Monday, August 11, 2014

Caden's Dilemma by A.C. Katt


Caden's Dilemma is a switch on the young man finds older man with money who helps him find his way. In Caden's Dilemma, Caden is a former Army Ranger who uses the last of his funds to purchase a membership at Indiscreet because he promised him that if he got out of Afghanistan, he would do that for himself.

At the club he meets a sub named Masato, who is there incognito on the advice of Reed Davis, part owner and manager of the club. The reason Reed made the suggestion is that Masato is really Johnny Nguyen, the reclusive software billionaire.

Johnny really likes Caden. He met him at Caden's brother Danny's wedding to Gary Sayer (see Gary's Choice, Indiscreet Number Five).  Both men weGarysChoice_432re instantly attracted to one another and now six months later, with a well-paying job at Indiscreet, Caden pursues the attraction because he feels he can finally afford to support a boy.

Johnny needs a Master to take control of his life which is spiraling out of control. His COO, Harvey Stevens,  is pressuring Johnny to take his operations overseas and he wants Johnny to come back to work. Johnny gets sick to his stomach every time he has to deal with Harvey.

All Johnny know how to do is write code and fly in subspace neither of which helps you manage a company or your life. He is desperate for the kind of guidance a Master like Caden can give him.

But Johnny (aka Masato) knows Caden well. Caden is proud, if he tells Caden that he owns Adroit Systems, the software company that went public two years ago and made Johnny a billionaire, Caden would run the other way. On the other hand, Caden hates liars and by not telling Caden about Adroit, Johnny is committing a lie of omission.

What does Johnny do? Does he tell Caden and risk losing him, or does he shut his mouth and risk losing Caden when he finds out. Johnny is damned either way. What does Caden do when he finds out, that is Caden's Dilemma.

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