Monday, December 19, 2011

Talon's Treasure by Amber Kell


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Book five in the Supernatural Mates Series

A romantic winter retreat for the shifters turns into a fight with Mother Nature...and a killer.

When Adrian and Talan decide they need to spend some time alone, they drive up to a group of cabins owned by Adrian’s old pack. However, instead of the romantic escapade they’d envisioned, their trip results in them finding the dead body of the caretaker, stabbed in the back.

Adrian’s determination to find out what happened leads them straight into the path of a killer, who thinks nothing of shooting a wolf shifter. With Adrian bleeding in his arms, Talan vows that whoever dared to harm his mate would soon breathe their last. Now trapped in the victim’s cabin, their tyres slashed and a snowstorm on the way, however will they pass the time?


Talan crouched in the grass, tail waving. He waited for the human-shaped wolf to walk past. One more step. One more little foot forward and he’d...

"I know you’re out there, cat, and I’m wearing my only suit. Don’t even think about it," Adrian’s voice rang out over the field.

Talan thought it over for a moment, wiggled his butt then pounced.

"Oof." The wolf-human made the best sounds. Talan held down his pretty human with his large paws and let out a happy purr.

"Damn lion, let me up."

Adrian’s mouth twitched up at the corner as he snarled at Talan. Talan gave a happy snuffle and licked his wolf-human up the side of his face, absorbing the taste and scent of his mate.

"Stop that. You know I hate the sandpaper kiss!" Adrian squirmed beneath Talan’s hold, trying to get away.

Talan focused on his paws. To take care of the pesky buttons covering Adrian’s fine form, fingers were needed. With a deep breath he called to his inner human. Fur sank into flesh as paws separated, transforming into hands and feet. The breeze, mildly cool before, became freezing against his bare, non-fur-covered skin.

"You can’t be naked out here, it’s too cold," Adrian scolded. Talan’s mate went from annoyed to concerned caretaker faster than a NASCAR driver.

Talan jumped to his feet, pulling Adrian up as he went. He scowled at the wolf shifter’s thin suit jacket, definitely not thick enough to handle the cold temperature. "Talking about lack of proper clothing, where’s your coat?"

Adrian smiled. "I don’t need one. Wolves don’t feel the cold as much as you savannah lovers."

Talan rolled his eyes, wrapped his arms around his mate and pulled him close. Smiling, he playfully rubbed his nose against Adrian’s. "You’re right. I only love the cold when it’s snowy outside and I get to stay bundled inside with my favourite wolf."

"Then you’re going to love the place at Steven’s Pass."

Dazzled by Adrian’s wide smile, it took Talan a moment to register the other man’s words.

"What are you talking about?"

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