Monday, August 27, 2012

The Unveiling by JC Szot


Disgraced in front of his community, Neil Regal flees. When his car breaks down, he is forced into a blizzard on foot. When Dr. Danielle "Dale" Olson finds Neil the next day on her property, she takes him in.
While recuperating from his injuries, Neil's secretive past haunts him. Living the life of a recluse since her dark days in the film industry also has Dale on her guard. With Neil in her house, there is much to lose—her career, as well as her reputation as a doctor.
Only having experience with cold, hard sex for the purpose of making a good film, Dale is at odds with how to convey her feelings. With a handsome man in close proximity, Dr. Danielle Olson now has to figure out how to help herself after helping so many others, and Neil Regal is just the therapy she needs.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Story Excerpt
The fire crackled. The room was as toasty as a sauna. She’d set up a small table. A glass of water and a steaming bowl of what he’d probably smelled in the crock pot awaited him. Neil's heart swelled with gratitude, but he was afraid to speak. He didn’t want to say or do anything wrong that might scare her. He’d already made a bad move earlier by reaching out to her, a physical gesture of thanks. She sat him down on the edge of the sofa bed. His backpack was on the floor close by, leaning against a brown recliner. He caught her eyes briefly, playing it safe this time.
         “I know I keep saying this, but…I just want to thank you.”
          “No problem. Where are you from?” Her head tilted in question. Neil’s mind spun. He knew the question was coming, but hadn’t prepared for it. He couldn’t lie. This woman had saved his life.
          “I’m from Bucks County.” He held his breath, not wanting to zero in on his exact geographical location. Pennsylvania was a huge state. He wasn’t sure where he was exactly. He’d only been about thirty miles from the Ohio border when the car seized.
  Dale nodded. Her next question had his brow beading with sweat. “Oh, I know where that is. A bit far from home. Were you taking a trip?”
       “I just needed a change, that’s all.” Neil cleared his throat. “Where am I, anyway?” He laughed, hoping any other inquiries that she had would wait. He needed time to figure out just what he would divulge and what he would keep under wraps.
       “You’re in the small town of Fox Run.” Her brow arched. “Don’t worry. You can’t get into much trouble here.” Her laughter was laced with sarcasm. “Does anything else hurt?” Her soft voice had things heating inside of him that would be better off left on ice.
      “I think I’m just sore. I fell down that ditch, or…”
     “You fell into Tillman’s Ravine?” Her misty-blue eyes widened.
   Neil chuckled at his stupidity. “Yeah, I took a tumble, that’s for sure. Tillman’s Ravine got me.” His tone was mocking, admitting to his own stupidity. “I’m sure I’m just bruised up.” 
    She tucked her hair behind her ear. The sunlight streamed through the window, casting streaks of golden light on the dark strands. Dale raised a finger and left the room for a moment. She returned with two Advil. She placed them in Neil’s palm. He tossed them in his mouth and reached for the glass. His parched insides pulled the hydration deep into his body. Neil set the glass down. He glanced up to meet Dale’s gaze.  
    She had unique coloring, her skin the shade of cinnamon. Dale shoved her hands inside the pockets of her jeans, denim that traced every pleasant curve she had. She was about as tall as he was, her legs shapely, her hips just right in comparison to the rest of her. A mustard-colored sweater hugged her long torso, concealing whatever other goodies might lie beneath. Her feet were tucked into a pair of rugged hiking boots. Neil restrained his eyes from taking too long of a tour. He needed to keep himself in check. It’d been ages since he’d dated or had the pleasure of physically possessing a woman.
     “Well, I have some stew there for you.” Dale pointed down to the bowl. “I’m going to go back out and feed Midnight. I’ll be right back.” Neil nodded. Dale turned on her heel and walked back through the kitchen. Unable to help himself, Neil’s eyes landed on Dale’s ass, finding the sway of it favorable. The slamming door yanked him out of his brazen thoughts, ideas he needed to keep a tight lid on. 

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