Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gary's Choice by A.C. Katt


Danny Donovan is a house sub at Indiscreet. Gary Sayer is a former Major League Pitcher who comes to Indiscreet to play three time a week with Danny. Danny loves Gary and Gary wants a contract but his contract with his Manager forbids him from coming out. 
Danny suffered and was homeless for two months after he came out. Being gay himself, his brother came home from Afghanistan to help him and left him out and proud. Can Danny go back in the closet for Gary, will Caden let him?  

Mary Lynn Hansel
Writing as AC Katt

Author of:
From MLR Press: Shattered Glass, A Matter of Trust, Jack's Back, Cisco's Boy and Bull's Whip
From JMS Books: The Sarran Plague  

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