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Spirit Wolves 3; Two Mates for a Magistrate by Scarlet Hyacinth




For many centuries, Magistrate Wolfram Rozenstadt shouldered the burden of leadership alone, his only support his best friend, Klaus. But the pain of his people and the loss of lives strains his mind and soul until he is almost lost in his nightmares. Unexpectedly, a vision leads him to his two mates, Dietrich and Fritz, giving him hope.

Dietrich is a witch, having learned from a very young age to loathe the part of him that is a beast. But upon meeting Fritz, his control fails, and he is on the verge of becoming a monster. All the while, Fritz tries to grasp how in the world a relationship which seemed to show such promise turned into an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Wolfram comes to their aid, but an enemy is lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike. And this time, The Magistrate's power might not be enough to defeat the evil watching them.

Story excerpt

Just as he considered this new course of action, Dietrich felt something, an odd attraction reach out. It called out to the instincts of the beast, fighting the veil of magic that held them back. Any other time, Dietrich might have been able to control it, but now, he couldn’t have done it to save his life.

He kept on walking, until he reached a sort of construction site. It seemed like the workers erected a new hospital of sorts, although only the skeleton had been put up so far. Dietrich scanned the area for anything that might have triggered this instinct. His eyes fell on a masculine silhouette, high up on the beams. With his keen eyesight, Dietrich could take in all the exquisite features even from this distance. Sweat shone on a strong, naked, masculine torso, muscles flexing as the man worked on securing the building. The human’s close-cropped blond hair spoke of a distinctive Arian heritage. Dietrich inherited a mixed look, since his father had been French, but not so with this man. Alas, the sun prevented Dietrich from seeing his face.

A shout sounded above him, and Dietrich had the time to jump back before a heavy beam hit the spot where he’d just been. Still, the sudden motion made him lose his balance, an odd thing given that he’d never been caught off guard in his life. Alarmed yells filled the entire area, with every human rushing to check on him. Their distress was entirely justifiable, given the size of the thing that had fallen from above. Even someone like him would have been severely injured, not to mention a frail human.

A heavy hand helped him up, and Dietrich looked up to see the man from before. The bluest eyes in existence scanned him with concern. “Are you all right?” the man asked in German.

“Fine, thank you,” Dietrich replied. His voice sounded weird to his own ears. He hadn’t spoken his native tongue in many years now.

The man didn’t look convinced. Dietrich gripped his hand, and the moment their skin made contact, electricity sizzled over his skin. He started, almost breaking free of the human’s hold, but the stranger held on. Dietrich caught a flash of arousal in the other man’s eyes, and his senses were invaded with the distinctive scent of desire. It would seem their attraction went both ways.

“Are you sure?” he asked Dietrich. “You seem a bit dazed.”

Dietrich wanted to laugh. Of course he was dazed, but not because of any fallen beam. The man’s presence felt intoxicating, and Dietrich’s hand itched to touch all that delicious skin.

He didn’t reply, and the human must have taken it as agreement. Much to Dietrich’s dismay, someone tossed the gorgeous hunk a shirt. “Come on,” the human said as he covered himself. “Let’s get you a drink.”

As they headed away from the accident site, the perfect specimen of manhood spoke again. “I’m Fritz Bauer. What’s your name?”

At last, Dietrich regained his abilities to speak, probably what Fritz had intended in the first place. “Dietrich Dupont. Pleased to meet you.”

Fritz offered him a smile that revealed teeth almost too white to be real. “Likewise.” He gestured toward an improvised bench and miraculously retrieved two beers from somewhere. He offered one to Dietrich and opened the other for himself. Dietrich did the same and took a sip out of his bottle. He hid a grimace at the taste of the low-alcohol brew. Of course, a competent worker would not drink at his workplace.

They sat together on the bench, sipping their beers in silence. “So, I haven’t seen you around,” Fritz said at last. “New in town?”

“Not really,” Dietrich answered, not sure why he even told Fritz this. “I used to live here when I was a kid. It’s the first time I’ve been here since then.” Never mind that his childhood days were four centuries back.

“Oh. Things must really be different now.”

Dietrich couldn’t help but chuckle, and he acknowledged it with a distant shock. He hadn’t laughed in far too long. But he couldn’t help it. Fritz’s words really hit the bull’s-eye. “Are you calling me old?” he asked.

He heard his own flirtatious tone, but he refused to take back the words. Something inside him screamed this was dangerous, but for the first time in many years, he felt comfortable enough to laugh with someone. Fritz grinned back. “Not at all,” he said. “But perhaps I should apologize better. Would you like to have another drink with me when I’m off work?” He smiled apologetically. “A real beer.”

Alarm started screeching in Dietrich’s head. He knew he shouldn’t get involved with this human. Already, the attraction between them threatened the barriers of his control. Casting aside the glum thoughts, he decided to accept. “Sure.”

For a few more minutes, they sat there, chatting about nothing in particular, until at last, the time came for Fritz to get back to work. “Meet you in a few hours in the Plaza?”

Dietrich nodded. Everyone, tourist or local, knew how to get there, and Dietrich doubted its location would have changed, even after four hundred years. “I’ll be waiting.”

