Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mate Dance by Amber Kell

Mate Dance
Released September 17th BUY link

Heading to a bar after a dance performance, intergalactically famous dancer, Raven, ran into a little girl beside the dead body of her grandmother. His one good deed in helping out the little girl would lead him into the arms of a dragon prince. Raven soon learns that once a dragon spots its mate it will keep him closer than gold.


Prince Kaemon paced the foyer waiting for a girl supposedly his daughter. How could he have a daughter and not know? Shouldn't his dragon senses have kicked in to let him know another person with his DNA walked the planet?

Thank the dragon goddess for the man who’d found his daughter.

"Sit down, Kaemon." His father, King Avin, waved a hand towards a bench beside him. "She'll be here any minute. You seem excited. I thought you didn't want children."

The prince spun on his heel and glared at his father. "Not wanting a child in theory is not the same as not wanting a child once born. If I'd been aware of her birth, I would've participated in her life."

Fury ate away at Kaemon. The fact that he could barely remember the woman who gave birth to his daughter didn't take away from the fact that she’d stolen those years from Kaemon. Years he could've spent bonding with a girl who had his blood pulsing in her veins. If the mother weren't already dead, he would've killed her. The idea of having someone to carry on the family name caused an odd combination of joy and anxiety.

The sound of a hovercar pulling up outside had him spinning towards the door. He held himself in check as a servant stepped forward and opened the front door. Kaemon ignored the mild reproving look he received from the elderly servant. This was his one chance to meet his little girl for the first time.

Three men stepped through the doorway. One was holding the hand of a little girl who clung to him like a lifeline. A pretty thing with long blonde hair and big brown eyes flecked with green.

Dragon eyes.

As a female, she'd never shift, but her eyes gave her bloodline away.

The officers approached, bowed low to his father first and then to Kaemon.

"I'm Officer Baines, and this is Officer Trewel," the sandy-haired man said, waving a hand towards his partner.

"Officers." King Avin gave a genial nod. "Thank you for finding her and bringing her to her new home. Good evening, Trisha," he said gently to the little girl.

"This isn't my home," the girl piped up, glaring at the men surrounding her. "My home is downtown. It's a white house with green trim."

"Don't you want to live here?" his father asked the girl, waving a hand to indicate the enormous stone entryway. “Haven’t you always wanted to be a princess in a castle?”

"No." The girl stamped her foot.

"Now, Trisha, you're going to hurt the king's feelings," a smooth voice drawled. To Kaemon's astonishment, the girl immediately subsided. She flashed a guilty glance toward Kaemon’s father but didn't say anything more. Kaemon took his first good look at the man standing beside her and his heart stuttered in his chest. As a prince he had dated many beautiful men, but none of them were as breathtaking as this one. The world dropped away as he looked into a pair of impossibly gorgeous blue eyes.

In the back of his mind, Kaemon thought the other man looked vaguely familiar, but he just couldn’t seem to come up with a name to go with the beautiful face. .

"Do you have a name?" he asked.

"Oh, sorry." The man gave a graceful bow to each royal. "I'm Raven."

Kaemon’s throat went dry as recognition jolted through him, and for the first time in his life, he felt star-struck. The most famous dancer in the galaxy stood in his foyer holding the hand of his previously unknown daughter.

"I-I'm Prince Kaemon."

Raven flashed him a wide smile that exposed a pair of deep dimples. Kaemon had seen that smile on more news stories than he could remember. He blamed his excitement over meeting his daughter for not recognizing the bachelor of his dreams. More than one jerk-off fantasy had featured the gorgeous man before him.


Visions of licking the dimples and sampling the man's flavor flashed through Kaemon's mind. His dragon stirred within. They both wanted this man.


The gorgeous man was talking, but it took a moment for Kaemon to yank his attention from Raven’s lush lips to focus on what he was saying.

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