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Hypnotic Healing by Gabrielle Evans

[LoveXtreme Forever ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage Romance, M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, demons, light bondage, spanking, sex toys]

Hex has led his warriors through more battles than he can count. They turn to him for answers, for guidance—to show them the way to victory. The responsibility is huge, and the pressure is overwhelming. If they fail, the blame rests with him. Failure is not an option.

Echo can see the strain of war is crushing Hex’s spirit and affecting his health. He’s done everything he knows to do, but still, Hex is resistant to accept his help. Then the unthinkable happens, and Echo is kidnapped and drained. He’s not sure how he survived, but he’s more determined than ever to prove his worthiness of a second chance with his mates.

When the new moon rises, and those they counted as friends turn against them, it will be up to Echo to show Hex the way to heal the madness. How difficult could this leader stuff be?

Story Excerpt

A soft knock sounded from the door, and Hex groaned. It was probably Echo. As much as he adored his mate’s company, he really wasn’t in the mood to deal with the man. He needed to be alone and work out the strange feelings fluttering around inside his chest.

“Hex? Please let me in,” Echo said softly through the heavy wood.

Sighing in resignation, Hex called for his mate to enter. He didn’t move from his position, though. Whatever Echo had to say, he could say it and leave. Hex wasn’t in the mood for reciprocal conversation.

The door creaked open, then closed with a quiet snick. Echo didn’t approach him. No footsteps sounded across the carpeted floor. Apparently, he was just going to stand there and stare.

“Can I help you?” Hex asked with his arm still covering his face. He could feel the pressure building behind his eyes and the quiet ache of his temples. It wasn’t bad yet, but it was headed that way.

“Why won’t you look at me?”

Because I’ll fall apart, Hex thought to himself. One look at Echo’s beautiful face, and everything he was fighting so hard to keep inside would come spilling out in a gush. Maybe once he’d figured out exactly what he was feeling, he’d be ready to talk, but now, with his brain so twisted and snarled, was not the time.

“Echo, I’ll come find you in a little while, okay? I just need some downtime right now.” He hoped he didn’t sound as desperate as he felt. Gods, he just needed the man out of the room.

A quiet sigh reached his ears, and Hex hoped that meant Echo was going to let him have his way. He should have known better.

There was a soft rustling sound, the shuffle of feet, then the bed dipped as Echo crawled up from the end. He didn’t say anything as he stretched out beside Hex and rested his head just over Hex’s heart. His small hand rubbed comforting circles over Hex’s abs as he nestled in closer.

Finally lifting his arm away from his face, Hex blinked to clear his blurry eyes and looked down at his lover. “What are you doing?”

“You said you needed downtime,” Echo whispered. “I’m letting you have that, but you’re not going to hide from me.” He placed a soft kiss over Hex’s heart and draped one slim leg over Hex’s thigh. “Sleep, my love. We’ll talk later.”

There was that damn endearment again that made him feel like a big, mushy pile of goo. It also made his head hurt. He couldn’t give Echo what he wanted. He’d be devoted, affectionate, and attentive, but he couldn’t love the man.

Oh, it would be so easy to fall in love with Echo. Hex had an idea he was more than halfway there already. It wasn’t something he could allow himself to do, though. It made him weak. It made him vulnerable.

And it put everyone he cared about in danger.

Ares believed Hex and the others protected Echo because he was the key to attaining victory in the war. For now, he was toying with them, playing a game like a little boy. Things would go downhill quickly if the vengeful god had even an inkling of how much Echo meant to Hex. The gloves would come off, and the things they’d faced so far would look like rides at a kiddie park.

He didn’t know why the god had such a hard-on for him, but Ares could never know how important Hex’s men were to him.

“This is supposed to be downtime,” Echo whispered drowsily. “You’re thinking too much.” He tilted his head back and popped open one eye. “And you’re not cuddling me properly.”

“Well, I apologize.” Hex smiled a real smile and curled around his mate, winding his arms around Echo and pulling him closer.

“Much better.” Echo sighed and rubbed his cheek over Hex’s chest. “Do you think it’s weird that Gage tries to hide his accent while Craze insists on making up one?”

