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Mon Frere, Plus One by Michael Mandrake

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Blurb: Ryland and Ryder Durand’s loving relationship is in danger of being severed.

Ryland, the mild mannered twin, has feelings for a human by the name of Dale Mooney, an unemployed singer who needs to start making money to support his terminally ill mother. Though Ryder is upset about Ryland’s thoughts to have a third, he plays along in hopes the human won’t want to be involved with the two vamps, leaving them alone as he wants.

However, Ryland’s fierce desire for Wade stands in the way of Ryder’s plan, driving both into fits of rage that ends up in drag out fights. Not to mention, another vampire lurks in the shadows to catch them off guard and kill them for his own revenge. These issues threaten to drive the twins apart and break the commitment they’ve consummated in such a short period of time. Can their love survive the tension of another lover and a demon stalking them?


“Ryland? Ry? Hey, bro!” Ryder shook Ryland, waking him from his vision of the time before Monsieur Gren Dumont took them in. They were only ten at the time, and he nurtured them until they were older. Ryland shed a tear and wiped it away quickly before his brother noticed his emotion.
“Ry?” Ryder planted a small kiss on his cheek.
“Yes, I… I do recall all the hard times before Gren and with him. Still, it doesn’t mean I didn’t care for him, Ryder.” Ryland shook off Ryder’s affections and strolled in the other direction. “My lack of love for Gren had nothing to do with his death.”
“Fine, fine, brother. I hate when we argue, okay? It was just a theory.” Ryder’s brows furrowed, and he inched closer to Ryland. “I hate when you get in these moods, you know? You get so angry with me, almost uncontrollable at times.”
Ryland sniffed and shifted his weight onto his right foot. He hated having disagreements too, but he still couldn’t get over his brother’s statement. “You’re accusing me of being the reason Gren died, all right? How the hell am I supposed to react, Ryder?”
Ryder massaged Ryland’s shoulders, attempting to make him relax. “Look, I’m sorry, okay? Listen, I love you, bro, more than anything. I don’t wanna cause any rifts between us. We just started this beautiful relationship, and I wanna keep it as stress free as possible.”
“Then stop saying I had something to do with Gren’s death!” Ryland exhaled and dropped his head. Ryder put him in a horrible mood, so bad, he wished to go out and stalk a human to take out his aggressions. Another trait of Ryder’s he’d picked up since they began their relations. His mild-mannered self was leaving with each passing day.
“Okay, okay, easy, boy.” Ryder chuckled and pressed his mouth against Ryder’s cheek. “You’re so temperamental. Why not take that all out on me in bed?” He closed the space between them, rubbing his crotch against Ryland’s buttocks.
“Mhmmph.” Ryland lowered his lids, feeling his arousal heightening by the minute. What he wouldn’t give to be inside of his brother, pounding away mercilessly on his ass. “Yes, why don’t I then as long as you promise to be good.” Ryland spun on his heel, wrapped his arms around his brother’s waist, and yanked him close. Without saying another word, he buried his nose in the crook of Ryder’s neck, smelling his natural musk along with the human he’d killed this morning for them to feed on. “Mon frèreoui, fragrance of type o; an equally intoxicating scent.”
“Yes it is, and he was pretty damn delectable; a child of the night who only wanted to party with me. He didn’t know I was already taken.” Ryder stroked the back of Ryland’s head, cradling Ryland close to his chest.
“Did you mention that to him?” Ryland looked up, wondering what the answer would be. Although they’d been a couple almost a month now, he knew his brother to still be a huge flirt.
“I told him I was hopelessly in love then made the initial bite. He didn’t seem to care a whole lot.” Ryder held Ryland’s cheeks, pressing their lips together.
“So he didn’t like the fact you were committed or the bite you were giving him?” Ryland laughed, his mood already changing.  His brother was such a card. Out of all the things he’d picked up during their copulation, humor would most likely never be one of them.
“I don’t think he cared for either one, bro. He was a sour sport. I told him I could take him higher just for the night, and he wanted to fall in love with me.” Ryder traced a line from Ryland’s lips to his Adam’s apple, making a spot there in which to feed. “I can only be in love with one person, Ryland. Only you; no one else.”
“I…” Ryland swallowed hard. His erection strained against his zipper. Ryland had been suppressing his thoughts about the human for a few days now, but every time he and Ryder made love, he’d see Dale’s face in his dreams. He was beginning to think he could actually love someone else other than his brother, but he couldn’t allow Ryder to know. “And I feel the same, my love. You are my one and only, true mon frère.”
“Of course I am. Now perhaps we should go to bed then, right, so I can slip my cock into that tight pucker, hmm? We’ll make each other forget the argument and my bad dreams. Sex is always a stress reliever.”
Ryland nodded and lightly stroked the side of his lover’s face. “Indeed, but I would like to be the one in charge tonight.” He knew if he allowed Ryder to take him, he’d be prone to let him into his thoughts. Ryder just couldn’t find out about Ryland’s fondness for Dale. Not now, not when they were still doing so well in their relationship. Besides, they needed to keep the exchanges of blood low, so he wouldn’t be lurking in the night, and Ryder wouldn’t be overly scared.  As long as they kept the basics of their attitudes and tendencies intact, crises would be avoided.
“Ry, what are you thinking about?” Ryder grabbed him roughly, suffocating Ryland with his embrace. In moments, he stopped and stared at him, starry eyed. The yellow speckles shone in his pupils. “Ryland?”
Ryland’s cock strained against the zipper, and he drew in air, wanting to be inside his loving sibling for the duration of the evening. “Yes, my dear brother, I hear you now, let us retire to our quarters. I have much I’d like to do to you tonight.”


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