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I Kissed A Boy by Addison Avery

Synopsis: Paul and Adam are trying to forge a relationship after years of unrequited desire.

But their path isn't easy. Paul should have told Adam he sold his body to those seeking pleasure. He commanded premium rates to those who could afford him, but fear kept his mouth shut. Adam wouldn't understand and Paul couldn't stomach the idea of his love thinking less of him.

How can he make Adam understand and find a satisfying way to earn a living and keep Adam in his life?


Adam hurried across the room and jerked the curtains open. He’d closed them before he left the room but now wanted them open, certain the gesture would stall the erotic acts set to begin.

"That’s not going to stop me," Paul said, pursuing him. He stalked forward, loosening his tie as he walked. "And you know it. You don’t want me to stop. I understand you so well, Adam Taylor. Better than anyone.

"You’re running scared. What you want most is to put our first time behind you. Then, you won’t feel what you’re experiencing right now." With a sudden wink he said, "And fortunately for you, I can help you out. I know what I’m doing."

Adam swallowed tightly. What the hell was he feeling right now? How did Paul understand his emotions when he didn’t have the ability to understand them?

"How about that beer?" Adam reached for it and Paul immediately set two bottles on the dresser.

"How about that kiss?" Paul asked, his voice loaded with sex appeal.

"What...." Kiss?

Adam only muttered the first word before his question fell on the most sensual mouth he’d ever known. Before he could whisper another syllable, Paul took a leap with confidence and their lips crashed together. Paul pushed him against the large picture window, his hands gripping Adam’s as he shoved them high above his head.

The heavy breathing started all at once. Paul laced their fingers together and pressed his palms against Adam’s. He sipped at his lips. "That’s it. Let me have you, sugar. I know what I’m doing."

Adam didn’t doubt anything Paul said. Not for a second. "I don’t." Air was an expense he shouldn’t have to forfeit. Adam gasped when his lips parted and Paul’s tongue darted in and out of his mouth.

Adam never participated in a sexier kiss. Paul tapped the end of his tongue and licked it slowly, engaging only the tip. The ritual reminded him of how Marsha typically dragged her tongue across his dick when she swiped the pre-cum from the head.

Paul stopped kissing him. "What are you thinking?"

Adam cleared his throat. "Your tongue is wicked."

"You liked that, did ya?"

Paul still had the boyish good looks to match his mischievous nature. Holding his tongue against a full upper lip and, with a lustful expression working out an announcement of an indescribable appetite, Paul released one of Adam’s arms and at the same time clutched his waist.
Quite deliberately, Paul slammed their bodies together, looping his fingers under Adam’s slick leather belt and tugging him forward until their lower halves mashed together.

Grinding against Paul’s cock, Adam looked down at the incredible show of size swelling between them. "Oh my God, I’m going to explode."

Excitement bulged hot in his pants, straining against his zipper until he wanted to rip it down and show Paul how much he wanted him. He probably shouldn’t bother. With the rise in both of their pants, soon they’d hear more than the mere popping of threads.

"I told you, I’ll lead," Paul reassured him, dropping to his knees and quickly freeing Adam’s cock. "Yeah, that’s it. Let me take care of you."

Adam pressed his head against the glass behind them. He gritted his teeth, grating his molars until they squeaked. "Stop," he muttered, breathless.

"Are you drunk?" Paul glanced up long enough to ask the question.

"No, of course not, I’ve only had the beer you saw me drink but..."

"Then, I ain’t stoppin’," Paul drawled. "You know what you want. We’ve talked about this and now—right now—is the perfect opportunity to put some action behind those words. Show me they weren’t empty, baby."

Adam’s zipper fell and the top button parted ways with the material. Paul reached inside of Adam’s slacks and gently uncurled his cock. The head of his penis landed at Paul’s lips.

Adam gasped but to his surprise, his palm flattened against the top of Paul’s head. Yes, this was exactly what he wanted...Paul Harrison on bended knees.

Ranch Hands by S.L. Danielson

Ranch Hands by S.L. Danielson

Coming April 2, 2010 at Silver Publishing!



Sid was in trouble; he'd be wronged in every way one could be. His farm was failing, his lover had left with no warning, and the mortgage is 6 months overdue.

Desperate and pushed by the bank, he hires a live-in boarder, Roger. Unbeknown to Sid, Roger has just escaped his own personal hell and is grateful for the opportunity and new surroundings.

