Monday, February 8, 2010

The Only Thing That Matters by AKM Miles

The Only Thing That Matters AKM Miles

Valentine’s Day was here and Brack and Austin both had plans for the love of their lives. You know what they say about the best laid plans.

Austin has the scene set, gifts waiting, and is waiting for Brack to return from a short trip. As the day wears on and an unexpected blizzard begins Austin’s fear mount. There is no word from Brack and it’s getting later and later. Brack has planned a romantic trip to a beautiful setting to show Austin how much he loves him. Now, after a wreck he finds himself trudging for miles through the snow and cold with something keeping pace with him through the woods.

Will they manage to have a good Valentine’s Day? By the end of the story, the only thing that matters is they are safe and together.


Austin was beginning to worry about Brack. Cell phone service was sketchy at best in good weather and during this time of year, it was nearly non-existent. Austin knew that Brack could handle driving in any kind of weather, having lived here all his life. But Austin had a feeling of dread, like something was wrong. Brack had been due back an hour ago and he hadn’t called. True, that could be blamed on the unplanned-for weather conditions, but Austin still felt like he needed to do something; he just didn’t know what yet.

Stepping out onto the porch, Austin thought about what he planned for Brack tonight. Of course, every night with Brack was special. Though they’d been together since last summer, Austin was amazed at how they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Sex was amazing, and with them it had quickly become making love. His mind drifted to the last night they were together before Brack left for the short trip. Lord, it still amazed him that Brack liked it when Austin took him, reveling in having Austin fill his tight ass. Brack was such a big, big man that Austin had thought that he’d be this serious top, but Brack liked everything they did.

As he stood there, the first flakes began to fall. Austin shivered as the wind hit him and in a matter of minutes there was a light dusting of heavy flakes over everything. Brack, where are you, baby? All that matters is that we’re together. Just come home to me.

Hurrying back inside, he tried to shake off his fears. Walking into the kitchen, he made sure the steaks were thawing nicely in the refrigerator and the other ingredients for their special meal were set up and ready. Austin had all their favorites, including the beautiful chocolate cake he’d made and spent all morning icing and decorating. He admitted it was extremely corny to have the red gel heart on the top with their initials in it, but this was a corny holiday and he loved it. Brack would get a kick out of it and they’d feed it to each other as they drank the coffee and sat in front of the huge fireplace.

Austin had candles and presents set out in their bedroom for the evening’s end. This would be a night to remember, a night of sweet memories and lovemaking to add to the multitude of others they’d amassed over the months since meeting and falling in love.

With a nod to practicality, Austin got out the large candles and lanterns, just in case the electricity went out. Actually, he didn’t care how bad or how long the storm was as he planned to keep Brack naked and happy for the duration. As soon as Brack got home everything would be fine.

The day got darker and darker with the big dense clouds overhead. The snow began to pile up and Austin began to shake a little as time passed and Brack didn’t appear. Going through the house he turned on every light he could, wanting to make a bright light for Brack to see, welcoming him home. With the speed of the storm, no matter where Brack was, he surely had to be careful and would be worried about getting home safely, despite his experience in this kind of weather.

When Austin looked out the big windows, despite everything being covered in white, it looked like dusk instead of early afternoon due to the dark clouds and the cover of the trees around the house. Austin literally began to shiver, even in the warm house. His fears were getting the better of him. Heading to the kitchen, he put on a pot of coffee and made himself some hot chocolate. Comfort. He needed to have faith in Brack’s vast abilities and quit thinking the worst. The cocoa nearly spilled as he carried the mug to the table and sat, cupping it with both hands now.

Austin went back to watching out the window. Good Lord, how could it have snowed that much in so little time?

***love is love***

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