The shift in the conversation left Hex speechless for a second as his brain tried to catch up. Then Echo laughed and patted Hex’s chest. “Never mind, big guy.” They were quiet for another minute, and Hex had almost drifted off to sleep when Echo spoke again. “Hex?”

“Yes, baby?” Mmm, Echo was so warm, and he smelled so good after his recent shower. His body conformed perfectly to Hex’s, making him sigh in contentment. Why couldn’t things always be this easy?

In the next breath, Echo answered his unspoken question, or more to the point, slapped him in the face with it. “I love you, okay? Don’t be scared. Don’t say anything. Just know I love you.”

Hex’s heart pounded wildly inside his chest, and suddenly, he couldn’t seem to get enough air. Echo had told him not to speak, and he fully intended to follow that order.

Adult Excerpt

Fiero’s tongue licked against his hole, ringing it, and pushing inside. A deep, rumbling growl vibrated Echo’s chest, a sound he’d never heard himself make, and he arched his back and rocked his aching cock against Eyce’s as he pushed back into Fiero’s mouth.

His thirst sated for the moment, another kind of need swept through him, tightening his muscles, and burning his body. “More,” he demanded. A thick finger pushed in beside Fiero’s tongue, sawing in and out of Echo’s clenching hole. It wasn’t enough. “More!”

“Demanding little shit,” Eyce mumbled with a feral grin.

Echo’s loosely held control snapped, and he launched himself off the bed faster than he’d ever moved before. In the next blink, he had Fiero on his back, crawling up his body, and devouring his mouth. He growled and snarled, thrusting his hips against his lover’s naked body, writhing on top of him as his cock pulsed, swelling to the point of pain. “Give. Me. More!”

He felt movement, heard rustling in the background, but his hazy brain couldn’t register who or what made the noise. His throat began to burn again, his fangs lengthening and throbbing as he sucked at Fiero’s neck. “Want you. Want to bury my cock in your tight ass and make you scream my name. Would you like that? Would you like me pounding into you until you come so hard you pass out?”

“Holy fuck.” Fiero groaned, craning his head to the side and arching his back.

That was enough of an answer for Echo. Before he could move to retrieve the lube, though, two slick fingers pushed into his fluttering entrance, and he hissed against Fiero’s throat. Fiero growled, his muscles tightening then relaxing as he fisted his hands in Echo’s hair and attacked his mouth.

The digits sawed in and out of his hole, pumping hard and fast several times before a third joined them and started the process all over again. Echo’s body thrummed with pleasure, his muscles quivering with anticipation.

When Eyce extracted his fingers, Echo shimmied down Fiero’s body, dropping his feet to the floor and hooking the demon’s knees over his arms. With ease, he jerked the warrior to him, dipping two fingers into Fiero’s clenching opening to make sure he was stretched, then swiftly replacing them with the head of his cock. “I can’t go slow,” he warned seconds before he shoved in to the root.

Fiero roared, his inner walls clamping down around Echo’s cock, stroking and massaging him until he thought he’d lose his mind. Leaning over his mate, Echo stretched Fiero’s legs wider, opening him up so he could drive in deeper. Two hard snaps of his hips, and Echo stilled, waiting for Eyce to join them as he swirled his tongue around one of Fiero’s copper-colored nipples.

Eyce parted Echo’s cheeks and rubbed the weeping tip of his cock over Echo’s puckered hole, then rocked forward until the flared crown popped through the guarding ring of muscles. Echo groaned, his eyes rolling back in his head, and pushed back, pulling his dick from Fiero’s ass as he impaled himself on Eyce’s huge length.

Eyce echoed his groan as his fingers dug into Echo’s hips, and he began a slow, deliberate pace. Push and pull, give and take, they found their rhythm and moved as one. Over and over Echo dragged his flexing cock over the straining muscles of Fiero’s hole. Eyce filled him, retreated, and filled him again, stretching his inner walls and brushing over his sweet spot.

His throat felt raw and scratchy, his balls churned and ached, his heart kicked against his sternum, and Echo couldn’t hold back any longer. With a roar loud enough to shake the windows, he jerked his hips, driving into Fiero’s yielding body and demanding Eyce keep pace with him.

Gabrielle Evans

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