Things are not rosy, however. Neither man will tell the other their secrets due to a huge lack of trust of people in general, especially other men. They have a few incidents, including a couple with the town deadbeat, Jerry.

Finally, an ultimatum is issued. Will things turn around? What will become of the farm and all the hard work? Can these two work past the problems and sow the seeds of love instead of anger?


Sid Rosen slumped his 6’3” frame down a bit further in his chair and ran his thick, gnarled fingers through his red hair. He glanced down at his watch. It was only five minutes later than the last time he’d looked; 3:30PM. He unbuttoned his worn brown barn jacket completely and removed it. His green eyes darted around the building. The lobby at the bank was getting full, even on this snowy day. His banker, Miles, hadn’t come back yet. He’d gone to speak with the loan manager. It was a bustling time at the bank; many of the farmers had come in to negotiate their past-due notes.

It’d been a terrible year for the region. The summer heat had singed every field for 100 miles around. What the summer had in heat, this winter had matched in precipitation. Already there had been a major ice storm, which knocked out power for over a week. Then there was the blizzard that shut the town down even further.

Sid cleared his throat and uncrossed his legs. He glanced at his boots; they were finally free of the snow he’d brought in with him. A small puddle had gathered on the berber carpeting just beneath him. He sighed and observed the footwear. They were probably 10 years old. He smiled to himself and remembered opening them up as a Christmas present on his 24th birthday. He traced the pattern in the leather, a paisley design. The heels were worn down and the tabs were long-since gone. Sid felt as old and worn-out as his boots. Though he was only 34, he felt much older, especially lately. Suddenly, a voice broke his train of thought.

“Sorry about that, Sid. Didn’t mean to keep you waiting so long.” The man interjected suddenly.

The farmer turned his attention to the flustered banker. His red tie was askew around his neck and his pace was fast. The rail-thin financier took a seat behind his desk and set down the large file in front of them, knocking his nameplate over. He adjusted the placard engraved “Miles Lunsford, Lead Banker” to sit squarely at the center of his desk as it had before.

Sid sat up quickly and leaned forward in his chair. “So, what’s the verdict? What’d he say?”

Miles adjusted his black-rimmed glasses and opened up the file. It was a 2” thick folder. He avoided Sid’s gaze and rifled through the papers for what seemed to be at least two full minutes. Finally, he looked back up, and folded his hands.

“I’m sorry, Sid. I tried every argument I could think of. To put it bluntly, it looks like you’re going to lose the farm if something isn’t done very soon.”

Sid’s scowled. “What do you mean I’ll lose the farm? That’s my grandfather’s ranch! I was born and raised there. Sure, things have been bad, but-“

“Too bad, apparently.” Miles interrupted. “You haven’t had a crop there in three years, the economy is in the toilet, and the local developers have stopped looking in that area.”

Sid clenched his fists and leaned onto Miles’ desk. He looked him square in the eye. “What the hell am I supposed to do? I am one man! I ain’t got no kids or a wife, and my family is gone! How can I be a single farmer with 200 acres?”

Miles swallowed hard and pushed his chair away a bit. He fidgeted with the pen in his hand and fumbled through the papers on his desk. “I don’t know. I’ve never been a farmer. Look, have you tried the credit union?”

“Yeah, I tried them too. Look, how long does the place have left on that crooked mortgage?”

Miles scowled. “Pardon me? If you remember, I was the one who helped save this farm in the first place! To answer your question, it has five more years left. Now, if you can show a profit in the next six months and make a payment again, my boss agreed to talk.”

Sid slumped back in his chair and put his hands to his face. Miles pursed his lips and leaned forward.

“What about taking in another boarder? You had that one over a year ago, things were doing-“

“No!” Sid blasted back. He sat up so quickly that it nearly knocked the chair over. “That was a complete mistake. I don’t want to do that again, not ever!”

Miles frowned but softened his tone. “Sid, if you don’t do something, you will lose the farm. I’m sorry.”

The redhead sat in silence for a few moments. He rolled his eyes skyward and recanted aloud.

“Dammit, Dad! Why did that old kook sign that damn mortgage! He just loved to hit that damn casino. Put us in so much debt. Thank God my mama didn’t live to see it.”

Miles wagged his head. “I’m sorry, I truly am. But you know the consequences; either hire some hands and turn a profit soon or lose the farm and find another line of work entirely.”

Sid nodded and rose from the chair quickly and threw his coat on over his broad shoulders. “I guess we’ll see, won’t we?”

