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Beck & Call: The Billionaires by Emma Holly

Beck & Call: The Billionaires (The Billionaires) by Emma Holly - Romance>BDSM
Women can’t keep their hands off billionaire Damien Call. The mysterious mogul has it all: fast cars, killer looks, and a brain that just might be his best asset.

Mia Beck loves her job at a PI firm. Her coworker Jake stars in most of her daydreams, so seeing him everyday is no hardship.

Jake hasn’t believed in human goodness since he worked black ops for the CIA. Romancing innocent Mia is unthinkable, no matter how enticingly submissive she seems to be. Then a case of corporate espionage forces them to pose as a dom/sub duo, to catch the eye of accused wrongdoer Damien. No fantasy is off limits for this voyeur—until the attraction the pair exerts lures him to go hands on . . .

A smile flirted around Damien’s mouth. “Before we sign my proposed agreement, would you two consent to a test of your chemistry? I’d like to confirm that the electricity you generated at Audition wasn’t a fluke.”

“Here?” Mia asked, startled.

“We’re private,” Damien assured her.

“This is your workplace.”

“So it is.” Damien flashed a grin that made him look more like a pirate than a sober captain of industry. “I thought, perhaps, you’d like to turn the tables on your friend.”

The CEO caught Jake unprepared. Lust streaked through his veins and heated his genitals. Damien wasn’t the only one with a hard-on then.

Mia blushed and stammered. “I’m not . . . I don’t . . .”

“We’ll keep it simple,” Damien soothed. “No whips. No chains. Just you in control of him. Do you think you’d enjoy that?”

I had the pleasure of reviewing this book and I must say it's awesome! I loved the characters in this book, Mia already loves Jake her co worker and who doesn't love the Billionaire Damien, just his presence alone is breathtaking! Put all three together and it's TNT a powerful explosion! I'd love for her to revisit them, it was just to short, I wanted her to keep writing!


Cade Creek 5
Available Now!
Hank Vaught had a past, one that made him wary of relationships. When the man he’s interested in betrays his trust, Hank refuses to have anything to do with him. But fate has a way of making a man regret decisions made in haste. When Sammy’s life is threatened, Hank is the first to run to his rescue. Getting Sammy to agree to speak to him again might be harder than finding the serial arsonist that is plaguing Cade Creek. It might be damn near impossible.
Sammy Helmond wanted Hank with a need that clouded every decision he made. Not knowing what he did to get Hank to kick him to the curb, Sammy tries to move on with his life. With nothing to lose, he gives into family pressure and moves away from Cade Creek. But even that solace is denied him when he finds himself engaged to be married to a woman who needs rescuing more than he does.
Desire brought Hank and Sammy together. Betrayal kept them apart. Can they learn to trust each other or will their chance at love be over before it can even really start?

