Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cupid's Daddy by Jaxx Steele

Ray and Dex are back in this third installation of the Daddy series!

Valentine's Day is days away, but instead of taking Dex away for a romantic weekend for two Ray has to work. He is determined to turn a bad thing into a good thing thus keeping the promise he made to his lover on New Years night. Ray finally feels that he is ready to take their relationship to the next level. He has every intention of turning this business trip into one that neither he nor Dex will ever forget.


Dex walked in the door and Ray all but pounced on him. He lifted him with a hug from the floor, swung him around and kissed him soundly in the mouth before putting him down again.
“Wow! Not that I care, but what was that for?”
“It’s Valentine’s Day, sweetheart. That’s all the reason I need.”
Dex’s handsome features went from excited to distraught almost instantly.
“Daddy, I’m so sorry. I thought we would be home for Valentine’s since your seminars were over yesterday. I’m afraid left your present there,” he said sadly.
Ray kissed him again and smiled. “It’s okay, baby, the only gift I need from you is you in my arms.” He saw the relief in Dex’s face and pulled him to the dinette area. “Now come, I made dinner.”
Dex let out a noise of mock shock. “You made dinner? Should I be afraid?”
Ray laughed as he guided him across the room. “No, you shouldn’t. I did manage to feed myself for several years, darling, before you came into my life, you know.”
“Yes, but as soon as I came into your life you quickly relinquished the job to me,” Dex reminded him with a soft laugh.
Ray snickered and then shrugged as he sat him in one of the chairs and lifted the silver lid from the plate in front of Dex.
“Daddy, it looks fantastic.”
Dex quickly lifted his fork and took a sample. Ray stood over him holding the lid against the table as he waited.
“Mmm, and it tastes wonderful. This has to be the best chicken parmesan I have ever had.”
Ray finally put the lid beside his plate and lifted his own. “Yes, I thought so too,” Ray said smugly and took the chair opposite him. “I wanted to make sure dinner was especially good night,” he added as he poured Dex a glass of red wine.
Dex lifted the glass and swirled the liquid in the glass. “And it is. Is that why you got it from Perfecto Italiano?”
Dex’s eyes peered at him over his glass sparkling with mirth and Ray coughed away his laugh.
“What? No, what—“ he paused to clear his throat. “What makes you say that, Dex?” he asked lifting his own glass not making eye contact.
“Well, the fact that you have never made edible chicken Parmesan since we’ve been together was my first clue. You always take me out for chicken parm because you know it’s my favorite and don’t want to mess it up, but the ticket in the lid was a dead giveaway.”
Ray stared at him over his wine for a moment. “The ticket is still in the lid?”
“Yep, sure is.”
Dex laughed and Ray shrugged and sipped his drink. “Yeah well, I’m still going to take credit for it. I warmed it up and put it on the beautiful china courtesy of the New York New York hotel.”
“And you did a wonderful job. It looks fantastic,” he said reaching out to touch his hand.
After a short while Dex dropped his fork and took the last sip of his wine before sitting back with a satisfied sigh.
“That was great. You really made an excellent choice.”
“Thanks! Time for dessert,” Ray announced jumping to his feet.
He cleared the dishes away and returned with another small plate with a silver cover over it. Ray put the tray on the table and turned Dex’s chair around away from the table. He pulled his chair closer to face him before picking up the tray again.
“Did you get the dessert from there, too? They make an excellent chocolate filled Biscotti.” Dex asked excitement filling his voice.
“Open it,” he offered leaning forward holding the tray with both hands.
Dex raised an eyebrow before leaning forward to lift the lid. A small gasp left his lips as he dropped the top on the floor. Ray smiled satisfied with the happy look on Dex’s face. He was a little unsure if Dex would like his gift, but the tears the welled in Dex’s eyes told him he loved it. Ray kicked the lid out of the way and pulled Dex’s chair closer to him. With the tray in his lap as he lifted the bracelet from the black satin it rested on. The diamonds on the ends of the platinum ID bracelet twinkled in the lighting of the room.
“I saw this and thought it would look so much better on your arm than it did on the arm of the pasty mannequin. Would you like to read the inscription before I put it on you?” Dex nodded silently and Ray turned the bracelet over.
Dex’s voice shook as he read from the jewelry. “To my little love, Dex. I love you now and I will love you forever and for always. Ray”
Ray placed the bracelet on his left arm and closed the clasp. He ran his thumb over the deep etching of their names that was separated by a small heart on the front of the bracelet.
“Do you like it?”
Dex turned his wrist left and right before leaning forward again giving Ray a sound kiss.
“I love it and I love you. Thank you, Daddy.”
“Are you sure you don’t want a slice of pie for your dessert instead?” Ray asked teasingly.
Dex laughed. “Oh yes, I’m good with platinum and diamonds for dessert, believe me.”
“Good, now I can have my dessert.”
Ray ignored the puzzled look on his lovers face as he moved his chair back and bent over to open Dex’s pants. When his half hard cock was exposed Ray took it into his mouth without hesitation. Ray loved the feel of the slender cock in his mouth. He sucked it with gusto until it was long and hard. Dex moaned and squirmed in his chair pressing himself forward. He put his hand on the back of Ray’s head to guide him further, but Ray shook his head and slid the stiffened member from his mouth.

Jaxx Steele
Putting a little XX in Man Love!

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