He strode from the room and walked out the door. The icy air hit him as a slap in the face. He pulled the coat up around his face and briskly walked to his vehicle. He scrambled into the cab of his rusted out 1962 Chevy truck and drove home.

After much soul-searching, Sid decided he had no other recourse. He wrote out a simplistic ad for a boarder and looked it over. He climbed back into his truck the following morning and drove towards town once again. It was his only choice. 30 minutes later, he slogged his way through the deep snow to post his homemade flyer at the local marketplace. He looked over his shoulder at the ad, sighed aloud, and walked back out to his truck to head for home.

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Ripped Apart by Lee Owens and Remmy Duchene

Lee Owens & Remmy Duchene

Interracial, erotic, M/M

Coming March 15, 2010 to Red Eclipse Writers

One act of violence sends Colby Master's life spiralling out of control and sends his lover Leo Giofranco from his life. It took a year of healing to give Colby some time to come to his senses but is he too late? Has he hurt Leo too much to be forgiven? Wiill Colby be able to make amends or has Leo moved on?

________________xXx EXCERPT___________________

Colby was almost in the centre of the yard when someone barrelled into his back. He hit the ground hard, grunting under the weight. His first instinct was to roll over for a fight but when he did, he came eye to eye with fiery, green eyes.Without a word, their lips crashed into each others and all Colby could manage was a whimper. Soon he was rolling them over, trapping Leo beneath him by bracing both hands against Leo’s shoulder. He stared into Leo’s eyes before ripping at his shirt and tossing the wet, muddy pieces away from him. The water beating down against Leo’s body tugged Colby’s cock to life. He pressed it into Leo’s and the large man beneath him moan.

Leaning forward, Colby sucked at one of Leo’s nipples then the other. Leo grabbed Colby’s neck, forcing him to keep his mouth there. Colby smiled within himself, and bit against the nipple for he knew that was how Leo liked it. A primal sound escaped Leo’s throat and his hand fell away from Colby’s neck. Colby was once more on the move, down Leo’s rain slicked body. He licked at the droplets of water that fell from the heavens against his lover’s skin. Moving slowly downwards until he came face to face with the front of Leo’s pants. With a frown at the clothes that was a horrid inconvenience Colby quickly undid the pants and tugged it down around Leo’s ankles. He was rewarded with a large, hard dick to suck on.

Before giving Leo what he wanted, Colby caressed Leo’s thighs, brushing over the smooth, wet hair that littered his thighs and legs. Leaning in, Colby licked each leg from the knees, upward. He dragged his mouth across, barely grazing Leo’s cock.Leo gasped. Licking his lips, Colby hauled Leo down his throat and moaned in pleasure for the chance. He pulled at Leo, feeling Leo’s fingers digging into his shoulders. He released Leo’s penis, sucked on a finger before inserting into Leo’s ass. It was hot, tight and inviting just the way he remembered it. The thought that he should withdraw the finger and replace it with his cock darted through Colby’s mind but he suppressed it.

“Damn Colby!” Leo yelled.

It’s all for Leo--

Colby’s only reply was to drive the finger deeper while pulling the throbbing pole before back into his mouth. Hot

and tangy pre-come dripped against Colby’s tongue causing him to groan in completely satisfaction. It had been so long since he’d allowed himself to taste a man and Leo was just as delectable as before. Withdrawing his finger, he shoved it deeper this time and was rewarded with a yell of pleasure. That drove Colby’s feelings more and more. Giving Leo something other than pain was what he wanted to do.

Leo tried pushing to his elbows to look down at Colby, but didn’t succeed. The sensations that were roaring through him left his whole body weak and shaking. The warmth of the water against his skin added to the pleasure of Colby’s mouth and finger. He felt himself losing sanity and he welcomed it. He was delirious by the time he managed to yell Colby’s name to the dark clouds above. He rubbed a hand over Colby’s head, driving his lover’s mouth down over his cock. When Colby’s throat squeezed him, Leo’s eyes rolled into his head and a satisfied smile spread his lips. He had forgotten just how good Colby was with those sexy lips.He felt it the moment the finger twisted inside him and his eyes shut open to water. He clamped them shot as his head thrashed from side to side in the mud. Colby’s free hand caressed over his abs, upward to pinch at his nipples before roaming down again.