Sammy Helmond watched as the double doors leading to the ambulance bay swung open and a gurney was rushed inside. His throat felt thick with emotion as he watched the gurney be wheeled past him and into a critical care cubicle in the restricted section of the emergency room. A moment later, a second ambulance arrived and wheeled in another gurney.
A shooting in Cade Creek.
Things like that simply did not happen, not here. Oh sure, there was the occasional hunting accident and such but very rarely did someone get shot on purpose, and now they had two gunshot wound patients.
Sammy knew he was going to be needed to run interference when family and friends arrived. The doctors needed time to assess wounds and ensure that the injured patients stayed alive. Once they knew their patients weren’t going to die and they had a better idea of what they were dealing with, someone would come out to talk to the family.
The best way that Sammy could help was to keep the family calm and make sure that the doctors had all the information they needed to care for their patients. Knowing this, Sammy got two clipboards and attached the medical questionnaires that needed to be filled out by the family.
When the main door to the emergency room opened and several people rushed in, Sammy’s heart sank. The one thing he hated about working in the emergency room of a small town was that he knew just about everyone that came in. Sometimes it was really hard to separate his personal feeling from his professional obligations.
“Sammy,” Jonny breathed as he rushed to the check in desk. “They brought Russ in. He was shot.”
“The doctors are working on him now, Jonny,” Sammy replied. He held up the clipboard. Now probably wasn’t the best time to bring it up but he really needed to get this information to the doctors. “I need this filled out.”
If anything, Jonny’s face grew even grimmer. “I don’t…I don’t know any of this.”
“Just fill in what you can, Jonny. I’ll get the rest from Russ’s medical records.”
“I can help with some of it,” Mitch said as he hovered behind Jonny. “I’ve called Russ’s parents and they should be here soon. They can help fill in the rest.”
“I should know this, you know.” Jonny’s shaky hand took the clipboard and he made his way over to one of the chairs. “We’re married. I should know this.”
Sammy blinked several times to get rid of the tears threatening to spring to his eyes at the lost look on Jonny’s face. He knew the man well as they kind of worked in the same profession. Jonny often dropped by for a chat after dropping a patient off. It was heartbreaking to see his fancy wedding outfit covered in blood.
“How’s Hank?”
Sammy’s gaze snapped to Benjamin Brody and his husband Neason. Everything inside of him, right down to his soul, stilled. “Hank?”
Please. Don’t let it be my Hank.
“Hank Vaught,” Brody said. “He was also shot.”
“He pushed Russ out of the way,” Neason added, his eyelashes fluttering as he blinked away his tears. “Hand probably saved Russ’s life.”
Sammy swallowed the lump in his throat before replying. “I’m afraid I can’t really give out that information. I’ll need permission from whoever his emergency contact is before I can tell you anything.”
Neasons’s face dropped but Brody nodded as if he understood. “I believe the fire chief is Hank’s emergency contact.”
Brody nodded.
“I’ll call him now,” Sammy said even as he reached for the phone, dialing Fire Chief Jack Helmond’s cell phone. It seemed to take forever for Jack to answer. Sammy knew the man was usually busy whether he was at work or at home with his partner Chester, but if he didn’t answer the phone soon, Sammy was going to scream.
“Hey, Sammy, what’s up?” the man asked when he finally answered.
“There’s been a shooting,” Sammy said quickly. “Hank Vaught and Russ Bozeman were both shot. I believe you are listed as Hank’s emergency contact. I need you to come down to the hospital.”
“Wasn’t Russ getting married today?”
“Yes.” Sammy glanced at the people gathered around Jonny, all dressed in the Sunday best. “I don’t know exactly what happened but I think the shooting took place at the wedding. Someone said Hank got shot when he pushed Russ out of the way.”
“Damn! Okay, I’m on my way.”
“Hurry, Jack. There’s no one here to make medical decisions for Hank.”
“Getting in my truck now. I’ll hit the lights.”
“Just hurry, Jack.” Sammy hung up and took a moment to center himself. His desperation to go check on Hank was overwhelming. He needed to keep it together. He took a few more cleansing breathes and then walked over to one of the other nurses. “I need to run in back. Can you watch the counter?”
Sally glanced up, smiling. “Sure.”
“The fire chief is on his way here,” Sammy said. “Just let him come back when he arrives.”
Sammy walked around the check in counter and over to the small group gathered, waiting for news. “Jonny.” The anguish on the man’s pale face when he looked up just about ripped Sammy’s heart out. “I’m going to run in back and see if the doctor can tell me anything. I’ll be right back.”
“Thank you.”
He nodded and turned, keeping his steps even and at a regular controlled pace as he walked to the double doors leading back into the medical bay. He tapped the code to open the door and then waited. The activity in the back area was busy, as it should be if there were two gunshot victims in the emergency room.
Sammy stepped through the doors and went to the nurse’s desk set in the middle of the twelve room medical bay. It became blaringly apparent that one patient was in room twelve and the other in room ten. That was where all of the activity was located.
He moved closer, listening and watching. He cataloged all of the medical procedures happening in front of him but his brain refused to process exactly what they were. All he could see was the blood saturating Hank’s shirt as it was being cut off of him. The heart monitor said Hank was alive but how was beyond Sammy. He could see the wound that the doctor was trying to treat, the jagged edges of skin where a bullet had ripped through the man’s flesh.
Hank shouldn’t be alive.

