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Cat's Pride by Stormy Glenn

Available Saturday November 26th

Benji ran away from Stellan three years ago when he discovered that they were mates. Not because he didn't want the alpha as his mate but because Stellan refused. But now Benji's in trouble and his sexy mate may be the only thing that can save him.

Stellan wanted Benji the moment he met him, but Benji didn't have the mating scent. Reluctantly, Stellan agreed to mate with someone else. When he receives a desperate phone call telling him that Benji is in trouble, he wants to ignore it but he can't. Despite everything, he still has feelings for Benji.

Kody is a rogue lion working for the council enforcing their rules. When he receives a call from Alpha Stellan to go check on Benji, a man that disappeared three years ago, Kody agrees. What he finds when he arrives is a mess so terrible he has nothing left to do but call in the alpha, especially when Kody learns that both Benji and Stellan are his mates.


“Stellan, there’s a Mr. Granger on the phone for you,” Neumus said as he stuck his head into the doorway. “He says it’s important.”

Stellan Mihos nodded to Neumus, who was also his brother and second-in-command, and reached for the phone. “Hello, Mr. Granger, what can I do for you?”

“Stellan Mihos?”

“Yes,” Stellan replied. His eyebrows drew together in confusion. He didn’t think he knew Mr. Granger. Why would the man be calling him?

“Mr. Mihos, my name is Allan Granger. My wife and I live in a small town called Potter’s Creek. It’s about three hundred miles from you.”

“I know where Potter’s Creek is.” Stellan leaned forward in his chair and rested his elbows on the top of his desk. The conversation was just getting more confusing. “There’s a small pride there, right? Just about ten members?”

“Yes, yes, that’s the place. We’re a very small pride, Mr. Mihos, mostly women and children. My son and I are the only two males in our pride.”

“Are you having troubles of some sort, Mr. Granger?” It was the only reason Stellan could think of for another pride to call him. His was one of the strongest in the entire state. They often got calls when other prides needed help.

“It’s not my pride specifically, Mr. Mihos, but a lone shifter in the area.”

“Are there some sort of attacks going on?”

“Wha—Oh, no, the shifter isn’t attacking anyone. He would never do that. He’s just not the type.”

“Is he encroaching on your territory?”

“No, he lives probably fifty miles outside of town. He’s never tried to take over our territory or even asked to join our pride.”

“I’m not sure how I can help you then, Mr. Granger. I have no jurisdiction over rogue shifters. You know that. As long as he’s not attacking anyone, there isn’t much I can do.”

“It’s not me that needs the help, Mr. Mihos, it’s Benji.”

“Benji?” Stellan’s heart gave an extra beat as he swallowed hard.

“Benjamin Bastet.”

Stellan stiffened. His hand tightened around the phone. His heart thundered in his chest. He hadn’t heard that name in nearly three years. He hadn’t thought he’d ever hear it again, and he certainly didn’t like the way it made his stomach clench.

“I’m afraid I have another phone call, Mr. Granger,” Stellan said through gritted teeth. “I’ll have to get back to you. Have a good day.”

Stellan sat there and stared at the phone after hanging it up. Hearing Benji’s name again after all of this time made the hairs on his arms stand on end. He felt a mixture of relief that he finally knew where Benji had run off to and anger that Benji had run at all.

Stellan knew it wasn’t possible for them to be mated, but Benji was still a part of his pride. Stellan felt a responsibility toward the man for that simple fact. When one of his pride was in trouble, it was his duty as alpha to help them. And he would have in this situation if the man had been anyone but Benji.

“What did Mr. Granger want?” Neumus asked as he walked into the study and shut the door behind him.

Stellan pressed his hands together and rested his fingertips against his lips for a moment as he watched Neumus sit down in the chair across the desk from him. Once Neumus was settled, Stellan dropped his hands down to the desk and folded his fingers together.

“He called about Benji.”

Neumus’s eyebrows shot up as he sat forward. “Benji?”

Stellan nodded. “It seems that Benji is in Potter’s Creek.”

“He joined the Potter Creek Pride?” Neumus asked, frowning. “That’s a pretty small pride, isn’t it?”

“It is, but no, Benji is not part of the pride there. He’s a lone shifter right now.”


Stellan understood his brother’s alarm. Lone shifters caused problems, not only for humans but also for other prides. They had a reputation of attacking people indiscriminately. Many had to be hunted down and eliminated for the good of everyone.

“Mr. Granger says Benji is in trouble.”

“Oh?” One of Neumus’s eyebrows shot up. He settled back in his chair once again. “How so?”