“Harder, please,” Leo pleaded arching his back and digging his head into the softness of the mud beneath him. “Deeper—Colby—twist it for me—yesss!“

Colby gave him what he wanted, slamming against his pleasure points over and over with the finger. Soon all Leo could do, was gripped Colby’s head, hike his legs up over Colby’s shoulders, dig deeper into the mud and scream his release into Colby’s mouth. Time froze as he laid there in suspended animation being sucked delightfully dry. His body twitched almost painfully before slamming against the ground. He was completely fevered with the powerful aftershocks of his orgasm. Still Colby didn’t let him go. Colby withdrew the finger and licked at the tender head of Leo’s cock until his shocks eased a bit. When he crawled up Leo’s body, Leo wrapped his arms around Colby’s neck, and took his lips.

“Your turn,” Leo managed pulling his lips from Colby’s. He tasted himself on Colby’s lips and that spurred him on even more towards his goal. He wanted to taste Colby too.

“No,” Colby whispered. “This is not about me, remember. Now you should go inside before you catch a cold. I have to grab my phone from the truck.”



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A Prophecy of Destiny by Leiland Dale




Will Stanton leads an ordinary life working with his grandfather in the family bookstore. From the moment he uncovers a trunk full of ancient papers and his grandmother's diaries, his life changes. He is soon thrusted into a world of werewolves and vampires where he uncovers the truth of his heritage and it's more than he ever imagined.

Eric Bryce is a werewolf whose pack members are slowing dying. As the first sign of the prophecy unfolds, the Ancient Ones guide Eric in search of his mate who is to play a key role in the future predicted long ago. He finally finds his mate, Will, working in a bookstore with danger not far behind. Together, they must fight both the vampires and the illness that is spreading across the pack.

Can Eric and Will fulfill their role in the prophecy or will time run out?


The excerpt or excerpts below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

It was still dark outside when Eric woke to leave the community. Getting out of bed, he grabbed a shoulder bag, packed the necessities, and headed out to his alpha’s home.

As he approached the front steps, Blake opened the door smiling at him. “Good morning, Eric.”

“Morning, Blake,” he replied, “I need to leave for a while.” Eric looked up at Blake, hesitantly.

“I know my friend. I had some very interesting visitors last night.” Blake said as he walked down the front steps and pulled Eric into an embrace. “Look after yourself brother.” Blake pulled away and looked at him. “You have a lot on your shoulders but I believe in you.”

Eric was surprised at Blake’s response but he should have expected the Ancient Ones to inform his alpha. “Thank you.” Eric said softly almost inaudibly.

Eric wasn’t sure how long his prophetic journey would keep him away from his pack, but he knew he had to leave. He was torn. He loved his pack and had never been separated from them, but knew everyone was at risk from this unknown sickness. If there was any truth to the prophecy and his role in his pack’s survival, he needed to take that chance.

He heard Blake clearing his throat, “It’s time for you to go. The sun is just about to rise.” Blake attempted to smile but Eric knew Blake would miss him just as much as he would miss his pack. Slapping him on the back, Blake turned away and walked back up the steps.

Eric left and headed over to his car. As the rays of the sun cast a reddish hue of color across the land, pack members began to emerge from their homes. He quickly jumped into his car before drawing too much attention and drove away from the community.

He drove for hours passing through small towns and heavily wooded areas, making only essential stops when necessary. As nightfall drew near, Eric passed a sign saying Welcome to Watson. He drove through the town looking for a motel where he could spend the night before continuing his journey the next morning. A flickering red sign ahead with the words Hotel 6 caught his attention. Pulling into the parking lot, Eric then headed into the reception area.

The building was quaint with a homey feeling to it. The brightly lit lobby caught him off guard and he had to blink a few times to adjust his eyes. His senses heightened as the scent of another were hit his nose. Eric scanned his surroundings and found only the young woman standing behind the counter. The rest of the place was completely deserted. Eric walked up to the counter and recognized her distinct scent as a werewolf.

“Good evening. Do you have any rooms available?” Eric asked, cautious of her reaction towards him. It was obvious he had entered into another pack’s territory.

“Yes, we do.” The woman looked up at him and smiled. ”It’s not often that we have one our kind coming in here for a room. How long will you be staying?”

“It will be just for the night.” Eric replied as he pulled out his wallet and handed over some bills.

“What’s your name?” the woman asked as she handed over a key.

“My name’s Eric.”

She stalled him as he was about to leave and go to his room. “I suggest you stay in your room. The vampires have been very restless since late last night.” Eric looked at her over his shoulder. “If you want to go for a run, you can use the woods behind the motel. Just watch your back out there.”