“Do you want to come in for coffee?”
“I’d love to.” Hank Vaught grinned as delight swept through him. He followed his date into the house, not even able to appreciate the comfortable place because his attention was centered on the gorgeous blond in front of him. While they had hung out a few times to get to know each other, this was their first official date and Hank didn’t want the evening to end.
Sammy’s skin was flushed as he turned and then slowly backed into the kitchen. “What do you take in your coffee?”
Hank wasn’t the least bit interested in having a cup of coffee, and he doubted Sammy was either, but if the man needed to play the game, Hank would play. “Just a little sugar.” Hank winked. “I like sweet things.”
Sammy stared for a moment before laughter filled his eyes. “Does that line actually work?”
Hank moved closer until he pinned Sammy against the counter. “I don’t know,” he admitted as he leaned down until their lips were just a breath apart. “Does it?”
Sammy swallowed so hard, Hank heard it. “Oh yeah, it works.”
“Good to know,” Hank said right before he lowered his mouth, covering Sammy’s mouth in a starving kiss. Their tongues tangled, mated, hard, hungry. He gripped Sammy’s hair, holding the man to him as his mouth devoured him.
Hank knew that Sammy could feel his hard length pressing against him. One small groan from Sammy and Hank was ready to drop to his feet and worship at the altar of Sammy. He was so aroused he could feel his cock beating against his zipper.
Sammy turned around in Hank’s arms, leaning in and nuzzling Hank’s neck. It made the skin around Hank’s throat tingle. It made his dick as hard as a steel pipe. When Sammy groaned, Hank felt his cock harden even more, and he hadn’t thought that was possible.
“Mmm…you smell good enough to eat,” Sammy moaned.
“Now, that’s promising.” Hank chuckled as he slowly lifted Sammy’s shirt up and off his head, and then his own, dropping them both on the floor before reaching for Sammy’s pants. He quickly had them undone and down around Sammy’s ankles.
Hank knelt down between Sammy’s legs, his hands going around Sammy’s hard, jutting cock even as he leaned in and licked the droplets of pre-cum from the head. Wanting better access, Hank lifted Sammy’s feet out of his jeans and tossed them aside, spreading Sammy’s legs until he was practically straddling Hank.
He could hear Sammy’s deep moans, feel his hands clenching in his hair as he took Sammy’s entire length into his mouth. He slowly moved his tongue across the head and around the side, sliding it around the entire head before engulfing his entire length.
Hank started licking, sucking, and swallowing Sammy’s cock. He could hear Sammy’s moans increasing in volume even as his hands tightened in his hair.
Looking up, Hank watched with awe as Sammy’s head fell back onto his shoulders and he let out a long groan as he quickly humped his hips towards Hank. Hank knew that Sammy was close. He wanted him desperate.
Hank quickly licked his finger. He reached around behind Sammy and pushed his finger between Sammy’s ass cheeks, searching for his puckered little hole. He knew the moment he found it because Sammy’s cries became louder, his thrusting fiercer.
Hank pushed his finger into Sammy’s tight ring of muscles, slowly moving it around a little bit before he added a second one. As he began pumping his fingers into Sammy, his mouth lavishing his cock, he could hear Sammy cry out.
Hank increased his sucking on Sammy’s cock, his fingers moving faster in his ass as he felt Sammy crest, crying out deeply as he filled Hank’s mouth with his release. Hank continued to suck on him until he swallowed ever last drop Sammy had to give.

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LGBTQ Romance Survey for Jessica Freely

LGBTQ Romance Reader's Survey 2015

I work with Seton Hill University's Writing Popular Fiction MFA program and this June I'm giving my second lecture on LGBTQ Romance. The last time I did this, two years ago, I conducted a survey and it provided a lot of fascinating and useful information about our LGBTQ romance community.

