Sunday, September 1, 2013

Holly's Healing by Ellen Cross

Today only;  (Holly's Healing is normally priced at $4.99, but for that day only, it will be reduced to $1.29.)

Twenty-three year old Holly Reece had it all. A great job, a new car and house, and fantastic friends. All of that ended in a night she just can't forget. Left bearing the scars from someone else's stupidity, Holly is left alone in a world that would just rather forget she even exists.
    Wade has watched his adopted brother, Dean battle his own demons for years. Nothing he has done has helped Dean get over his inability to be intimate with a woman.
    When they stumble upon a young disabled woman being attacked, Wade thinks he might just have found Dean's cure, and a woman who can love them both. Now the only question he has does he stop Dean running scared long enough to try?


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