the city.
Another wrangler, Butch Crowell complicates the situation for the two men, whose life is already too bizarre for either of them to believe. Butch instills jealousy in Roman as he too becomes enamored with the handsome cowboy Charlie.
In the end, it's up to Charlie to decide which path to choose, and if leaving a place where he has lived and worked for years is the best course of action.
The Order of Wolves is about the alpha male, and who will inevitably be top dog.


Look at you.
Charlie hadn't always preferred men as sexual partners. He had dated women exclusively, and at one time considered the idea of asking out one of Vernon's lovely daughters, Suzie or Sherlane. But...
A chance meeting on the roadside on Interstate 80 with a gay man changed all that. ‘Joe' offered Charlie a blowjob after helping him change a flat tire. Charlie couldn't recall the last time anyone had offered him such a lovely treat, so he accepted, assuming doing something once with a man was curiosity, nothing more. But after the contact, Charlie was left craving another sexual encounter with a man.
That's when he met Roman, who he found stark naked on ranch property. The sexual appetite of Roman, not to mention his good looks, gave Charlie another chance to see if... If an alternative lifestyle was something he could consider.
It was.
The closer he and Roman got, the less Charlie craved lying with a woman.
And now? Now that they were both half wolf/ half man, or a third wolf, a third crow, (which Charlie had yet to change into) and a third man. What on earth are we?
Charlie's sexual drive had hit an all time peak. All he wanted to do was hump Roman, suck him, roll on him, and sniff him. It was madness at its highest level, and pure fantasy.
With his morning erection needing some attention, Charlie dug one hand under Roman and curled him into an embrace. Slowly Roman came to the surface of his slumber. His bedroom brown eyes opened under dark lashes, making Charlie shiver with desire.
"Howdy, partner." Charlie smiled, giving Roman's neck a good sniff.
"That's some wake-up call." Roman parted his legs and pressed their crotches together.
"Rise n' shine." Charlie licked Roman's jaw, beginning to assert his dominance over him, urging Roman to his back.
A sound like a low purr came from Roman as he submitted to Charlie's advance. Spreading wide, he allowed Charlie to do as he pleased, which made Charlie a happy man.
Once Charlie had licked his way down to Roman's chest, giving attention to each nipple, he knelt up and reached for the petroleum jelly left on his nightstand. Though he had intentions of getting condoms and proper lubrication, Charlie wasn't one to go into town very often, and the idea of asking someone to pick those items up for him was impossible. Not to mention, turning into something canine while behind the wheel of his truck, was a daunting prospect. It was against Charlie's nature to take risks, but he was a very trusting man. He trusted Roman.
As Roman watched Charlie prepare, he said, "We have got to get lube. I can't stand that shit."
Charlie chuckled softly. "Read my mind?"
"No. I can't seem to do that to you anymore. But, come on." He curled his nose.
"Lubrication and condoms. I must be outa my mind to be ridin' you bareback."
"Me? I'm clean. Are you kidding me?" Roman shifted on the bed as Charlie inserted two fingers inside him. "Oh, that's nice..." He moaned. "And I haven't had sex for years before we met. Not with this crazy job, I don't."
"Hush up. I'm not believin' that for a minute." Charlie tried to wipe his fingers off and ended up rubbing the remainder into his dry hands. He tugged on his cock to keep it hard, moving closer.
"Right. You believe we turn into animals but you don't believe I don't fuck around anymore. I give up."
"Fuck now, talk later." Charlie rocked Roman's legs backwards so he exposed his ass, pointing his stiff length at it.
Roman held his own knees and raised his hips to make it easier for Charlie. Instead, Charlie backed up, grabbed Roman and spun him around roughly. "Changed my mind. I'm goin' to do you doggie style."
"How appropriate." Roman got on his hands and knees.
"Seems more natural."
"Don't even go there." Roman pushed his face into the pillow.
"I'm goin' there, Roman. Make no mistake." Charlie laughed and gripped Roman around his hips, yanking him closer. He pushed the head of his cock against Roman's tight rim and penetrated him gently.
Roman gave a snarl and wriggled backwards, uniting their bodies.