So, I'm doing the survey again. Getting as many responses as possible is vital to the success of the project and I'm hoping you can help by completing my survey. There are 20-30 questions, it takes about 5 minutes, and your responses are anonymous. I also hope you will share the link to the survey with other readers of LGBTQ romance.

Seton Hill University's Writing Popular Fiction program is one of the few MFA creative writing programs specifically focused on genre fiction such as romance and mystery. I have been a vocal advocate for gay and queer romance since I was first hired and have always had tremendous support from administration and other faculty. Response to the last lecture was overwhelmingly positive and I'm very excited about having the opportunity present it again.

Thanks so much for your time and your voice!

Jessica Freely

Captive Fire by Erin M. Leaf

Captive Fire — by Erin M. Leaf now available!

~Editor’s Pick & Amazon Bestseller~

Contemporary, Gay Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Shifters, Sci-Fi, Futuristic
Word Count: 27,000
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 9781772333404
pages: 88

buy links: Evernight – Amazon – ARe – Bookstrand

Prince Ryuu hates his father, Emperor Midian. When he’s forced to buy a slave, he defiantly chooses Drakon instead of a woman. Because he’s determined to overthrow his father’s empire, he can’t afford to show vulnerability, but Drakon is more compelling than he’d anticipated. For an Arethuza warrior, affection is a weakness that can lead to death.
Drakon isn’t really a slave—he’s a black dragon, considered cursed by everyone. Despite his people’s distrust, he will do anything to keep them safe, even submit to an Arethuza prince. He never expected to find love, and that complication could ruin his plans to sabotage the emperor’s war campaign. Though Ryuu is his fated mate, their fledgling bond is a secret too dangerous for Drakon to reveal.
Will their duty tear them apart? Can honor prevail in a war that might be too violent for even the strongest dragon warrior?

Story Excerpt:
Drakon lay in bed, listening to Ryuu breathing as he slept. He’d tried to relax, but after the prince threatened to kill him, he’d found sleep impossible. He is right. He could kill you whenever he wants, he thought, depressed. Even shifting to dragon form wouldn’t immediately help. He was trapped beneath the surface of a desert, in a citadel made of granite, among corridors filled with Arethuza warriors. He might be able to kill Ryuu, but he would not be able to escape. As a dragon, he was too large to fit in the underground passages. As a man, he was outnumbered hundreds to one. So he lay in bed, wondering how he could possibly still be aroused, in this situation, and right after Ryuu had threatened to end his life.

“I can hear you thinking,” Ryuu said, rolling over.

Drakon sighed.

“I didn’t say I would kill you tonight.” Ryuu poked him in the arm. “Go to sleep. You’re keeping me awake.”

“You may be my master, but even you cannot conquer insomnia,” Drakon said dryly.

Ryuu leaned over and switched on a low light. Drakon glanced at him. His hair was mussed, making him look more human and less princely. Drakon bit back a groan as he felt his cock swell even more. Stop this. You are lucky he didn’t chain you to the floor.

“This is not just insomnia,” Ryuu said, lying back down.

Drakon pressed his lips together. He was not about to confess his need for release to the man who owned him.

“Tell me about your family,” Ryuu said.

My family? Drakon thought, disturbed. “You want me to tell you about the people I will likely never see again in my lifetime?” He paused, thinking about his father, General Ozuru. His father’s last words to him before he’d left had not been kind. He wondered what Ryuu would think if he knew that Drakon was the heritor to the Soutx Nation. He sighed softly to himself. What he once was didn’t matter now. He’d vowed to stop the Arethuza’s blood war, and he would do so, even if it meant surrendering his honor to save his people. “Is that a command?”

Ryuu sighed. “Perhaps I spoke hastily.”

Drakon snorted quietly.

“Tell me about your first lover, then. What was she like?” Ryuu asked.

Drakon’s face burned. Of all the things for the prince to hit upon. Should I confess? Put us out of our misery? He considered it, shifting slightly as his cock throbbed even more. What do I have to lose? He swallowed, then licked his lips. “His name was Ikale.”


Ryuu went perfectly still as the meaning of Drakon’s words sank into his mind. “He?”

