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Kyle's Return by Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen

Phoenix Rising 2


AVAILABLE: Saturday, December 17th


[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters]

When a young man is found murdered in an alley, Detective Anthony Santano follows his gut instincts right to the city morgue only to witness Kyle’s return three days later. When keeping Kyle safe in Portland is no longer an option, Tony enlists the help of some not-so-law-abiding men to get them out of the state.

Struggling to make it day to day, Kyle Talon feels all alone in the big city. When his young life is brutally snuffed out in a dark alley, Kyle is surprised to find himself alive. He's even more shocked to discover himself falling in love with the detective that witnessed his return to the land of the living and has sworn to protect him.

They embark on a journey that not only strengthens Kyle as a man but also teaches the detective that he has more to give than he ever thought possible. Together, they just might have a chance.


Detective Anthony Santano listened as the first officer on scene ran the details down to him. There was a Caucasian male, about twenty-one years old, red hair, no distinguishing marks except for a strawberry birthmark on the side of his neck resembling a bird. The victim had been stabbed repeatedly in his chest and arms and bled out.

Tony walked over to the dumpster and crouched down, studying the victim. His eyes skimmed over the bloody shirt with multiple rips from the knife inflictions. He used a pen from inside his jacket pocket to press the fingers of one hand back, noticing defensive wounds on the victim’s palms. The kid had fought like hell to survive.

Tony shook his head at the senseless killing. This guy had so much life left to live. He stood, looking around the area for clues. There was a backpack close-by, a ratty-looking thing. Tony grabbed a pair of gloves from one of the officers on the scene and snapped them on.

He grabbed the backpack and opened it. There wasn’t much in there. Tony dug deeper and found a worn, well-used brown wallet. He set the bag on the ground and opened the billfold. There were some receipts, three one-dollar bills, and a state ID card. Tony pulled the ID card out, studying it.

Kyle Talon. The address didn’t put him far from here, but it was the birthday that made Tony curse. It was the guy's twenty-first birthday. It sucked to be murdered on your birthday. Kyle was too young to have his life snuffed out.


“Problem, detective?” one of the officers asked.

Tony shook his head, feeling a tightening in his chest as he studied the picture of a very gorgeous young man. “Today was his twenty-first birthday."

The officer tsked as he walked over to Tony. “That’s what happens when you live in this neighborhood. Life ain’t easy and some don’t make it. But it does suck to die on your birthday.”

Wasn’t that the truth? Tony had seen horrors in his time. But what was the worst horror of all was seeing the young die. Tony was about to hand the wallet and ID over when something clicked in his head.

He studied the face of the man on the card, noticing that he had died on his twenty-first birthday. He couldn’t help but think of the case he could never close. Collin Phoenix had died on his twenty-first birthday and then three days later, walked right out of the morgue.

Tony noticed the red hair, just like Collin’s, and the small, slim build, just like Collin’s. He wondered for a brief moment if he weren’t just reading too much into this. The guy lying there dead even had the same strawberry patch that was in the shape of a bird…just like Collin’s.

This made Tony glance around, studying the onlookers, and even the officers. He wasn’t too sure what to expect, but he didn’t see any malicious-looking thugs hanging around. He finally handed over the evidence and then studied the body once more before heading to his car.

There was one thing he did know for sure. Tony was going to be morgue sitting for the next three days. He had to know if what he was thinking was truth or a fucking fantasy.

* * * *

Three days later, Tony waited until he saw the two morgue workers leave after the phone call Tony had placed saying that the medical examiner's wife was at the hospital. It was a low move, but Tony needed to get into the morgue without witnesses.

He stole along the hallway, watching over his shoulder as he pushed the doors open. He never did like this place. It always gave him the creeps. Tony had seen his fair share of dead bodies in his line of work, but somehow it was different here in the morgue. They seemed creepier here.

He glanced around one last time before crossing the room to the cold-storage unit. Pulling the door open, he walked inside the freezing cold room. God, this was nerve-racking. He knew what was going to happen, but it was still weird as fuck.

Tony searched the labels on each silver-colored door until he found the one he was looking for. He opened the small door and pulled the drawer out that had Kyle Talon lain out on it then pulled the sheet back. His stomach rolled at all the knife wounds scattered about the young man’s body. He couldn’t understand how anyone could do that to another human—


Tony jumped back when Kyle’s eyes suddenly popped open, blinking rapidly as he stared up at the ceiling. Damn, his heart was beating out of control. This was some strange ass voodoo shit right here.

“Oh, god!” Kyle shouted as began to thrash around. “Oh fucking hell.”

Tony hesitated for a moment and then closed the distance, grabbing onto Kyle. “Keep quiet before everyone knows you’re not dead!”

“You did this to me! Get off of me!” Kyle rolled off the slab and onto the floor with a thud. He winced and then pushed to his feet, swaying as he backed away from Tony. “What did you do to me? How? How can I be alive?”


