Friday, August 24, 2012

A BAT OUT OF HELL by Gale Stanley

Hybrids 2

A caver looking for the discovery of a lifetime…

A hybrid freak hiding from the men who created him…

Bonding may be their only hope for survival.

Coming October 6 2012
Available for Pre-order at Silver Publishing:

EXCERPT (Unedited Sneak Peek)

I'm Flying
The air smells so fresh and clean.
I want to soar higher and touch the stars.
The mountains below are hidden by clouds.
I stick my tongue out and taste marshmallow fluff.
The sense of freedom is so exhilarating.
I'm Falling…

119 jerked and his limbs thrashed wildly. The ground was coming up fast and everything was a blur, but instead of colliding with the earth, he collapsed on a soft surface. Suddenly his eyes flew open. Disoriented, his gaze went directly to the transparent wall of his cell where lights shone through the glass, twinkling like stars, so close and yet so far. Bogus, all of it—technology imitating nature. It had been such a vivid dream 119 felt devastated by a loss of freedom he'd never really had. But it had felt so real… He bit back angry tears; he had only ever been free in his dreams. Clutching the sweat-soaked sheets that covered the narrow institutional bed, he turned his head away from the galaxy of flashing electronic lights and finally spotted the two men watching him from a dim corner of the cell. Two pairs of glittering eyes met his and he felt impaled by their steady gaze. 
"Hello, 119." Kane's voice, smooth as a cat's purr, set off warning bells. Guards did not enter the cells after lights out. "We want to have a little chat."
Chat: a prison euphemism for sex.
"Just a quiet talk among friends." Curt spoke in a bored voice. "Okay?" He cracked his knuckles and then stretched his thick neck to his right shoulder and then the left.
No! I don't want to talk to either of you. "Yes."
"See, Curt. I told you he was a good boy." 119 cringed at the mocking smile on Kane's face. Despite Curt's taller stature and thick girth, it was Kane who frightened 119 more. With his slicked back hair, chilling, close-set eyes and wispy goatee, Kane looked like the devil himself.

Happy Reading

Gale Stanley

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