Thursday, May 20, 2010

Packing Heat by G.A. HAUSER

By: G.A. Hauser | Other books by G.A. Hauser
Published By: The GA Hauser Collection
ISBN # 9781451599794
Word Count: 42000
Heat Index
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, Epub
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About the book

Mark Antonious Richfield has become a name synonymous with both beauty and chaos. Though Mark has accomplished much in his life, despite a rocky start from an abusive childhood and living in denial about his sexuality, he has come only so far. Mark is forever conflicted with his advancing years stealing his beauty away.
Though he perceives himself as shallow and useless, Mark’s circle of lovers know otherwise. Steve Miller, the ex-LAPD cop, and forever guardian angel to Mark, Jack Larsen, Mark’s long-time and closest friend, and Adam Lewis, Jack’s husband, all stand firm to protect Mark from his own demons.
And though Mark’s son Alexander is not a bad boy, he’s a very naughty boy. Mark thought his problems with Alexander were finished when Alex met Angel Loveday’s son, Oliver. But perhaps Mark wishing his nineteen year old son was in a relationship that would last a lifetime was a bit premature.
As Mark’s internal war rages on, he once again learns that age does indeed come before beauty, and his friends are the best weapon he has against his own wounded self-esteem.

Join Mark and his friends on another wild sexual romp and revisit all your old favorite characters from GA Hauser’s Erotic Universe.

An excerpt from the book

Mark tossed on the bed. Sleep? Not likely. What was it about the holidays that brought back nightmarish memories? This was the time for joy and peace, right?
Ha. Hardly. Never for me.
The door to his room began to open. Mark expected Steve. When Jack glanced into the dimness, Mark smiled in delight. “Hi, Jackie-blue.”
“Hey, babe. You feel okay? Steve sent me up to check on you.”
“Better now.” Mark reached out to him.
Jack sat on the bed and caressed Mark’s chest. “He said you were tired. Do you want me to let you nap?”
“I can’t sleep.”
“Want to come down? Adam brought some very expensive cognac to crack open.”
“In a minute. Come here.” Mark coaxed Jack to lie beside him, face to face.
“Talk to me.” Jack caressed Mark’s cheek. “I know the holidays are always hard on you.”
“It’s amazing how well you know me.”
“I know you for twenty years and we lived together for most of that time.” Jack kissed his neck and earlobe.
Mark leaned back see into his blue eyes. No one protected him like this man did. He was his personal pit bull, his security guard, his knight in shining armor.
“Which demon is bugging you?” Jack flicked Mark’s long hair behind his shoulder. “Come on.”
Dropping to his back on the bed, Mark stared at the ceiling. “I have no idea why, but I’m thinking about the time I was working at the architecture firm, before I took the job at Parsons and Company.”
“Why? Why are you torturing yourself?”
“I must like it.”
“I told you then we should have taken them to court. You had so much proof of harassment, you would have gotten a huge settlement.”
Mark laughed in a cough. “Bring all that up? Whilst I was dating Ms. Tice? Surely you jest.”
“Then forget it. You can’t go back and change a thing in your past. Stop trying.”
“Give us a hug.”
Jack snaked his arm around Mark and drew him close. On contact Mark sizzled with excitement.
“Damn, I love that cologne. I’d buy it but if I smell you all day, I won’t get any work done I’d be so horny.”
“Jackie, why do I have so many regrets?” Mark rested his chin on Jack’s shoulder.
“I don’t know. You have so much, it really doesn’t make sense. Most people would be thankful in your position.”
“Yes. Thankful.” Mark pressed his lips against Jack’s cheek.
“You have three devoted men in your life, a great son, two fabulous careers…what more does a man need?”
“Indeed. I am greedy.”
“Do you want more than you have?”
“I want peace in my head. It’s the one thing I can’t get and I don’t know why.” Mark leaned back to catch Jack’s eyes again.
“You dwell on shit. Let it go.”
“It seems it would be easy. But it’s impossible for me to do.”
Jack ran his hand over Mark’s crotch. Mark assumed he was checking for a hard-on.
“Steve said you and Adam will be spending the night.”
“We will. I want to get drunk and not worry about the drive home.”
“Is that all?” Mark wriggled into Jack’s palm.
“Not all. Love our four-ways.”
Mark’s cock pulsated against Jack’s fingers.
It made Jack chuckle. “I’ll take that as an agreement.”
A light knock sounded at the door.
Mark looked over Jack’s shoulder to see Steve.
“Yes!” Steve grinned and rushed over. “Starting early?”
“I’m tempted.” Jack squeezed Mark’s cock firmly. “He couldn’t sleep. He was lying here stewing on ghosts of problems past.”
“Sounds like the ultimate Christmas Carol prank. But you’re not Scrooge by any stretch of the imagination.” Steve found Mark’s hand and used it to rub his own groin hungrily.
“Who’s here, love?” Mark asked, getting aroused now that both his alpha dogs were starting to circle.
“Angel, Billy, Oliver, and of course, Mr. Adam Lewis. He sent me up here to find you. We had a wager Jack would be sucking your big cock.”
“How much did you lose?” Jack smiled.
“Fifty bucks.”
“You bet we would be?” Mark blinked.
“Yeah. Because I would be. I will be.” Steve became more assertive with his friction against Mark’s palm. “Fuck. Now I need to come. Jesus, Richfield.”
“I’m just lying here. What did I do?”
“Jack’s stroking your dick.” Steve pointed. “That’s enough.”
Making a move to get off the bed, Jack said, “Okay. We have all night. We can’t hide up here when the party is down there.”
Steve groaned as if he were in pain.
Mark sat up and kissed Steve’s zipper flap. “Poor baby.” He laughed. “Wow. Full woodie. Steven, you’re insatiable.”
Jack swung Steve into his arms and gave his crotch a hot grope. “Nice, Miller. Can’t wait to get at it.”
“Oh, man!” Steve swooned. “You guys are really killing me here.”

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