Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cold Steel and Hot Lead by Karen Mercury

Stuck on a snowbound train in Laramie, Wyoming, is Senator Derrick Spiro, traveling to introduce a measure giving women the right to vote. While watching a magician making a girl vanish, Derrick meets Rudy Dunraven, escape artist. When the girl fails to materialize again, the men flee from the unruly lynch mob.
They are assisted in their quest to find the real kidnapper by Alameda Hudson, bolting from a disastrous engagement to a serial cheater. A helpful and mischievous spirit instructs Alameda to join the play the circus is putting on in town. All three, tortured by past failed loves, are reluctant to love again. But they have no one to trust but each other, and they can’t clear their names until Alameda puts herself in danger during the final act of the play.
Alameda hopes she lives long enough to be the first woman voter in America.

Adult excerpt:
“Do you like this, Derrick? Do you like being fucked by this dildo?”
So that’s what it was. How did Rudy have a dildo handy? Rudy was so lecherous it didn’t surprise Derrick, but he could hardly answer with his face smashed against Alameda’s steamy crotch. He just groaned, but this encouraged Rudy, who squiggled the dildo another inch inside him.
Rudy cradled Derrick’s back to his torso now, his free hand snaking around and gripping Derrick’s prick with a palm full of grease. “You like being buggered by another man, don’t you,” Rudy suggested. “You like having this long hard thing up your ass. God, your cock is the biggest I’ve ever had in my fist. You’re well-hung like a stallion, did you know that? You’ve got the most beautiful, fattest, circumcised tool I’ve ever frigged. Does it make you hot licking your fetching belle like that, coaxing an explosive orgasm from her?”
“Damn it to hell, Rudy!” Alameda shrieked so loudly the neighbors next door could probably hear her. She had the high-pitched nearly hysterical tone of a woman who would tear someone’s head off if she wasn’t satisfied this instant. Derrick had heard that tone before from his wife, Cora, and more recently from Alameda herself, and she would not be ignored. “Shut up with your nasty talk and just give it to him! Gripping the back of Derrick’s head, she smashed his face to her pussy and humped his face frantically.
Derrick would have laughed if he wasn’t being buggered and frigged forty-six ways to Sunday. Rudy’s experience in the underworld of bumfucking was sending Derrick over the edge. He had the showman’s ability to manipulate the dildo with precision, simultaneously corkscrewing his fist up and down the length of Derrick’s pleasured cock, his thumb describing ecstatic figure eights. Derrick heard Rudy chuckle at the exact moment the dildo hit a highly sensitive spot Derrick had never known existed, and what felt like a bucket of jism instantly shot from his aroused cock.
Derrick somehow had the presence of mind to reapply himself to his lapping. He was rewarded when Alameda’s keening became higher and higher in pitch like a teakettle about to boil. When he heard her hold her breath he knew she was set to topple over that cliff and plunge into a wrenching orgasm. Rudy milked Derrick’s cock and continued to expertly fuck him while a tidal wave of sweet pussy juice poured from Alameda.

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Karen Mercury

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