Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Authors Needed!


We have opened general submissions to all authors for a limited time only. Below please find our submission guidelines or visit our Submission Guidelines on our website at:
Remember to visit us on our Facebook page for further updates:  https://www.facebook.com/giapress
What we accept and allow
Gia Press accepts gay male erotic fiction works from both aspiring and established authors.
We do accept previously published works with confirmation of release from the prior publisher.
•Science Fiction
•Mystery/ Suspense/Thriller
•BDSM & Fetish
•Holiday Stories
There are a few exclusions to consider.
Absolutely no:
•Pedophilia (sex between adult characters and underage characters)
•Salirophilia involving urine or excrement (aka golden showers or scat)
•Necrophilia (sex with a corpse; undead/zombies are acceptable)
•Bestiality (sex between a human and an animal non-shifter)
•Rape for titillation (forced seduction, capture and/or dubious consent are acceptable)
•Manuscripts must be 15,000 words or more
•Manuscripts less than 15,000 words will only be considered if submitted as part of an anthology call
•Manuscripts over 50,000 words will automatically be considered for print. Other titles less than 50,000 words will be considered for print on a case-by-case basis.
Timeline you can expect:
•Submission review: you will receive a response within 6-8 weeks, sometimes sooner
We ask that you please respect our consideration of your manuscript by not simultaneously submitting your work elsewhere until we have completed our review. If you do not receive confirmation of your submission within one week, please use our contact form to notify us of your submission so that we may check our system and confirm receipt.
Submission Guidelines and Information
•All works must be submitted as an electronic file.
•A complete manuscript is required before a contract is offered.
•All contract exchanges are digital.
•US English and UK English are acceptable but must be consistent within the manuscript.
• Gia Press offers a royalty rate of 45%.
Manuscript Formatting:
•Accepted file types: docx, doc, rtf
•Standard 12 pt font (preferably Times New Roman)
•We would prefer (but not require) you to include a footer with page numbers and a header with the title and your pen name
•Author name and title must be on the first page of your manuscript
•Please name your manuscript file “TITLE_Author Name” as this will allow us to organize submissions easily.
•NOTE: We do not accept partial manuscript submissions for consideration.
To submit your manuscript for consideration, please visit our submission page at http://www.giapress.com/submissionguidelines.php and follow the link at the bottom of the page.

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