Drakon stirred. “Yes.”

Ryuu’s hands fisted beneath the silk blanket as the arousal he’d fought so hard to keep from Drakon flared back to life. He thought Drakon would talk about some pretty girl, or some silly fumblings as a young teen, but instead he’d admitted to Ryuu the one thing he desired more than anything else. Well, almost anything. I still wish to be free of my father’s bloodthirsty fascination with war. I still wish to set my people free of him.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” he asked Drakon.

“What good would it have done to admit my orientation? What good does it do now?” Drakon sounded frustrated. “My people aren’t any more accepting of same-sex unions than yours.”

“We could both get some pleasure out of this necessity,” Ryuu said, trying to mask the desperation he felt.

Drakon shifted again. “You are my owner.” He spat the words as if they were bugs in his mouth. “You can just take what you want from me, any time you please.”

Ryuu closed his eyes, regretting the threats he’d given Drakon earlier. “I am not any more free of you than you are of me. I explained that to you.”

“I should kill you, right now,” Drakon murmured sulkily.

Ryuu laughed. “Even if you could, why would you? Killing me would only hasten your own death. You are surrounded by the enemy.” He smoothed the blankets over his thighs. “No. You have your own reasons for submitting to slavery. Don’t think I am unaware of that.”

Drakon sighed. “Perhaps I’d rather be dead than subject to this.”

Ryuu bit his lip. He would not be the one to initiate this. He would likely have to do far too many distasteful things to Drakon in the days ahead as it was. The least he could do was let his slave make this one choice. “I will not force you, not in the night, when it is just the two of us,” he said quietly.

“You would force me in public?”

Ryuu rubbed his face, exasperated. “I may need to make a show of it, though I will do everything I can to keep that from happening.”

Drakon rolled over. Ryuu jerked when he felt a hand on his arm. He opened his eyes. Drakon loomed over him, dark hair sliding down over his shoulders. “Ikale was a handsome boy, dark of hair and with flashing eyes. I first noticed him when I was thirteen. He’d come with his father to visit. We were thrown together often, during lessons and while practicing our combat skills.”

“How did you become intimate?” Ryuu asked, almost afraid that Drakon would refuse to tell him.

Instead, Drakon smiled. “We went camping in the wilderness together. The first night, we couldn’t get a fire started. We huddled together when the temperature dropped.”

“I’ve heard that the mountains can be very cold,” Ryuu offered.

“As cold as the desert,” Drakon said quietly. He rearranged himself on the bed so that he leaned closer to Ryuu. “When I woke in the middle of the night, I realized that Ikale and I were so entwined, I could not extricate myself without giving away my feelings. So I held perfectly still.” He sighed, his warm breath a puff against Ryuu’s skin. “He woke up. He felt my erection.”

Ryuu’s cock hardened even more as Drakon described his arousal with the other boy. “What happened?”

Drakon leaned closer, going down onto his side. “He touched me. We used our hands on each other.” He looked away. “A week later, he and his father left. Many years later, I heard he’d died fighting in a battle with the Arethuza.”

Ryuu flinched. “I’m sorry.”

“It happened a long time ago.” Drakon reached out and slid his hand down Ryuu’s arm. “Touch me, Ryuu.” He sounded almost frightened, which surprised Ryuu. Thus far, the slave had been by turns defiant and resigned. Why would this unsettle him so?

Ryuu’s breathing quickened. “Are you certain?”

Drakon lifted Ryuu’s hand and dragged it down his chest.

Ryuu savored the feel of Drakon’s hair and soft skin. When Drakon used Ryuu’s fingers to stroke his cock, Ryuu shuddered. The heat of Drakon’s erection seemed to sear his palm.

“What we do tonight means nothing,” Drakon whispered roughly, letting go and sliding his hand between the plackets of Ryuu’s robe. 

“This is release. Not love. Those are my terms.”

