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Identical twins Donny and Danny Rothschild are never at a shortage to have sex with men, but Donny has grown bored with casual flings and craves a challenge. So the brothers make a bet: to be the first to find, seduce, and conquer a straight man.

Pretending to be the same person, Donny and Danny seek out their macho heterosexual male prey into their bed to use and enjoy. Yet neither brother could predict the anger, jealousy, and emotion that comes with such an unwholesome game. When loving devotion between the twins changes to a competition and venomous fury, the odds become stacked against them and the bond that connects them is stretched to the breaking point.

Which is strong, the connection they have shared since birth or the yearning to become independent and successful and in love with the perfect man, regardless of the consequences?


“You are wicked.”

Donny Rothschild sipped his martini, poolside. “I am. What’s your point?”

Seeing his identical twin brother Danny laughing, Donny knew it was like staring into a mirror. He and Danny did nothing to try and prevent looking alike. On the contrary, they enjoyed it.

“Did the poor fucker at least like it?” Danny finished his own drink, placing it on the patio next to his chaise lounge.

“Don’t know.” Donny sipped his martini more slowly. “He moaned a lot.”

“Did he come?”

“Isn’t it only important that I did?” Donny grinned impishly at his brother.

Adjusting his sunglasses on his nose, Danny relaxed where he lay, his bronze skin shimmering with sweat and suntan lotion. “True.”

“I mean is it really my responsibility to ensure every sexual encounter ends with anyone else having an orgasm but me? What am I? A charity worker?”

Danny laughed again.

Grinning at the sound, Donny knew his brother agreed. Danny agreed with everything he did and said.

“Are you still making a list of each conquest?”

Donny set his empty glass on the pale concrete under his chair. “No. How can I when I stopped bothering with their names. What am I supposed to do?” He put on a thinking face. “Mr. Pectorals, Mr. Big Dick? You see how confusing it can get.”

“How about just a notch on the bedpost?”

“Already do that.” Donny nudged him. “And you know I do.”

“I know. I know everything you do, Don.”

“Mm. True.” Donny gazed out at the crystal clear water of their pool, glistening in the mid-day sun. “I am in the mood for a good challenge. Getting sex has become too easy.”

“That’s what happens when you’re loaded and good looking. The gay men come crawling out of the woodwork.”

Donny rolled to his side to stare at his brother. “We are too good looking.”

Peeking at him from under his sunglasses, Danny asked, “What’s your point?”

“My point is I’m bored. Christ, Danny, we snap our fingers and men shove our cocks into their mouths.”

“Oh, I know!” Danny mocked, “It’s awful!”

“I’m serious. I barely get an erection thinking of it.”

“Try women again.”

“No thank you. Too clingy.” Donny spun to his back, bending his knees in a wide straddle.

“What then?” Danny turned to lie on his side, so he could see his brother.

“I need a challenge. Something insurmountable.”

“There’s no such challenge.” Danny sat up, gripping the side of the lounge chair. “Everyone wants it.”

“Not everyone.”

“Come on, Donny. Who has said no to either one of us?”

“Perhaps a married man?”

Danny laughed, pushing his long hair back from his face. Donny could see him perspiring. It was hot lying out in the sun.

“You’re going to seduce a married man? You think that’s a challenge?” Danny shook his head. “Married guys are easy. They never get any.”

“We’ve never had a married man. We wouldn’t know.” Donny mirrored Danny’s position on the chair so they were facing each other.

“You want that complication? Some homicidal spurned Valley girl wife coming after us with a butcher knife?” Danny made a silly face at him. “It’s LA. Everyone’s out of it--on mood medication, in rehab, or designer drugs…not a good idea.”

“What about a straight man, then?” Donny slid his sunglasses to the top of his head.

“What about them? How hard can it be to suck a straight man’s cock?”

“I don’t know.” He touched his lip as he thought. “We’ve been spoiled rotten on easy gay men at the clubs. How difficult would it be to seduce a straight man?”

