Monday, October 10, 2011

Samhain's Kiss by Amber Kell

Coming October 22, 2011


Randall has a bad feeling about the upcoming Samhain festivities. A gut-wrenching foreboding that something is going to go wrong. When he's taken over by the spirit of a dead fae king, he learns this is just the beginning of his problems.

Now with the ability to access powerful abilities, Randall finds it difficult to submit to his vampire lover. Because while Randall the medical student defers to his mate, the fae king attempting to take over his body will bow to no one.


Randy sighed and climbed off the bed to stand next to Sasha. His new outfit was one of the many reasons he didn’t want to go. He couldn’t seem to find the right words to convince Sasha that Randy wasn’t the type to successfully pull off the leather pants look. Unlike the gorgeous vampire standing before him, he didn’t exude sex appeal. He was just Randall Stewart, an awkward medical student lucky enough to have the sexiest man on the planet as his mate.

“That’s not true, my love.” Sasha leaned forward and placed a soft kiss behind Randy’s ear, which immediately sent tingles up and down his spine. He made a soft sound as he melted against his vampire. Sasha wrapped his arms around Randy, easily supporting his weight. “I think you are the sexiest man on the planet.”

Randy sighed. He craved Sasha like a drug. Every morning he forced himself to get out of bed and leave Sasha’s side. Each time the act took more effort. If he didn’t want to be a doctor so badly he’d stay snuggled next to his vampire mate, forever.

“Tempting, but then we’d miss the ceremony,” Sasha responded, easily reading Randy’s thoughts.

“That was kind of the point.” Randy smiled.

Sash smacked Randy’s ass. “Get dressed.”

He made sure Sasha saw his pout before he crammed his body into the tight leather pants and slid the zipper up with special care. The unforgiving fit didn’t allow space for underwear.

Looking up he caught Sasha licking his lips. “Forget about it,” he warned. “I’m not getting out of these pants until after the ceremony, and even then it might take a shoe horn and two of your strongest guards.”

Sasha laughed. The vampire smiled more these days, especially after Randy permanently moved in with him. Even with Sasha’s brother, Ustin, still on the loose, the vampire relaxed more than when Randy first met him. Sasha claimed it was because he found his mate. Smooth talker.

The ruby flashed on Randy’s finger as he slipped on his shirt and fiddled with the buttons. He paused to admire the ring. He’d tried to return it several times after finding out it had belonged to Sasha’s father. However, his lover only took it back long enough to have it resized before sliding it back onto Randy’s finger.

He’d given up. You can’t out-stubborn a vampire. They have all the time in the world to argue. He stomped on his favorite boots. They were comfortable and turned Sasha on whenever he wore them. Something about giving him a badass edge.

“Come pet, let’s show everyone how beautiful you are.”

Randy rolled his eyes as he followed his mate out of their rooms.

Yeah, he was the beautiful one. He shook his head at Sasha’s blindness.

“I can hear your thoughts, my sun. Didn’t I tell you how beautiful you were?”

“Yep. I’m a beauty.” He resisted the urge to laugh. As long as Sasha found him attractive that was the important thing.

Amber Kell
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