Erin M. Leaf is a romance novel devotee, the steamier the better, with a specialty in edgy erotic tension. She also writes romance as Marie E. Blossom.
Twitter: @erinmleaf

Erin M. Leaf

GYPSE'S WOLF by ManLove Fantasies Authors

ManLove Fantasies Authors
Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen, Jess Buffett, Alex Carreras, Olivia Black, Leah Blake, Cree Storm, Evelise Archer, E. A. Reynolds, Aeryn Jaden, Jane Wallace-Knight, Amara Lebel, Jordan Ashton, Berengaria Brown, Skye Michaels, Sydney Lain, Rennie Leigh, Frey Ortega, Bellann Summer, Andrew Jericho, Felicia Fern, Grace Ryles, Hennessee Andrews, Shea Balik, and Lyssa Samuels
Pat Fischer & Lyssa Samuels
Cover Artist
Jess Buffett
We would like to thank Siren Publishing for all their help on this project!
Quad McDaniel’s life changed forever the night he was attacked by a wolf. Now, he turns furry every full moon. Avoiding red meat and anything that makes him aggressive is his prime goal in life. But when his convertible breaks down in some Podunk town, becoming the beast within is no longer a choice. It’s instinctive.
Gypsy Govanivinch just wants to live a quiet life in Trinity Valley, running his roadhouse tavern. He doesn’t need an overly aggressive shifter coming into his town and messing with his peaceful little world, no matter how gorgeous the man looked.
Life never asked Quad or Gypsy what they wanted. It simply gave them what they needed, whether they agreed or not. Fate brought them together but it’s up to Quad and Gypsy to stay alive long enough to appreciate what they’ve been given. And when others work to prevent that, fighting together might be the only chance they have of surviving. 

Quad McDaniel threw his cell phone into the passenger seat and banged his head repeatedly against the steering wheel of his black Mercedes SL600 Roadster convertible. He couldn’t believe that his brand new car had broken down. He had just bought the damn thing two days ago.
So much for the perfect car!
And now his cell phone wouldn’t get any reception. Could his day get any worse?
He climbed from his car, slamming the door closed hard behind him in frustration. Looking around, he couldn’t see much in the dark, except for some glowing lights off in the distance. Resigned to his fate, Quad locked the car door and began walking toward the light.
When he reached the parking lot, he gazed up at the tavern sign…GG’s Roadhouse. Well, damn, he was in redneck hell. The multitude of pickup trucks and motorcycles in the gravel parking lot should have told him this.
He heard loud music spill into the parking lot when a man dressed in tight jeans and a sleeveless flannel shirt walked outside. Quad knew his day wasn’t going to get any better when he watched the guy climb into his souped-up truck. He could only pray that there was a pay phone inside.
Like those exist anymore.
He walked into the two-story roadhouse, stopping briefly right inside the doorway to look around the interior. He was actually surprised at how nice the place seemed. The first floor of the large room seemed to be broken into different sections. To the right of him was a large wooden bar that ran almost the entire length of the east wall with several intimate tables near the far end.
Directly in front of him was a large wooden dance floor that went all the way to the far wall. The ceiling directly above the dance floor was two stories high with a wooden beamed ceiling and a large mirror that went from the first floor to the balcony on the second floor. To the front right corner of the dance floor was a DJ booth and karaoke setup. He could see several people dancing on the dance floor to the loud beat of the southern rock music playing.
