Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Chance Encounter by Gale Stanley


Hybrids: 1

[MM Paranormal Erotic Romance]

Coming Jan. 21, 2012

Adam is a wolf hybrid, the result of a military research project, splicing animal DNA with human DNA, to create the perfect soldier. Somehow the genetic manipulation went too far and Adam can't control his beast. Slated for termination, a freak gas explosion provides the opportunity for his escape from the medical facility he calls home. A hunted man, he expects to spend the rest of his life alone, but a Chance encounter changes everything.

Chance is unlucky in love and stuck in a job he hates. Then he meets Adam, his perfect man. But Adam is more than a man and involving Chance in his life could get them both killed.

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"Punishment Administration. All residents required to view the lesson"

Adam growled at the blaring speaker, but obediently went forward to watch through the glass wall of his cell. In the space below, a fair-haired youth of about sixteen, naked and defenseless, was flanked by two men dressed in black. Although the guards were well over six feet, the blond towered over them, yet he appeared passive as they approached the padded bench. The bastards! Of course everyone must have a clear view of the exhibition.

Three feet from his fate, the youth stopped short, and refused to move. Good for you, Loki. It wasn’t his real name, he was only a number in a classified database, but Adam thought of him as the Norse God, a shapeshifter and a consummate trouble maker. He admired the boy’s spunk, but it only earned him more punishment.

They must have withheld his drugs to make sure he felt every stroke of the lash. A third guard came running, then a fourth, and between them, they dragged the unfortunate boy to the bench, kicking and screaming. Adam couldn't hear him, the transparency of the cell wall gave the illusion of freedom, but the barrier was just as confining and soundproof as the solid steel of the other three walls. Still, the blond's contorted face and open mouth told the story. Finally, the guards manhandled the young man to the whipping bench, forced him to his knees so his chest lay across the padded top, and restrained him.

Daric, the commander of the guards, stepped up, a long rattan cane in his right hand. He flexed it as he spoke to the victim, making him wait. It was all a show, as much about psychological torture as physical. The humiliation hurt as much as the flesh wounds.

Suddenly Daric brought the cane down and made contact with the victim’s buttocks. The young man fought the restraints and jerked with each blow, but there was no escape. Years of practice had given Daric a good aim. The welts formed immediately and reddened within seconds. Adam could imagine the whistling sound of the cane as it sliced through the air, finally landing on that bruised flesh. He didn’t need to hear the screaming and pleading of the victim, it echoed in his memory. He’d been the recipient of Daric’s expertise more than once.

Daric paused between strokes, part of his sadistic game. One interval lasted longer than the others and Adam hoped the boy’s torture was over, but Daric was only inspecting his handiwork. Once again he lifted the whip and let it fly through the air. Finally, Daric stepped back and let the cane fall to his side. He glanced around the room, his expression a warning. Disobey and this is your fate. Then sneering triumphantly, he looked straight at Adam. Refusing to back down, Adam pressed his palms against the thick security glass that separated him from the rest of the laboratory and bared his teeth. Daric's mouth took on an unpleasant twist and his expression turned more resentful. Adam’s pedigree always brought him more punishment than the others, but he didn't care anymore. He'd already been beaten countless times for insignificant infractions. What more could they do to him?

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  1. Thanks Judie! Reese Dante did the cover art. She's amazing. Have a great 2012.