Leaving the reception area of the motel, Eric walked over to his car and grabbed his backpack from the back seat. Looking at the numbers written on the key tag, he headed towards his room.

As he approached the door of his room his senses flared and his wolf howled alerting him to danger. Before he had the chance to insert the key in the lock, Eric was flung around and pushed hard against the wall with a hand tight around his throat as his backpack and room key fell to the ground. The distinct smell of sulfur surrounded him and burned his nose. Vampire!

Eric struggled to breathe as the hand clamped tighter around his neck. The vampire with short curly black hair stared at him through ruby colored eyes. “So you are the chosen one?” he sneered as he cocked his head to the side. “And you’re all alone?” The vampire’s breath sickened Eric as he whispered in his ear, “they didn’t choose very wisely now, did they?”

Eric took a deep breath as his anger boiled and his wolf growled. Reaching out, he pulled the vampire by his hair to have the few inches of space he needed to clamp his hand around the vampires’ throat. The vampire started wheezing as he struggled to breathe. His eyes began to bulge out and the fingers around Eric’s neck began to relax their grip. Eric released the vampire’s throat and kicked out, hitting the vampire in the chest and sending it flying through the air.

Shifting quickly into his wolf, Eric ran into the wooded area behind the motel as the vampire followed at lightning speed. As he arrived at a secluded area, he spun to face the vampire.

“So you think you can fight me and still walk away alive, do you?” The vampire snarled at him, unsheathing his talons. “We’ll see about that! You’re precious prophecy will come to an end tonight and so will the existence of your pack!”

The anger and protective instincts rose inside him. Growling and baring his teeth, Eric lunged forward, flying through the air towards his target. Unsheathing his claws, Eric struck out with a fierce blow, scraping his claws across the vampire’s face. A loud cry of pain came from the vampire as Eric landed a few feet away.

The vampire and Eric circled each other waiting to pounce. The blood trickled down his face from the claw marks. A movement at the edge of the trees distracted Eric for a moment. The vampire took advantage of his split second distraction and lunged at him at the speed of light. The vampire jumped into the air aiming for the Eric’s throat. Eric tried to evade the attack, but the vampire’s talons engraved itself into his side. The pain was so intense he nearly passed out. Lying there, his blood seeped out of the injury and coated his silver-grey fur.

“Look at the little mutt,” the vampire mocked with an evil laugh that echoed through the woods. “And you thought you could beat me!”

Eric opened his eyes and looked over at the vampire standing there with a trail of blood running down its face from his claw marks. Slowly Eric got up and was ready to attack when he noticed four wolves approaching the vampire from behind.

A Prophecy of Destiny Excerpt © 2010 Leiland Dale - All rights reserved.

Leiland Dale

Coming March 2010: A Prophecy of Destiny

Cover Artist: Reese Dante


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Release Day! Unspoken Desires

Unspoken Desires

Tri Omega Mates 5

by Stormy Glenn

Daniel James, required by his alpha to attend a wolf council meeting at Vourdala Island, never expects to run into his mate, Brom McGregor. Several years ago Brom kicked him out of their pack saying he would never mate him, that he didn’t love Daniel. Running into Brom is almost more than he can handle when he knows he still loves the man.

Brom McGregor is shocked to see Daniel, the man he’s always loved and never forgotten. He’s even more shocked when his jealousy makes him to claim Daniel as his mate, especially since Brom is already married with two small children. To add to Brom’s problems, there’s a third mate, Jaryn, that Daniel doesn’t even know about, one that Brom has spent their years apart protecting.

Faced with a hunt to the death ordered by his father because he mated Daniel, Brom is forced to flee with his two small children and Jaryn. The only place he can think to go is to Daniel. Can he convince Daniel that he sent him away all those years ago to save his life even knowing that he’s putting Daniel in danger again? Will Daniel forgive him in time to save Jaryn’s life?