Looking toward the second floor, he could see that it was in the shape of a square with the balcony overlooking the dance floor in the middle. There were also several tables and booths on the second floor, as well as pool tables. A few of those tables were being used by bikers and rednecks.
On each side of the dance floor on the back wall was a set of double doors leading out onto a wooden deck overlooking a clear blue lake. The second floor had double doors that he assumed led out to a balcony covering the deck.
Looking up the wide, wooden stairway to the left of the bar, he could see that directly above him must be the management offices, and below them, the restrooms. Just beyond the bathrooms, he could hear sounds coming from what he assumed was a working kitchen.
All in all, it was a pretty sweet setup. If this place were in his neighborhood, it would be an upper class restaurant. He could envision it with upscale clientele, waiters dressed in white shirts and ties, and a top class chef. It would make a lot of money. Too bad it was in the middle of nowhere, filled with rednecks and leather-clad bikers.
Quad strode toward the bar and took a seat at one of the vacant bar stools. He lifted his hand to signal the bartender and lost his train of thought. The sexiest man he'd ever laid eyes on stood at the other end of the bar.
He couldn’t have been more than five foot six and maybe a whopping one hundred and forty-five pounds. The stranger wasn’t a skinny bean poll like most of the twinks Quad knew. In fact, as far as he could tell, the bartender had lean muscle in all the right places. The man also had a seductive, wild beauty about him that called deeply to the primal alpha male in Quad.
Wisps of tendrils escaped the silken mass of long, braided snow-white hair and caressed the sides of his perfect high cheekbones. There was both a delicacy and a strength in his face. Pale green eyes were ringed by black lashes. His lips were full and rounded over even, white teeth, and smooth skin glowed with golden undertones.
Shapely thighs and a firm ass tapered into long straight legs. The man’s tight, faded blue jeans rode low on his hips. A ribbed, black tank top barely covered him from his collarbone down to just above his bellybutton. A thick, studded, black belt drew Quad’s attention to the man’s tight, flat muscular abdomen.
Quad’s tongue almost fell out of his mouth when he spotted the little piercing in the twink’s bellybutton, which was encircled with a sunburst type tattoo. Oh, man, would he love to nibble on that.
A Celtic tattoo encircled one of the man’s smooth, left arms. That made two tattoos that Quad could see. He wondered how many more the gorgeous little man had. He would give almost anything to go on a treasure hunt and find each and every one.
“What’ll it be, honey?” Mr. Sexy asked with a silky, southern accent. His voice alone could mesmerize Quad. It was sexy and smooth, like aged whiskey. He could listen to him talk all day long. Quad wondered briefly if the man would sound the same during sex.
“Hey, honey, you just going to stare at me all day, or you gonna order something?”
Quad just stared. He didn’t even blink when the little twink waved a hand in front of his face. He was too busy envisioning what he wanted to do to the man on any available flat surface.
“Honey, you okay?”


