Saturday, June 9, 2012



The rave party of the year is top heavy.
It's the Gay Party of the Year and beautiful blond twink, Shane, scores an
invite but he's horrified to discover he's been invited because they all
want is to gang bang his hot ass. Shane has always been a top and the idea
of guys poking his tight ass makes him shudder. No amount of money will make
him change his mind then someone gets the bright idea of spiking his drink.

I should be in New York or San Francisco, London or Amsterdam, Berlin or Rome showing those fuckers what real beauty is all about. People stare open mouthed when I walk by. They can’t believe how good looking I am, or what a hot body I have. They all want a piece of me. Plus I dance like a fuckin’ angel, I fuck like the devil himself and I got the personality that makes God envious.

Yeah, you may think I come across as arrogant or conceited, but I’m just tellin’ it like it is, baby. You want me, it’s on my terms. And you better be one hot fucker yourself with an asshole that likes insatiable cock. That’s what I am, fuckin’ insatiable. Never met anyone yet can tame my prick. Not idle boasting either. Pop a Viagra and I can perform for days. Couple of big producers wanted to make me a star in pornos. Nope, I’m gonna go legit. Modeling or Hollywood. That gives you some idea of just how hot I am. Think of sizzling then quadruple it.

Got it now?

Seems Ferdie never got it right. Sure, he wanted my cock in his shit-hole on a regular basis and I was happy to oblige. Fuck, why not? He’s right next door. The only thing more convenient would be if assholes were delivered. But he kept moaning about me giving up my hole to him. I learned to take his cock most of the way down my throat just to get him to keep his trap shut with the woe and the misery.

I could have easily taken the whole fuckin’ dick, knob and all down my gullet but I like to preserve a little mystery. Made it easier to take him blasting a load inside my mouth. If the cock’s in your throat it bypasses your taste buds and your swallow muscles, just heads straight down to your stomach acid without you having to do anything. Those crazy intestines take care of everything.
So I was surprised, pleasantly, when Ferdie didn’t bang on about his fuckin’ ‘needs’ on that particular day. What? He thinks I don’t have needs of my own? But he did mention The Party. The way he said it I knew it was a big deal. I heard the capitals in the way he said it. I was intrigued.

Even in a city the size of the one where I found myself stranded until I could make the bucks to head to the sin capitals overseas, I was running out of partners my equal. It was one of the reasons I kept returning to Ferdie, apart from the convenience. He was hot, and when he wasn’t sulking, he was a great lay.

“I’ll nail that ass of yours one day,” he’d joke after every session. It was getting very tedious. Time for new pastures. There had to be some good looking men in the town apart from Ferdie.

I’d got a bit desperate at times and let a couple of guys not quite up to my usual standards sample the goods. A couple more who looked promising wanted to breach the security area around my ass and I had to tell them, sometimes in less than friendly terms, no way!

So when Ferdie mentioned The Party he had me and my cock’s undivided attention.

“Biggest party on the gay map in this city,” he said proudly.

“Anyone of importance is there, people come from all over and they have the best backroom for all-out fucking like you’ve never seen before. Goes on all weekend.”

My cock twitched its approval.

“How do I get a ticket?”

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