Monday, April 26, 2010

Love Grant by AKM Miles

This is a sequel to Love, Jamie.
It’s a year later and things should be wonderful. But someone seems to have it in for Grant and Jamie again. How far will this person go to harm them? Small pranks that they, at first are able to explain away, turn into dangerous events that leave them once again terrorized. It can’t be him, can it? But he’s still in prison, isn’t he? The love between Grant and Jamie is strong and has them ready to do serious damage to whoever is threatening their happiness and their very lives. Enough is enough. Frankly, they’re tired of living in fear. They’re looking for a way to stop this madness. They’re going to find it.


“Are we crazy?” Grant had asked that night as he’d walked with Jamie, holding his hand and clutching the bag with the ‘stuff’ in it. They had bottled water, washcloths, lube, condoms and candy bars.
“Yeah, but doesn’t it feel great? You’re sure no one comes out here, right? Like, ever?”
“Nah, I’ve done rounds several times, and there’s never anyone here after lights out.”
“So will someone be doing rounds checking it out tonight?”
“Me. I said I’d take it tonight, silly. You think I’d take a chance with getting caught? I’m all for a little adventure, but I’m not into public displays. Here’s good,” Grant said, stopping and setting the bag down. He stood by while Jamie spread out the old quilt from the back of the car. Jamie turned from his task and opened his arms. Grant went into them with a laugh that turned into a moan.
“I know you wouldn’t take any chances. Come here with those lips.” Jamie took Grant’s mouth without their usual preliminaries. A lot of the time, their kisses were truly like building a work of art. Whoever started it would begin with soft licks and nibbles of the other’s lips, teasing and tasting. Tongues would meet and tangle, usually slowly at first before becoming more aggressive. Seldom did they stay soft and sweet for too long. Jamie usually caved first and began thrusting his tongue into Grant’s mouth, eagerness and desire evident in his moans and sighs. Grant was quick to reciprocate with his own moves, either sucking on Jamie’s tongue or chasing it back into his mouth and following Jamie’s precedent.
Of course, those kisses usually led to more lovemaking. Tonight, Jamie was changing it up a little, Grant realized as his mouth was forced open and Jamie’s tongue swept in, thrusting immediately, as if Jamie had passed over the first steps and was moving headlong into passion. Grant met Jamie’s need with a matching frenzy. However Jamie came at him, Grant was always ready to participate.
“God, you’re hot tonight,” Grant said, tightening his arms around Jamie.

***love is love***

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