Daniel chuckled as Lucas and Jake argued over whose lap Leyland was going to sit in. Leyland just stood to the side, rolling his eyes. That seemed to be a regular occurrence with those three. Daniel had seen it time and time again since the three men had become mated.
He saw it in the other people that sat around the small fire pit as well. Ryland was curled up with his mates, Gregory and Viktor. Cary sat between his mates, Saul and Ryce. Micah sat with his mates, Caleb and Thomas. Even Sasha was curled up with Vadim.
Daniel was the odd man out. Not even Niko, Vadim’s brother and pack beta, was around. Niko was off spending time with his father. Daniel sat all alone with no mate to cuddle with. As miserable as that was, Daniel was used to his single status, even if he didn’t like it. And that fact was pretty sad.
“You’re the last unmated member of the pack, Daniel.” Leyland giggled from where he now sat in Jake’s lap. “We’re going to have to find you a mate now. There are plenty of single men on the island to pick from.”
Daniel gave Leyland a half smile. “I’m good, Leyland, but thank you.”
Sasha scoffed at Daniel from his position on Vadim’s lap. “Daniel, how can you say that? Having a mate is, well, it’s everything we search for our entire lives. We need our mates.”
This so wasn’t a conversation Daniel wanted to have. “I’m fine, I promise you.”
“Daniel, you’re not fine,” Leyland argued. “You need to find your mate. You need to have the bond that a mate brings to you.”
Daniel grimaced. “Please, Leyland, let’s just drop it.”
“Daniel—” Leyland started only to be interrupted by Jake.
“Baby, you need to drop it,” Jake said. Daniel sent him a grateful smile. “Daniel will find his mate when it’s time.”
Daniel’s gaze looked out beyond the firelight as he mused over Jake’s words. He had never explained to Jake about his life with his former pack beyond saying that he had been kicked out for being gay. Some things were just too painful to discuss.
A movement out by the lake caught his eyes. Daniel looked closer. His gaze settled on the figure of a lone man walking along the edge of the lake across the meadow from where Daniel sat.
He could just make out the man’s striking face from where he sat, but what he couldn’t see in the fading sunlight, Daniel could see in his head. He knew the man had a strong, masculine face, blond hair the color of straw, and eyes as blue as the deepest ocean.
A scar ran from the corner of the man’s left eye down to the edge of his square jaw line. The soft smattering of hair across his muscular pecs was dark brown. It matched the dark shadow that always seemed to be on his face no matter how often he shaved.
The hands he had shoved into the pocket of his jeans were thick and callused from hard work. Daniel knew that as rough as they were, they could be soft and gentle and drive a lover to distraction.
And the deep, raspy voice that could whisper sweet nothings enough to make someone swoon could deliver a killing blow, ripping the heart out of even the strongest man. Daniel knew because it had happened to him.
His eyes never wavered from the lone figure, even as he clenched the beer bottle in his hand until the brown glass shattered. He barely heard the gasps of those around him or the words of concern. He only saw the man walk away until he was out of Daniel’s sight.
Daniel looked down to see Leyland kneeling at his feet, concern written all over his face. It was only then that Daniel realized that he had a broken beer bottle in his bloody hand. He swore under his breath and shook his hand free of any loose glass.
He used the firelight to light his hand and pulled out any remaining glass. Pulling his shirt over his head, he wrapped it around his hand. He felt like an idiot. Daniel climbed to his feet with the intention of leaving his circle of friends before he embarrassed himself any more. He had walked just beyond the edge of light when Leyland’s voice stopped him.
“Is he mad at me? I didn’t mean to make him mad. Was it because I kept telling him he needed to find his mate?” Leyland’s quiet voice wavered as he spoke. Daniel knew he couldn’t let Leyland think it was something he had done.
“No, Leyland, it was nothing you said,” Daniel said quietly.
“I’m sorry if I upset you, Daniel,” Leyland said quickly. “I guess I’m just so happy with Jake and Lucas that I want everyone to feel that way. I want everyone to find their mate.”
Daniel’s eyes strayed to the edge of the lake again. He desperately searched the area for one last look of the man that haunted his dreams. Or maybe they were his nightmares. When he found none, he turned and smiled weakly at Leyland.
“I already found my mate, Leyland, several years ago.” Daniel looked down at the ground before anyone could see the tears gathering in the corner of his eyes. He would be so embarrassed if anyone found out how much misery that that statement caused him.
“You’ve already found your mate?” Leyland cried out.
Daniel nodded, not lifting his head. “You remember that man at the pier, the tall one with the straw-colored hair and deep blue eyes? He was talking with Gregory and Viktor when we arrived. His name is Brom McGregor. He’s my mate.”
“If he’s your mate, then why in the hell aren’t you two together? Doesn’t he know you’re mates?” Leyland asked.
Daniel smirked. “He knows.”
“Then why—”Daniel looked up at Leyland. He tried to smile at Leyland but knew he had failed miserably when Leyland’s sad little eyes looked back at him. Daniel felt a single tear fall down his cheek. “He doesn’t want me.”

