Friday, September 18, 2009

DRAGON& FENYX 4: SOLUTIONS by Auburnimp and Michael Barnette

Dragon & Fenyx 4: Solutions by Auburnimp & Michael Barnette


Heat Rating: Fire

Content Warning: GLBT-homoerotica, Happy for Now Ending--this is an ongoing series.

Storm and Flame solve some of the problems the Dragon and Fenyx clan face.

Flame offered him a wry smile and shook his head. "No, you were raised to be a chief so you'll get that bit right. As for what is said between us, we're still in the process of getting used to one another and, with all that's been happening, we haven't had much opportunity to do that."

The smile widened. "So let's make a start now, shall we?"

Storm didn't wait for a second offer. He pulled Flame into his arms and kissed him. Tendrils of magical energy wafted from the tattoos on his arms and shoulders to wreath Flame.

Slim ribbons of power floated from the bright designs on Flame's arms to caress Storm. He shivered at the tingle of his lover's magic as it caressed him. Storm thrust his tongue between Flame's parted lips, tasting his swordbrother. His cock hardened and he groaned as desire flooded his entire being.

Inside him the Dragon--which had become quiescent while they talked--stirred, reawakened by the heat of lust which burned through Storm's veins.

Flame made a small sound, somewhere between a moan and a gasp, and pressed against him once again. Storm could feel his swordbrother's arousal as well as the warm magic that flowed from his body.

Storm wrapped his arms around Flame and, without breaking their kiss, rolled over so that his lover was on top of him. The weight of Flame felt good, as did the touch of their cocks which were pressed tight together. Storm rocked his hips to give them some friction. The Dragon shook Its wings . The two Beasts were entwined as ready for love as the two men to whom they were connected.

Flame pulled away from the kiss only to move down Storm's body until he reached a nipple. He sucked on it for a while before moving to the other which got the same treatment.

Storm closed his eyes and gave a wordless murmur of appreciation. He ran his hands over every part of Flame he could reach. He caressed Flame's shoulders, his arms, ran his fingers through Flame's long, very soft hair as his lover continued to tease his nipples. The sensation rippled through his flesh, coiled inside his balls. The ache for more made him want to roll Flame beneath him and slip his throbbing cock inside Flame's body.

He opened his eyes. Above them the pair of Beasts mimicked their actions, the Fenyx touching its beak to the Dragon's chest, the pointed end of its tongue flicking over the shimmering scales. Storm smiled at the strangeness of it. What the Beasts were doing amused him for a reason he couldn't quite understand. "Look up."


Flame looked up his head moving away from Storm's chest. Above them the Fenyx had done exactly the same. Flame chuckled softly before murmuring, "Soul to soul," in an awed tone of voice.

"Umhmm," Storm murmured. He rolled them over so he was on top of Flame. He claimed his lover's mouth for a kiss that left them both breathless. He gazed into Flame's eyes, knowing his Dragon was gazing down at the Fenyx. "I don't want to wait anymore, Flame, I want you."

Flame's eyes were full of lust and something even deeper, more profound. "Then take me, Storm. You know I'm yours."


  1. What can I say about Mr. Barnette, except that I adore him and his work! Auburnimp, you go girl!

  2. when the next book arrive??