Friday, September 9, 2011

Kade and the Captives by Gale Stanley

Kade and the Captives

Symbiotic Mates: 5

A MMM Shape-shifter romance


A drunken bet with his boyfriend leads Noah to the Wolf Den and a night of wild sex he'll never forget. But he gets more than he bargained for when he ends up in the middle of a war between Lycans and vampires.

The pack Alpha has plans for the human male drinking in the Wolf Den and he orders Kade, his enforcer, to seduce Noah. Noah is easy on the eyes and Kade agrees, but sparks fly and the Lycan finds himself wondering if he's the one who's been seduced. When the Alpha finally reveals his plan for the blue-eyed blond, Kade knows he'll never be able to carry it out.

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Noah's heartbeat raced as two big hands came around to rest on the bar, effectively trapping him. He recognized the ring on the man's left hand; it was the hot bartender, back from his break. Kade leaned over Noah's shoulder and whispered. "You're not leaving already." Hot breath against Noah's ear turned up his core temperature and he practically melted into the man. "We haven't had a drink yet." The bartender nipped his lobe.

Noah's cock filled. Tongue-tied, he could only sit there with his mouth open as Toby got up and the man at his back replaced the redhead.

He placed a possessive hand on Noah's thigh. "I'm Kade."


Two more shots appeared in front of them.

"Drink up, Noah. I want a dance."

The next thing he knew, they were on the dance floor, and Kade was grinning seductively, his hands on Noah's hips holding him firmly in place. He made a note to tell Jesse everything he'd heard about werewolves was true—they were sexy as hell.

"Put your arms around me, Noah," Kade murmured as he pulled Noah a little closer.

Noah shuddered; he had consumed just enough alcohol to loosen his inhibitions, and he circled the Lycan's waist. Sweat and animal musk filled his nose and the music lulled his brain.

Kade nuzzled his neck. "You smell real good and you have such pretty lips." He hauled Noah in for a kiss. An insistent tongue stabbed at the seam of Noah's mouth until he surrendered and opened to it. Stop, Noah, now. He forced himself to pull back. "Oh… Geez, Kade, let's have another drink."

"We will." Kade pressed his hands on the small of Noah's back, forcing him closer still. "Later." Noah's head spun. It could have been the alcohol, or Kade's erection grinding against his own, but he had no will to argue.

"Feel what you do to me." Kade's hard length pressed against him, and Noah suppressed a shudder. "So, what are you going to do about it?"

Oh, God. Noah felt his face flame and moaned into another hot kiss.

"I want to touch you." Kade whispered against his cheek.

Noah could no more stop him than he could stop breathing.

Kade's hands slipped past the waistband of Noah's jeans, gripped his ass, and squeezed. Long fingers traced his crack, and one circled his hole. Noah's knees buckled and he let out a moan. Oh, God. Don't stop. "Fuck, Kade, you need to stop."

Kade held him up and murmured in his ear, "You don't really want me to stop, do you?"

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