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Dark Side of the Veil

Dark Side of the Veil

Dark Court 1

By Stormy Glenn


Zack Banning hasn't had an easy time of it recently. After spending more than fifteen years in the Marines, he's discharged due to a head injury received in combat. With no missions to run or people to save, it's all he can do to get out of bed in the mornings. The pills the doctors have him on to keep his injury-induced delusions at bay don't help the situation.

When he discovers a young man being accosted outside of a bar one night he sees it as a chance to feel the satisfaction of saving someone once again. He just doesn't realize until it's over that the young man came to the bar to warn him that someone is out to kill him. What Eljin tells him is a story so outlandish, Zack begins to wonder if he's having one of his delusions. Because if Eljin's story is true, the entire foundation of everything Zack believes just flew out the window.

Fleeing through the countryside with Eljin, Zack tries to understand everything without telling the man he's nuttier than a fruitcake. But the more time Zack spend with Eljin, the more he wants him until he can't think of ever being separated from the little elf.

The only way to save Eljin is to take him back home—through the veil between the two worlds. Arrival on the elf's side of the veil isn't perfect, however. They encounter a war between the elf worlds, the threat of human invasion, and a bias against humans. Zack and Eljin have to keep their wits about them as they try to save their home, their family, and themselves.

Chapter One
The passion flaming over every inch of his body was burning him alive. He needed more— more touching, more kissing, more everything. Every caress made him crave another. Zack had never desired another person like this in his life.
When the beautiful man above him licked at his nipples, Zack felt like flames licked at his body. He squirmed, trying to get those luscious lips on his other nipple, groaning gratefully when the man complied.
He could feel his hard cock pressing between the man's ass cheeks, a place he wanted to be more than he wanted his next breath. He wanted to feel the hot silk he knew waited for him wrapped around his aching shaft, pumping against him until he passed into oblivion.
"Please," Zack begged when the man's mouth continued to tease him. He'd beg, plead, whimper . . . do whatever he needed to do to get him what he needed.
The man pulled back, grinning down at him before he settled more closely over Zack's groin. A tight hand suddenly grasped Zack's cock, making him suck in his breath. He just might come from that alone.
When the man slowly lowered himself, impaling himself on Zack's cock, Zack didn't know if he would last more than a few minutes. He was so close to orgasm he could almost taste it.
"Oh fuck!" Zack cried out when the man finally bottomed out. His cock was so far inside the man, Zack wasn't sure where he ended and his mysterious lover began. The man moved, slowly at first, then with more speed. Zack rolled his eyes back in his head, overcome with elation unlike anything he'd ever felt with any of his previous sexual partners.
Each thrust felt like he was being squeezed in molten lava. Strong muscles gripped Zack's cock and he doubted he'd have to move at all. The man could just massage him to orgasm. The feeling was exquisite.
Suddenly, the man leaned over him until they were nose to nose. Vivid blue eyes stared down at him. Zack couldn't look away, not even when the man lowered his mouth and kissed him.
Lost in the sweetest flavor he'd ever tasted, Zack barely felt the small nip of teeth until he tasted a light, coppery taste. His eyes widened in shock as he heard the man's voice in his head while their mouths were still connected.
"My leannan," the man whispered into his mind, "come for me, my beautiful leannan. Give me your life, your love, your forever, as I give you mine."
Instantly, Zack stiffened as every nerve ending in his body exploded at the same time. Pleasure shot through him and erupted inside of him. Zack roared as he came, filling the man above him with every last drop he had to give.
He distantly heard the man cry out and felt a hot wetness splatter across his abdomen but he was too far gone to acknowledge it. He floated in a euphoric haze of lust and desire. Zack opened his eyes and looked up at the flushed face of the man who'd just rocked his world.
Sad, azure blue eyes stared back at him as two little words filtered into his mind right before he faded off . . . .
"I'm sorry."

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Love Jaime by AKM Miles

Will Jamie and Grant's new and exciting love for each other be able to withstand Donnie's violent acts of jealousy?

Jamie Taylor meets Grant Stevens through his work as a tech at a physical rehabilitation facility. Sparks ensue and Grant comes out of the closet for Jamie.

Things would be just great if it wasn't for the fact that Jamie has this stalker problem. The administrator's son, Donnie, has a thing for Jamie and doesn't like Grant showing up and horning in on what he considers his territory. Donnie makes his feelings known in a variety of violent ways. He preys upon everyone and everything that Jamie loves. Soon, that includes Grant.