“You smell tasty,” Quad groaned.
The smell alone affected his body. Quad’s cock was hard, pressing against his jeans. Moving his hips, he rocked against Gypsy, and the beautiful elf shivered as their erections touched. He preferred Gypsy like this—soft and pliant. Quad didn’t like sparring with the other man with his tongue. No, Quad had much better things he could think to do with his mouth then argue back and forth with the elf.
Quad slowly leaned his head forward. He gave Gypsy plenty of time to either turn his head or tell Quad to fuck off. When Gypsy merely moistened his lips, Quad took that as a sign. He pressed his lips against Gypsy’s. A jolt of electricity ran through his system and he stiffened. He’d never felt something so powerful.
The kiss started out slowly, a gentle exploration, as they both opened their mouths and their tongues touched, dancing. It didn’t take long before the kiss became frantic and wild. Quad ran his hands down Gypsy’s arms, touching the soft flesh. It was unlike anything he’d ever felt before—smooth, hard granite. No other man possessed skin as supple as the elf. Quad ran his hands under Gypsy’s shirt, outlining the hard plane of muscles with his fingertips.
Gypsy turned his head, disconnecting their lips. “I don’t want slow, wolf.”
Quad smiled wickedly. If the elf wanted hard and rough, he was more than willing to oblige. Quad grabbed the collar of Gypsy’s shirt and tore the material from the man’s body.
“That’s one thing I love about being supernatural.” Gypsy’s eyes gleamed.
“What’s that?”
“We can be as rough as we want.” Gypsy grabbed hold of Quad’s shirt. He mimicked Quad’s action, ripping his T-shirt wide open. It proved how strong Gypsy truly was. He might not be carrying a lot of muscle, but that didn’t mean anything. “Don’t hold back, wolf. I’m not some delicate little human.” He ran his hands up Quad’s chest before tweaking his nipples.
“Fuck,” Quad breathed out.
He really liked this side of Gypsy.
Quad cupped Gypsy’s face with his hands and connected their lips. He needed to taste Gypsy. The sweet scent filled his head, making him drunk, and he wanted to taste it on his tongue. Gypsy wrapped his arms around Quad’s waist as he melted into him, their bodies connecting. The sleek skin of Gypsy’s chest felt cool against his hot skin, chilling the fire that ran through Quad’s veins.
Quad growled when Gypsy’s tongue met his, swirling. Quad moved one hand to the back of Gypsy’s head, holding the man in place while he fucked his mouth with his tongue. He dropped his other hand to Gypsy’s ass, and gripped one cheek. He pulled Gypsy closer and moved Gypsy’s body back and forth, rubbing their cocks together. Gypsy moaned into Quad’s mouth. He started moving his hips without Quad’s assistance.
Quad knew the kiss could go on and on. Already, he felt addicted to Gypsy’s talented tongue. As the minutes ticked by, Quad knew it was only a matter of time before he came in his pants. The only place he wanted to come was with his shaft buried deep inside the elf’s ass.
He forced himself to pull back. Quad kissed Gypsy’s jaw. He planted open-mouthed kisses down the man’s chest as he slowly dropped to his knees before the beautiful elf. He ran his hands up and down Gypsy’s chest, touching and caressing as he continued to kiss every square inch of skin he could reach. There were so many things he wanted to do to Gypsy. He just hoped there was enough time.
Quad gripped the elastic band of Gypsy’s pajama pants and pulled the material down his legs. Gypsy’s hard cock pointed straight at Quad’s mouth. Licking his lips, Quad gripped Gypsy’s waist, holding the man steady. He stuck his tongue out and licked the bead of pre-cum glistening on the tip of Gypsy’s dick.
“Good lord,” Gypsy whispered.
“Mmm…” The taste of Gypsy exploded on his tongue and Quad knew he needed more, so much more. “I want to feel you wrapped tight around my cock, baby.” He didn’t know where the endearment came from, but it felt right to say. Quad wrapped his palm around Gypsy’s cock and the sweet elf bucked his hips, fucking his hand. “Bed,” he growled.
He didn’t want to get started yet. He preferred to lay Gypsy down before devouring the man. He wanted to spread Gypsy out on the mattress.
“Come here.” Quad led Gypsy to the bed. He laid the man down. He stared at Gypsy, letting his eyes wonder as he drank the man in, memorizing each curve. “You’re beautiful.”
“Thank you.” Gypsy smiled, as his cheeks pinkened.
Quad removed the rest of his clothes before joining his soon-to-be lover on the bed. He’d prolonged things long enough. Situating himself between Gypsy’s legs, Quad wrapped his hand around the base of his shaft and his mouth around the tip.
“Fuck!” Gypsy shouted.
Quad swirled his tongue around the girth of Gypsy’s shaft as he lowered his head, swallowing the man’s cock down his throat.
“Ah…ah…ah…” Erotic sounds spilled from Gypsy’s lips spurring Quad on.
Quad swallowed repeatedly, tightening his throat muscles. He bobbed his head, taking the entire length into his mouth. Gypsy shoved his fingers through Quad’s hair. He tightened his fist, holding the strands as he started moving his hips, fucking Quad’s mouth. Quad opened wide, allowing Gypsy to do whatever he wanted. The elf’s entire form was shaking, and Quad knew he was getting close. He could easily recognize the signs.
Gypsy’s breathing changed. “I’m gonna…” that was the only warning he received before Gypsy came, shooting warm jets of cum across Quad’s tongue and down his throat.
Slowly pulling back, Quad licked and kissed Gypsy’s shaft. He lifted his eyes and stared at the elf. With his mouth open and cheeks flushed, Gypsy was incredibly beautiful. It was an image Quad wouldn’t soon forget.
“I want you to fuck me.” Gypsy said as he started to turn over onto his hands and knees. “The lube is in the bedside table.”
“You’re a demanding little thing, aren’t you?” Quad teased.
“I know what I want.” Gypsy looked over his shoulder. “And I want your big dick in my ass.