Adult excerpt

What little patience Dietrich had left evaporated. He crushed his lips to Wolfram’s, tasting the other man for the first time. Oddly, he thought that he could make the distinction between flavors of his two mates. In a distant part of his mind, he heard the bed creak and registered his human’s presence, just a second before Fritz’s warm hand landed on the naked skin of Dietrich’s chest. Fritz tweaked his nipple, making him groan in Wolfram’s mouth. The scrape of his mate’s nails over the tiny bud went straight to his cock, impossibly making him even harder. Wolfram bit his lip, and the sharp pain sizzled over him like a promise.

Dietrich broke apart from his mate, needing to touch back. What little clothing remained flew off, and Dietrich found himself kneeling on the bed, sandwiched between two hard, male bodies. Dietrich swept his hands over all the naked skin, loving the feel of the rippling muscles under his fingertips. He’d barely ended the kiss with Wolfram when Fritz took his mouth. Dietrich gave and devoured in equal measure, the kiss hovering between a battle for dominance and a languorous dance of passion. When it ended, he pushed Wolfram down, and Dietrich climbed into the other wolf’s lap. Wolfram’s erection nudged against his crease, and Fritz’s heat threatened to melt him right then and there.

Sensations coursed through him, and he suddenly ached to feel his mates inside of him. His wolf wanted to surrender, to trust in the embrace of two men who wouldn’t betray him, to let go in a way he’d never been able to.

He rubbed against his mates, making both of them groan. Wolfram tilted his head to nibble at his neck. Dietrich hissed, aching to have his mate’s fangs in his flesh. He didn’t even know where that idea came from, since he’d never done it before with a lover, but there it was.

They tortured with him with light, sensual motions, until Dietrich thought he would go mad. At last, the wolf broke free, and he tore himself away from Wolfram. Changing their positions, he pounced on his human mate. Seconds later, he crushed his lips to Fritz’s, barely managing to avoid biting into Fritz’s lip. The other man didn’t seem to mind his aggression. If anything, it made him turn up the heat even further, and he echoed Dietrich’s movements with something akin to desperation.

Wolfram caressed Dietrich’s back, and his wolf mate’s touch made him shudder and lose focus. When Wolfram separated his ass cheeks and rubbed a dry finger over his hole, Dietrich pushed back, wordlessly begging for invasion. “Lube,” Wolfram said. “Where?”

Dietrich broke the kiss with Fritz, giving his human enough time to answer. “Night table,” Fritz replied, panting.

Wolfram’s hands disappeared and returned in maybe a few seconds, but Dietrich still felt their absence. A trickle of lube slipped down the crack of his ass. Fritz took advantage of the moment to slip from under him and position Dietrich on all fours. Fritz’s cock bobbed in front of him, and Dietrich’s mouth watered at the sight.

He gazed up at Fritz, growling, “Come on. Fuck my face.”

Fritz didn’t hesitate a single second. He fed his prick into Dietrich’s mouth. Dietrich gladly parted his lips and took the hard shaft in his mouth. The moment his mate’s flavor exploded on his taste buds, his brain switched off, turning into pure instinct. Everything else disappeared but the need to be one with his mates. Fear became a recollection so distant he couldn’t be bothered to care about it.

Fritz tasted intoxicating, the spicy and sweet flavor better than anything Dietrich ever experienced in his life. He bobbed his head up and down the thick shaft, loving the weight of it on his tongue. It was his turn to tease and torture, his turn to devour Fritz whole.

A finger invaded Dietrich’s backside, making him tense in surprise. He wanted this, yes, but he hadn’t taken anyone inside of him in forever. In fact, he’d never acquired a taste for being at the receiving end of things with another man, and it surprised him that he wanted to do so now. Wolfram caressed his hip, and Fritz’s hand eased into his hair, and all the misgivings vanished, melting into pure passion.

Dietrich struggled to focus on the cock in his mouth. It wasn’t easy with Wolfram finger-fucking him, but he found help in the desire to taste his mate and the ingrained discipline of so many years of keeping control over his wolf. He wanted them all to experience this ecstasy, to feel the pleasure he did.

A second finger joined the first inside him, while Dietrich licked and sucked at Fritz’s dick. At first, both Fritz and Wolfram kept their motions gentle. Wolfram prepared Dietrich’s body with almost excruciating slowness, while Fritz allowed Dietrich to do whatever he wanted, visibly restraining himself.

When his wolf mate’s fingers rubbed his prostate, Dietrich growled, the gentleness no longer enough. He wanted to be fucked, and he wanted it now. Behind him, Wolfram let out a low chuckle. “Eager, aren’t we?”

Dietrich would’ve been pissed, but he heard the strain in Wolfram’s voice and knew his mate wanted this just as much as he did. Wolfram’s fingers left Dietrich’s body, and a few seconds of pained anticipation followed. He waited until, at last, his wolf mate’s cock nudged at his entrance.

Slowly, Wolfram pushed inside, the burn of the stretch both delicious and painful. Dietrich had seen Wolfram’s impressive cock. He might’ve doubted his ability to take it, but he knew they were mates. Their bodies, like their souls, were made for each other.


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