It's hard to get a relationship started in good times, but with Donnie creating mayhem around every corner, it is even more of a challenge. But, Donnie's hate is not nearly as strong as Jamie and Grant's love.

“Please tell me you won’t ever get tired of kissing me.” Jamie didn’t even mind that he sounded like he was begging.

“Not a chance.”

“Mmm, good.”

Grant pulled back his head, smiling at Jamie. “You said something about a nap…with benefits.” He laughed at Jamie’s eager expression.

Jamie helped Grant over to the side of the bed and proceeded to undress him. He went around the bed, undressed and slid in beside him. Just like clockwork, Brit put his head on the side of the bed by Grant, looking hopeful. Grant turned to Jamie.

“No way. Brit, either go to your bed or get out of here. We need some time without doggie love right now.” Brit, looking dejected and unloved, turned and walked out slowly. This time he didn’t even turn to look back at them.

“Jamie, is he…?” Grant obviously fell for the act, which was worthy of the Doggie Oscars.

“Don’t even. You know he’s not neglected.” Jamie laughed at Brit’s acting ability, but he wanted Grant to himself right now. “You and I have plans, dog-free plans. Come here. It’s time to see how far we can go without causing you any pain.”

“Mmm, wha’da’ya have in mind?” Grant turned to face Jamie.

“Well, last night I spent a lot of time getting to know your back side—and lovely it was, too. Today, I think I’d like to become a little more familiar with your front side. Work for you?”

“Yeah, but what about you?” Grant felt that things had been decidedly one-sided.

“What about me? You’re free to do anything you want to my body—after I get better acquainted with yours, that is” Jamie wasn’t into self-denial, but he really did want to get his hands—and his mouth—on Grant.

“Mmm, okay.” Grant eased back down onto his back and waved his arm down his body. “Knock yourself out.”

Jamie snorted a laugh and leaned over to drop a kiss on Grant’s breastbone.

“You’re a goof,” he teased.

“Your goof,” Grant said, waiting to see how Jamie would respond.

“My goof. Yes, mine.”

Oh, Grant’s look said that he liked the way Jamie had responded. He liked it a lot.

“Will you lay on top of me, all of you?” Grant asked, looking into Jamie’s eyes.

“Are you sure? I mean, hip, shoulder, everything okay?” As soon as Grant had asked, Jamie had wanted that more than anything.

“I think so. Just try. I want to feel you, pushing me down into the bed. I want to hold you in my arms, see what it feels like. Please.” Grant, this time, didn’t seem to mind the pleading note in his voice.

Jamie wasn’t about to make the man beg for something they both wanted. He’d be super careful, and at the first sight of a wince or gasp, he’d retreat.

“Here goes…or should I say, here I come?” Jamie leaned up on his elbow then pushed up to his knees and put one leg over Grant’s body, making sure he avoided the sore hip. He put his arm over and put his weight on hands and knees. Lowering his body slowly, he eased down until he touched Grant from top to bottom. Grant shifted a little, getting a nicer fit with their legs, then he put his arms up around Jamie and pulled him tighter to his chest, taking the weight Jamie still held onto with his elbows on the bed.

“Ohhhh, oh, Jamie. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. You feel so good on me.”

“Does it hurt anywhere? Tell me the truth now, Grant. I couldn’t stand to hurt you,” Jamie was torn between enjoying the feeling of being in Grant’s arms and worry about causing him harm.

“No pain, I swear. Just feels…so…good,” Grant said, moving his hands on Jamie’s back now, one riding low, cruising over Jamie’s hard, round butt, obviously loving the way the muscles tightened as he kept up the caresses.

Jamie relaxed and left it up to Grant to tell him if something wasn’t right. He felt free now to focus on the thrill of the moment. Putting his lips to Grant’s neck, right below his collarbone, where it would be hidden by his shirt, he began to suck hard, wanting to put a mark on Grant, wanting to claim him.

Grant gasped and pushed his hips up against Jamie’s, his muscles clenching as the sting hit him. If he felt any pain in his hip, he covered. Jamie felt him relax. It was clear he wasn’t giving this up. Grant hummed deep in his throat as Jamie finally pulled back to look at the spot he’d made on Grant’s skin.

“Sexy…” Jamie murmured, looking at Grant from about an inch away.

***love is love***