Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Five Rings by Destiny Blaine

Adult Promo: Five Rings Just Released Today--Shape- Shifter for the Holidays

Hello to all paranormal fans!

I'm so excited to share some awesome news with you. Today, Five Rings released from eXtasy Books, marking the end of my book releases for 2009. Take a look at what Val from You Gotta Read Reviews had to say about Five Rings:

"Lauren was a woman who was juggling five different men who knew nothing about each other. The outcome, she finds, is nothing she could have ever imagined. I am trying so hard not to reveal very much of the story as it changes rapidly throughout the book. I can tell you however that it includes scorching hot sex, loyalty (you will see what I mean), protection and revelations that rock Lauren's world. Five Rings was a fast paced, quick read with a whole lot of sex. I simply could not put this book down.

Destiny Blaine is an author who knows how to skillfully write multiple partner erotica in a very believable way. I always know that I will be entertained and captivated each time I read one of her books. Five Rings is my first lion shapeshifter book and it pleases me to know that Destiny Blaine was the writer. Five Rings was obviously not written for the reader who has objections to same sex or multiple partners. But I promise you if you are willing to step out there and read something you haven't read yet, the ending will blow your mind. I most definitely would ask Destiny to please, please, PLEASE write a sequel. Lauren's character has so many different directions in which she could travel. This is a book not to be missed…" Val, You Gotta Read Reviews

When a nymphomaniac loses her mind, everything is just as it seems—only better.

Quick Snippet:

Michael roared and Marcus sneered. Michael pushed Marcus down on the bed and they wrestled like mad. Marcus was on top, then Michael perched high above throwing his weight around with a rare determination to apparently mount a man. Marcus again took the lead and Michael twisted his way around Marcus's body and dominated once more. Their dicks slapped together and their hands locked. Wildly, they nipped at one another, their lips meeting and parting, while their dicks tapped together.

Another animalistic call to the wild made her swivel around and watch the three men behind her. They were flirting with one another! God help her, what was going on here?

They touched each other intimately, brushing their fingers up and down their dicks in unusual and exquisite patterns. Soon, they fondled with aggression, taking possession of the hands they held, the cocks they pumped, groping and moaning, working toward release.

Shaking her head she couldn't turn away and wouldn't have refocused her attention at all, but a sudden sound ripped through the room and she flinched when she heard what sounded like complete arousal coupled with defiance and anger. She heard another wildly obsessive roar and immediately eyed the bed where two men wrestled.

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Help me make this the best release day of 2009! If you enjoy shape-shifter erotica, pick up your copy of Five Rings

today! Then, let me hear from you. Tell me what you think of Five Rings: destinyblaine@ yahoo.com.


  1. Loved the twist in this story and beginning to think Destiny Blaine's writing has a real special edge.

    Denise Thompson

  2. The only thing I'm going to say here having accidentally deleted my longer post, is that this book is a very good reminder that all erotica is not romantica and if you're looking for the latter you may be disappointed in this release. I like that Blaine got creative with her work but I also have to say that I wasn't quite comfortable with this book and the ending left me rather sad and decidedly disturbed.

  3. Hi JaToya,

    Thanks very much for your comment. I'm with you, Five Rings is not romantica. This particular story wasn't written for the reader who wants/needs a HEA conclusion. I love that you pointed that out because I want readers to know what to expect when they pick up my books and short stories. I tend to write whatever I'm in the mood to write and it varies from dark paranormal to sensual/sweet contemporary romances. Then, there's a little bit of everything in between. :)

    Thanks for giving Five Rings a fair shot and for reading my work. I appreciate you. :)


  4. Hi Denise,

    Thanks very much for the post. If you like an edgy paranormal romance, check out Winning Virgin Promises too. :) Also check out INEVITABLE SURRENDER, available now at Shadowfire Press for a sweeter selection. ;))