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Shattered Glass by A.C. Katt

 Can love survive and be rekindled when a heart is broken like Shattered Glass.

Liam knew he loved Milo, even as a kid. But their fame and fortune can't buy him the happiness of taking Milo out of the closet and be able to freely express their love. Unfortunately, there is someone out there who will do anything to tear them apart. He conspires to break the lovers up in the most vicious way possible.

Six years later, Liam is older, wiser, and has rebuilt his life after the devastating loss of his lover. Forced by his loyalty to a friend, Liam agrees to a working reunion with Milo. When they realize what was done to them, they band together to uncover the web of lies that pulled them apart.

An Excerpt from Shattered Glass from MLR Press.

Can love survive and be rekindled when a heart is broken like Shattered Glass?

Liam caressed Milo’s cheek and hair. “What if this is all I ever wanted? What if all I want is you?”

Milo wanted Liam so much, but he felt an obligation to make sure his baby knew exactly what he asked. “You know as of this morning you no longer have any obligation to me, the band, or even the record company. You could go to college, even to Julliard. You have a genius for music. You don’t have to tie yourself to me.”

Liam stared into his eyes. “I know what I want. You are my Pied Piper.” Liam reached up and traced Milo’s lips and ran his fingers through his hair. “I love you, Milo. Only you, for always. Screw the party—I only want you.”

Milo lost control. No one could say he hadn’t done his duty by Lily’s son. He had loved his baby for too long to refuse him now. Milo took Liam’s hand and turned it up to meet his lips. He kissed his palm and worked his mouth up to the sensitive pulse point in his wrist. There, where the vein traveled straight up to his baby’s heart, he sucked up a mark. Liam reacted, unlacing Milo’s costume in frantic pursuit of his naked skin.
Milo raised his hand to let Liam know they’d reached the hotel. The driver took them around to the back entrance. From there they took the elevator up to the suite.

As the doors closed, Milo pushed Liam against the mirrored walls. “I’ve had a hard-on for six years waiting for you, love,” he said as he ground their groins together. “Feel me.”

Liam placed wet kisses behind Milo’s ear and nipped at his earlobe. “I want you. I need you.”

Milo crushed Liam against him. “I need you too, baby.” 

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Writing as AC Katt

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