“What are you going to do?” Danny pushed his sunglasses up as well, revealing his chocolate brown eyes. “Just pick some guy out at random on the street?”

“It’s as good an idea as any.”

Danny appeared to be thinking about it. “My guess is it’ll still be too easy. What guy doesn’t want his cock sucked, Donny?”

“No. I’ll get him to suck mine. Or better yet, I’ll fuck him.”

That lit Danny up into laughter once more. “You think you can find some straight guy on the street and get him to suck your cock? Or better yet, get him to take it up the ass for you?”

Seeing the skepticism in his twin brother’s expression, Donny extended his hand. “Wager?”

“I’ll lose that bet. I know you. You’ll cheat. You’ll get some gay man to pretend he’s straight. Or he’ll be bi-curious with an ad placed in the personals.”

Another thought passed through his mind. “All right then. An even stronger challenge.”


“We seduce him together.” Donny could feel the electric charge that comment sent through his brother. “Both fuck him.”

“I pick the man.”

Agreeing, he held out his hand. “Deal.”

Seeing a shadow pass nearby, Donny shielded his eyes from the glare. His mother, Patty, was standing at the foot of his chair, blocking the sun. “There’s food ready inside if you’re hungry.”

Danny hissed, “Don thinks he can seduce a straight man, Mom.”

“Oh?” She tilted her head curiously. “The gay men in LA not challenging enough for you?”

“No. They’re not.” Donny stood next to his mother, towering over her tiny five-foot-five-inch frame. “Think of it as sport, Mom.”

“You two do need something to occupy yourselves with.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “Twenty-five and living off the fat of your father.”

Danny rose up to stand next to them. “And? If I remember correctly you encouraged it. After graduate school you told both Donny and I to take a few years off. Am I right?”

“I did. I’m over indulgent with my two beautiful boys.” She cupped Danny’s jaw lovingly.

“We can work the rest of our lives, Mom.” Donny sighed. “Let us have a chance to play while we’re pretty enough to enjoy it.”

“I’m not stopping you.” She caressed Donny’s cheek next. “I want my babies happy.”

Danny wrapped his arm around his mother’s waist as they headed to the sliding glass doors at the back of the house. “We are happy, Mom. You and Dad did very good.”

“I’m very glad to hear it.”

Donny opened the door for her, allowing her to step inside first. The interior was cool by comparison to the boiling heat outside. Once they were in, Danny closed the slider behind them.

“You boys hungry?” Louisa, their cook and housekeeper, asked, smiling.

Donny urged her into an embrace to tease her. “Hungry for you!” He nibbled at her neck.

“Oh!” she chided, turning bright red and smacking Donny playfully. “Terrible twins! Both of you. Behave!”

“You’re wasting your breath telling these two to behave, Louisa. You’ve known them since they were thirteen.” Patty tugged Danny’s long hair back into a ponytail. “Have they ever listened to a thing any of us have said?”

Louisa fixed her apron and hair, even though neither were messed up from Donny’s antics. “No. They have never listened to no one. But they are good boys.” She nudged Donny to the table. “Sit. Eat.”

“Good?” Danny’s eyes glimmered impishly. “Us?”

As Donny joined him, he said, “You don’t know us at all, do you?”And began eating his lunch hungrily.

Ignoring his comment, his mother asked, “What are your plans for the rest of the afternoon?”

“Why?” Danny wiped his lip with a napkin and sipped his iced tea.

“Do either of you want to come with me to visit with your grandparents?”

Donny exchanged a look of distaste with his brother. “Next time.”

“Fine. I’ll see you both later.” Patty kissed each son on the top of his head and left the room.

Leaning over the table towards him, Danny asked, “What do you want to do?”

“Workout, shower, and go hunting.” Seeing the big grin on his twin’s face, Donny didn’t need a verbal answer. He rarely did.

Straight guy hunting? This could actually be amusing. Danny took another bite of his food and chuckled as he considered the possibilities.

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