Thursday, December 30, 2010

Genetic Attraction by Tara Lain


At a conservative Long Island university, Dr. Emmaline Silvay has two great loves -- her life-saving work and her younger research associate. But this love is impossible. After all, she's his boss and he lives with his girlfriend. But his "girlfriend" turns out to be his boyfriend, a gentle and beautiful supermodel. Resigned to a platonic friendship, she accepts a weekend invitation, but the men have far more passionate ideas. They want her to "be a part of them". A three-way love defies propriety and the strict rules of her University. The supermodel's fame makes secrecy impossible. The menage threatens her carefully constructed world. Something must be given up. Someone's heart will be broken.

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Excerpt from End of Chapter One:

Tree shadows crowded the road. He loved the drive home. Narrow, winding roads with turns he could feel in his gut, and every curve brought him closer to Roan’s beautiful ass. His baby. Now it was up to him.

Finally Em was coming to their house. Should he be thrilled or scared shitless? He’d wanted her to visit much sooner but he’d always chickened out. Of course, chickening was still an option. They could play the charming hosts, wine and dine her, and nothing else. A lot depended on Roan’s reaction and Jake’s own courage. Even more depended on Em. He hit the speed dial on his cell phone.

The sleepy, silky voice he loved answered. “Are you hurrying home to me, love? ’Cause man have I got a big thing waiting for you.”

Shit, big was no joke. Blood rushed to Jake’s groin, and he was instantly hard. The man was sex on a stick. He still couldn’t believe he’d walked into that hotel bar just when Roan had been hiding out from his hounds. “Hi, darling. Don’t let that big thing go to sleep before I get there. I’m about twenty minutes away.”

He heard a lascivious chuckle. “No chance of sleep. I’m keeping it warm for you.”

Jake moaned on purpose while Roan laughed.

“Before I have to pull over and jerk off, let me tell you what just happened.”

“What? Something sexy, I hope.”

“One-track mind. Yes, potentially sexy. Emmaline is taking you and me to the Belden Award dinner on Friday and…wait for it…she’s coming home to spend the weekend with us.”

“No shit! Does she know who ‘us’ is?”

“Well, she knows you’re a man, if that’s what you mean.”

“Jesus, finally. How did this all happen?”

“I’ll tell you all the details when I get home.”

“No, baby, you’re not going to be doing any talking when you get home, ’cause your mouth will be full. So tell me now.”

Jake laughed. “Yeah, you’re right. Well, short version, she started insisting that I had to come to the awards dinner and bring my girlfriend.”

“Just call me Angelina.”

“So I figured, what the hell? I might as well tell her.”

“About time, love.”

“I know.” It had been a huge deal between him and Roan, but he just hadn’t been able to get up the nerve to introduce his lover to his boss. For him it had been the final statement. Tell her, and he’d have to admit he was gay. It was easy to do with everyone else. His parents had said they’d already known he was bisexual, and women hadn’t really done it for him for a couple of years when he met Roan. It had been easy giving up women. All women but one.

Roan’s purr broke into his reverie. “Awfully quiet, love.”

“Sorry. Just thinking. Is it my wishful imagination that she might want more than a professional partnership with me?”

“Can’t say for sure, love. But when I meet her I should get some insight.”

“You know it’s up to you, right, baby? Just because I think you’ll love her doesn’t mean it’s true. I know not many women do it for you.”

“Well, it’s some up to me and more up to her.”

“I can’t tell you what it means to me that you’re open to this. I was pretty shitty about Alexandra.”

Roan chuckled, and the sound shivered right up Jake’s spine. “I loved that my fucking Alex made you green, baby, but I didn’t love her. I want you to have what you love.”

“But I feel the same way about you. Nothing gets in the way of us no matter what.”

Roan was quiet.


Jake heard the tightness in his lover’s voice. “That means everything to me, Jake.” There was a sigh. “But she still turns you on, right?”

Jake laughed. “Like a raging horndog.”

“Then the chances are damned good I’ll feel the same way. Now, get home here, baby, and let me show you where you can put that horn.”

Oh Jesus, his cock was pressing out of his jeans as his foot slammed the accelerator.

Tara Lain

Genetic Attraction Coming Jan 4 from Loose Id

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Sex Shifters and a Vampire by Addison Avery

Sex Shifters and a Vampire: An Unlikely Christmas Match

By: Addison Avery

A Special Christmas Feature

[PolyAmour: Erotic Shape-shifter Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, vampires, sex-shifters]

Conrad Cleveland isn’t ready for a relationship, much less designated mates. He has valid reasons he wants to avoid the shifters waiting to claim him. A very old vampire, Conrad understands the sacrifices he’s expected to make. The sex-shifters waiting to claim their vampire have no idea what transformations Conrad will soon face.

