Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conflicts of Interest by Nulli Para Ora

A woman afraid of another broken heart, a vampire afraid of losing the man he loves, and a lion shifter who wants them both. Can a woman scorned trust not one, but two men with her heart? Will fate tear one relationship asunder in order to build a new one? How can love succeed with so many conflicts of interest?

Taliesin: http://www.taliesinpublishing.com/conflicts-of-interest-p42.php

Vasily Avilov threw back his head and let his fangs drop. There were few pleasures greater than the feel of a warm tongue as it swirled over the head of his cock. He chalked it up to his vampire nature. His addiction to decadence and pleasure fueled many a sleepless night, but the hot mouth lapping away at his dick didn’t belong to the person he desired most. For starters, she was a woman, and a human at that.
The client on her knees between his legs, while attentive and talented in her own way, could never compare to his lover. He replaced her hands, her mouth, her moans, her sucking, everything she did with the actions of the man who held his heart.
The dance of deception was necessary in his line of work. How else would he get hard? What good was a male escort who couldn’t get it up?
He threaded his fingers through her long blonde hair and ignored the dark brown roots peeking through. She looked up at him with something he could only guess was expectation, eyes large and brows raised. She wanted his praise. No way in hell would he give it to her. Not out of malice. No, this client didn’t need accolades.
He pulled her head back and gripped the overly processed strands of her hair while he stared down at her. Sure, she was beautiful, with her plump little mouth, chocolate-colored eyes, smooth skin, and that rosy flush on her contoured cheeks. Her breasts sat high and far apart. Perky was too mild a term for the perfectly shaped mounds on her chest.
How much had she spent to sculpt and twist herself into the plastic artifice before him? Shit, focus, Vasily! “Get on your hands and knees, Shawna.” His tone was firm. He’d have to keep his mind on the task at hand or risk going soft, and Vasily Avilov was not known for dissatisfied customers. On the contrary, he was the most expensive and sought after rent boy on the east coast.

Women saved up for his sessions. Fifteen-hundred dollars for one half hour didn’t seem to deter his customers. Was it the fangs? The danger of being with a vampire? Or was it the way he read them? Vasily often knew what his “clients” wanted even when they couldn’t express it. He wouldn’t call it a sixth sense. More like attention to detail. A look, a certain tension in the face, the change in breath. Every action and reaction created a picture of the hidden desires in each patron.
He’d learned Shawna’s secrets within the first five minutes of her initial visit two years ago. The CEO lived to be dominated. Sure, she tried to order him around like he was a peon in her office, but he nipped that shit in the bud. A good old-fashioned spanking and a pair of wrist restraints were all it took to bring her in line.
The leggy executive crawled onto the bed and held her ass in the air. Tension, unrelenting and sweet, held her in its grip as the muscles of her legs flexed and twitched.
Ah, anticipation. What else could set fire to the nerves with such delicious pandemonium? He didn’t have to touch her. Her mind was no doubt hard at work, eager to figure out where he’d place his hands, how he’d hold her, or what he’d do first.
He eyed the selection of toys he’d laid out for her visit before selecting a butt plug with a bright jewel on its end. He didn’t give her a chance to look over her shoulder. A sharp slap, and he’d delivered his first blow to the back of her thigh. Another swat, but this time, he rubbed her reddened flesh to soothe it. “Spread your legs. Now.”
It took no time at all for him to reach for a condom and slip it on. Vamps and shifters didn’t contract diseases, but house rules were rules.
Another blow and a red mark appeared on the side of her ass. She gasped and hissed, but didn’t cry out. He’d trained her well, taught her how to find the ecstasy on the line between pleasure and pain, and he made her crave it.
He slid the plug through her slit, turning it this way and that to coat it in the juices flowing freely from her. A small tremble rippled through her body when he pressed the toy to her tight anus. He grinned. If only her underlings could see her now, happily handing over control to someone else’s whim.
A little nudge, and Shawna arched her back. He didn’t relent, never stopped. He inserted the plug until the flared base sat snug against her skin. She released a slow breath when it was in place, but he wouldn’t let her acclimate.