Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bonded by A.J. Llewellyn

There's malice in the palace…and for Mingo and Francois, Honolulu's trade winds bring more than sun, sand and sex on the balmy island breeze.


Book 3 in the Mingo McCloud M/M, M/M/M

Erotic Mystery Series by A.J. Llewellyn is


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Mingo and Francois are back! First they were WANTED, then they were NEEDED, now they are BONDED…to each other and to a strange, electrifying case at `Iolani Palace. As Honolulu's dynamic duo wrangles two hot new criminal cases involving a fake king and fake money, Francois' past catches up with him. Can Mingo handle Francois' revelations and the huge changes they bring?

And what of the "king" who claims to be the rightful here to the lost Hawaiian crown? What is his connection to Mingo? What's Mingo's mom got to do with it all? And what about hunky FBI agent Sage Brantley who wants to team up with our guys for another scorching threesome? Will they do it? Will Mingo and Francois find the answers to all these questions or will they wind up in the pokey?

HOT eXcerpt:

"I've been an ass and I'm sorry."

"Want to make it up to me?"

Francois grinned. "I'm all about make-up sex, Mingo."

"Then find a nice quiet corner where we might get caught and fuck me."

"Outstanding, " he said, his wicked grin spreading from ear to ear. He floored the gas, sending two skateboarders scuttling away and he careened from one end of the massive parking garage to the other. I kept massaging his cock through his pants. He hissed in a breath.

"Oh…man, Mingo…"

I found the zipper and angled my face between his taut, hard belly and the steering wheel and unzipped his jeans with my teeth. He jumped as my tongue licked at his belly, then found its way into the slit of his tighty-whities. He looked so hot in those damned things, I couldn't believe it. He found a space at last, wedged between a wall and a dilapidated white Ford.

My lips were already working their way around his cockhead. It was massive. Hard and hot, I licked the head, paying homage to the slit, running my tongue down the length of his shaft.

"Christ, suck it," he said.

I took my time. I let my mouth slobber over every hard inch of him. He was more than a mouthful and for this, I was eternally grateful. I held his hot cock gently between my hands, letting my fingers massage the shaft, following the trail of my tongue and incessant, sucking mouth. He got worked up very quickly as I slowly removed my fingers one by one leaving only my mouth to work on him. He was on the verge of coming, so I stopped, taking one last swab at his leaking cockhead as I reached into my pocket for my new favorite toy.

Snapping the studded, black leather cock ring around his cock and balls, I took smug satisfaction in his gasp.

"I'll stay hard for you baby, please…man. It's so tight. Mingo, we don't need it."

Yeah, we needed it. The orgasms it gave him were deep and intense. It always took a few second for him to become acclimated to the pressure around his balls. I licked his cock again and he relaxed.

"You're going to fuck me now," I said, raising my face away from him.

"Baby, we're in a parking lot!"

"Yeah, and you're gonna park that thing right in my ass, buster."

I unbuttoned my jeans, pulled them down, my mouth still moving over his cock. I felt Francois' big hands shoving down my underpants. His cock kept leaking and I know he was ready.

"Get over here," he rasped, his fingers caressing my ass hole. He pushed his seat back and I moved myself over him, facing away from him. Gripping the steering wheel, I raised my ass so he could rub his cockhead against it.

"This what you want, Mingo?"


He lowered me onto him. I worked my ass up and down that massive prick. From this angle, he felt enormous. I shuddered as I felt one of the studs on his cock ring against my ass cheek.

"Oh…" Francois tightened his hold on my hips. My hard cock beat against the steering wheel. He reached one hand around me to curl around it. His fingers gripped me. Oh man, I was going to come.

He fucked me hard and fast, I rose and fell against him. My heartbeat raced and my cock leaped in his grip.

"That's it, baby," he said, aware now that I was close. I raised my hips, reached down and around and unfastened the cock ring. He exploded inside me, my own cock erupting from the sheer, dramatic force of what was happening in me.

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