With the holidays approaching, Conrad is left without choices, and he’s forced to accept the fact his skirt-chasing days are over. He reluctantly acknowledges the consequences of finding his shifter mates, and through them, Conrad discovers a most unusual but quite perfect kind of love.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sex Shifters and a Vampire: An Unlikely Christmas Match
Sex Shifters and a Vampire: An Unlikely Christmas Match

Available in: HTML, Microsoft Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket, EPUB

Price: $4.50 $4.05


When they reached the creek running the length of Conrad’s property, Kim had shifted into the five foot four form of curves and boobs. Kimberly slid away from the vehicle and grabbed Conrad’s ass in the process.

“Why can’t you decide if you’re going to be a he or a she?”

“You know why,” she replied, zipping up the front of a heavy brown leather jacket and shooting him a million dollar smile.

Conrad couldn’t tear his gaze away from the lovely creature. Had he ever met a woman as beautiful as Kimberly? Probably not, and that was admitting a lot. He’d been alive, or undead, for many decades, and he’d sure indulged in his share of women.

“Look at this place!” she exclaimed, turning toward the snow-covered branches of several mature trees.

With the full moon projecting like a spotlight over the brook, the stream of water provided a scenic backdrop for a budding romance.

As if Kimberly read his mind, she backed away. His gaze held hers until she lost her coat and deliberately yanked the hem of her shirt high above her head.

Bountiful breasts fully exposed swayed back and forth while she untangled the mess of hair caught in her collar. Conrad found the entire show captivating. Breathing became difficult, but perhaps he didn’t need to draw air. He only needed to stare, take in the spectacular body of one hot-blooded woman.

Wiggling out of her pants, she said, “Undress, Conrad. I want you to swim with me!”

“Swimming in this weather is dangerous,” he warned her.

“Not for me. I’m hot enough to melt ice.”

“I’ll say,” he quickly agreed, wondering if her warm skin would ignite flames with friction against his marble skin.

“Are you coming or not?” she asked, calling out behind her.

“It’s pitch black out there. You never know what dangerous creatures you might encounter in the water.”

“Come show me,” she teased, biting down on her forefinger. “Or come protect me.”

She tiptoed into the water and swam a few strokes toward the middle. “I think you’re making excuses, Conrad. Since when do shifters and vampires fear anything?”

She had a point. One he wouldn’t acknowledge.

Conrad plucked the cooler from the back of the four-wheeler and set the container on a large, flat rock. He flopped down beside the chest and decided the spot provided a fine place for viewing.

By the time he cracked open his beer, a tingling sensation scorched the back of his throat. His gaze returned to her, but she pretended she didn’t notice him. Instead, she floated around, pedaling her body with tiny hands, swimming around and around in a small, precise circle.

He sipped that damn beer and remembered the taste of her. The blood she fed him the night before was bittersweet, the most delectable he’d ever drank. A soft moan fell out into the open, and his gaze darted her way once more.

Kimberly’s body was positioned toward him. Thin, shapely legs splayed. Her fingers danced across her exposed mound, finally locking in a finger-fucking position deep inside her channel.

She thrust once or twice, twirling her fingers higher and higher inside her cunt. “Oh, Conrad!” she exclaimed, humping her hand and splashing around.

Lust slammed into his groin, and his fangs dropped. He didn’t disrobe. There wasn’t time. He was depriving himself of the best time for feeding. Every vampire knew the most delicious meals were discovered when a mate found an intimate rhythm.

Kimberly continued to finger herself with her left hand, twirling one ripe nipple between a forefinger and thumb, moaning and crying, gasping and reaching. Wading toward her, Conrad eyed those pretty little perfect gems, careful not to act too interested in the pumping veins pulsing with her life.

“Kiss me, Conrad,” she begged, arching her neck high above the water’s surface.

She must’ve liked a toothy kiss. All fangs and adrenaline, Conrad yanked her forward and carried her to the shallow area of the creek. Stepping onto the icy embankment covered with more than a few inches of snow, he caressed her, indulging in the urgency of his growing sexual cravings as much as the bloodlust.

When Conrad released her, another shift came. He perused Kim’s masculine body and noted how the lust dampened but was not destroyed.

“Let me take the man,” Kim whispered in a low, provocative tone. “Then, I’ll give you the woman.”

Destiny Blaine