Friday, February 11, 2011

New Release and Contest with Gale Stanley

Gale will be chatting and giving away books on the Silver Publishing Facebook page Saturday February 12.

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A MM Valentine Romance

The volatile relationship between Ben and his boyfriend finally explodes and once again Ben is single when February fourteenth rolls around. But this year things are different. Instead of suffering V-Day depression alone in Los Angeles , Ben is suffering culture shock in London .

Sexy Welshman, Rhys Wynn, welcomes Ben into his bed as well as his hostel. The sex is great but Ben doesn't want more. He'd rather spend Valentine's Day alone than risk another broken heart. Rhys knows they belong together but guilt keeps him from pursuing the young American. Can love conquer all or will history repeat itself?

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Although Ben considered himself an intelligent, well-adjusted man, he readily admitted to having separation anxiety. Dealing with the loss of a significant other, whether geographically or soulfully, had been a problem all his life. When Scott walked out on him six months ago, it sent him into an emotional tailspin that left him in a permanent funk. He seemed to be stuck in the past, with no hope for the future. Determined to change his life once and for all, Ben had traveled 5,440 miles to start over.

He didn't blame Scott for dumping him. Oh no, he had only himself to blame for this latest breakup. The same thoughts hammered away at him all through the flight. If only I'd done this or said that maybe we'd still be together. Ben wasn't particularly adventurous and his ex wanted more. Scott left because he refused to stay with a man who never wanted to go anywhere. The irony of the current situation would have been funny if Ben hadn't been so heartbroken.

Intense physical attraction had kept Ben and Scott together for eight months, and Ben considered himself lucky it lasted that long. Their rocky relationship had been as volatile as the one portrayed by Brad and Angie in Mr and Mrs Smith.

He and his ex had what some therapists might call a fighting and fucking relationship. Their arguments were legendary. When their friends threw a party, they were known as the couple to invite because they would provide the entertainment.

Scott loved a challenge, the thrill of trying something new and taking a risk. He might have been a knight-errant in a previous life. Scott wanted daring and dangerous, Ben wanted blissful and boring. Scott, a celebrity photographer, traveled extensively and met the most intriguing people. Ben, a Project Manager in IT, spent long hours in front of a computer. It was inevitable. A free spirit like Scott could never settle down and be happy with a geeky homebody like Ben.

Ben had been living a fool's dream, trying to be what Scott wanted. It seemed like Ben recreated himself with each new lover and it never felt right. Maybe he should give up trying to find that one special soul mate and learn to enjoy being single. The wrong relationship could blind a person so they'd never discover their true self.

Ben knew he needed to step outside his comfort zone and take a risk so he didn't wake up someday full of regrets. Relocating to another country might be a tad overambitious, but he'd taken the plunge and there was no turning back now.

Happy Reading , Gale Stanley


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