“I didn’t ask.” Stellan felt his face flush when Neumus’s jaw dropped open.

“You didn’t ask?” Neumus snapped, anger darkening his features. “Why the hell not? The man is your mate. He’s been missing for almost three years. You suddenly get a phone call telling you he’s in trouble and you don’t ask what it is?”

“He is not my mate.” Stellan growled as his fist slammed down on the desk.

“The hell he’s not!” Neumus shouted right back. He suddenly jumped to his feet, pointing his finger at Stellan. “You might think you can bury your head in the sand and pretend like you’re oblivious but you know Benji is your mate. You’re just too stupid to claim him.”


Neumus stalked to the door, stopping to turn around and glare across the room. Stellan was stunned by the anger and pain in Neumus’s eyes. He knew his brother never agreed with his choice not to claim Benji. He just never thought his brother was this angry over the situation.

“You’ve found your mate, Stellan, and you threw him away like he didn’t matter. You discarded the gift that fate gave you like he was a piece of trash to be thrown out.” Stellan almost recoiled when his brother looked him up and down, his upper lip curling back as he sneered. “You don’t deserve him.”


Okay, Benji was getting incredibly aroused from this as well. He never in his life had two handsome men begging him, and he wanted this moment to last a little longer. He bit his bottom lip as he smiled at Kody. “I want to suck you.”

“Hot damn!” Kody scooted down the bed, holding the base of his cock as Benji crawled between his mate’s legs. He yelped when Kody grabbed him under his arms and pulled him up his body. “I want a kiss first.”

Benji smiled as he straddled Kody, skimming his lips over Kody’s and then opening fully for his mate to take charge. He didn’t mind being the less-powerful one in bed. There was too much delicious male surrounding him for Benji to argue about a damn thing—now out of bed, that was a different story.

He moaned into Kody’s mouth as he inhaled swiftly, Stellan inserting a well-lubed finger into his ass. Benji stiffened for a moment, but Kody cupped his face, smiling into the kiss. “Relax, babe.”

Benji nodded, groaning when Kody reached between them and grabbed his cock, giving it a squeeze. Benji thrust his hips, curling his fingers into Kody’s hair as Stellan added a second finger.

He felt a dry hand rub up and down his back as Stellan scissored his fingers, stretching Benji for a long-awaited claiming. He shuddered as Stellan grazed his prostate. He humped Kody’s hand, wanting to feel that unbelievable pleasure again.

“Hmm, I think Benji is enjoying this,” Stellan said as his voice dipped to a low and deep tone.

Hell yeah, he was enjoying it. Benji wanted more. He pushed back onto Stellan’s fingers, the years of loneliness being replaced by two men who Benji knew would do anything for him. He knew Stellan was telling the truth when he said he didn’t know. It still hurt to think about it, but he was working through that. One day at a time.

Benji accidently bit Kody’s bottom lip when Stellan added yet another finger.

“Do that again, babe,” Kody groaned.

Benji was shocked that Kody liked that, but he got over it quickly as he lightly nipped at Kody’s lip again. His fingers dug deeply into Kody’s chest as he felt something much larger than Stellan’s fingers enter him.

“Fuck, Benji,” Stellan groaned as his hands spanned over Benji’s back.

Kody broke the kiss, running his hands over Benji’s cheek before Stellan pulled him back far enough to where he was looking directly at Kody’s hardened shaft. Kody ran his hand over Benji’s head, encouraging him to take the large cock into his mouth.

Benji swallowed and then parted his lips, moaning as the taste of Kody exploded across his lips. He drank in the pre-cum, drawing it out as his tongue swirled around the head, trying his best to get every drop that he could.

His fingers uncurled and then curled in again as Stellan’s cock slid in and out of his ass. He never thought to feel such wild pleasure in his life. He was glad it was his mate who took his virginity, but damn, this should have happened sooner!

Kody spread his legs farther apart as Benji tried his best to take the large cock deeper into his mouth. Stellan thrust a little harder and faster, gripping Benji’s hips to the point that he knew he’d have bruises come morning.

“You feel so good, Benji,” Stellan crooned from behind him. “So damn good.”

Benji grabbed the base of Kody’s cock harder as Stellan showed him just how good he thought Benji felt. He glanced up to see Kody watching him, his lips parted and his eyes hooded with lust.

Benji grinned and sucked Kody harder. His mate’s eyes widened and then narrowed as his hips bucked. Benji groaned as Stellan reached beneath him and started stroking Benji’s cock. The dual sensation was Benji’s undoing.

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