Monday, March 1, 2010

Love Jaime by AKM Miles

Will Jamie and Grant's new and exciting love for each other be able to withstand Donnie's violent acts of jealousy?

Jamie Taylor meets Grant Stevens through his work as a tech at a physical rehabilitation facility. Sparks ensue and Grant comes out of the closet for Jamie.

Things would be just great if it wasn't for the fact that Jamie has this stalker problem. The administrator's son, Donnie, has a thing for Jamie and doesn't like Grant showing up and horning in on what he considers his territory. Donnie makes his feelings known in a variety of violent ways. He preys upon everyone and everything that Jamie loves. Soon, that includes Grant.

It's hard to get a relationship started in good times, but with Donnie creating mayhem around every corner, it is even more of a challenge. But, Donnie's hate is not nearly as strong as Jamie and Grant's love.

“Please tell me you won’t ever get tired of kissing me.” Jamie didn’t even mind that he sounded like he was begging.

“Not a chance.”

“Mmm, good.”

Grant pulled back his head, smiling at Jamie. “You said something about a nap…with benefits.” He laughed at Jamie’s eager expression.

Jamie helped Grant over to the side of the bed and proceeded to undress him. He went around the bed, undressed and slid in beside him. Just like clockwork, Brit put his head on the side of the bed by Grant, looking hopeful. Grant turned to Jamie.

“No way. Brit, either go to your bed or get out of here. We need some time without doggie love right now.” Brit, looking dejected and unloved, turned and walked out slowly. This time he didn’t even turn to look back at them.

“Jamie, is he…?” Grant obviously fell for the act, which was worthy of the Doggie Oscars.

“Don’t even. You know he’s not neglected.” Jamie laughed at Brit’s acting ability, but he wanted Grant to himself right now. “You and I have plans, dog-free plans. Come here. It’s time to see how far we can go without causing you any pain.”

“Mmm, wha’da’ya have in mind?” Grant turned to face Jamie.

“Well, last night I spent a lot of time getting to know your back side—and lovely it was, too. Today, I think I’d like to become a little more familiar with your front side. Work for you?”

“Yeah, but what about you?” Grant felt that things had been decidedly one-sided.

“What about me? You’re free to do anything you want to my body—after I get better acquainted with yours, that is” Jamie wasn’t into self-denial, but he really did want to get his hands—and his mouth—on Grant.

“Mmm, okay.” Grant eased back down onto his back and waved his arm down his body. “Knock yourself out.”

Jamie snorted a laugh and leaned over to drop a kiss on Grant’s breastbone.

“You’re a goof,” he teased.

“Your goof,” Grant said, waiting to see how Jamie would respond.

“My goof. Yes, mine.”

Oh, Grant’s look said that he liked the way Jamie had responded. He liked it a lot.

“Will you lay on top of me, all of you?” Grant asked, looking into Jamie’s eyes.

“Are you sure? I mean, hip, shoulder, everything okay?” As soon as Grant had asked, Jamie had wanted that more than anything.

“I think so. Just try. I want to feel you, pushing me down into the bed. I want to hold you in my arms, see what it feels like. Please.” Grant, this time, didn’t seem to mind the pleading note in his voice.

Jamie wasn’t about to make the man beg for something they both wanted. He’d be super careful, and at the first sight of a wince or gasp, he’d retreat.

“Here goes…or should I say, here I come?” Jamie leaned up on his elbow then pushed up to his knees and put one leg over Grant’s body, making sure he avoided the sore hip. He put his arm over and put his weight on hands and knees. Lowering his body slowly, he eased down until he touched Grant from top to bottom. Grant shifted a little, getting a nicer fit with their legs, then he put his arms up around Jamie and pulled him tighter to his chest, taking the weight Jamie still held onto with his elbows on the bed.

“Ohhhh, oh, Jamie. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. You feel so good on me.”

“Does it hurt anywhere? Tell me the truth now, Grant. I couldn’t stand to hurt you,” Jamie was torn between enjoying the feeling of being in Grant’s arms and worry about causing him harm.

“No pain, I swear. Just feels…so…good,” Grant said, moving his hands on Jamie’s back now, one riding low, cruising over Jamie’s hard, round butt, obviously loving the way the muscles tightened as he kept up the caresses.

Jamie relaxed and left it up to Grant to tell him if something wasn’t right. He felt free now to focus on the thrill of the moment. Putting his lips to Grant’s neck, right below his collarbone, where it would be hidden by his shirt, he began to suck hard, wanting to put a mark on Grant, wanting to claim him.

Grant gasped and pushed his hips up against Jamie’s, his muscles clenching as the sting hit him. If he felt any pain in his hip, he covered. Jamie felt him relax. It was clear he wasn’t giving this up. Grant hummed deep in his throat as Jamie finally pulled back to look at the spot he’d made on Grant’s skin.

“Sexy…” Jamie murmured, looking at Grant from about an inch away.

***love is love***

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