Kyle woke with sweat pouring off of him. He stiffened when he felt an arm pull him closer to a hard chest. It took him a moment to remember where he was and who was lying next to him. Kyle lay there quietly, letting his imagination take flight, pretending that they were a real couple and that Tony cuddled him all of the time.

He wasn’t sure why he was allowing the fantasy to play out in his mind, but with the way his life was turning out, Kyle needed someone. Not just anyone, but Tony. The man was strong, reassuring, and exuded masculinity. Something Kyle had always craved.

He swallowed hard when he felt a hard cock press against his back. Kyle was afraid to move a muscle. His heart was beating out of his chest as Tony grumbled, shifted round, and then pressed his hard shaft hard into Kyle’s denim-covered ass.

Kyle bit his lip to stop the moan threatening to spill. His hands curled into fists as he pressed them into his stomach, waiting, wanting.

His breath froze in his lungs when Tony’s hand skimmed up his body, his fingers made circular motions on his hips, and then continued its trek up his side. He wanted desperately to turn over, to let Tony have whatever it was he wanted, but fear kept him rooted to the spot. Fear of his inexperience, fear of rejection, but most of all, fear of having his heart broken.

Because whether Kyle liked to admit it or not, he was falling hard for Tony.

He did groan when Tony’s lips softly kissed behind his ear and then trailed down the back of his neck. The hot breath blowing across his flesh was spicy, masculine, and welcoming. Kyle was dying for a kiss, to feel Tony’s tongue exploring his mouth was just too much to hope for.

“I know you’re awake. Do you want me to stop?”

Kyle bit his bottom lip as he smashed his eyes together. Did he? Did he want Tony to stop the one thing Kyle had craved his whole adulthood? The closeness. A connection to someone? “N-No.”

Tony’s strong hand pulled at Kyle’s shoulder, turning him over to stare up into the detective’s rich, deep blue eyes. In that span of time, that single moment, Kyle would have given Tony his soul. He looked at Kyle as if he truly mattered. Tony’s fingers ghosted over Kyle’s face, his lips slowly capturing Kyle’s.

Kyle whimpered softly as he allowed Tony to kiss him. He had never opened himself this way and it scared him right down to his toes. One of Tony’s hands pushed under Kyle, pulling him closer as his tongue pushed between Kyle’s lips, wanting entrance. Kyle opened, finally tasting man and desire as Tony’s tongue swept through his mouth, making him want things he thought he would never or wasn’t allowed to have.

Kyle uncurled his hands, tentatively reaching out and grabbing Tony’s shirt, gripping it tightly as he opened his mouth wider, trying his best to drink Tony in. He gasped when one of Tony’s legs slid between his, giving his hardening cock friction as Tony’s hand encouraged Kyle’s hip to move.

He rode the strong, muscular leg as Tony slowly rolled until he was lying on top of Kyle, his weight pressing Kyle into the cot. His head spun as Tony ground his cock into Kyle. He took a chance and reached up, circling his arms around Tony’s neck, feeling how strong the man truly was by the broad shoulders he felt under his hands.

Kyle’s stomach flexed nervously when he felt Tony reach between them and unsnap Kyle’s jeans. Kyle wanted. He wanted with a desperation that bordered on madness as he squirmed around, allowing Tony to pull his jeans down his thighs.

“Kyle,” Tony moaned as he broke the kiss and then slowly pushed himself down Kyle’s body until his lips hovered over Kyle’s hard cock. Kyle hissed when Tony took his shaft into his mouth. Kyle began to pant as he received his very first blow job. He cried out, unable to stop his orgasm. Kyle had wanted it to last, but his body was too amped up, too excited to hold off.

Tony gave off a low growl as he drank Kyle’s seed down his throat, licking him clean as he massaged Kyle’s balls.

Kyle blinked up at the ceiling, unsure of what he should do now. He lay there stiffly as he wondered what Tony wanted. Tony gave one long lick to his still-hard cock and then climbed back up Kyle’s body.

“Fuck, Kyle. You taste delicious.” Tony took Kyle’s lips, sharing the taste of his own body with him. Kyle groaned. He wanted to do the same to the man showing so much more, but he was afraid to ask.

Tony leaned forward, grinding his cock into Kyle’s. He wished Tony didn’t still have his jeans on. He wanted to do something. He wasn’t sure what, but he wanted to make Tony cry out his name.

Kyle’s fingers fumbled between them, trying to unsnap the detective’s jeans. It wasn’t as easy as Tony had made it seem. His new lover smiled into his mouth, reaching between them, helping Kyle free his shaft.

For the first time in Kyle’s life, he held another man’s cock in his hand. He began a slow stroking motion, his fingers gliding over the silky shaft.

Tony bit Kyle’s lower lip, pushing his cock into Kyle’s hand with his hips. “Do you want to suck it?”

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