Monday, September 14, 2009


By Amanda Young

Dominic Mackenzie isn’t too proud to take advantage of the local gloryhole. As far as he’s concerned, there’s nothing better than a warm, wet mouth without any strings attached. It’s only by accident that he discovers the shocking identity of the man on his knees. Once the secret’s out, then all bets are off.

An Excerpt from Amanda Young’s Tempestuous Relations
© Amanda Young, 2009All Rights Reserved

Dominic Mackenzie turned into the rest area parking lot, his dick hardening in sight of the squat brick building located directly off the interstate outside of his hometown. Other than the closet, there was no gay scene in Smithville. The clandestine, anonymous hookups that took place within this structure were as good as it got for a single man, unless he was willing to drive over two hours to nearest city. Dom didn’t have the time or the inclination. When he wasn’t pulling double shifts at the factory, his free time was better spent working on the fixer-upper he and his brother bought the year before.
He set the emergency brake more out of habit than thought and got out of the truck. Just because the asphalt lot was level didn’t mean much. Better safe than sorry applied to more than horseshoes and hand grenades. The last thing he needed was for his truck to roll away while he was getting his dick sucked.
Dom slammed the door shut behind him and gave a surreptitious glance at his surroundings. Six other vehicles were parked alongside his Ford, although that wasn’t unusual. People had been known to use the area as a pick up spot for years. His own brother even used it for carpooling occasionally, as evident by the dark blue half-ton truck parked halfway down the lot.
After pulling the bill of his ball cap down lower, Dom strolled into the men’s room. The very thought of his twin brother quickened Dom’s pace, although he couldn’t have explained why and wasn’t comfortable thinking about it. Now certainly wasn’t the time to ponder one of life’s little mysteries.
He imagined his long strides made him look like any other guy in desperate need of a piss, although nothing could be farther from the truth. If anyone glanced closely they would undoubtedly see the stiff proof of his desire pressing against the fly of his jeans in search of the satisfaction he hoped to find inside.
Dom had been visiting the rest stop almost weekly for past two months, thanks to a conversation he’d overheard that clued him in to what happened here. Although he was surprised someone was willing to sit in a foul smelling restroom and suck cock for whomever had the balls to shove their meat through a strategically cut hole, he wasn’t above making use of some stranger’s willing mouth in order to assuage his needs.
Upon entering the bathroom, Dom was relieved to find it seemingly deserted. Amid the pungent aromas of sweat, piss, and cum, he quickly made his way to the back and slipped inside the last stall on the left. Although the room remained silent, a pair of scuffed sneakers could be seen beneath the panel separating his compartment from the next.
A shiver crept down his spine and lodged in his balls as he thought about what might happen in the near future. Things would either go well, as they had in the past, or he would find himself in a fantastically bad situation. If word of this spot had gotten out since the last time he’d come by, there was every likelihood that he might get his ass arrested. He could easily imagine a police sting being arranged to capture all the deviant men like himself who took advantage of a little anonymous action within the rest area’s semiprivate environment. Although it wouldn’t be the first time he’d found himself on the wrong side of the law, he didn’t relish the thought of being hauled in to the police station for lewd behavior. The rumor mill would decimate him faster than any outlandish charges the court system slung his way.
Nevertheless, he wasn’t about to turn back now. His dick was like steel inside his jeans. It knew what was up and wouldn’t accept any less than the warm, wet mouth that had serviced him so well in recent months. Actually, for all he knew it might be different men.
Frankly, he didn’t want to attach a face with the mouth that sucked him off. That would make the dude too real. As it stood, Dom could come in, blow his load, and leave. He didn’t have to make small talk or any of the inane gestures that came with meeting someone and trying to get into their pants.
Dom turned to face the dividing wall. A lewd hole the size of an orange was carved in the metal to the left of the broken toilet paper holder. He tapped his foot, impatience welling inside him as he waited for the stranger to make his move.
After only a moment, a slim finger with a square, trimmed nail appeared through the hole and made a come-hither motion. Not wasting any time, Dom unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out through the fly. He gave himself a nice hard stroke from root to tip, stepped forward, and slid his erection through the hole.
A heartbeat passed while Dom’s tension grew. Every muscle in his body felt strung tight, waiting…

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